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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 116

TMMTMQ – Chapter 116

Gong Qingyao drove directly to Qin Family residence after leaving Gong Family courtyard. During this period, Feifei probably also discovered something wrong with in the Capital. After sitting in the car, his whole body was always on alert.

After Qin Ze finished the call with Gong Qingyao, he immediately asked his family to move away from Qin Family residence. Qin Tianhe looked puzzled, thinking that his son was making trouble again, "Why do you want to move out of the blue?" Besides, it was late at night.

Qin Ze said, "Qingyao just called and she said that we should move away from Qin Family residence as soon as possible."

Qin Tianhe heard that Gong Qingyao was the one who ordered it, and he immediately said, "Quickly inform your uncle and brother to move away from Qin Family residence." Qin Tianhe changed his clothes and ran to Qin Hongzhi's bedroom.

Qin Ze shouted from behind, "Qingyao also said that we can move to Light of Hope Community first."

Qin Tianhe nodded and waved, motioning to Qin Ze to call everyone.

Qin Hongzhi had been very uncomfortable recently. He always had nightmares, and felt that his energy was not as good as before. Seeing Qin Tianhe rushing in, he was having a headache, his tone was even worse, "How old are you? Still rushing like this."

Qin Tianhe recalled that his father was particularly irritable during this period. He guessed that it might be related to the reason Gong Qingyao told them to move. Thinking of this, Qin Tianhe came and speeded up his hand movements. He held Qin Hongzhi in his arms and led him outside, "It's too late to explain, you can listen to us."

Qin Tianrui heard his father's roar and walked out of the other bedroom, "Second brother, what's the matter?"

Qin Tianhe said calmly, "Qingyao called Qin Ze and ordered us leave here quickly."

Qin Tianrui nodded immediately, "Then let's go quickly."

Qin Hongzhi put his crutches heavily on the ground, "Why are you moving? You are not allowed to move!"

"Dad, this matter is not trivial! It's about our Qin family…"

Before Qin Tianhe spoke, he was interrupted by Qin Hongzhi, "Qin family, don't you dare command Qin family. My old bone is not dead yet." The implication was that it wasn’t Qin Tianhe's turn to be in charge of the Qin family.

Qin Tianhe was really wronged. He never thought of becoming the Qin family's patriarch.

Qin Tianrui immediately stepped forward and persuaded, "Dad, Qingyao is more capable than Master Tang, and she won’t make any mistakes."

Qin Tianrui was also on Qin Tianhe's side, and Qin Hongzhi became even angrier, "Why are you so inexperienced?! Why is this old man talking followed less than a little girl?"

Qin Ze had gathered all the members of the Qin family together, but found that Qin Hongzhi was reluctant to leave, so he hurried forward, "Grandpa…"

"What grandpa?! I don't have a grandson like you." Qin Hongzhi pointed at Qin Ze's head with his cane, "Being stubborn, not doing business, simply ruining the face of my Qin family. From today on, I will drive you out of the Qin family's door! "

Qin Ze paused, feeling that Qin Hongzhi, who was standing in front of him at this moment, was a little weird. He seemed unlike his usual grandfather. His grandfather also said before that if a child was naughty it was okay. When everyone said he was a bum, his grandfather had always supported him and said that he would also be able to do great things. Why he suddenly became like this?

The more Qin Ze thought, the more he felt that there was something wrong with Qin Family residence at this moment.

Qin Tianrui and Qin Tianhe had also thought about it. The two brothers looked at each other and immediately held Qin Hongzhi and went out. It would be useless even if Qin Hongzhi shouted.

However, it was just a step too late.

Everyone planned to go to the cars outside the house, but after walking, they found that they were walking back to the starting position.

Qin Tianrui was a little anxious, so he led the people to walk again, but in the end they returned to the starting place. It was obvious that the cars were parked not far away, but they couldn't go there.

Qin Hongzhi on the side didn't seem to notice this, and was still shouting.

The male family members of the Qin family were still calm, while the female members panicked. The younger generations even closed their eyes.

Qin Tianrui took a deep breath, "Xiao Ze, call Qingyao."

Qin Ze showed some helplessness, "I tried to make a call the first time we tried to leave just now, but there was no signal."

"What about calling 110?" Someone suggested.

"Yes, you can call the police." 110 could be dialed even if there was no signal.

Many people hurriedly took out their mobile phones, only to find that their calls to 110 turned out to be a series of terror shouts. Some people threw their mobile phones out in fright.

"What should we do now?" Everyone huddled together. They seemed to want to draw some heat from each other.

Qin Ze looked not far away and took out some talisman papers. He first took out one and put it in Qin Hongzhi's coat pocket. It was strange to see that Qin Hongzhi, who was still making a lot of noise, immediately became quiet, but his expression seemed a little trance.

Everyone stared at the talisman papers in Qin Ze's hand with fiery eyes.

Qin Ze took out two pieces and handed them to Qin Tianrui and Qin Tianhe respectively. Seeing that Qin Ze didn't have many talisman papers left in his hand, Qin Tianhe said, "Give it to the children." In his heart, the children should be protected first.

Qin Tianrui didn’t take the talisman paper either, "Yes, give it to the children first." If something happened tonight, Qin Tianrui hoped that the Qin family could continue to live well.

