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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 2

WBVDEC Chapter 2 – Liar

"Fake? If you dare to say one more thing I will tear your mouth!" Chen Bixiang was so angry that she picked up her bag and swung it towards Jiang Yu's head. This action made Jiang Yu's forehead hurt as she was smashed by the bag. CELINE bags were known to be heavy. People who love bags jokingly said that carrying Celine's bags was like doing weights workout.

"Ms. Chen, calm down!" The manager said while winking at her subordinates. Someone immediately took a glass of water and handed it to Chen Bixiang. "Come on, drink a glass of water. Don't be as unknowledgeable as Jiang Yu. This person is a country girl. She has just entered the city and is still in college. She has no knowledge." The manager said cautiously.

Chen Bixiang sighed after taking a few deep breaths. She gritted her lips and said: "Okay, I'll give you a face and return the bag directly! I won't be as unknowledgeable as this little girl!" 

The manager could achieve this level. It was precisely because she was more patient and had good service. In fact, in order to get customers to pay for things, what hadn’t she done? Returning the goods and asking for refund? No! The word "refund" had long been kicked out of her dictionary. Seeing that Chen Bixiang was still angry, she pointed to Jiang Yu and said:

"Jiang Yu, if Ms. Chen returns the goods today, you will bear all the consequences!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu walked up to Chen Bixiang, and she glanced at the bag on Chen Bixiang's body. She then said: "Ms. Chen, I apologize to you, I shouldn't something like that to you…"

Chen Bixiang was proud of this. She was about to speak, but then she saw Jiang Yu suddenly raised her lips and said: "After all, using fake bags is your personal choice. I really shouldn’t talk about you like this in public!"

"What, you say my bag is fake?!" Chen Bixiang flushed with anger, and shook her Chanel bag around: "My lambskin bag was bought for tens of thousands of dollars. You said that I have bought a fake?! Besides, your superior said its real, but you, a student doing part-time, dare to say otherwise! Who are you?!"

Jiang Yu looked at the bag for a moment, stared at Chen Bixiang, and said with a faint smile: "My manager can't tell because she uses experience to judge, but it just so happens that your model is tailor-made for someone like her. She probably could not think that the chains, locks, and zippers of your bag are all real, but the body of the bag is fake. But as we all know, our country’s copycat technology is world-famous. All kinds of A goods are super A grade. Fake and real is hard to distinguish, even if Miss Chanel is reborn, it may be difficult for her to judge the authenticity of your bag!"

After hearing this, the manager and other shop assistants were taken aback, and then stared at Chen Bixiang's bag for a long time. If Jiang Yu didn't say it, they hadn't noticed that the color of the leather in the bag’s chain was slightly different from the body. It seemed that the color was different, and the leather was also different in texture. But, was this possible? Who had this kind of technology to make bags half-real and half-fake? However, it was indeed possible for someone to recycle the hardware from a used genuine bag and processed them for sale.

Chen Bixiang stagnated. She then pointed to Jiang Yu angrily and said: "You are talking nonsense! You said this as an insult to me! Do you think someone of my worth will use fake bags?"

Hearing this, the manager was also startled. Yes, Chen Bixiang looked like a wealthy person, and she was not short of money. How could she care about a mere 30,000 yuan!

"Worth?" Jiang Yu shrugged, "I don't understand why people like you always use fake shoes, such as these shoes on your feet…"

Everyone's eyes moved to Chen Bixiang's shoes.

Chen Bixiang moved her feet uncomfortably, "What do you mean?"

"It's obvious that your shoes are fake."

Seeing everyone's eyes suddenly turned towards her, Chen Bixiang blushed and hurriedly argued: "You are talking nonsense again!"

