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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 3

WBVDEC Chapter 3 – Change

As a well-known stylist, Jiang Yu knew makeup, skin care, design distribution, matching clothes, and even nail art. She was a versatile type. The average stylist didn’t need to know fashion design, but this happened to be her specialty. Her styles, makeup, and clothes had always been popular. Therefore, she was accustomed to the attention, so she did not feel much after hearing this news.

"Jiang Yu, I'm talking to you. You're going to be popular!" When Bei Xiaoxiao saw that Jiang Yu didn't speak, she thought Jiang Yu didn't believe it, so she smiled and said: "Look for it yourself, a blogger named @Misbehaved Little Good Kid posted on the Internet reenactment of your fight against Chen Bixiang."

Jiang Yu approached the computer and saw @Misbehaved Little Good Kid said:

[Today's battle is really cool. A small shop assistant actually tore apart a fake rich woman. This rich woman is driving a Maserati, with more than 300,000 yuan worth of outfits all over her body. All the other shop assistants were fooled by her, thinking she was a real rich person. When she was about to return the goods, everyone was trembling, for fear of offending her. But only this little shop assistant bluntly said that the bag she wanted to return was fake. She also listed 1, 2, and 3 points that proven the fakeness. The rich woman was put on the spot and couldn't refute it. In the end, the police proved that the woman bought hundreds of bags online and returned them with knockoffs, netting net profit of tens of millions…"

It was a long Weibo with a very detailed description. Therefore, it received a lot of attention not long after it was posted, and many people left comments below.

[So dependable! This little clerk is awesome!]

[Tens of millions net profit? I feel that I have gotten a new way to make money.]

[Upstairs, beware of the police checking your comment. In other words, this woman seems to be very famous. She has done a great job as a purchasing agent. She is very popular on Weibo. She often publishes brand-name bags. Many fans trusted her and buy bags from her. Are the goods all fake? If yes, there will be many victims!

[I am a victim. I have already called the police. I bought a Chanel bag from her, so now I just hope it is not a fake.]

[Gosh! The original poster is talking about Chen Bixiang, right? She looks so rich, she is a celebrity! She drives a luxury car, travel abroad once to twice a month, live in luxury hotels, and she also posted the check-in post at Burj Al-Arab Dubai Hotel last time. Unexpectedly, the plot is reversed! She is a swindler!!!]

After reading these online comments, Jiang Yu's mood did not fluctuate at all. Undoubtedly, the spread of this matter on the Internet was a good start for her. She could become popular without any effort, this was luck. But, how should she go down the road?

Jiang Yu returned to her bed, looked at the original living environment, and began to think about a way out.

Fashion circle was a place that was updated very quickly. Clothing styles, and makeup had their fashion lifespan. There were only a few things that could last forever and were continuously favored by everyone. People, especially women, loved beauty and fashion. It’s also easy for them to change their mind. They liked one thing one day, to the point of buying it without eating. But after they bought it, they only used it a few times before it lost its freshness. This was a normal occurrence. 

As a stylist, Jiang Yu mainly served women. After staying in the circle for a long time, she naturally knew that time was money. Therefore, in her previous life, she developed the habit of making quick decisions. Her subordinates secretly talked about her fast pace behind her back once, and said: "I don't know if Jiang Yu also makes a quick decision when she is having sex."

Jiang Yu heard this, but she never paid attention to it. She wanted to design! Open Taobao shop! Open her own studio and start a company! Also looking for investment! 

Jiang Yu was so busy spinning around, that she only knew how to make progress, but she didn't know that machine needed maintenance. Regular lubrication would extend the life of the machine and make a machine run longer.

Starting all over again in this life, Jiang Yu reminded herself to combine work and rest also to enjoy life. When she was thinking about it, her bed board started to shake, followed by a vibration from next door.

Bei Xiaoxiao turned around and looked at Jiang Yu with an awkward look: "It’s here again?"

