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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 130

TMMTMQ – Chapter 130

Gong Qingyao was now the hottest artist in the country, and also the most respected artist. There were no sunspots on the Internet. So as soon as the post came out, many people clicked in with curiosity. After all, in everyone's eyes, Gong Qingyao's family background and acting career were very transparent, and it seemed that there was nothing more.

[Poster: I wanted to open this post a long time ago, but because I didn't write it in detail, I was discouraged. But today, I finally mustered up the courage to post it. If there is anything wrong or insufficiency, please correct me."

A gossip post written like this was indeed a common thing in the entertainment circle, and there were many people leaving messages right now.

[1L: Just like the start of the poster, I will take a seat.]

[2L: I'm so curious, I feel like my master has nothing more.]

[3L: Sit back and wait.]

[19L (Poster): Master Qingyao (hereinafter referred to as the Master) made her debut very early, and the early works of the Master on the Internet could be said to be insignificant. You can say that the Master slowly rise from the wild survival reality show. The first reality show was in Ye Mountain. At that time, many viewers thought that it was a show made just for show, such as breaking bamboo with bare hands, spear fishing, etc. At that time, many netizens thought it was a show. Now in retrospect, the hints were all there, but I just didn’t know. I don’t know if you still remember noon of the next day in Ye Mountain, after someone said, ‘Boy, you can't leave,’ all the live broadcast windows went dark. At first we thought it was a show. Later, there was a trafficker incident reported the Internet. Later, when I went to Ye Mountain, I realized that that place was actually a gathering place for individual traffickers. At that time, a group of human traffickers came to the Master to make troubles, and they smashed the camera. It was reported that the police arrived after the Master has battled against human traffickers for a few rounds. And the policeman also said that Gong Qingyao has made a report one day in advance."

[20L: Oh my god, I remember that this incident was still a lot of trouble at the time, but I didn't know that there were such twists and turns in it.]

[21L: Has the Master been so great since then?]

[22L: I followed the poster and went to review the reality show again. I felt that Yu Chuxue and the others were not paying attention to the Master at the beginning, but they changed a lot later."

[23L: You are not alone upstairs. My Master is so handsome, so she can influence people.]

[24L: Weak and weak, I only realized that Lu Yongyi seemed a little unusual to the Master.]

[25L: The poster is so powerful that he even ran to Ye Mountain.]

[26L: 24L, I found out a long time ago, but I don't think they two are suitable.]

[27L: I am a fan of Yongyi, but I know that my family is not worthy of the Master.]

[109L (Poster): I didn't expect so many people to read this, and I am grateful. The second reality show was in Hongyan Village. I don't know if you still remember when the Master said that there will be rain at night. Yu Chuxue also deliberately emphasized it and was beaten in the face. Hongyan Village is a beautiful place. Now the transportation is convenient so more people can go. By the way, it was Qin Ze who invested in the road construction while Gong family developed all the mountains in Hongyan Village for a place to stay. At the beginning, I refused to live in a cave, but after staying for the whole night, I felt very comfortable and stayed for the rest of my holiday. Wait, I got off the topic. The topic was not only that it rained that night, but it was a very heavy rain. It is said that the whole Hongyan Village is flooded, but Hongyan Village was okay because the Master saved everyone. Everyone in Hongyan Village can testify to this point. Now, everytime the name of the Master is mentioned, the villagers are very grateful.]

[110L: I feel that the door to a new world has been opened. By the way, I sigh, the Master is indeed a master.]

[111L: Master is the best. by the way poster, I offer you my knee.]

[112L: I also kneel. By the way, didn't everyone find this post very harmonious?]

[113L: To tell the truth, I also found out that this is the first time I have met a poster who has not been scolded even once.]

[114L: I don't know if you remember when the Master predicted the weather, all the predictions were accurate every day!]

[115L: I saw that, but at the time everyone was not focusing on this.]

[321L (Poster): I didn't expect so many people to read this, I will do my best to post everything. The place for the third reality show is in Qianping. Yes, that's right, this poster has gone there directly again. In Qianping, there is really a kind of red fruit, which appeared in the show at that time, and it indeed can only be eaten with respect, but it was gone when this poster went there. Why? Because the one that produces this kind of fruit is a kind of sacred beast with a name, you guess it, its Feifei! The next morning of the reality show, the Master and the others met the sacred beast Feifei. I also feel illusory as I write here, but it is true. I guess it was because of some reason that they alarmed the sacred beast, and then the sacred beast attacked them. In the end, the Master subdued the beast, and then the beast followed Gong Qingyao. Why do you say that this is a beast? It’s obviously a fan of the Master. If you are careful, you will find that after Qianping, the Master will bring a cute little white do. In fact, that the dog is the sacred beast Feifei. I posted two comparison pictures (picture) (picture). In addition, in the capital, some people took pictures of Gong Qingyao riding Feifei flying in the sky, but the disaster was still going at that time, so this incident did not cause any waves on the Internet.]

