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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 5

WBVDEC Chapter 5 – Street Photography

The warehouse was messy.

Clothes that should have been carefully placed in a clothing store or in a customer's wardrobe were thrown on the ground like trash, and no one looked at them.

Boss Jiang kicked the clothes near his ankle and said, "Look at these! You can buy them if you like. I will give you wholesale price."

Jiang Yu checked several pieces of clothes in a row. To her surprise, the boss’s clothes were well designed. They were not to the point of being fashionable and trend-setting, but at least they could definitely be worn. Several of the skirts had their own personality and the EOM design could be seen to be young and thoughtful.

Judging from the style, Jiang Yu didn't see anything wrong.

"Why can't they be sold? Is there something wrong with your sales channels?" Jiang Yu asked.

"Yes! Originally, my factory was doing export to Japan, but for some reason, after I finished this batch of goods, the Japanese side suddenly cancelled the order. I lost a lot because I didn’t sign a formal contract. I want to sue them but I don’t know where to sue." Boss Jiang’s worried hair turned white.

"Have you not tried online sales?"

"I tried it!" Boss Jiang said with a sigh, "They are sold in Taobao and Alibaba shops, but there are not many people who buy them. There are only around a dozen transactions a day. When will these all be sold? I have nearly 70,000 pieces of clothes here. The season was about to pass, and these clothes will be even less valuable next year."

Jiang Yu opened the owner’s Taobao shop and found that the factory’s Taobao shop reputation was only 1 diamond. Obviously it was just opened. The clothes in the shop were hung up and photographed casually. They didn’t photoshop anything, and they also didn’t hire a good model. There were a few pictures taken by models, but the styling was poor so they looked like they had no sense of fashion.

Online shopping was like this. Models, styling, expressions, and photography could all determine the grade of clothes. The same clothes could probably be sold for 100 yuan if they were only hung casually, but could be sold for 200 yuan if modeled by Chinese models, and 400-500 if using foreign models. Prices could be raised like this.

Jiang Yu had a headache. The model used, the styling, and the poor photography skills, were combined together. The Boss didn't know any promotion methods. It would be strange if he could sell things like this.

There were millions yuan worth of inventory, but at least to her, it was not a problem. However, if she wanted to sell, the current operation mode was absolutely impossible!

Looking at the clothes, Jiang Yu seemed to see gold beckoning to her. She was planning to talk to the boss about the design of her clothes, but suddenly she had other ideas. Small factories like this didn’t have stable sales channels, and accidents were fatal.

However, this incident allowed Jiang Yu to see business opportunities.

Jiang Yu looked at the unsold clothes in the warehouse. She couldn't restrain her inner joy when she said: "Boss, how much are the lowest price for your clothes?"

Seeing that Jiang Yu was interested in buying, the boss quickly said: "You give me 20 yuan pieces, and I will sell them to you!"

Most of the clothes here were summer clothes. For the current expensive environment, 20 yuan a piece were really cheap. It wouldn’t be difficult to sell such clothes. After all, autumn was coming soon and autumn clothes still needed basic inner shirt. Summer t-shirts could be worn inside, while spring models could also be worn in autumn, so spring and summer clothes would be easy to sell. The key to the problem was how to sell them.

Jiang Yu sorted out her thoughts in her mind, and then said to the boss: "Boss, I want to sell your clothes, but I'm a student and I don't have much money. I want to negotiate with you. I want to take some samples to take pictures and sell them online. When someone buys them, I will then take them from you. Do you think it's okay? "

Afraid that the boss would not believe it, Jiang Yu brought her student ID and ID card she had prepared.

The boss took the ID card suspiciously, and then said embarrassingly: "Little girl, it won’t work. I’m unlucky enough. As I said just now, my factory is going to close down. But you want to not pay for clothes. If you run away, where can I find you?"

Seeing that the boss did not believe her, Jiang Yu took out her phone and opened her Weibo. She said: "Boss, this is my Weibo. I am the clerk from the Kafan incident yesterday. I don't know if you pay attention to this matter."

"Kafan?" Boss Jiang was stunned for a moment and said in disbelief, "That face slapping girl is you!"

"It's me." Jiang Yu smiled awkwardly.

Boss Jiang was not too old, he was only in his thirties. He looked at Jiang Yu's Weibo and said: "I saw about you. I really can't tell that at a young age you will be pretty good!" Jiang Yu was now very popular on the Internet. She was an employee of Kafan, and she had also taken notes at the police. Besides, her Weibo had also been logged in on her mobile phone, and she should not be able to run away. With the current popularity of Jiang Yu, she might be possible to develop into an internet celebrity or something. If she wanted to sell this batch of goods, she might really be able to sell it!

Seeing the boss’s expression loosened for a while, Jiang Yu took the opportunity to persuade him: "Boss Jiang, you can’t sell this batch of goods anyway. If you are willing to lend me some clothes to take pictures, you may be able to recover the cost after I sell them. When you have money to make winter clothes, you only need to worry about selling the newly made stocks. When combined, they can make up for the losses in the first half of the year, and your factory will not need to close down at that time."

He had to say that Jiang Yu’s words were very tempting. Boss Jiang opened the factory at a young age. He thought that he would be able to turn over this year. Who knew that the Japanese side said that they would withdraw the orders, causing him to receive nothing at all. If this continued, once the factory closed, the goods could not necessarily be sold for a few years. It would be better to let Jiang Yu give it a try. In addition, winter clothing was the most profitable. It didn’t matter if he lost in the first half of the year. As long as he had money to ship winter clothing, he would not have profit problems for several years.