Jiang Yu laughed. She was a workaholic in her last life and hadn't even thought about love. The young couple living in the rental house next door definitely lived better than her. She sighed. A real 20-year-old girl in her sophomore year would not be ashamed to live in a cubicle rental room, but she was 35 years old inside so it was uncomfortable to do it again. After gaining back 15 years worth of youth, she had to cherish every minute and every second. Nothing could be left to waste. From now on, she should seize all her time to design and make money.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu has already made a decision. To make money, there was nothing more suitable for her than setting up a studio and open Taobao shop. After all, Taobao had the lowest cost and threshold. However, if she wanted to make good clothes, she had to find a factory to produce and process the design. Even if it was in the form of pre-sale, she also needed to have some capital, which wouldn’t be a small sum. So, the question was, where could a country girl who lived in rental house make money from?

"Xiaoxiao." Jiang Yu sat up suddenly.


"Is there a garment factory in the local area?"

"A garment factory?" Bei Xiaoxiao tilted her head and thought, "Yes, I heard that the garment factories are now concentrated in the park. There are dozens of factories there. Most of the local Taobao merchants stock up and buy from there, but why are you asking this?" 

Jiang Yu gave Bei Xiaoxiao a deep look and said without hiding, "I want to cooperate with the factory to design clothes to sell."

"Oh, you want to be an OEM designer?" Bei Xiaoxiao came to the spirit, and said excitedly, "Jiang Yu, you finally got your hands on it? I already said that you can. Don't listen to those classmates talking nonsense. Look at you, because you have been bullied by them, you haven’t talked much in the past six months. It would be great if you can cheer up!" (TN: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing. It refers to products that are fully designed by one company and then licensed out to a manufacturer to produce.)

Jiang Yu frowned. The original owner's temperament was a bit too soft. She was 20 years old, but she was still being bullied by people.

"I intend to design, but not OEM."

OEM designers referred to designers who cooperate with factories. Generally speaking, such designers had low originality requirements. To put it bluntly, they mainly relied on plagiarism and secondly relied on imitations. Most of them relied on browsing hot items on foreign websites, and then imitated the international big brands design to make a so-called flagship styles. OEM designers didn’t need to design very well. As long as they could grasp the market and the styles made by the factory sell well, they could get huge profits. And once the clothing designed had sold more than 100,000 pieces, the designer would become very popular.

Jiang Yu thought and said: "I'm going out tomorrow to check the factories, do you want to go with me?"

"Okay! I happen to be free tomorrow. You go take a bath, I will reply to the post first."

Fortunately, there was a separate bathroom in the house. Although this bathroom was small, it was good to be able to take a shower. 

Jiang Yu stood at the door of the bathroom, hesitating for a long time, walked in, and finally stood in front of the mirror. She was stunned when she saw her looks. Her face… was really good! It's so amazing!

Black thick hair, perfect eyebrow shape, long slender eyes, tall nose, and bright red lips. In short, no matter from the facial features or the shape of the face, the face in the mirror was beautiful and impeccable. Jiang Yu had seen too many face-lifted faces, she was absolutely sure that this face was pure and natural, besides, the original owner was so poor that she didn’t even have money to eat, so where would she get the money for plastic surgery? Thanks to the eyes and nose, this face looked exotic. When she was not smiling, she had a stubborn girlish aura. 

At first glance, the original owner’s face looked like Mori Erika, but a bit more to Jiang Yu’s personal liking. The most important thing was that the original owner's figure was very well proportioned. Her legs were long and straight. What's even better was that her head was not too big or too small, which made her figure had good visual proportions.

Jiang Yu glanced at her new face for the first time and said in her heart – she liked this face and this figure very much! As for the styling, there was no doubt that there was much room for improvement left.

This was the face she had dreamed of! Since her rebirth, Jiang Yu finally showed her first sincere smile. Although she was very talented and famous in her previous life, she had a very ordinary appearance. This also made her painted makeup and matching styles became sought after, but no one was interested in her personally. She was not married at the age of 35, and she also had no suitors. Even when she had a pair of magical hands, but she could only make her appearance became more pleasing to the eye.