Jiang Yu smiled, "Ms. Chen, the authentic shoes of this brand model are thinner than the pair on your feet. In fact, this pair of shoes has an obvious defect, it is difficult to wear! These shoes that were bought at a price of over 20,000 yuan, if worn for 1 hour, your feet will hurt for 1 day. Wearing it for a long time can make your feet directly become useless. The copycat maker is very considerate. When copying, it is probably based on the normal person's shoe size. Therefore, the copycat is very comfortable to wear. It is also the reason why Ms. Chen can walk around in the mall and came back to our store, but you don’t feel your feet hurting at all!" 

It’s normal for brand-name shoes to be difficult to wear. Many Chanel shoes were uncomfortable on the feet, and Gucci's shoes could easily hurt people’s feet when worn for a long time.

As soon as these words came out, Chen Bixiang's expression instantly changed, and there was a clear panic on her face. The manager had always been good at observing words and expressions, so of course she noticed this. However, even if the customer really wore fake shoes and fake bags, it was not a big deal in her opinion. Because many people needed branded items but couldn't afford them like some hidden mistress, young models, and newcomers in entertainment circle. So they started buying fake goods. Even before she entered this luxury goods business, she also bought fake items. The point of the problem now was not to embarrass the customer that might cause the bag to be returned. 

"Jiang Yu! Don't be rude!" The manager glanced at her and said, "Quickly apologize to Ms. Chen, the bag cannot be returned!"

After hearing this, the embarrassment on Chen Bixiang's face faded slightly, and she pursed her lips. She lifted her chin again, pretending to say: "Apologize and I will accept it. But she has angered me and must be responsible for her actions. I will still return this bag!"

Jiang Yu picked up the bag and held it in her hand. She sneered, and said: "Ms. Chen, even if you just want a refund, I can't refund you!"

"Why not?!" Chen Bixiang was anxious and said hurriedly, "Isn't your store policy allows refund without reason within 7 days? Because of this, I come to your store to buy it!" Because she spoke loudly, she attracted many customers at the moment. She hurriedly shouted when she saw the crowd: "Look, everyone! The store said it allows refunds within certain period unconditionally, but in the blink of an eye, they turned their faces and didn't recognize their own policy!"

This shouting attracted a lot of people, so the manager became anxious and said, "Jiang Yu, you, you are going to kill us!" Many people around were recording videos and taking pictures, the manager was afraid that if this was spread, the reputation of the store would be affected. The manager waved her hand helplessly and said: "Bei Xiaoxiao, quickly process the refund to Ms. Chen!" 

Chen Bixiang heard the words and revealed a proud smile.

"Manager, you can't refund!"

"Jiang Yu, what on earth are you doing?!" The manager was very upset. If the video of them refusing refund was posted online, they would be over! This might even affect dozens of other stores across the country. At that time she couldn’t even imagine staying as a manager!

Who knew, Jiang Yu rushed to pick up the bag, and after weighing it, she curled his lips and said: "Manager, our shop indeed allows refund without reason within 7 days, but this does not mean that customers can return fake goods to us."

"Fake?" The manager was blinded and asked in disbelief, "You said this is a fake? How could it be possible! Ms. Chen just bought the bag and came back after a round of shopping, and I have seen the bag. It's a genuine product!" At this point, the manager suddenly remembered Chen Bixiang's famous brands that were difficult to distinguish between genuine or fake. She glanced at Chen Bixiang, the look made Chen Bixiang anxious.

Chen Bixiang hurriedly said: "Who said it is a fake?! If you dare to slander me, be careful that I find a lawyer to sue you!"

Jiang Yu smiled: "Ms. Chen, why bother rushing to jump out and show your guilty conscience? I tried it with my hands and found out that the weight of this bag is about 200 grams lighter than the original one. I have to tell you that a fake is still different from the genuine product. Let us ask the manager to take out an authentic bag and weigh it, with that everyone will be able to tell the truth at a glance." 

The manager realized what was wrong after hearing this. She hurriedly asked people to bring the bag over, and asked someone to borrow an electronic scale. After the weighing was over, she looked at the number on the scale in disbelief and said: "It's really 203 grams lighter. Jiang Yu, you are so amazing!"

