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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 9

WBVDEC Chapter 9 – Actor

The next day, Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao dragged another batch of clothes to the art district, planning to take photos of them. 

Although there were only around 30 styles of clothes left, there were more than 50,000 pieces in stock. But, many styles in this batch of clothes were autumn shirts and the like, because they were originally going to be exported to Japan, the shirts were relatively simple. Although not particularly fashionable, but the color was comfortable and the quality was good. Many people would like the style.

In order to match the style, Jiang Yu specially changed the color of her makeup. Instead of using bright eye color and red lip, she changed to a transparent foundation and warm toned eye shadow. For blush, she lightly applied a bright orange color. The lipstick of this kind of girly makeup had the characteristics of Mori girl style, and it matched the color of the clothes in this batch.

Drawing such a makeup, which was both sexy but still had a girl's unique youthfulness, Jiang Yu’s throat tightened and she couldn't help but look sideways. In the gap between taking photos, many men and women passing by stared at her.

"Jiang Yu, the filming of this set is over, go and change your clothes! I'll wait for you!" Bei Xiaoxiao smiled.


Bei Xiaoxiao looked around: "I heard that Gu Shenliu was filming near here, do you think we might meet him?"

Jiang Yu shook her head. She had no interest in people in the show business circle. Anyone who had seen behind these stars in real life would know that most people in this circle were not worthy of their fans. Being nurtured, drug abuse, poor character… the stars the public saw were all packaged products.

Bei Xiaoxiao ignored Jiang Yu’s indifference. She acted like a little fan girl, slightly excited: "I like Gu Shenliu so much! He is really handsome and has a good temperament. He is different from other coquettish actors on the market! The most important thing is that he has been in the circle for so long, but there is no hype, no scandals, and no dating. He is also very low-key! It would be nice if we could see him!"

Jiang Yu smiled and declined to comment. She hugged the next clothes and went into the public toilet. Perhaps because of the filming, everyone went to watch, so the toilet was very quiet.

Jiang Yu got changed and walked out of the bathroom. She stood in front of the vanity mirror to tidy up her makeup. Seeing that some of the blush had faded, she took out the NARS blush that she had just bought. NARS was cosmetic brand that she liked very much in her previous life. The black outer box looked very high-end and beautiful. The blush had a very good color didn’t fade easily. It was also very suitable to carry around for touch up. She had always liked it. 

NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat blushes were very popular, among which orgasm was the most sought-after color number. It was very suitable for Asians. Jiang Yu bought DESIRE, which was a rose red blush, suitable for fair skin. She picked up the blush brush and gently swept it under her eyes and cheekbones. The placement of the blush high on the cheeks matched the Japanese style makeup today. In order to match the skirt on her body, a mole was also placed on the corner of her mouth.

NARS Desire Blush

In this way, the makeup was done, and Jiang Yu felt very beautiful. She captured all the steps in the makeup process since this morning. When she went out of the bathroom, she stood under a big tree on the side, and edited the photos with text and instructions. How to do the makeup steps and what to pay attention to when applying blush, she briefly talked about everything, put together the pictures, and then post them to Weibo.

This not-so-detailed makeup Weibo attracted a lot of attention as soon as it was posted.

——D*mn!!! This is the real face of the blogger?! The true face of the legendary Slap-Face Empress? Are you sure this is not internet celebrity hype?

——I used to suspect that it was hype, but when think about it, if it was hype, the police won’t play along, so it's definitely not hype.

——My eldest aunt is an employee of Kafan. She said it was not hype, it was a real thing. But she also did not expect the girl to be so beautiful.

——NARS blush? Oh my! Jiang Yu, you are a new grass planting machine. I have already bought the essences you recommended. Thousands of my money is gone already!

——You have planted grass. I have read many Japanese beauty magazines. Japanese people have various kinds of blushes.

Looking at these comments, Jiang Yu closed Weibo with a smile.

"I heard that Gu Shenliu is on the court, I'm going to look after Shenliu! Please let me go!"

Before Jiang Yu could react, her arm suddenly hurt, and she saw a little girl who looked like a fan ran away with her notebook. Meanwhile her, being hit by this, staggered and almost fell to the ground head first.

"Be careful!" A low voice came from above Jiang Yu’s head.

Jiang Yu raised her head and looked into a pair of deep eyes. The breeze was blowing, and their eyes were facing each other.

