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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 125

ICRAB – Chapter 125

Facts had proved that it was absolutely wrong to have aesthetic hope for ice cube man. Liu Weiwei simply suspected that her Major at home couldn't even remember the clothes she had. Unless she shaved her head, he probably wouldn't be able to see any difference. 

When redeeming beauty points from the system, Liu Weiwei was still very cautious, for fear of being found out by Qin Mo, but now she found that she was completely over thinking about it. If she went to make a slight adjustment, and this man probably wouldn’t see anything.

Liu Weiwei sighed, feeling that her pile of beauty points were worthless. She put the very sleepy Little Bun on the small bed, looked in the mirror, admired her new skirt, and then went to Skynet with joy.

Today, Zhen Nuli made an appointment with the sales boss of Vegetarian Duck, so she went online half an hour in advance.



The two apprentices all wanted to be dangle on her thighs. Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry, "It's OK, you continue to cook, I will cut the ingredients for you."

Zhen Nuli chuckled twice. Today he wore an improved pure black chef's uniform, "Teacher, don’t distract me! Look at my uniform today. This special fabric will not be stained with greasy oil or sauce. We can wear it for three days without washing!"

An Hao had automatically retreated two steps, obviously not wanting to approach.

Liu Weiwei also twitched the corners of her mouth, "Personal hygiene still needs to be paid attention to. Even if it is in Skynet, it can't be like this."

Zhen Nuli was obviously very excited today, "Don't worry, teacher, I know this."

Today the restaurant served omelet rice curry with tonkatsu, oyster sauce lettuce, and seaweed egg drop soup set. The time they met with the partner was specially set one hour before the opening of the shop for dinner.

When Liu Weiwei came up at this time, she could help prepare the dinner set. For the vegetable dish, after washing the lettuce, she removed the roots and damaged leaves, and then stir-fry directly.

For tonkatsu, Liu Weiwei first dealt with the meat. She scored and pounded the pork chops for a while, and then flattened it with a rolling pin. She was experienced in using prop to achieve better results. She processed pork meats with uniform thickness, tender texture, and almost all of its surface glowing clearly. The two apprentices were almost drooling beside her in admiration.

"Master… Junior brother has something to tell you." An Hao twisted and suddenly pulled Zhen Nuli out in the middle of speaking.

"Little senior brother, wasn’t it you that have something to say? I'm just helping you. Uh, teacher…" Even Zhen Nuli hesitated to speak. "Ah, we are just a little jealous of Master’s husband, he must be very happy! The hands of Master are really refreshing, like spring breeze, wherever they are pressed, it will be crooked… Ouch!"

"Nuli!" Liu Weiwei knocked Zhen Nuli’s head with her rolling pin, making him immediately corrected his attitude.

When Zhao Linshuang followed Zhao Minggen to Skynet, she had already put on the dress that took three hours to choose. It was an elegant white dress. She also put on light pink high heels with straps, which were formal but still a bit playful. But the farther they went, the more surprised she was. "Dad, this direction seems to be to an online celebrity shop."

Zhao Linshuang just walked this trail not long ago. It was the first live broadcast she did, so it was extremely commemorative. She even remembered that the wild flowers on the roadside were purple.

"Have you been here?" Zhao Minggen was not surprised by what his daughter said, "Vegetarian duck is very popular. If the chef has such a culinary skill, it is normal to be popular on the network."

Zhao Linshuang suppressed the weirdness in her heart, "Is it called Happy Restaurant?" While she was talking, her father had stopped at the end of the long line to look.

Zhao Linshuang was stunned. This was the long line that Happy Restaurant usually had before opening! She knows all about this because she stood on this street for four hours last time. Happy restaurant, those two handsome chefs…

Zhao Linshuang's face blushed pink instantly. In the last hour of her queueing last time, she lined up at the door of the store. She was idle and bored, so she just stared at the two chefs. Especially the tall and thin male chef, with a black butterfly embroidered on the chest of his white chef's uniform, his whole cooking process was extremely beautiful, even the messy action of sprinkling salt was handsome.

Zhao Linshuang's ears became hot instantly. Was he the talented chef who made vegetarian duck? He invented such small snacks that made her unable to stop. The lingering and rich taste made her heart beating loudly! Talented, handsome, and good chef, such a man was shining all over~

"Shuangshuang, let's go! Why stop here?" Zhao Minggen still didn't know anything, so he walked for a long time without realizing his daughter stopped at the end of the line when he turned around.

Zhao Linshuang chased her father up with pink cheeks when she was called out. "Dad, daddy," she was excited, "I will tell you a big spoiler. The producer of vegetarian duck may be a handsome guy, and I may have seen him."

Zhao Minggen's expression was complicated, "Huh?"

"Really! Dad, I remember that vegetarian duck. There is an anti-counterfeiting sign with a hollow butterfly on the back of its packaging, do you remember?"

Zhao Minggen shook his head, "You'll see the creator right away, don't guess."

Zhao Linshuang bounced all the way. When they stopped at the door of the Happy Restaurant, she became a little nervous and cautious. When she saw the handsome Black Butterfly Chef, opened the store door for them, waved, smiled, and let them in through the small door, her heart quickly bubbled.

"Nuli, long time no see, I haven't seen you since you changed career."

