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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 10

WBVDEC Chapter 10 – Enemy

What Jiang Yu didn't know was that her makeup post caused a lot of heated discussion on the Internet.

At the moment, Jiang Yu was taking photos in the street of the art district. There were nearly 40 styles left, more than 50,000 pieces, and she couldn’t finish modeling in one day. She only hoped that she could model as many as she could today, and finished the rest the next day. Because her 8 best essences post was still being reposted wildly on the Internet, her popularity had also remained high. She wanted to take this opportunity to quickly sell out the clothes and earned her first pot of gold.

Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao spent a whole day taking photos in the art district before they were finished for the day.

"Jiang Yu, let's stop? Although there are more than a dozen sets of clothes left, I think we can't finish today." Bei Xiaoxiao was too tired. Standing all day, eating very simple lunch, and running around chasing Jiang Yu under the sun, she was exhausted.

"Okay, let's have a good meal tonight!" Jiang Yu smiled.

"Ah? Really? It won't be instant noodles and eggs again, right?" Bei Xiaoxiao had no hope for Jiang Yu.

"What? I'm so stingy in your heart?"

"What do you mean? You only buy two steamed buns for breakfast. You are not afraid that I will not be full!" Bei Xiaoxiao thought her round face was not there for no reason.

"Haha…" Jiang Yu was amused by Bei Xiaoxiao. She squeezed her small bulging face, and smiled: "Sister, let’s have a good meal today. Let's eat a big meal at a restaurant! Big crayfish, or whatever you want!"

"Really? I really want to eat crayfish!" Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly became energetic. Hearing that there would be crayfishs to eat, her drool was about to come down. "But where did you get the money?"

"My Alipay had received money from receipt confirmation, so I will use Alipay to pay the bill later."


The two of them went to a crayfish restaurant called ‘Roasted Shrimp’ next to the art district for dinner. This shop was decorated with distinctive features and looked very high-end with a literary atmosphere, but they did not expect it to be a crayfish shop. The two entered the house, and the waiter enthusiastically led them to a small private room immediately.

After Bei Xiaoxiao sat down, she was very excited, looked left and right, and finally sighed: "Jiang Yu, do you know? I always thought you were a scrooge! Unexpectedly, a scrooge would have a day of spending money too!"

Jiang Yu chuckled and laughed, her eyes flowed, and she said to Bei Xiaoxiao: "You! I know I'm spending money, isn't this for taking you to eat?"

"Then, what crayfish should we order?" Bei Xiaoxiao pointed to the menu, "Garlic! Spicy! Thirteen spices! They all look delicious, ah, and cheese…"

Spicy Crayfish

Garlic Sauce

Thirteen Spices

Cheese Crayfish

"Then have one portion each!" Jiang Yu ordered the waiter.

Bei Xiaoxiao smiled widely, "Jiang Yu, you are still the best!"

The two were talking. Suddenly, the light in front of Jiang Yu dimmed. She raised her head subconsciously, and saw a tall girl with heavy makeup standing in front of her. The girl had wavy curly hair and was dressed sexy and dressed in tight-fitting clothes. Jiang Yu judged that she was in her early twenties at most based on her years of experience.

The girl kept staring at Jiang Yu, her face full of inquisition. She frowned for a long while to frown in disbelief and asked: "Jiang Yu, is it really you?" After speaking, she looked at Jiang Yu up and down. Her face was shocked, and there was a feeling of unhappiness and jealousy between her eyebrows.

Jiang Yu searched around the original owner memory and immediately connected the woman in front of her with Yao Yiyi, a classmate who was always bullying her.

Yao Yiyi was a local, an only child, and her family was rich. She was very pampered by her parents, and had developed very spoiled personality. She had always been at odds with the original owner, and especially liked to bully. However, the original owner was very cowardly but still especially wanted to make friends with so-called city people like Yao Yiyi. After being bullied, she always forgave kindly. But, seeing the original owner’s cowardice and reluctance to dispute, Yao Yiyi became more and more excessive. She finally incited the whole class to isolate Jiang Yu, so that no one except Bei Xiaoxiao dared to talk to Jiang Yu in public.

Bei Xiaoxiao stood up suddenly. She seemed a little nervous, looked at Jiang Yu anxiously, and then asked: "Yao Yiyi, why are you here?"

"Why am I here? Bei Xiaoxiao, do you think this place is yours?" Yao Yiyi rolled her eyes unhappily, and then moved her gaze to Jiang Yu. Seeing Jiang Yu’s beautiful makeup, she looked carefully, wishing to see some imperfections such as clumped mascara, pores, or crooked eyebrows… but she didn't expect to see nothing. Jiang Yu's makeup was so perfect. It looked like a professional makeup artist did it.

Yao Yiyi's face suddenly became cold. When did Jiang Yu learn to make up? That peasant girl! And she also dress herself so beautifully! "Jiang Yu, did you go for plastic surgery?"

"Yao Yiyi?" Jiang Yu leaned in her seat, without any intention to stand up. She shook her head and smiled, as if she didn't put Yao Yiyi in her eyes at all. "You think?"

"Of course! I can see it at a glance!" Yao Yiyi said with a jealous face and asked in a strange way: "Where did you get it done? So natural? Tell me about it, so that I can tell my little sister to go there."

