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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 8

WBVDEC Chapter 8 – Sold Out

"What are you talking about?" Jiang Chao was horrified.

"I said I will have to send more than 10,000 orders alone then!" Jiang Yu turned on her computer and showed Jiang Chao her Taobao’s store system. It showed that the transaction and pending orders were 15,202 pieces.

Jiang Chao's eyes were about to fall out and he started to doubt life. "You sold so much overnight?"

"Is it really too much?" It’s not too much, right? After all, many stores on Taobao had hundreds of millions in turnover a day. Only more than 10,000, based on her recent popularity, was really nothing. According to Jiang Yu’s previous knowledge, some well-known Internet celebrities also opened Taobao stores with gold crowns. Stores like this had at least several million in turnover every day, and their results were good since the beginning of their opening. She was not particularly brilliant compared to that.

"That's not much?" Jiang Chao wondered if he was dreaming. Yesterday he said he would sell the factory, but he saw hope today? Was God still kind to him? Wait, no, wasn't the little girl in front of him a bit too powerful?

"Average." Jiang Yu told the truth, but it was indeed much better than she expected.

"You are amazing! I will obey you!"

After the two talked, Jiang Yu entered the state of work. Serious Jiang Yu was very strict. She said: "Boss Jiang, you see, I just started Taobao, so I don't have a printing machine, no related professional equipment, and no one to ship the orders. If I want to sell out the inventory, you have to help me send the goods from your side."

"Yes… Yes!" Of course Jiang Chao can! Labor was only worth a few yuan.

"That's great. Call all the packers you can find here. I'll do a simple training first."

"Oh!" Jiang Chao had a thought that he seemed to have become Jiang Yu's subordinate.

"There is one dress where I added a bow at the back. You also need to find a worker to help me add it." After speaking, Jiang Yu took out the modified dress she made.

Jiang Chao checked the dress seriously before looking at Jiang Yu in amazement: "I don't see it, little girl, you are quite ingenious. With the addition of the bow, the clothes have suddenly improved a few levels. You are really losing money if you sell this kind of clothes for 98."

"Time is money! We don't have time to sell these clothes slowly, it's best to deal with them as soon as possible!" After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she subconsciously reached for a cigarette with her left hand. This was a habit she had cultivated in her last life. When designing, to get rid of headache, she always had to smoke one. But when she stretched out her hand now, she realized that she was now someone who couldn't even afford it!

Jiang Chao's eyelids were alive. He quickly took out his cigarette and handed it to Jiang Yu. He also took his lighter to help her light it.

"Thank you!" Jiang Yu’s ded lips spit out a smoke ring and squinted her eyes. Her thoughts suddenly became emotional, she said: "Do as I said, first find more workers to modify the clothes and deliver them!"


Because the factory hadn’t been productive for a long time, the workers were almost gone. Only 10 workers to modify the clothes and 5 workers to pack the goods were found. Jiang Chao then called all his aunts and relatives, adding up to a total of 12 people who could help deliver the goods. Including Jiang Chao, Jiang Yu, and Bei Xiaoxiao, they barely made up to 15 people.

"Not enough! We probably can only send hundreds of orders in one day." Jiang Chao looked sad.

"Send first! Wait until the workers' finished modifying the clothes, then they should come and help with shipping also."

At this time, a truck stopped at the door. Bei Xiaoxiao dragged the gift boxes in. "I’m here!"

The gift boxes also made with loans. Jiang Yu would pay what she owed when she collected some of the funds from Taobao.

The gift boxes were very luxurious. They were covered with black velvet and some tulle. They looked like the boxes for princess ball dresses in fairy tales. Jiang Chao could imagine if his ordinary clothes were lying in them, their grades would be upgraded.

Boss Jiang watched for a long time and praised with a thumbs up: "You're right to do this! You can never make a lot of money by taking the low-end route. The ones that really make money in this world are those brands that make mid-to-high-end products and ship in small quantities. Yes! The service, after-sales service, and brand packaging of a store are all important." Simply put, sellers needed to let their customers feel that buying their goods were worth it. No matter how expensive they were! Because the grid was forced to be high, it was worth the money.

So Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao began to work hard packing the goods.

Jiang Yu understood that when she had no money and no orders, she wanted to have many orders, but when she received what she wanted, she couldn't even straighten her waist.

Everyone packed until 1:00 in the morning. The delivery truck had arrived several times, but there were dozens of new transactions still coming every minute, and the constant ‘Ding dong’ sound made Jiang Yu wanted to cry. Bei Xiaoxiao also almost cried when she had to take the time to reply to chats while packing the goods. They only rested in the factory for a few hours before they continued to fight. By the afternoon of the next day, all the clothes in Jiang Yu’s Taobao store displayed the words ‘Sold Out’.

The newly opened store, to be able to sell 32,000 pieces of 28 styles clothes in two days was like a myth. This previously only happened to stores opened by celebrities. However, Jiang Yu didn't have time to think about it. She would only want to talk about it after sending out the pile of goods on her hand.

Shipment almost broke her waist! The customer service made her vomit! Jiang Yu vowed that the first thing she would do when she set up her studio was to recruit employees instead of her doing everything herself like a headless fly. Too much time was wasted on such things as delivery, until she even missed two good inspirations because she didn’t have time to draw them out in her drawing book. When she was done, she couldn’t even think of the design anymore. For a designer like her, it was undoubtedly not worth the loss.

Boss Jiang’s wife heard that her husband’s factory was saved, so she brought some helpers from her hometown. Now, there were 5 more people. In this way, on the fourth day, their overtime finally finished. The 32,000 pieces of clothes had all been sent out.

The moment it was finished, everyone collapsed on the concrete floor of the factory’s warehouse. Tired, so tired! Everyone was too tired to speak.