But although the original owner was beautiful, she couldn't dress herself, as could be seen from the floral chiffon shirt she was wearing, my God! The chiffon shirt was loose and had no shape at all. It also looked like it was a style of 5 years ago. In addition, the original owner was thin and tall, so she was not suitable for this sweet Japanese style clothes. Wearing this chiffon shirt would only make her look gullible.

Not to mention that on the original owner’s head was long hair that hadn't been taken care of for more than 20 years. As it grew longer, it would be easy to get frizzy. But the original owner actually styled her hair into two big braids. Did she think the gullible impression from the shirt not enough?

However, the original owner’s skin was very good. It could be said to be smooth and supple. Jiang Yu squeezed her face. She finally knew what a face full of collagen looked like!

Jiang Yu touched the scar on her forehead again. The original owner was hit on the head by Chen Bixiang before she died. Although Jiang Yu came to this world by accident, she had to let herself and the original owner not had any regrets. In this life, they had to live vigorously!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu found scissors from the cabinet, picked up a lock of hair, looked at the bathroom mirror, and cut it.


With a single cut, Jiang Yu cut more than 20 centimeters, making the overly long hair suddenly turned into semi-long hair just around 15 cm below the shoulder. Secondly, she carefully made some bang. The original owner’s hair was soft, so it was especially suitable for bangs. But Jiang Yu temperament was not suitable for an overly sweet hairstyle, and French bangs were more suitable for her. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu trimmed her bangs. She did not pursue neatness, so that the length of the bangs was roughly on her eyebrows. They didn’t cover her eyes, which were more casual, but they let her facial features stood out.

After Jiang Yu took a shower and dried her hair, she looked at her face in the mirror again. She had utilized everything to her favor and made her own style. 

Jiang Yu picked up earthy floral nightdress and sincerely doubted life. Wasn't the original owner learning fashion design? Why were all her clothes so earthy? Where did the things she learned go? Although it was again flowery print, even broken flowers had to have a sense of beauty!

With this, Jiang Yu simply cut off the sleeves of the dress, turning them into a sleeveless design, and then split the sides of the nightdress to the thighs. In this way, the style of the dress had finally improved a lot.

When Jiang Yu walked out of the bathroom, Bei Xiaoxiao was taken aback for a while. She was so scared that she pointed at Jiang Yu for a while before saying:

"Jiang Yu, your hair…"

"I cut it myself."

"You cut it yourself? You can cut your own hair?No, even barbers rarely cut their own hair. Didn’t you say that cutting your hair is unlucky?" Bei Xiaoxiao seemed to be quite frightened.

"You can think that I used to have a funny head."

Bei Xiaoxiao looked at Jiang Yu for a long time, and then smiled sincerely: "But this cut is really pretty. Jiang Yu, I always said that you look good, but you treat yourself too poorly and not confident anymore. I think you are so good, if dressed up, you are not worse than those stars."

"Really? I think so too."


Bei Xiao glanced at Jiang Yu, and only thought that she was a bit strange today. After a while, she understood that Chen Bixiang’s insult to Jiang Yu today must have broken Jiang Yu's heart. Therefore, Jiang Yu thought of seeking change.

Seeing Jiang Yu's current appearance, Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that maybe this was not a bad thing!

Jiang Yu turned on the original owner’s computer. The broken second-hand computer was the only valuable item of the original owner. 

Jiang Yu found the search engine bookmarks and opened the original owner’s Weibo. The original Weibo had only 29 followers, most of which were marketing accounts. Thinking of her more than 8 million Weibo followers, Jiang Yu sighed. It seemed that she really had to start from scratch.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu changed the name of the original owner’s Weibo from @A Bit Dull Taro Ball to @Stylist Jiang Yu.

After changing her name, Jiang Yu wrote a private message to @Misbehaved Little Good Kid. One minute later, Jiang Yu got a new follower. She clicked on it and found it was @Misbehaved Little Good Kid.

Soon, Jiang Yu followed back the account. She found that @Misbehaved Little Good Kid’s Weibo today had been reposted 60,000 times, and just 1 second ago, @Misbehaved Little Good Kid reposted that Weibo again mentioning @Stylist Jiang Yu. 

Almost instantaneously, Jiang Yu's Weibo gained hundreds of new followers.

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