Jiang Yu laughed, folded his hands, blinked, and then pondered: "I’ll just take it as a compliment. But it may disappoint you, as I don’t have plastic surgery. But if you want to undergo surgery, I can introduce a good doctor to you. After all, with your face, if you don’t find a better doctor, I’m afraid he won’t be able to help you!"

"Jiang Yu, you dare to talk to me like this!" Yao Yiyi was anxious. She didn't expect Jiang Yu to dare to talk back. Jiang Yu was just a country girl. Why would she dare to talk back? In the past, Jiang Yu didn't dare to say anything no matter scolding she received. But unexpectedly, just within one summer vacation, Jiang Yu actually seemed to be a different person. She became so beautiful and smart.

"I'm sorry, although I have a good temper and I don't like to care about you, it doesn't mean I'm sordid. When I am bullied by you every day, I have to rush to give you a good face. After you have beaten my left cheek, I will bring my right cheek to you. Hit!" After Jiang Yu finished speaking, seeing Yao Yiyi's face turned pale and obviously displeased, she finally raised her red lips and smiled with satisfaction.

Yao Yiyi squinted her eyes, her red lips were tightened, and a dangerous light burst into her eyes. She wanted to rush up and tear the face of Jiang Yu. She said fiercely: "Shameless, you look like a vixen!" After speaking, she stared at Jiang Yu with a weird face, and said strangely: "I haven't seen you during summer vacation, and you have changed so much. Wouldn't it be because you went to pick up personal work?"

Seeing Jiang Yu's face changed, Yao Yiyi let out a sigh and sneered: "I heard that in Shanghai Film and Television Academy and some pheasant universities, there are often some incompetent women who are kept by others. Did you do this? No wonder, who told you to be country folks? Just thinking of quick money and get to that business. I heard that some old rich people like to find college students like you."

Bei Xiaoxiao was about to cry in anger, she pointed to Yao Yiyi and cursed: "Yao Yiyi, you spit someone! Jiang Yu is not that kind of person! She just…"

"Xiaoxiao!" Jiang Yu stopped Bei Xiaoxiao, not letting her continue. She suddenly changed her face and stared at Yao Yiyi with a straight face without expression.

When Jiang Yu was not smiling, her temperament was a bit cold, and her years of practice in her previous life gave her the aura of a superior person. At this moment, she stared at Yao Yiyi gloomily. Yao Yiyi felt a kind of pressure and took a step back subconsciously.

Jiang Yu stood up and approached Yao Yiyi with a sneer. Suddenly, she said: "Yao Yiyi, you know so much about the market of peripheral women and being nurtured. It seems that you have personally experienced it? Why, is this because you can't finish the job, so you want to introduce me to it? But sorry, you can just open your legs yourself. A country girl like me who doesn’t know anything really doesn’t understand things like this. I can’t do as well as you, and won’t be able to serve your benefactors well. If this happens, when you can’t get the money, it’s not good to blame me!"

"Jiang Yu, you shameless, you dare to say that to me…" Yao Yiyi stretched out her hand to fight.

"Yiyi…" Suddenly, a young male's voice came.

Yao Yiyi put her hand sown in a cold snort. The man walked over and hugged Yao Yiyi. He then asked with a trivial smile: "Yiyi, is this your classmate?" The moment he saw Jiang Yu, the man's eyes lighted up and his expression changed. "She is pretty. I never think that there will be so many beautiful girls in your university."

"Sun Jincheng, what do you mean?!" Yao Yiyi stamped the man’s feet with anger.

Seeing her angry, Sun Jincheng hurriedly coaxed: "Hey, I'm joking. I mean, besides you, there is still something worth seeing in your university!"

After hearing this, Yao Yiyi let out a cold snort, her face lightened a bit.

"Yiyi, don't you introduce it?" Sun Jincheng still stared at Jiang Yu.

Yao Yiyi rolled her eyes and said coldly, "Is there anything to introduce? Just a country girl."

Jiang Yu didn’t like to listen to these words, "Yao Yiyi, has the country folk offended you? Don't always open your mouth and curse the country folk, the faces of the people in the city are all lost by you."

"What? Was I wrong?" Yao Yiyi's contempt was overflowing. She lowered her head, laughed, and said: "Jiang Yu, your rural area doesn't even have a KFC, right? I remember you said that you still I haven't eaten KFC so far! Tell me, what is that place if it is not a sh*tty country…"

If the original owner was here, Jiang Yu was sure that she would be bullied by Yao Yiyi and cried again. However, she was not the original owner. Not only would she not let people bully her, but she would also let Yao Yiyi know that bully Jiang Yu was not something she could do easily!

Jiang Yu snorted: "Yes, Yao Yiyi, I have never eaten KFC. A rich lady like you has made your classmates feel poor just because they have never eaten KFC. Do you feel proud now?"

After hearing this, Yao Yiyi's face turned green. It was obvious that she was scolding Jiang Yu, but why did she feel like she was beaten in the face. 

"Jiangyu, you wait for me!" Yao Yiyi scolded fiercely: "Wait in school, see if I won't clean you up!"

Jiang Yu smiled and waved her hand: "Walk slowly, I will not send you out!"

In the private room next to Jiang Yu, Gu Shenliu was lowering his head and drinking tea quietly.

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  1. Didn't think KFC was food that rich people brag about, is this a gourmet KFC or something? LOL


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