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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 4

WBVDEC Chapter 4 – Weibo

[Are you the little clerk in Kafan? Looks very young.]

[How do you tell that the bag is fake? There are enlarged pictures on the Internet, I have compared it, and it is no different from the original one.]

[That's right, we ask for advice from the Great God! I also want to go online shopping, but I'm afraid that I will get fake goods. If you can give us a tutorial, it would be great!]

[Aren’t you still in college? Are you a rich second generation? How else would you know how to distinguish between genuine and fake bags?]

Within a few moments, there were thousands of people and more than 2,000 followers on @Stylist Jiang Yu Weibo. It should be understood that although the number of followers of more than 2,000 couldn’t be considered many, most of them were real person. These followers that followed hot search about fashion were Jiang Yu’s potential customer in the future.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu clicked on the new Weibo post of @Misbehaved Little Good Kid. It said:

[Thanks to this Weibo, within a few hours, I gained more than 100,000 new followers. Many people have asked me who the little shop assistant of Kafan is. This Good Kid has helped everyone find out, this is her @Stylist Jiang Yu, those who are interested can pay attention to her!]

After reading this Weibo, Jiang Yu was not in a hurry to reply. She began to seriously consider the operation of her Weibo. In this era, if she wanted her Taobao to become famous, she had to learn to do self-media. There were many young people spending time on Weibo. If this was the case, it was better for her to us her old business and use her life experiences to attract fans.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu thought for a moment and asked Bei Xiaoxiao: "Xiaoxiao, can you do a long Weibo?"

"I can!" Bei Xiaoxiao, with a round face and big eyes, asked puzzledly: "Do you want to post a long Weibo?" (TN: Weibo post has max number of character on posts probably like twitter. But there is a way to post long sentences if wanted. As I don’t use Weibo, I am not sure if this still applies.)

"Yeah!" Jiang Yu sat in front of the computer and began to edit the text: "Wait when I compile it and send it to you. Please help me with typesetting before I post it on Weibo, okay?"

Although Jiang Yu was discussing with herself, Bei Xiaoxiao felt that there was an unquestionable aura in Jiang Yu’s peaceful words, which made her nod without even thinking: "Okay!"

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Yu edited the text and sent it to Bei Xiaoxiao.

After opening it, Bei Xiaoxiao read from the beginning, and her eyes were about to fall out: "Jiangyu, how can you know this?"

"We have been working in Kafan for some time. I have actually been secretly studying and have accumulated a lot of experience." Jiang Yu lied.

Bei Xiaoxiao didn’t ask again, but rather said in disbelief: "You must have work harder than me! If I didn't get along with you day and night, I would definitely think you were a professional!"

After speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao began to help Jiangyu edit this long Weibo. 10 minutes later, @Stylist Jiang Yu posted her first Weibo:

[Many people have asked me how to buy genuine brand-name bags, how can they ensure that the bags purchased by their elementary school classmates are genuine and not fake made locally. So, I have summarized the following based on my own experience (picture).]

The Weibo post was accompanied by a long Weibo, which listed the methods for authenticating brand-name bags, and some common scams. Jiang Yu also separately described how to distinguish each brand-name bag.

[Locally made knockoffs were mostly LV brand, and it has the best imitation technology. It would probably be difficult for ordinary people to distinguish with the naked eye, but in fact, the identification of genuine LV bag is not too difficult. Take the entry-level Neverfull or the Boston style bags for example, the authenticity can be seen from the texture of the leather, pattern,…"

Boston Style


[Chanel's imitation goods are also everywhere. It is relatively easy to distinguish genuine Chanel. You can check from the following aspects…"

Jiang Yu listed the characteristics of genuine bags on well-known brands such as LV, Chanel, Celine, Dior, Gucci, Prada, etc. As well as ways to distinguish fakes in great detail.

This long Weibo was full of contents. In fact, most young girls liked brand-name bags, but there were a lot of domestic taxes and the price was expensive. So buying from other people had become the method of choice for most people. Buying from relatives or friends in Europe that they deemed have too much money that they would not sell fakes. But in fact, many fakes were from people buying through acquaintances. How to distinguish name-brand bags had become a concern of many people. Many other methods going around on the Internet were not practical. Therefore, Jiang Yu's Weibo was a timely rain.

After half an hour, this Weibo had been forwarded more than 10,000 times, and there were more than 20,000 comments.

[Too timely! Great God's advices made my eyes straightened. I took the Neverfull I just bought and looked at it for a long time before I finally sure it was genuine! My relatives didn't lie to me!

[I found that there is no way to distinguish Hermes!]

[Upstairs, does Hermes still need to be identified? It is not easy to buy Hermes, the price is expensive, and the leather is difficult to imitate. Therefore, the identification of Hermes is relatively easy. I think the most difficult to distinguish is LV brand.]

[So awesome! Full of information! Has been forwarded and favorited! This Weibo is expected to be a big hit!]

[The blogger is so powerful, I hope the blogger will do more!]

"Jiangyu, many people ask you to post more!" Bei Xiaoxiao was shocked.

"Sure!" But not now. After speaking, Jiang Yu picked up her sketchbook and pen. She began to write and draw on the notebook.