Jiang Yu could not describe her shock. Undoubtedly, the man in front of her was very handsome. Even from her celebrity stylist critical eyes, such an outstanding appearance was enough to make anyone crazy for no reason. The man had a strong aura and a strong sense of oppression, which made him seem very cold and difficult to approach. But she knew that such a temperament was fatal to many women, and such a cold temperament could easily make women act like moths into a fire.

However, what surprised Jiang Yu the most was the look in the man’s eyes. Jiang Yu had never seen such a pair of eyes. They were deep and calm, without any waves. Even if she looked at it up close, she could not see any emotions through these eyes at any point. In the depths of the man’s eyes, there seemed to be countless stars falling, and finally annihilated into ashes.

Jiang Yu could not describe this feeling. She felt a deep sense of powerlessness in her. While she was looking at the man, the man in front of her was also staring at her, with an imperceptible surprise in his eyes. After a while, his eyes turned calm again. But he didn't look away, just stared silently at her.

Jiang Yu was slightly surprised, she was sure that she didn't know the man.

"Shenliu!" A man's voice came. He came to Gu Shenliu and said urgently: "Why have you been out for so long? The crews are waiting!"

"En." Gu Shenliu said indifferently. He finally turned and left.

"Jiang Yu, you…" Bei Xiaoxiao ran over, panted, bending over, pointing to the direction Gu Shenliu was going, and stuttered:

"Jiang Yu, that person is… you…"

Jiang Yu looked stunned and she thought: "You also think he is weird? He has been staring at me just now, as if he knows me? Xiaoxiao, you know him? Is it possible that he is someone we know?"

"What?" Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't believe that Jiang Yu was a normal human living on the earth. She was a little angry: "Really?! Jiang Yu, you don't even know him?!"

"He? Who?" Jiang Yu looked innocent.

"I'm so mad! That person is what I call Gu Shenliu! A star! Actor Gu Shenliu!" Bei Xiaoxiao was going crazy, "He is Gu Shenliu who is known for his zero scandal and abstinence! You actually looked at each other just now! My God! Your fate is too good! Come on, what question did Gu Shenliu ask you?"

Jiang Yu rolled her eyes when she realized that she was face to face with an actor of this world. However, what was exciting about this? She had seen thousands of celebrities in her previous life, and she had also seen the ugliest moments of these celebrities. 

"Whatever! Go and take photos!" Jiang Yu urged, holding her clothes and walking in front.

"No! Jiang Yu, you must tell me, what did Gu Shenliu say to you?" Bei Xiaoxiao kept urging.

Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips lightly and said, "He asked me…"

"What? Say it!"

"Are there toilet paper?"

"Ah…" Bei Xiaoxiao tilted her head, thought about it for a long time, and said to herself: "Do men need toilet paper in the toilet?"

Jiang Yu turned her back to Bei Xiaoxiao, her smile didn't reach the bottom of her eyes. Gu Shenliu? Still water flows deep and there often an undercurrent below. This name matched him very well. (TN: 静水深流,内有暗涌 / jìng shuǐ shēn liú, nèi yǒu àn yǒng.)

On the other side, Gu Shenliu had been standing not far away, watching the girls leave quietly.

"What's wrong, Shenliu?" The agent Gao Jing asked.

Gu Shenliu frowned, "Just now, the sound of the train disappeared."

"Disappeared?" Gao Jing was stunned for a moment before staring at Gu Shenliu incredulously: "You mean, the sound of the train in your ears has disappeared?"

Gu Shenliu frowned. "To be precise, it disappeared for a moment just now."

"For a moment?"

Gu Shenliu still stared in the direction where Jiang Yu was leaving. He frowned. "Just now, when I came out of the bathroom and approached the girl, I noticed that the sound of train in my ears disappeared, so I followed her out of the bathroom. During this time, the sound of train did not appear again until you pulled me away!"

"How is it possible?!" Gao Jing stared at Gu Shenliu in surprise, obviously not convinced. He had been with Gu Shenliu for more than ten years, and he was the only person in this world who knew Gu Shenliu's hidden illness besides the internal Gu family.

