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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 7

WBVDEC Chapter 7 – Explosion

The next day, Jiang Yu got up early and opened Weibo to take a look. In just one night, 15,000 people had reposted the 8 best essences Weibo. Although the number of reposts was not as large as the first post, for the current post, to be able to be reposted 15,000 times overnight, and the comments reached 30,000, was already a great achievement!

At this time, Jiang Yu reposted the 8 essences’ post without a hassle, and left a message:

[Many people ask if the person on the long post is me, yes, that's me! Some people speculate that I am a dinosaur, haha! How can a dinosaur have my beauty? Many people ask me about the dress, so here is the link: #23HIEHw. It’s a new store that has just opened so all the products are engaged in activities, neither 998 nor 688, but only 98 and already got free shipping! The clothes will be gone when sold out, and it is impossible to have such a low price again.]

Jiang Yu was telling the truth. For a designer like her, it was best to avoid producing too much of the same style clothing, as it was equivalent to ruining them. It might also kill the fashion life of the clothing she would sell in the future. If she sold forty to fifty thousand pieces of one design a month, it would instead be a terrible thing! All women hoped that the clothes they wear are unique, if they wore a piece of clothing but saw others also wearing the same thing every 100 meters, would they continue to wear it? Therefore, selling at this price, although it would lower the style a bit, was also a helpless move to make money and started a career.

After Jiang Yu posted the link, she refreshed her Weibo quickly. But the strange thing was, there should be at least a few hundred comments at this time, but after the post with the link was posted, the comments were quiet. No one left a message.

It shouldn't be! Everyone was clamoring for Taobao link for the dress just now, how come people disappear after the link was given? Jiang Yu frowned slightly, and then clicked on her Taobao store. Unexpectedly, she was stunned by sales count of the clothes in the store.

Early in the morning, Bei Xiaoxiao lifted her blanket and got up in a daze. She sat up and looked at the rice cooker on the table. She was puzzled: "Have you already cooked the rice?"

"Yes, it's relatively simple, red date porridge and eggs. I went downstairs and bought two buns. Let's have one each." Jiang Yu smiled.

"Jiang Yu, you are so kind!" After washing, Bei Xiaoxiao ate breakfast with joy. Just halfway through the meal, she suddenly remembered, "By the way, I forgot to look at your Taobao store! The clothes that were uploaded last night should be searchable today. If you are lucky, there may be customers placing orders."

After Bei Xiaoxiao's short speech, she turned on her computer expectantly, and then chanted with her hands together: "Buddha give your blessing! I hope Jiang Yu's shop can sell 1 piece of clothing and earn some lunch money!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu shook her head. She put down her chopsticks and smiled lightly: "Shouldn’t you finish your meal first before checking?"

"No! I can't hold it back. I dreamt that your shop was very popular last night, and there were several people placing orders."

"It's better to watch after eating!"


"I'm afraid you will choke!" Jiang Yu said seriously.

"Choke? How could it be possible! Even if no one buys any, I won't be scared!" Bei Xiaoxiao said this while pinching the unfinished bun and throwing it into her mouth.

Jiang Yu smiled and didn’t saying anything.

The bun exuded a strong flavor of milk and egg yolk. The outer skin was white, and the filling was authentic warm yellow, giving it a fresh feeling. Jiang Yu looked at the bun, and after a while, she suddenly had a new inspiration. White and yellow were suitable for windbreaker raincoats. The white transparent material could be used as the base, and yellow could be used on pockets or hats. As she thought of this, she quickly took out her sketchbook and started drawing on it.

Meanwhile, Bei Xiaoxiao bit the bun and clicked on the website link.

"Strange, why is the page stuck? It went in normally yesterday, what happened today?" Bei Xiaoxiao finished speaking in confusion. She tried several times before she successfully entered the Taobao page. She opened the page, took a look at the clothes, and quickly turned it off.

"It seems that I have entered the wrong address. Did you post the link for another store? Otherwise, how could it be sold out?! It's not April Fool's Day? Wait, it's not right! This is obviously your store…" Bei Xiaoxiao opened her eyes, and when she realized something, she jumped up in shock. She bit her bun, pointed at the computer screen, and said in surprise: "Jiang Yu! This is really your store? How did you sell everything overnight?"

Jiang Yu shrugged and said with a smile: "Only a few items are off the shelves, it's not as exaggerated as you said. The main reason is that Boss Jiang has too few goods. Each piece of clothing is only about 1,000 pieces. Besides, I also I don’t want my store to follow other bad street model, so it will be gone when it is sold out. I don’t plan to continue to restock the items."

"Wait, is that's the point? Why are you so calm and gentle?! I mean, how did you do it? How come so many people suddenly come to buy?" Bei Xiaoxiao’s shock didn't recover for a long while.

Jiang Yu's face had always been calm. She picked up the dishes and went to the bathroom to wash them. "You will know it by reading my Weibo."

Bei Xiaoxiao quickly opened Jiang Yu’s Weibo and saw she published a new informative post. The post had already received 20,000 reposts. More importantly, the background picture in the long Weibo was her. Although the picture didn’t show Jiang Yu’s face, it could well show the design of the clothes. In the comments below the post, most of the focus was not on the 8 essences, but on Jiang Yu's clothes.

Seeing everyone's comments, Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly understood Jiang Yu's intentions.

"I understand." Bei Xiaoxiao said suddenly.


