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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 128

TMMTMQ – Chapter 128

My name is Shen Sinian. I am the illegitimate child that everyone hates the most. Maybe because I am an illegitimate child, I don’t even deserve to have the family surname. Yes, Shen is my mother’s surname. My mother was in poor health and she was exhausted when she gave birth to me. She passed away soon after, so I have been living in an orphanage.

I have no relatives. I hate my mother. I hate her for not being able to take care of me but she has to give birth to me. I also hate my father, the eldest son of the Jiang family, who clearly has a family but also has children with other women. He would come to see me occasionally and give me some money. I would behave very well and tried to arouse guilt in his heart, but his heart is always as hard as iron.

Once I saw that person with his child. The expression on his face was not as indifferent as when he was with me. They got into a car and the child was held in his hands. The most wanted toy, but because the toy fell on the ground before getting into the car, the child didn’t want it anymore.

Although there is some distance away, I still heard him say, "If it's dirty, I don’t want it anymore. Buy me another one later, Dad."

After the car drove away, I went forward and picked up the toy. When I saw him last month, I carefully asked him if he could give me such a gift on my birthday. What he told me was that I was a child, what should I do with such expensive toys.

At that time, I thought that if my surname was Jiang, would he treat me better, so I will tell everyone that my name is Jiang Sinian. I didn’t expect that the consequence of doing this would directly arouse the disgust of that person and he never come to the orphanage again to see me.

From that time I knew that a bastard was not worthy of appearing under the sun, so I was only worthy of being the Jiang family's dark child. Even when I came out of the orphanage, the Jiang family never arranged anything for me.

I still remember that day, when the sun was shining brightly, a steward of the Jiang family found me and promised that as long as I came in contact with Gong family and figured out a way to kill the children born in the family, I could return to Jiang’s family and be a Jiang family legitimate child.

This condition is undoubtedly a great temptation for me. After being in the society, I can better understand how difficult it is to survive without help. I also know that for large families, their hands will inevitably be stained with human blood. I didn't mind either, so I agreed to Jiang's request.

I started to inquire about Gong family. I know that the country has four major families. Almost everyone will say that the children born in the four families are raised with golden spoon since childhood, and they are different from us.

It is easy to find the news of this kind of famous family. There are two people in the Gong family, one is Gong Liangji and the other is his sister Gong Muqing. Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai have a new-born daughter. After thinking of many ways, I decided to start with Gong Muqing.

Gong Muqing is a good girl, this kind of girl is generally well protected and can't distinguish people's hearts, and I happen to be the best at disguising.

I put my first "coincidence" in college. I chose a day when the weather was good and I met Gong Muqing. In the conversation that day, I mentioned the death of my parents. She has infinite sympathy for me. In the past, I hate that others look at me with sympathy, but I was not disgusted with the look in Gong Muqing's eyes that day.

The day she left, I knew that she had remembered my name. Ms. Gong liked to watch movies. Every time a new movie was released, I would ask her to watch it together. Before watching the movie, I would do my homework. After watching the movie in this way, I took the opportunity to invite her to dinner and discuss the content of the movie together.

Every time the content of the chat can make her eyes bright. Gong Muqing said I was the first confidant she met.

I invited her to go to Erhai Lake together and Gong Muqing nodded immediately, but then shook her head again. She said she was afraid that her family would disagree. I was afraid that the longer the delay, the fewer chances that Gong Liangji's daughter could be solved, so I directly asked to talk to her brother and sister-in-law in person. Of course Gong Muqing disagreed. I said it didn't matter, I had to try everything.

Gong Muqing froze for a long time before telling me the situation on Gong family. The kind girl didn't know that I knew all this long ago. I pretended to be surprised, and then decided to go.

Probably moved by my determination, Gong Muqing decided to take me back to Gong's house.

Gong Liangji got angry when he heard the news and was about to drive me away. No matter what I said, Gong Liangji didn’t believe it. He pointed to my nose and said, "Boy, don’t think I don’t know what you want to do."

Gong Muqing was frightened by Gong Liangji and burst into tears. I asked Gong Liangji if we could talk alone.

Although Gong Liangji didn’t want to, but because of Gong Muqing’s sake, he agreed. Yes, I was a little nervous when I met Gong Liangji, but I still told him, my love for Gong Muqing was very serious, so serious that I seemed to believe it myself.

I also told Gong Liangji that I knew I was not worthy of Gong Muqing, and I didn't dare to expect anything. Of course I said that I would never say this to Gong Muqing, and I would never say it for the rest of my life, I would only silently guard her.

Although Gong Liangji didn't lose his temper anymore, he did not agree with me going to Erhai Lake with Gong Muqing.

I left Gong family pretending to be strong, but my mood was a little depressed. I don't know if it was because I couldn't complete the task or because I couldn't be with Gong Muqing again in the future. The Gong family is bigger than I thought. I thought I would get to know the whole situation once I went there, but I didn't even know where Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai lived.

