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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 6

WBVDEC Chapter 6 – Taobao

The so-called art district was actually a renovated old local factory. Steel and cement had given the old factory area an alternative decadent beauty. Many distinctive shops and studios had rented there, and their decorations were very unique thus after a long time, the place had become a scenic spot in the city. Tourists from other places often came here to take photos.

This was also the favorite photo place of Taobao stores. Personalized coffee shop, oversized toys, hand-painted graffiti wall, everything became a backdrop!

In the matter of taking pictures, Jiang Yu often worked with photographers in her previous life, but it was the first time she was the model. She was afraid that she could not make good shots and her pose not as strong as a professional model. After thinking about it, she followed the natural route, not posing and only let Bei Xiaoxiao took her photos while walking candidly. The effect was unexpectedly natural.

The two took the photos where there was graffiti wall in the art districts. Such places gave a special feeling, and the things they took were very unique. They barely took around 20 sets of clothes when they became too tired and it was dark outside. First time being a model, Jiang Yu realized that it was not easy to take clothes’ photo. The place to take pictures was free and they did not pay the rent, so if they wanted to change clothes, they had to use the public toilet. It was very inconvenient to go back and forth every time.

Jiang Yu was tired after taking photos for a day, so was Bei Xiaoxiao. After they arrived back home, the two laid on the bed, panting for breath.

"Wow! It's too tyring!" Bei Xiaoxiao cried out. She was so tired: "Jiang Yu! You have to invite me to dinner, I'm exhausted!"

"Sure! Let's have a good dinner tonight!"

"What to eat?"

"Instant noodles with two eggs!" Jiang Yu smiled sincerely. She didn't expect that one day she would actually consider instant noodles as a good dinner.

"Haha, Jiang Yu, I like your sense of humor!" Bei Xiaoxiao jumped up from the bed. She turned on her computer and said, "Let me see the photos we took."

After the photos were brought up, Bei Xiaoxiao looked at it one by one, her eyes widening.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Yu leaned over, but acted just like Bei Xiaoxiao instantly.

The two looked at each other, and at the same time stretched out their hands to do a high-five.

"Simply perfect!"

"Yeah… Unexpectedly!" Most of the photos were fine, and the original owner’s face had no flaw within 360 degrees. The original owner had a face that was naturally suitable for the lens. The face was very fashionable, and it was the kind that magazine editors liked.

Some celebrities were very beautiful, but their fashion level was not high. They hadn’t been able to enter the fashion circle for many years. On the other hand, although some celebrities looked ordinary, they were the favorite cover photo candidates of fashion magazines. It could be seen that fashion was not absolutely related to physical appearance.

However, Jiang Yu now was both beautiful and fashionable. Her face, her figure, was a darling in the fashion circle!

"Oh my god! Jiang Yu! You are so beautiful! Or is it my skills that are so good? I captured you beautifully!" Bei Xiaoxiao looked at the photos she took in disbelief. She originally thought that only one or two of the dozens of photos she took could be used, but after checking the result, she felt that she would be more distressed to choose which one to remove, because the pictures were too beautiful, even though still not as beautiful as the real person. It's so perfect that there was a sense of unreality!

Jiang Yu smiled. The photos taken by Bei Xiaoxiao were not bad, although they were not particularly perfect, but they had more of a sense of reality instead of being overly perfect.

"Jiang Yu, I will help you deal with the listing, and I will upload them to the store for you?" Bei Xiaoxiao said excitedly.

Jiang Yu smiled, the round-faced little girl was quite nice. "Thank you, I will share with you when I make money!"

"Alright!" Bei Xiaoxiao smiled: "As long as you don't lose money, I'll be happy for you. You are my friend, don't be so polite with me."

However, after taking photos, the work was far from over. Uploading the photos and clothes’ details was also a headache. It was really annoying! 