"You must have put the background picture on purpose. After all, you are very popular on Weibo now. In addition, you have slapped Chen Bixiang and caught a scammer with many victims. Your image on Weibo is very good and many people call you Heroine. At this time, you release a picture of your back and many people want to know what you look like. In this way, most people will click into your shop to see other photos, and when they entered the shop, the focus started to transfer. There are beauties like you who come to model clothes. People like me who know that they may not even be able to control the clothes still can’t help but want to buy a few. Needless to say, those fairies on Weibo were captured by you a long time ago!" After saying this, Bei Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes and said: "I can't tell, but you are actually quite treacherous!"

Jiang Yu gave her a dumbfounded look, "You think too much!"

"Stop it~ Don't think I don't know? But the effect is very good. I think the traffic of the store is hundreds of thousands today."

"Yes!" Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled confidently. She was surprised at such a speed of success, it was almost like a miracle.

"It’s not right!" Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly jumped up. She remembered something afterwards: "Jiang Yu, you have sold more than 10,000 pieces of clothes in one night, how should you ship them?"

Jiang Yu was not as anxious as Bei Xiaoxiao. "Don't worry, I have thought about it."


"I have to ask you to do me a favor. Last night, I contacted several local merchants that make packaging gift boxes, and also customized my WeChat scan code stickers and my Weibo address stickers. I plan to stick them on the gift box…"

"Gift box?" Bei Xiaoxiao didn't understand. "Gift box costs a lot of money, right?"

"It's really not cheap. Because it's too late to negotiate the price, I can only order finished product, including the stickers and the paperbag, and the cost is about 5 yuan."

"5 yuan? Jiang Yu, do you know? You still need courier fees to send the clothes, delivering to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai cost 6 yuan."

"It’s 3 yuan. I have inquired, I got it very cheap."

Bei Xiaoxiao still couldn't understand, "I think the packaging is too much, there is no need to waste so much money."

However, Jiang Yu had her own insistence on this matter. She looked at Bei Xiaoxiao's seriously: "I only sell these clothes to make money, but I will use the store to sell my own clothes in the future. Sincerity in the early stage is good for accumulating customers. If making less money can make our shop look more professional, shouldn’t we be happy?"

Jiang Yu’s words convinced Bei Xiaoxiao. "Well, I will do what you said!"

"Thank you, Xiaoxiao. When this batch of goods is delivered, we will go out and have a good time!" Jiang Yu finished speaking. She looked at the dark and damp room : "When we make money, let's move out!"

"Okay! I'll listen to you!" The chubby Bei Xiaoxiao smiled. "However, I have another question…"


Bei Xiaoxiao said anxiously: "Have you forgotten Jiang Yu? There are just two of us. It is impossible to send more than 10,000 pieces of clothes quickly even if we work until our hands are broken!"

Jiang Yu smiled: "Don't worry, I have already thought about this!"

With the increasing number of reposts on the essence post on Weibo, and there were many comments that said Jiang Yu sell good-looking clothes. Many people were discussing whether the model in Jiang Yu's store was herself. Jiang Yu deliberately did not answer immediately. Not answering made her followers keep guessing, which would help maintain the topic. As the followers discuss hotly, there would be different opinions, and it would made the Weibo more popular. Otherwise, why would some celebrities not jump out to defend themselves directly when they were accused of bad thing on the internet? 

With more and more reposts, the store's transaction volume was also rising, and Taobao's notifications kept sounding ‘Ding Dong’.

Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao both responded to the customers with their mobile phones.

"D*mn! Jiang Yu, my fingers are about to fall!" Bei Xiaoxiao blew her fingers while pouting: "Being a customer service is not easy!"

"It's really not easy. Now my brain hurts when I heard the chat notification."

The two responded for a long time. In the afternoon, Jiang Yu took a look at the system and found that there were already tens of thousands of orders waiting to be shipped!

"Jiang Yu! You are going to make a fortune!" Bei Xiaoxiao jumped up with excitement.

On the contrary, Jiang Yu looked calm. She just shrugged and smiled rather plainly: "Yes, I'm going to be rich! I'm going to be rich!"

In the afternoon, Bei Xiaoxiao went to pick up the gift box and customized stickers, while Jiang Yu went to the factory.

When Jiang Yu arrived, Boss Jiang was sitting at the door eating melon seeds. At first, when he knew that the factory was going to close down, Boss Jiang was still in a bad mood, but he was numb now. Anyway, the goods could not be sold, and loan was not possible. Dead pigs were not afraid of boiling water. He didn’t want to do anything and was just waiting to die.

"Why are you here?" Seeing Jiang Yu, Jiang Chao, Boss Jiang, was a little surprised.

Jiang Yu smiled lightly, and walked in with her laptop. "Come and tell you something."

"What's the matter?"

Hearing this question, Jiang Yu knew that Jiang Chao was not following her Weibo. "I would like to ask you to send the goods in Taobao for me!"

"Delivery?" Jiang Chao rolled his eyes and then said: "Little girl, my goods is already free for you to use, but now you want to enslave me as your free coolies? Don't be too much!"

"You don’t want?"

"No!" Jiang Chao finished speaking, and was going to enter the factory angrily.

Jiang Yu chuckled, and then sighed helplessly: "Well! It seems that I am destined to send more than 10,000 orders alone today."

Jiang Chao's footsteps stagnated and he slowly turned his head back.


One more chapter after this~

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