Speaking of which, Gao Jing could be regarded as a gold-medal agent in the circle. He had been in the industry for more than ten years, and he had only brought one artist Gu Shenliu to this day. But Gu Shenliu alone was enough to show his strength. He put Gu Shenliu from no one into today’s well-known national actor. With this he also established his status as a gold medal agent. 
Originally, he also wanted to sign more artists like other agents, but Gu Shenliu’s personal life made him very busy. He worked both as a babysitter and a psychiatrist over the years. He had to work for Gu Shenliu around the clock, for fear that Gu Shenliu would not be able to survive and collapse. Everyone thought that because he only manage Gu Shenliu alone, he should be more relaxed and idle, but everyone didn’t know for every year he took care of Gu Shenliu, ten years of his life got shaved.

All of this was connected with Gu Shenliu's problem, which couldn’t be called big, but also not small. The reason for it couldn’t be considered big, because this problem was not like a tumor or cancer. There was no need for surgery, and nothing could be seen in the surface. But it was also not small, because although this problem was not tumor or cancer, it was more harmful than tumor or cancer.

Yes, Gu Shenliu's ears could always hear the sound of train running by. According to him, it was a very regular sound. He could hear it since he was a child. Therefore, he would hear it all day and night. If people lived next to a train track, they would occasionally hear the train at night, and probably woken up due to the noise in the beginning. But if things went on like this, this people might still slowly get used to it until it wouldn’t have much impact on their sleep. But Gu Shenliu was not one of these people. The train kept driving in his ears, and the sound was ear-splitting. Although he was used to this sound all year round, this caused nervous breakdown, until he could not sleep at all.

If Gu Shenliu could sleep even for just 2 hours a day because of being too tired, Gao Jing would burn incense and worship Buddha. Gao Jing originally didn't know what would happen to people who didn't sleep well. So aoe day he went to the Internet and found out that people like Gu Shenliu who couldn't fall asleep all year round had a lot of hidden worries. He took Gu Shenliu to see a doctor for this reason. Of course, the doctor couldn't find any problems, and the psychologist couldn’t do anything also. They just asked Gu Shenliu to relax and slowly heal himself.

The inability to sleep made Gu Shenliu a desperate model worker in the circle. He was reading scripts, running dramas day and night, becoming an excellent actor, marching into Hollywood, and becoming famous internationally all at a young age. What's more unbelievable was that when other people sleep, he couldn't, so he started playing games on the Internet, and accidentally became a game god. When people were sleeping, he couldn't fall asleep, so he went to read a book about investment, and accidentally became a stock market genius. When people sleep, he still couldn't fall asleep, so he went to exercise, learned musical instruments, played chess, and practiced calligraphy. Because he had a lot more wake time than others, he became a top talent in the industry.

Gu Shenliu's experiences were wide, so he rarely used a stand-in when he was acting in a movie. Whether it was surfing, skiing, or playing piano, he could do all by himself. For this reason, he had captured many loyal fans. It stood to reason that for such a powerful artist, his agent should also follow him. But just because he really couldn’t relax at all, the agent prayed to God all day to worship the Buddha, hoping that Gu Shenliu could sleep for a few more hours, for fear that one day Gu Shenliu would be like the people found on the Internet. Trapped in depression, and finally committed suicide. After all, if the sound of train was natural to hear, the only way to get rid of it was to die.

Therefore, Gao Jing had to always pay attention to Gu Shenliu. Because of this, when Gu Shenliu went out alone, he didn't feel relieved and started to follow him.

After hearing the sound of train disappearing for a moment, Gao Jing was in disbelieve. He thought about it and said, "You sure it’s not because your ears ring just now, so the sound of the train disappeared?"

Gu Shenliu didn't say a word, still staring into the distance with grim brows.

"Come on, Shenliu, all the famous doctors in this world, as long as you can name them, I have asked for them. People say that there is no solution to this problem. It is impossible to say that when you are close to that girl the sound will disappear." After speaking, Gao Jing took Gu Shenliu's arm and let out a long sigh: "Let's go, Shenliu! If you stare at someone like this, there will be gossip. The girl might think you are a pervert or something. The disappearance of that sound should be just a coincidence."

After hearing this, Gu Shenliu lowered his head and said in a deep voice, "En"

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  1. thanks! i think it is normal for gao jing to think so, but if ANYTHING can stop the sound of the train, he shpuld take it seriously right?? why dont you listen to the person who is actually suffering?

  2. I think what Shenliu have is from a real reference and not just fantasy sickness the author make up.

    Tinnitus: hearing a repeating sound in the ear at regular interval, in some case the sound is neverending and is there permanently. It is mostly uncurable. The sound can be noise like: whistle, kettle, car engine, ect...


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