Because of this incident, Bei Xiaoxiao admired Jiang Yu in all five ways. When Jiang Yu was drawing with a sketchbook, she asked: "I'm not full, so I'll go out to buy something to eat. Should I bring you some by the way?"

"Okay! Thank you!" Jiang Yu spoke and continued to draw attentively.

Bei Xiaoxiao stood at the door and looked over. Under the dim light, Jiang Yu seemed to be thinking about something. The newly cut hair showed her beautiful features. However, although such features were exquisite and perfect, they did not make people feel bored in the slightest. On the contrary, it was so beautiful and unique. There was also a kind of unspeakable stubbornness between the eyebrows. Jiang Yu frowned and seemed to be thinking about something. The serious girl in front of Bei Xiaoxiao seemed to emit a strange light from all over her body, which made her unable to move her eyes.

For some reason, when she turned and left, Bei Xiaoxiao felt that Jiang Yu in front of her was different.

On this day, Jiang Yu did not put down her pen until late.

Jiang Yu looked up at the clock and found it was already 11 o'clock. She pinched her eyebrows. Inevitably felt tired after drawing for several hours. Although in her previous life, when she had two shows a month, so she was drawing her inspiration on sketchbook every day, at that time, the manuscript didn’t need to be very careful. She only needed to grasp the structural details, fabrics to be used on the clothes, and grasped the fashion trends of the season. Other detailed sketches and pattern-making requirements would be handed over to the other design team. It was a tacit understanding of a team, but now she could only do everything alone. In order to prepare the fashion design drawings to be used tomorrow, she even noted a detailed explanation for the zipper to be used on the cuff, which was very troublesome.

After doing all this, Jiang Yu lied on her narrow bed, closed her eyes, and thought. Because of the lack of sunlight, the room was very humid, and it was very hot in the summer. There were sounds of rustling at night, and she didn’t know if it was a mouse or a bug.

Before going to bed, Jiang Yu thought that she had to make money as soon as possible and moved out of this ghostly place.

Early the next morning, it was not sunshine but food that woke up Jiangyu.

Seeing Jiang Yu sitting up, Bei Xiaoxiao smiled while holding a pot of porridge: "Wake up? I cooked porridge and eggs. Let's eat some. After eating, I will accompany you to the park to find the factory."

Jiang Yu in her previous life was used to being alone. Although she was well-known, she had few close friends. Seeing Bei Xiaoxiao like this, she was a little uncomfortable. "Okay." 

Jiang Yu washed well and sat down for breakfast with Bei Xiaoxiao. Breakfast was really simple, white porridge and eggs. In fact, Jiangyu often ate these in her previous life. But at that time, she ate white porridge and eggs because she was bored from eating too much big fish and big meat. Now she ate these because she was poor.

Bei Xiaoxiao’s cooking was delicious. Jiang Yu ate a bowl of porridge. After putting down her spoon, she took the initiative to wash the dishes.

"Jiang Yu, sit down, let me do it!" Bei Xiaoxiao grabbed Jiang Yu.

"You already cooked, so I will clean the dishes. This is what it should be!" Jiang Yu finished speaking, grabbed the dishes, and went into the kitchen.

After clean up, it was already half past seven. The two took the bus for more than an hour to go to the park. Because they got up early, they weren't particularly exposed to sunlight when walking on the road.

"So tired!" Bei Xiaoxiao wailed. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and exclaimed: "Although the garment factories are all concentrated here, the factory is really far away from the entrance, and we don't have a car. We almost die because of the sun!"

Jiang Yu sighed. She was used to driving, so it had been a long time since she had traveled so far on foot. She really missed her car.

While they were talking, the two walked into a clothing factory. They entered the door and saw a man in his thirties sitting at the door smoking a cigarette. There were many cigarette butts lying on the ground in front of him.

Jiang Yu walked over to say hello: "Hello Boss!"

The man glanced at Jiang Yu and asked strangely: "How do you know that I am the boss?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "How to say it, this is an intuition. Your temperament looks like a boss." In fact, it was because she felt that no one but the boss in a factory dared to sit at the gate and smoked cigarettes.

Hearing this, the man laughed. Although it was a blatant lie, it was still pleasing to the ears. He laughed mockingly: "Soon I won't be the boss anymore!"


The man looked at them and saw that they were students, he smiled: "You guys are looking for part-time jobs? Someone recommend you to go here?"

Jiang Yu shook her head. She didn't know anyone, otherwise she wouldn't go here directly in such a stupid way.

The man said: "As I said, my surname is Jiang and I am the owner of this factory, but it will soon be gone. My factory's sales in the spring and summer seasons are very poor, so I had millions worth of unsold inventory. Spring clothes and summer clothes are not sold. Inventory clothes that were supposed to be sold at 60 yuan, still not sold when discounted to 20 yuan. I have lost my money and now it’s already the end of summer. My child will start school immediately and will need tuition, but I can’t even get that little money. I’m probably going to beg for food on the street soon. If you want to find part-time jobs, I suggest going to another place."

Seeing shadows from her past, Jiang Yu didn't leave immediately, but asked, "Can I see the goods in your warehouse?"

"There is nothing I can do. I have nothing to do either!" Boss Jiang did not refuse, and took them to the warehouse.

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