Jiang Yu stayed up all night before they finished uploading the photos and details online. Before going to bed, she opened Weibo and read some comments. She saw that @Misbehaved Little Good Kid’s Weibo had been reposted 100,000 times, and her post identifying real vs fake brand-name bags had also been reposted more than 40,000 times. But the strange thing was, she saw that there are more than 100,000 people mentioning her.

Jiang Yu opened the @ column suspiciously and saw that several beauty marketing accounts forwarded her post one after another. Because Jiang Yu was popular these days, these accounts did not copy the post directly, instead they mentioned her. In this way, they also received tens of thousands of reposts. Plus her own 40,000 reposts, the real vs fake brand-name post was spreading on Weibo at a very fast speed.

Generally speaking, a Weibo account could receive many attentions due to certain news events and could accumulate many followers in a short period of time. However, if after that the account had no new stories or events, followers would disappear one after another. When Jiang Yu saw that her followers count had grown to 40,000, she was not too excited, instead she was thinking about how to retain these followers and attract more.

On the second day after her rebirth, Jiang Yu already had more than 40,000 followers. This kind of life was just like a roller coaster ride, which the Jiang Yu in the previous life would not expect. She clicked on the hot search column and looked at some of the lists. She found that the hot search column seemed to be mostly connected to her, with her post spreading everywhere!

After that, Jiang Yu clicked on her private message and found out that many of her followers sent messages asking for help. Many of them suspected that they had bought fake bags, and asked her to help identify. 

Jiang Yu looked at the photos sent one by one and found that most of these people's bags were fake. In fact, the workmanship of famous brand bags was mostly good. So, if even a normal person who had never used luxury goods thought that a bag was fake, then 80% of them would probably be fake indeed.

Jiang Yu replied the private messages one by one. Among them, a girl named @CEO Tang Xiaojian wrote privately to her and asked:

[Hello, Jiang Yu, I read your real vs fake brand-name bags post and I think it is very practical. Your post is really a conscience in the industry. I want to ask you for help, my skin is not very good, a bit dull, so I want to take care of it. Do you have any useful essences you can recommend? I think there are mixed reviews on skin essences on the Internet. It would be great if you could also make a post about skin essence!]


Jiang Yu seriously considered the suggestion. Right! She was a stylist! She not only could look at brand-name bags, she could also give advice on cosmetics, skin care products, clothes matching, and hair style selection. The post materials accumulated during her more than ten years as a stylist in her previous life couldn’t be completed by one or two posts. Many actresses and movie queens in the entertainment industry had asked her for help if they encountered skin problems. So, it should be more than enough to help these little girls.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu was so excited that she directly searched in her mind and found out that she could write many more informative posts. As for skin essence, she had practically bought and used all middle to higher end skin essences that were well-reviewed in the market. After thinking some more, she sat up straight, and began typing seriously:

[Evaluation of 8 popular skin essences:

1. Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottle. It has good moisturizing effect and significant antioxidant effect. It is suitable for people with thin stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis). It can be used by someone over 25 years old. The thing with this essence is that you may not feel your skin getting better when you use it, but if you change, your skin may get worse.

2. Guerlain Abeille Royale Serum. Claims that wrinkles can be smoothed over night. Of course, unless you do a face lift, I don't think any skin care products will have such a miraculous effect, but the moisturizing effect is good.

3. Shiseido Red Skin Essence. The domestic hype is very hot, but not many people repurchase when they run out. Moisturizing effect is not particularly high, but refreshing texture. It's okay to buy and use it casually. After all, if you don’t plant grass, where is the opportunity to pull the grass?

4. Sulwhasoo Moisturizing Essence. It's okay for autumn and winter, but for summer, it is not enough to moisturize dry skin. The disadvantage is that it is thick and difficult to absorb. It also has the characteristics of most Korean makeup – more suitable for young skin.

5. Lancome's Small Black Bottle. People often compare this with Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottle, but the effect is obviously not as good. It is OK to use, but there will be no desire for people to continue buying. It is not as magical as the advertisements boasted.