These talisman papers were drawn one by one by Gong Qingyao, and sometimes they were given to Qin Ze. Qin Ze was always reluctant to use it, so he saved them all. He had always carried the talismans with him, and now they came in handy.

Qin Ze sent down the last piece of talisman in his hand and said, "Don't be afraid, the green talisman is the most useful!"

There were not many talisman papers. They were divided according to age. In the end, except for Qin Hongzhi, there was one for each child under five.

There was probably some psychological comfort in having talismans, and everyone felt a bit better, but this state didn’t last long.

A girl’s voice rang, "Mom, what is that?"

The crowd followed the girl's hand and looked back, only to see a pale-faced woman with long black hair walking towards them. 

It was a ghost. It's just that they had never seen such a ghost before, so they stayed where they were. They were so scared some of them couldn't even scream.

"Go back," Qin Tianrui said softly.

Everyone hugged each other and slowly backed away.

Just when everyone was frightened, someone pointed in the direction they were walking back with a look of despair, "Don't back away, everyone, look behind."

Everyone was horrified to discover that there were more ghosts on the back, and they were even more terrifying than the one in front.

When Qin Tianhe looked to the left, it was also full of ghosts. When Qin Ze looked to the right, the Qin family was already surrounded by ghosts.

The female family members really couldn't bear all this, and they started crying in a low voice, and soon the male family members also started crying.

Qin Tianrui shouted, "What are you afraid of? Our Qin family's sons and daughters are all good people, so these ghosts will not succeed."

Qin Ze also said, "Yes, I heard Qingyao said, with these ghosts, the more you fear them, the more rampant they are. Don't forget, we still have the talisman papers given by Qingyao."

"Yes! What are my children of the Qin family afraid of?!" Qin Haoran roared.

"But we are not the children of the Qin family." The servants of the Qin family said tremblingly.

"Even if you are not children of the Qin family, everyone is a good person. Since you are good and have a clear heart, what are you afraid of?" Qin Haoye said.

It was easy to say, but after seeing so many ghosts, how could they not be afraid? Especially these ghosts were still approaching everyone step by step.

Some people even thought that even being surrounded by a group of dark forces with guns was better than being surrounded by this group of ghosts.

The wind gusts around, mixed with everyone's crying, made everything look even more terrifying.

It's just that the ghost stopped one meter away from them, and their hideous faces looked terrifying, especially some ghosts were dripping blood in their eyes.

Although Qin Tianhe didn't dare to look directly at the ghosts, after seeing the ghosts not moving, there was a hint of surprise in his heart. Could it be that the talisman paper was useful?

Qin Tianrui took out the talisman paper from Qin Hongzhi's pocket and waved it towards the ghosts in front. As expected, these ghosts and souls evaded after seeing these talisman papers.

It was just that when the talisman paper was taken out of Qin Hongzhi's pocket, Qin Hongzhi immediately turned back into that crazy appearance before, so Qin Tianrui immediately put the talisman paper back into his old man's pocket.

The ghosts that had just avoided the talismans returned to the same spot once again.

The Qin family's servants discovered this. Some people immediately had a selfish look in their eyes. A middle-aged man directly snatched a talisman paper from the child next to him, and then rushed forward.

Sure enough, the moment he rushed away, these ghosts all avoided him, but after a few meters, the talisman burned, and the middle-aged man without the protection of the talisman was immediately surrounded by the ghosts.

Everyone seemed to see the ghosts sucking essence from the man. In less than a minute, the man turned into a corpse, and the ghosts that had sucked the essence seemed to be stronger.

At this time, although the servants had no other thoughts, everyone couldn't calm down, and the cries were heavier. Although the talismans were useful, their effect was limited.

Qin Tianrui tried his best to keep himself calm, "Attention, everyone, this talisman alone is not very effective, but everyone has also discovered that as long as the talisman gathers together, these ghosts will not dare to get too close to us."

As soon as the voice fell, Qin Hongzhi's pocket lit up, and the talisman on him also burned.

Suddenly missing two talisman papers, the ghosts were two steps closer to everyone.

"What to do?" Except for Qin Ze, Qin Tianhe, Qin Tianrui, Qin Haoran, and Qin Haoye, everyone at the scene almost collapsed.

At this moment, another piece of talisman paper ignited spontaneously.

The screams became heavier, and this phenomenon of mental retardation really made everyone want to die.

"Ah!" someone broke down and cried.

Qin Ze suddenly felt helpless. The talisman paper burned one by one. They only have seven left, six, five…

Every time a piece of talisman paper was gone, these ghosts moved one point closer to them.

"Only this one in Lan'er's hand is left!" Lan'er was the youngest child of Qin family, currently only six months old, and the one talking was Lan'er's mother.

As soon as the voice fell, the last piece of talisman paper also burned, and Lan'er seemed to perceive all this and burst into tears.

At this moment, the ghost had nothing to fear and walked directly towards everyone.

Qin Tianrui lamented. He didn't expect that the Qin family wouldn’t be destroyed by the enemy's family, but would be killed by these ghosts. He closed his eyes in despair. Would his Qin family just be destroyed like this? 

Unwilling! He was really unwilling!

But then he heard a shout from afar, "Wicked animal, still want to hurt people?!"


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