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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 11

WBVDEC Chapter 11 – Contract Signing

The private room walls of ‘Roasted Shrimp’ were hollow. The sound from Jiang Yu's private room was so loud that Gu Shenliu naturally heard it.

"Shenliu, isn't the girl you talked about today in the private room next door?" Gao Jing looked over from the hollow partition.

"Yeah." Gu Shenliu still lowered his head, as if he hadn't heard the quarrel next door at all. His face was calm, his expression was indifferent, and he looked relaxed. Only he knew that the deafening sound of train kept rolling over his skull, leaving him nowhere to hide.

"This girl has quite a personality. She has a temperament that is not easy to be bullied. When I think about it, a temperament where she dares to clearly state love and hate, is real!" After Gao Jing finished speaking, he seemed to be a little emotional, "This girl also looks pretty good, I don’t know if she has been scouted. Her look only is enough to mix in entertainment circle. To be honest, I haven’t signed a newcomer since a long time, my hands are itchy."

"Oh?" Gu Shenliu finally raised his eyes and asked lazily: "It's rare that you are interested in newcomers."

"Yeah, I also didn't expect it. Maybe I saw your shadow from this girl."

Gu Shenliu finally raised his head and glanced at Gao Jing.

Gao Jing smiled, and said after a long while: "Like you back then, even if you don’t speak and just standing still, you still won’t go unnoticed. The first time I saw you, there was an impulse in my body. That impulse made me want to sign you up, want to take you to stand on the top of the mountain and look down on everyone. Now, when I see this girl, I also feel that way."

The sound of the train continued, but Gu Shenliu was still drinking tea with a calm expression on his face.

"I think this girl seems to be going to the art district to shoot clothes today?"


"Then she might be an internet celebrity? But internet celebrities now generally only have very good Photoshop skills. There are not many people that look good in reality. Do you know that director Zhang? The last time he was shooting a movie, he saw an internet celebrity’s photo who looks very glamorous and asked her to go to his audition. When the audition was over, Director Zhang asked, ‘That girl didn’t come?’ It can be judged how far the photo is from the real person. I don’t expect the girl to be a real beauty!"

Gu Shenliu didn't talk much, but Gao Jing seemed to be used to it. He continued: "You may not know, the current Internet celebrities are also divided into first-tier, second-tier, and eighteen-tier!"


"It is said that the first-tier live better than the second-tier. Some can even earn 1,2 million a year. You said, besides yourself, how many people in the entertainment industry can earn more than them?"

After hearing this, Gu Shenliu thought for a moment. He then lowered his head to continue drinking tea. After a while, he pressed his temples, his expression a little tired.

When Gao Jing saw this, he was very worried. He asked in a low voice, "Shenliu, how is it?" Seeing that Gu Shenliu didn't answer, Gao Jing cautiously approached and asked: "Recently… there hasn't been one or two hours of sleep a day?"

Gu Shenliu suddenly raised his face, leaning on the back of the chair, his bloodshot eyes toward the ceiling, breathing weakly: "No, not even for a day."

Gao Jing swallowed and did not dare to speak too much, for fear of putting pressure on Gu Shenliu and breaking his nerves that had almost collapsed already.

At this moment, Jiang Yu seemed to have finished her meal and she stood up. She walked behind Gu Shenliu with her bag.

Suddenly, Gu Shenliu's world became quiet. There were many small voices coming from around him, people talking, running water, and even barking dogs outside. For the first time, he discovered that the world turned out to sound like this, not just the sound of trains…

Gu Shenliu straightened his back abruptly. He turned his head and his gaze fell on Jiang Yu who had just left the private room.

"Shenliu, what's the matter?" Gao Jing asked inexplicably.

Gu Shenliu frowned and said, "The sound of the train has disappeared again."

"What?" After a while, Gao Jing realized what Gu Shenliu meant, and he asked in disbelief: "You mean, when the little girl named Jiang Yu passed by behind you, the sound of train disappeared again?"


Gao Jing was more excited than Gu Shenliu. If Gu Shenliu got close to the girl named Jiang Yu and the sound of train disappeared, then if Gu Shenliu stayed with her, he could at least get a good night’s sleep. As long as the girl was willing to stay by Gu Shenliu's side and let Gu Shenliu sleep well, he would pay no matter how much it would cost.

This was really a big deal! Gao Jing thought that if the Gu family knew about this, they would definitely explode in happiness. After thinking about it for a long time, he decided that he should help Gu Shenliu confirm this matter.

After being disturbed by Yao Yiyi, Bei Xiaoxiao lost her interest in eating. She angrily asked Jiang Yu to pack all the crayfish and returned to the rental house to eat.

Jiang Yu had no choice but to agree.

So, that night, while gnawing on the crayfish, Bei Xiaoxiao turned on her computer to look at the beautiful photos of Jiang Yu, and also helped Jiang Yu process the photos simply. "Xiao Yu, although you scolded Yao Yiyi miserably today, I am worried that Yao Yiyi will not spare you after she arrives at school."

"Oh?" Jiang Yu was about to remove her makeup, but realized that the original owner didn’t even have makeup remover. Reluctantly, she had to take out her computer and log on to her Taobao account to check her balance. Today, more than 300,000 yuan arrived in the account. She still needed to pay back Boss Jiang’s money, so she didn’t dare to use too much, but buying some basic skin care products online was still necessary.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu thought for a while and bought all cosmetics and skin care products she needed to use, as well as the things to be introduced on Weibo later. All of which were added to the shopping cart for payment. Because it was a local seller, if she chose local express, she would receive the goods tomorrow.

"I'm talking to you, Jiang Yu, aren’t you afraid that Yao Yiyi will bully you?"