6. Cle de Peau Beaute (CPB) the Serum. The formula is good and easy to absorb, but for the price, shouldn’t this be a given?

7. SK-II Small Bulb Essence. Claimed to whiten, moisturize, and brighten skin tone. More comfortable to use, but the same as the water essence, I love it very much, but hate it to death.

8. THE GINZA Essence. The effect is amazing. Compared with CPB, The Ginza is obviously more noble, and I can't find obvious mistakes. Of course, you can buy 10 sets Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottles at a price of one Ginza, but, buy if you have money.]

Translator Disclaimer:
All product evaluations are purely from the author. This translator never uses any of the products or even read the reviews about them (they are all crazy expensive, way beyond what I am willing to spend). So, don’t follow these reviews directly and do your own research.

It was actually better for Weibo communication effect if Jiang Yu bought these products, took a picture of the product, and then did a comparison chart after using it. However, Jiang Yu was poor now, so where would she get the money to buy these products? Among other things, the price of The Ginza Essence alone that reached tens of thousands yuan was enough to make her speechless.

So, the pictures in Jiang Yu's post were the brands’ official pictures. She spent half an hour to typeset the text of the post, and elaborated on how the skin feels after using each product. She also used heart to indicate the recommended value, 5 hearts for very recommended, 1 heart for not recommended and that she wouldn’t repurchase.

After editing, Jiang Yu didn't post immediately. After thinking about it, she picked one of the photos she took today and put it together on the long Weibo. In this picture, she was facing the camera but her face was not shown. People could only see her slender legs and the clothes she was wearing.

This was exactly the effect Jiang Yu wanted. She didn’t want to use her face to make a hype. Everything should be counted by strength. After that, she checked the post one last time and clicked post.

In less than 10 minutes, when Jiang Yu came out of the bathroom, her post exploded again. Many people rushed to leave a message.

——Gosh! It's full of information again!

——I can’t believe it. The blogger have used all these products? I feel that the evaluation is very pertinent.

——The blogger's skin must be very good, right? By the way, are you the person on the picture? No way? This figure is too goog! I don't believe that you have such beautiful figure.

——Haha, generally those who are beautiful from the back, the front is definitely ugly to death.

——I bet 10 cucumbers that the blogger is not good-looking, but I still give full marks to the figure.

——Want to know where the blogger bought her clothes? What a personality!

——Do you own a Taobao shop, blogger? The clothes look so good! I want this bow-tie dress too!

——I went to Taobao to search, but no relevant styles were found.

Looking at everyone's comments, Jiang Yu closed her Weibo with a smile. The dress she wore was modified by her. The black T-shirt that Boss Jiang made was too ordinary, and she couldn’t stand it. So she got some raw materials from Boss Jiang and made a bow with some organza. 

At first glance, there was a sense of dark sweetness. When the big bow was put on the hem of an ordinary black mid-length T-shirt, the originally ordinary T-shirt suddenly changed. It now had a personality, and the bow would also sway with every step when walking. T-shirt like this could be worn for autumn and early winter. Paired with a short coat outside, revealing the large bow, it had a high rate of turning heads out on the street. But because the clothes had just been uploaded to Taobao, there would be a certain buffer time, so it was normal that it couldn’t be searched yet.

Jiang Yu looked at the messages everyone had left her, and turned off the phone with satisfaction. This was exactly the effect she wanted. As for the purchase link, she would wait until she woke up tomorrow! At this moment, with the attention of people to the clothes she was wearing, the inventory of more than 1,000 pieces should be easily sold. If she directly released the link, it would feel like a price drop.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu simply showered and went to bed to rest.

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  1. thank you for the chapter. Author really did the research for her novel as I was using few from the product that she mentioned.

    I had tried Estée Lauder Small Brown bottle. . Suhwhasoo was nice but it is expensive in Australia while I am using the Ultimune from Shiseido atm. SK-II was a nice product especially the Pitera water. i has been mixed the skin care products depend on my skin need. :)

    I am really looking forward to read more chapter.


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