Jiang Yu smiled, looked at the panic Chen Bixiang, and said: "Ms. Chen, you took advantage of the 7-day return policy of our store and switch the genuine bag with a super-A fake bag. You were confident that we won't see through it and the attitude was also very domineering. So, it must be not the first time you committed this type of crime, right? Apologizing is indeed useless, let’s get the police to handle it!"

After a pause, Jiang Yu said: "In addition, you smashing my head with your bag, the police will be notified at the same time!"

"No, this is a misunderstanding, don't call the police…" Chen Bixiang was crying anxiously.

However, it was useless. The police came soon, and to everyone's surprise, the police said: "In fact, we have been following Chen Bixiang for a long time. About a month ago, we received reports from several shopping websites saying an online customer with online name Xiaoxiang Bishui bought brand-name bags from many times, but then returned them for various reasons. At first, no one noticed that something was wrong. Until a few days ago, a website found that this person had returned her purchases 49 times. They realized something was wrong, and after they checked the goods she returned, they found that all the returned goods were fake, so they called the police."

"After investigating, we locked Chen Bixiang and found out that she used this trick to buy various items from the Internet. More than 200 different kinds of genuine luxury goods were returned with fake goods. After that, in her circle of friends, she sold both fake and genuine goods in the name of purchasing agent and made more than 20 million yuan profit! In order to make her identity look more credible, she bought a Maserati sport car, bought a variety of genuine luxury goods, and kept showing luxury cars and mansions in this circle of friends in order to win their trust. We wanted to arrest her, but we lacked the most direct evidence. Fortunately, you guys today called the police, so we can arrest her!"

This made everyone on the scene dumbfounded. She returned more than 200 items just like that? But no one found out that she returned a fake product?

Upon hearing this, Bei Xiaoxiao exclaimed: "Maybe the people who received the goods are just the website staff? The website sells luxury goods, but it does not mean that the staff is able identify it. Just like me, there is no way to know."

However, who would have thought that Chen Bixiang, a person who drove a Maserati, wore famous brands, and used hundreds of thousands yuan worth of outfits was actually a female swindler?

Afterwards, Chen Bixiang was taken away by the police. Jiang Yu thought, with her crimes, it would be many years before she came out again.

Because of this, the manager's expression was a little uncomfortable. Jiang Yu didn't say anything. She packed up with Bei Xiaoxiao and prepared to get off work.

"Jiang Yu, you are so amazing! I have been housemate with you for so long, but I don't know your eyesight is so accurate!" Bei Xiaoxiao simply admired her so much.

Jiang Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this. Fortunately, they were housemates, so Bei Xiaoxiao could take her back. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know where she lived.

Jiang Yu entered their house behind Bei Xiaoxiao. As she imagined, the place they shared was very narrow. It was a compartment separated by a room. She could even hear a chopstick falling on the floor next door.

After entering the door, Jiang Yu wanted to go to the bathroom. After thinking about it for a long time, she gave up. She was afraid of seeing a completely different face in the mirror. She had cold sweat on her back, her hairs stood upright, and her worldview collapsed when she thought of living in the body of a stranger.

"Oh my God! Jiang Yu, you are red!" Bei Xiaoxiao pointed to the computer screen while holding instant noodles. She was yelling excitedly.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Yu walked over in confusion, only to realize that Bei Xiaoxiao's computer was actually a macbook.

Bei Xiaoxiao exclaimed excitedly: "Someone posted your fight against the pseudo-rich female swindler on the Internet. Now Weibo and other forums have your posts everywhere, especially on Weibo. One poster praised you and said your eyes come with a laser scanner! And on the forums they called you a heroic woman! This post has been reposted many times in just over an hour! Jiangyu, you are going to be popular!"

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  2. Here I am, waiting to see when would they get her to the hospital. Head injury is serious, more so when she show sign of memory lost to her colleague before.


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