Bei Xiaoxiao wailed: "God! The goods are finally finished!"

"Can I invite everyone to eat, take a bath, and massage?" Jiang Yu asked with a smile.

The workers should like to go to a sauna, right?

"I am too exhausted! I just want to sleep!"

"Me too… I just want to sleep!"

"Okay then! When I received the funds later, I will give everyone a red envelope!" After speaking, Jiang Yu checked the store’s system.

Because the delivery to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai arrived relatively quickly, as of today, the orders for the first batch of delivery should be received, while the very few remote areas were still being delivered. When shipping the goods, Jiang Yu asked the workers to open the clothes for inspection before they put them in the gift box. Although this made the progress slower, there was an advantage and fewer mistakes! Almost no customer said that the clothes have quality problems, and because Jiang Yu gave the benefits of (confirming package arrival, give five-star praise, cash back 5 yuan) and unconditional refunds for unsatisfied customers, the reviews from the customers that had received the goods were all good, and many people also already confirmed the receipt. (TN: Like many online shopping platform, seller will receive the payment when buyers confirm their package or if certain time (about 2 weeks normally) has passed. So giving the benefit like this really made the fund be released quicker.)

——Really good-looking! Also very special! The packaging is so high end. I was shocked the moment I got it, even my mother said it was good.

——Is the model in the picture the stylist Jiang Yu herself? It's so beautiful! I especially like your expressiveness in modeling the clothes. I just want to buy the clothes you wear! Just like the pictures, the quality of the clothes is pretty good.

Jiang Yu smiled and replied to this message: "The clothes are processed by a Japanese importer factory, and the export quality can be guaranteed!"

——It is really too lucky to be able to buy this quality at this price! I will come again if there are new ones.

Because there were mostly young customers, most of the people who gave reviews with pictures were good at it. The pictures were good and so was the effect it brought.

Jiang Yu clicked on her Alipay balance and confirmed that 100,000 had been received. "Boss Jiang, I'll transfer the payment to you, you can write me a receipt!"

Jiang Chao was stunned for a moment, "Payment?" People taking the initiative to pay the bill, he was experiencing it for the first time!

"Of course, start early and end early, don’t you think this is good? I will pay you 30 yuan per piece of clothes, and I will also pay the red envelope wages of the workers."

"Okay!" Although Jiang Chao had said about making a fortune together, but the verbal thing was usually not counted. Jiang Yu could easily refuse to increase the price for him and he wouldn’t be able to have any opinions, but she was so refreshing, she added 10 yuan all at once.

Jiang Chao was moved and broke. "Girl! You are really my savior! My factory finally doesn't have to close down."

"Don't be too happy, we still have a batch of goods that aren’t sold yet."

"It's all right! With you, selling those tens of thousands of clothes is a trivial matter!"

Because she was really tired, Jiang Yu slept until noon. She was awakened by the ringing of the phone.

Jiang Yu touched the phone and answered. "Hello."

"Hello, is it Xiao Jiang?"

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment. She immediately recognized that it was the voice of Kafan’s shop manager. Jiang Yu saw it on the Internet, because of her face-slapping with Chen Bixiang, Kafan was sympathized by netizens as one of the victims. Chen Bixiang used fakes to replace genuine ones, that were to say, what the store sells was indeed genuine! As a result, many customers had gone to Kafan to buy things recently. Kafan's nationwide turnover had increased by 40% within three days. Everyone knew that this was the credit of Jiang Yu.


The manager coughed, as if a little embarrassed. "Xiao Jiang, there was a bit of misunderstanding between us before. In fact, I didn’t deliberately want to be angry with you. I was also deceived by that Chen Bixiang. Who would have thought that such a rich woman would be a liar?!"

Jiang Yu smiled, not embarrassing others. "Manager, it's all trivial, you have thought about it a lot."

"Oh! I already thought that Xiao Jiang won’t take it to heart. In fact, everyone has their own difficulties. Just talk about me, to buy a house in this city, and provide study to children, in order to get more commissions, it's not an easy work at all!" The manager played the emotional card.

"Yes." Jiang Yu didn't say any more.

The manager realized that she couldn't go on talking. She got into the main topic with some embarrassment: "Well, why don't you and Xiao Bei come to do part-time jobs these past two days?"

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment. She then realized that she was too busy with the delivery recently and she didn't even think of going to work part-time. Although for her now, she didn't need such a meager salary anymore, but if she didn’t go to work, she had to tell her superior at least. This was the most basic respect for professional people.

"Sorry, manager, I forgot." Jiang Yu admitted her mistake directly.

"It's all right. Thanks to you I can avoid the loss. Then you come to work the day after tomorrow?"

"The day after tomorrow?" Jiang Yu was really busy recently. The remaining tens of thousands of clothes in the warehouse were still waiting for her to sell. "Manager, can I just resign directly to you? I have been busy lately and I really don't have time!"

"Resign?" The Manager jumped up in shock.

Because of Chen Bixiang’s incident, Kafan’s reputation on the Internet had increased rapidly, and the sales of the stores had also been rising. Jiang Yu was like a living sign towards this prosperity. The boss specially ordered the manager that she must keep Jiang Yu. Keep her, promote her to a full-time employee, and also give five insurances and one housing fund. If she couldn't even handle this, how could she still be the manager?

"Yes. I will start school soon. The study will be very busy and I may not have time to work."

"It doesn't matter if you don't have time. You only need to come occasionally. Then, I won't approve the resignation. If you come later, I will pay you your salary for this period first."

Hearing this, Jiang Yu nodded. Fly legs were also meat. Her Taobao money had been given to boss Jiang. Even if she had sold tens of thousands of clothes, she was still a pauper, and she couldn't even afford to meat filled eat steamed buns.

"Okay, then I will find time to come."

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