Knowing that the boss had made a decision, Jiang Yu smiled and gave him a step forward: "Boss, we are still the same Jiang surname. Of course we have to take care of our own people in business."

Boss Jiang smiled: "You little girl is really good at talking! I can lend you clothes to take pictures, but I have a request…"


"You also know that the price I gave you is the clearance price. That price is a loss for me. If you can really sell the clothes, I can let you to take the clothes first and then pay later, but the price… I hope everyone can make a fortune together."

After hearing this, Jiang Yu laughed. Businessman all wanted profits. In the final analysis, as long as the money was comfortable for both parties, everything was easy to talk about. Jiang Yu was always fair with her partners.

"Of course!" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Let’s make a fortune together!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu stretched out her hand and said: "Happy cooperation!"

Meanwhile, Bei Xiaoxiao watched in amazement as Jiang Yu dragged a batch of goods home with only her three-inch tongue! 

"Jiang Yu, aren't we here to talk about your clothes design?" Bei Xiaoxiao asked in surprise.

"I changed my mind. Originally, I came to talk about manufacturing my designs, but now there are goods waiting for me process. The prices are low, the styles are okay, and there is no cost. In that case, why should I avoid them?" If Jiang Yu wanted to set up her studio, she had to have enough start-up funds. Otherwise, her studio was destined to be a small workshop with little development. What she had to do now was to sell the clothes and save money for her future career.

"Then how can we sell this batch of goods?" Bei Xiaoxiao was a bit unsightly. After all, the boss had been in this business for so many years and hadn't sold out the goods. Could they sell them all?

Jiang Yu smiled, her deep black eyes gleamed in the bright daylight.

"Don't worry, Xiaoxiao, I have my own way." Jiang Yu stirred up her red lips and smiled. She had a grand appearance, and this smile had a glamorous tone, made Bei Xiaoxiao fascinated.

"Jiangyu, you are so beautiful…" Bei Xiaoxiao said foolishly: "If I were a man, I will marry you!"

Jiang Yu smiled slightly: "Fortunately, you are not a man."


"In that case I would lose a good friend."

Bei Xiaoxiao was so touched that she hugged Jiang Yu and said: "Jiang Yu, how are you so sweet!"

Jiang Yu patted Bei Xiaoxiao on the shoulder and said with a smile: "Alright! Let’s get busy!"

Because she didn’t have to go to work today, Jiang Yu started to register for an online shop after returning. Opening an online shop required a deposit of 1,000 yuan. She went to the bank to check all the bank cards of the original owner, and saw she had carefully saved 1,000 yuan from her part-time job. The money was stored in 3 cards. 

Jiang Yu put all the money into one card, paid the money to Taobao as a deposit, and spent a small amount of money to buy some decoration, templates, etc., after which she could only said that she had barely opened the shop.

Bei Xiaoxiao looked on the side for a long time, waited for Jiang Yu to register the shop, then asked: "Jiangyu, what should we do if we only have clothes but no models? I heard that it will cost a lot of money to hire models."

Jiang Yu looked at Bei Xiaoxiao with a smile and blinked, "What do you think of me?"


Bei Xiaoxiao's impression of Jiang Yu remained in the past, but then she looked at Jiang Yu and saw Jiang Yu's short hair and three-dimensional features. She then said with afterthought: "Yeah! I forgot! You have long legs and a beautiful face, it's a shame not to be a model!"

Two minutes later, when Jiang Yu put on the clothes and came out, Bei Xiaoxiao only felt that thousands of lights flashed in front of her eyes. She looked at Jiang Yu and couldn't help thinking whether the clothes supported the person or the person supported the clothes? In short, ordinary clothes, after being worn by Jiang Yu, now had a new life.

"Jiangyu, you are so beautiful!" Super temperament, very foreign model feel, making extremely ordinary clothes felt different.

Jiang Yu smiled, and then asked: "By the way, do you know who has a SLR camera?"

"I know, my brother has it, and we should be able to borrow it."

Half an hour later, Bei Xiaoxiao brought the SLR camera, while Jiang Yu was sitting in front of the mirror applying makeup.

"Jiangyu, who are you going to call to take the photos?"


"Me?" Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly became nervous, "But I don't know how to take pictures, I'm afraid that the clothes will be badly photographed."

"It doesn't matter, as long as you can make the most basic composition, leave the rest to me!" Jiang Yu turned around after speaking.

When Bei Xiaoxiao saw Jiang Yu's face after a while, she was so surprised that she couldn't speak for a while. "Jiangyu, you… you look so beautiful with makeup!" It's so beautiful that she dared not look directly at her.

Jiang Yu smiled and applied a deep red lip glaze. Deep Red was not a color that everyone could control. Many people would look old-fashioned or look like a vampire when they applied this, but when used on Jiang Yu, it was completely fashionable! 

When Bei Xiaoxiao saw that Jiang Yu painted deep red lip glaze, she realized that sometimes people were not suitable for something, not because it was not good, but because they couldn’t control it by themselves. Just like her, it’s absolutely impossible to control such colors.

Because she would be taking pictures, Jiang Yu's makeup was darker than her daily makeup. Also, she predicted that Bei Xiaoxiao's photography skills wouldn’t be professional, so she paid more attention to repairing and highlighting, so that her makeup could be more photogenic. Of course, because the original owner didn't have much money, the skin care products and cosmetics used were all Taobao goods. If she looked closely, it was slightly inferior, but her makeup skills made up for everything.

"Let's go!" Jiang Yu took her cosmetic bag and walked out.

"Where to go?"

"Go to the art district to take pictures!"

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