"Haha, it is my honour that Mr. Zhao remembers me. Please come in, my teacher is already waiting for you."

Zhen Nuli was a gentleman, but he quickly broke Zhao Linshuang's pink bubble. Before Zhao Linshuang had time to appreciate the handsome face, she saw the person who made her almost want to escape.

"Liu, Clerk Liu?"

Liu Weiwei was also taken aback when she saw the visitor. It took a long time to recover and she couldn't help smiling, "The cutie who mailed me the vegetarian duck? Thank you."

Zhao Linshuang had red ears on both sides.

"Master, who mail you vegetarian duck?" An Hao came over with tea while Zhen Nuli brought five set meals.

Liu Weiwei pursed her lips, "It's nothing. Everyone sit down. Let’s eat and talk." She didn't want Zhao Linshuang to be embarrassed, so she gave the visitors some hot towels to wipe their hands and changed the subject. "Mr. Zhao, I admired your name for a long time. Because of my personal reasons, I cannot meet you offline. Please forgive me."

Zhao Minggen was not a stupid person. His daughter exclamation, followed by her expression, made him instantly guessed the identity of Liu Weiwei. "No need. I also came out of the army. I understand." Whether it was a cooking soldier or an ordinary soldier, in addition to performing tasks, they needed to make a report when they wanted to leave the base. It was even more difficult to allow outsiders to enter the base. Unless there was upper-level approval, it was nearly impossible. Since she was a cooking soldier, it was naturally impossible for her to come out and meet him at will.

"I just came out of the military camp in the morning. I happened to meet with my old comrades in the morning. I also had some work contacts. I came from the military industry and now most of my industries are still connected with the military."

Zhao Linshuang looked like a quail throughout the whole conversation. She didn't dare to look up due to shame.

"Ah, it turned out to be like this."

It was not until Liu Weiwei patted Zhao Linshuang and smiled at her that Zhao Linshuang dared to look up.

"Quickly taste the food in our shop."

Zhao Linshuang felt a bit stuck in her throat. She has tasted the food here. She tried the chopped pepper fish head here last time. Sitting in her seat at that time, she also saw the female chef behind the glass window, but she did not expect that she was Clerk Liu wearing a mask.

"Shuangshuang, listen to Mrs. Liu, this omelet rice should be eaten while it is hot." Zhao Minggen winked at his girl, and picked up the spoon on the napkin. However, the squeezed half of his eyes almost flashed. 

Omurice, the pure golden egg, softly and tenderly fell on the white dinner plate, smoothly like the flowing skirt of a girl. Zhao Minggen couldn't even imagine how such an egg would taste like.

"I did this, Boss Zhao, try it, hahaha." Zhen Nuli was obviously waiting for praise.

The corner of Zhao Minggen's eyes twitched, he knew that the other party was not doing business properly. How long had he studied cooking? But the omelet rice in front of him was too tender and soft, and it looked even better than the food made by a high-level chef!

The moment Zhao Minggen swiped his spoon down, he could feel the golden egg skins shook. The scent of milk came from the golden opening. When the spoon gets closer to his mouth, he could smell a rich and mild aroma, like an egg wrapped in butter, or like an egg being baptized by curry. It had an incredibly delicate fragrance.

As the spoon slipped into his mouth, the smoothness and taste made Zhao Minggen's eyes widened. He looked at Zhen Nuli in disbelief.

"The western food chef working in the shop a while ago gave me three recipes. Today’s dish is one of it. So you guys just think it’s delicious? I blended curry into it to reduce the milk’s greasiness and also add saltiness." Zhen Nuli strived to be innovative, and even knew how to use basic principles to redesign recipes.

Liu Weiwei was very pleased. The longer she had been in contact with her two apprentices, the more shining they looked. An Hao used to work as a salesman in a bridal shop. He was very eloquent and very good at persuading others. His cooking skills learning style also reflected this experience.

Zhen Nuli was even more of a designer temperament. Whatever was put in his hands, there would be improved version soon. This included the chef uniform, the store’s decoration, even he would also try to make some changes to recipes, he was definitely not a lifeless person.

"The rice inside is glutinous and not tough, when mixed with the sauce, it is still distinct. The taste is moist and creamy. It is a very high-class omelet rice." Liu Weiwei took a bite and gave a very objective evaluation. "The heat and the seasoning are just right. If you continue to improve, you may touch hall-level ceiling for the omelet."

Zhen Nuli struggled for a moment, "Hall?"

Liu Weiwei nodded, "Well, the highest among omelet rice, can be said to be center split omelet rice."

"When it came out, it was an ordinary egg roll placed on top of the rice surface. However, while serving, it will be cut with a knife in the middle, when it’s split, the egg will flow out softly. The half solidified liquid golden egg slowly flowed over the rice, and finally topped with sauce. This omelet rice from Japan can be called palace-class omelet rice." Liu Weiwei didn't have this recipe, but according to her current heat control level, it could be reproduced completely.

As Liu Weiwei spoke, she heard loud drooling on the table. She looked up and saw Zhao Linshuang looking at her eagerly.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help laughing. "Next time if I have the chance, I will make it for you."

Zhao Linshuang's cheeks flushed instantly, she was about to burn! "…En."

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