Jiang Yu smiled and washed her face twice with facial cleanser before asking Bei Xiaoxiao back: "I used to be so patient, did that stop her from bullying me?"

Bei Xiaoxiao thought for a while and shook her head. 

"That's it! Since patience can't change the other's conscience, it's better to just tear her face!" 

After speaking, Jiang Yu opened her Weibo. To her surprise, the Weibo where she taught makeup actually caused a lot of discussion on the Internet. It turned out that because of her reputation as face-slapping empress, informative post for identifying brand-name bags, and 8 essences evaluation, she was already well-known on the Internet, and her followers had risen to as many as 150,000. She knew that the number of followers had been accumulated one by one. Therefore, although her number of followers was not particularly large, the activity was high and she also often interacts with messages. By now, there were more than 20,000 comments on her makeup post.

——Sister, you are so beautiful. Thank you for teaching me makeup. I will do it once when I go home at night.

——Really, what about being a dinosaur? How come you look so beautiful? Photoshop?

——I also like NARS's blush, blogger, can't you recommend some cheap blush? Give us something that poor students can afford.

After reading this comment, Jiang Yu smiled and replied:

[In fact, there are many well-reviewed blushes in the industry, such as the recently released blush from the Japanese brand Canmake, which looks pink and tender, and is also at a reasonable price. This blush not only looks good, but it also comes in a palette of multiple colors, which are very cost-effective. When you use it, you can use one color or mix them up. The delicate powder will make you look full of vitality! These goods that only cost a few tens of yuan are highly recommended!"

As soon as Jiang Yu replied, many girls screamed on the comment.

——The blogger finally recommends the blush for evaluation.

——Canmake? This is so popular. I bought it on Taobao and it doesn't seem to be very useful. Have I bought fakes?

——This look is very nice and I want it all. The price is also cheap, I was hooked by the blogger, and now I’m looking for a purchasing agent.

——The blogger’s Weibo is poisonous. I ordered a LV bag the day before yesterday. I ordered Estee Lauder essence yesterday. Now I have to order blush again? Can you not let my wallet lose weight so quickly?

Jiang Yu was amused by everyone's comments. What she didn't expect was that because her appearance received attention, many people were very interested in her, so #Face-slaping Empress Jiang Yu# was on the hot search that day.

In her previous life, Jiang Yu was famous entirely on her talents. At that time, she had also wondered if God had given her a more beautiful face, would it be impossible for her to have so many talents. This question was unsolvable, but then she was born again into this world, possessing both talent and appearance. For the first time, she felt that being beautiful truly could bring a lot of things faster. 

But the key was to see how she used this advantage. And Jiang Yu had decided to turn her beauty into money and career!

The next day, Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao got up early and went to the art district to take photos again. As soon as they arrived, Gu Shenliu and Gao Jing, who were filming in the art district, noticed them.

Gao Jing looked at the girls and said: "How about it, Shenliu? Let me help you go over and inquire about it."

Gu Shenliu glanced at him, "What do you want to do?"

Gao Jing smiled inexplicably, "You wait!"

Jiang Yu was taking a picture when she saw a man in his thirties approaching. He took out a business card and smiled gently: "Hello."

Jiang Yu looked at the man and accepted the business card calmly. It was written – Gao Jing. Besides the name there was no other introduction.

Gao Jing smiled and said: "I hope you don't mind my presumption, but I see that you are very beautiful, has good figure, and good temperament. You are especially suitable for being a star. I don't know if you are interested in being an artist under my banner."

Jiang Yu said bluntly: "I'm not interested."

Gao Jing was stunned for a moment, completely unable to believe what he had heard. He was also considered a gold medal agent. The artists who wanted to sign him could be queued from here to the Mediterranean. But the first time he took the initiative to sign someone, he was ruthlessly rejected. Being a star, with low investment and high return, could also enjoy the worships of fans, there were also young girls who could resist this temptation?

Gao Jing put away the astonishment on his face and smiled meaningfully: "Why don't you think about it again, I think you might not know much about me…"

"Aren’t you Gu Shenliu's agent?" Bei Xiaoxiao was so excited, she grabbed Gao Jing's hand and said excitedly, "Boss, it's really you!"

"It's me…" Gao Jing smiled, and then said to Jiang Yu: "Look, your friend knows me. I'm really not a liar. I am the agent of the actor Gu Shenliu. I never sign artists randomly. If you sign with me, I promise you can become a big star in this circle in the future." 

Gao Jing originally thought that Jiang Yu refused because she was afraid that he was a liar. Now that Bei Xiaoxiao had confirmed his identity, then Jiang Yu would definitely agree. Just imagine, who didn’t know Gu Shenliu in China? If Gu Shenliu's agent wanted to sign someone, ordinary girls would wake up with a smile in their dreams, let alone a college student.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu waved her hands calmly, and still refused: "If I said I won’t sign, then I won't!"

"Huh…" Gao Jing was dumbfounded. What's the matter with this faint sense of loss? "You really won't think about it again?"

"No need to think about it." Jiang Yu waved her hand mercilessly and took Bei Xiaoxiao away.

As soon as the girls left, Gu Shenliu walked over.

"She actually rejected me…" Gao Jing shook his head, with a disillusioned expression: "The girls nowadays have so much personality? They don't want to be a star? No, Shenliu, what do you think she was thinking?"

For some reason, Gu Shenliu didn't feel strange at all. He had expected such a result since the beginning. "I guessed it a long time ago."

"You?" Gao Jing couldn't believe it: "How did you guess it?"

Gu Shenliu didn't answer. Only after a long time he said, "Her eyes told me."

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