[322L: I have seen the photos of the Master flying in the sky. At first I thought it was fake, but I didn't expect it to be true.]

[323L: Seeing the beast, my heart trembled. But when I thought that the other party was a Master, I felt that everything was possible.]

[324L: I'm so curious what will happen if I eat the fruits of mythical beasts.]

[325L: The poster, go ahead, our entire company is pressing F5 waiting for you.]

[1015L (Poster): Thank you. And then the fourth reality show, the guests went to the jungle in County X. Do you think there is nothing wrong? In fact, I think so too. I ran around in the jungle and there was no problem. The thing is, I learned a gossip that when the crew came out of the jungle, they met many ghosts. However the truthfulness of this information is not guaranteed.]

[1016L: What about seeing ghosts? It's exciting, but I don't know the specific details. Hey, is any of you one of the reality show staff?]

[1017L: Ahhhhhhhh, meeting ghosts, although I feel terrible and unrealistic, I still want to hear it.]

[1018L: I really want to know the specific situation at that time.]


[1089L: I can’t help but post. I’m a small staff member of the reality show crew. Please don’t check my identity. As the poster said, when we came out of the jungle, we did meet ghosts. The Master told the driver to stop and turn off the van. She said we shouldn’t make any movement, but Zhong Xinyi was shocked and screamed, and when she finished screaming, she found a ghost next to her window, frightening her half to death. But there was the Master, so of course everyone was safe in the end."

[1090L: So thrilling!]

[1091L: It's scary!]

[1092L: Is this official stamped story?]

Just as everyone was discussing, Zhong Xinyi posted a Weibo.

[1567L: Everyone, go check it out. Zhong Xinyi has come out to talk! She linked this post to her Weibo post, and said that the content made her relive a good old time!]

[1568L: Original poster, you are completely hot.]

[1567L: Oh my god, all the guest posted!]

Soon after Zhong Xinyi's Weibo was released, Yu Chuxue also posted a Weibo.

[2089L: Stop talking, Yu Chuxue also spoke, saying that reading this post once again reminded her of her ignorance, and said that the Master is indeed a master!]

[2090L: Okay, this is the official stamp!]

[2091L: The original poster, don't faint in happiness.]

The guests of the reality show seemed to have seen this post. You Xingyu and others forwarded the post one after another, and marked that the Master was indeed a master, which undoubtedly admitted that the content of the post was true.

[5789L (Poster): Thank you everyone. I didn't expect this post to disturb so many people. I was really happy. The place where the guests went to the reality show for the fifth time was Yuhai Lake. Netizens thought that nothing happened to the crew. In fact, that night, when they returned to the shore, there was a ship on the seaside doing rescue. Something had gone wrong there. It is said that it was not only a ghost, but many ghosts came out from under the water. However, I don’t know the details. But with so many reality shows, I feel that every time the incident seem to be always aimed at the Master, and they seemed to have something to do with the disaster in the capital also, but I don’t know exactly what happened. Okay, this post is over here, thank you everyone.]

Even if the poster said no more, the comment content of this post had been increasing, and it had become a post with the highest number of replies in history. It stayed on Weibo Hot Search for several days.

Gong Qingyao's reaction was calm, but Song Qiubai, who saw the content of the post couldn't calm down, especially the two things about human traffickers and ghosts. She felt cold sweat just by listening.

During dinner, Song Qiubai winked at Gong Liangji many times, and Gong Liangji had to bite the bullet and said, "Well, Qingyao, your mother and I know you have your own ideas, but this reality show, we can't help but ask you to not go in the future." In a careful tone, Song Qiubai also looked at Gong Qingyao nervously. If Gong Qingyao was insisting to continue participating in the reality show, although they were worried, they would not stop it.

Seeing Gong Liangji talking to her, Gong Qingyao put down her bowl and chopsticks. Her eyes showed agreement, "Father is right. I won't go anymore."

Gong Liangji was happy, while Song Qiubai didn't expect to be able to persuade Gong Qingyao so soon. She happily gave Gong Qingyao some food, "That kind of reality show is too dangerous. Let's just stay at home."

Gong Qingyao knew that this was her parents’ care for her, so she nodded slightly. Song Qiubai and Gong Liangji were comforted by such a well-behaved daughter.

With the anticipation of everyone, this year's Film Festival finally ushered in. Unlike the past, this Film Festival was held in the Capital for the first time. Reporters from various countries were waiting on the scene early, because the first person walking the red carpet today was Gong Qingyao.

There were crowds around the scene. In addition to the fans who came to the festival, there were also people who had been grateful to Gong Qingyao. They wanted to cheer for Gong Qingyao by coming to the ceremony.

At 2:25, all cameras and live cameras were ready.


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