Just when I was about to abandon this mission, Gong Muqing sent a message saying that she had booked a ticket to Erhai Lake. I was a little surprised, Gong Muqing explained that in life a person has to be rebellious at least once.

We still went to Erhai Lake and lived in a guesthouse on the Erhai Lake. Every morning we could see the wide Erhai Lake. Gong Muqing said that it would be nice if we could live here in the future.

I promised her that I would take her to live here if I had a chance in the future, and she was smiling happily.

The night before leaving Erhai Lake, Gong Muqing came to my room, her face was slightly red, and she seemed drunk. I asked her what was wrong, she hugged me, and asked, Sinian, don’t you want me.

I admit that as a man, facing such a beautiful girl, I almost can't help it, but at the last moment, I wake up and decided I can't do this. If Muqing knew the truth in the future, she would probably hate me for the rest of her life. In the end I didn't do anything that night, and just hugged her to sleep.

When I got up the next day, Gong Muqing was a little embarrassed. She said that she had actually heard the conversation between me and Gong Liangji that day. In fact, she also liked me. She also said that her friend told her that if two people want to be together, this is the only way, and Gong Liangji will not be able to object.

I was very angry and told her not to interact with that friend in the future. If she met an irresponsible person, how much harm would be done to her.

This remark made Gong Muqing very moved, and I was even more uncomfortable. After all, when it comes to irresponsible people, I am probably number one. After all, from the beginning, I approached Gong Muqing with a purpose.

Coming back from Erhai Lake, Gong Muqing was even more devoted to me, thinking that I was a true gentleman. When Gong Liangji learned of all this, even though he was angry, he was helpless. After all, Gong Muqing insisted. The brother and sister started a cold war, and finally Gong Muqing won.

I was finally able to enter and leave Gong Family house in a fair manner, and soon became familiar with everything about the place, but in the face of that cute baby, I couldn't do anything about it.

The Jiang family has urged me several times, and the relationship between me and the servants of the Gong family have long been established. Finally, I told Gong Muqing that my company sent me abroad for a business trip and I would probably be away for a week.

Gong Muqing reluctantly sent me to the airport, and then I started to implement my plan. I pretended to be a servant and got the baby out of Gong Family’s house, but the CCTV didn't capture all this. Why can I do this? Because I am very proficient in computers.

After that, I handed the baby to the orphanage and immediately flew abroad. I didn't understand why I did this, probably because I wanted to escape from this place. The Jiang family thought I killed the baby and was very happy.

When I arrived abroad, I received a call from Gong Muqing as soon as I landed. On the phone, Gong Muqing was crying heartbreakingly. I felt very uncomfortable. While comforting her, I was thinking about how to break our relationship. I know that since I took the baby away, it would be impossible between me and Muqing.

No one thought that Gong Muqing would fly abroad that night. She said she wanted to drink, so I accompanied her. What she was sad about was that Gong Liangji's child had disappeared. What I was sad about was that I was about to lose this kind-hearted girl.

It probably because the wine was wrong, after drinking too much, the two of us finally broke through the layer that has not been broken. When I woke up the next day, I saw a naked Muqing next to me. I felt that my brain was blank and all the fragments of last night appeared.

I secretly scolded myself, but Gong Muqing woke up at this moment. She hugged me tightly and whispered, "Sinian, I will be yours from now on."

With such a gentle voice, at that moment, an idea came to my mind. I have helped Jiang’s family to complete all this so I can go Jiang’s house, but I will still live as Shen Sinian in the future. I figured this out. I hugged Gong Muqing and kissed her on the lips fiercely. That day, we stayed in the hotel for a whole day.

Just the next morning, when I was going out to buy breakfast, I received a call from Jiang family. Jiang family asked me to continue lurking at Gong family. I would follow their orders in the future, but I disagreed with anything about Gong Family. But they knew about my relationship with Muqing and said if I disagree, they would tell Gong Muqing about Gong Liangji's child.

That day, I sat on the road for a long time. Jiang’s family is a powerful family who can eat people without spitting out bones, and their methods are so despicable. I thought a lot and also thought about the future of me and Muqing. I was worried that they would treat me and Muqing's child unfavorably, so I plan to never have children. I bought medicine on the way back. I was afraid that Muqing would be pregnant after yesterday.

Probably because of his missing child’s affairs, after Muqing and I returned to China, Gong Liangji didn’t have much thought to care about his sister. Moreover, Gong Muqing felt very depressed when she went home every day, so she proposed to move to my residence, and we lived together.

I know that Jiang family is a powerful family with a powerful metaphysical master behind it, so I quietly asked that master for a talisman paper. After drinking it, there will be no children in my life.

A year later, when Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai eased slightly from the grief of losing their daughter, they asked about our marriage. Gong Liangji is probably worried that his sister will get pregnant after living together for a long time, but probably they will never know that Muqing and I will not have children.

On the day of the wedding, I was very happy and worried. I was worried that the Jiang family would ask me do something again, but I found that this worry was unnecessary. This kind of peaceful life has been going on for more than ten years, and I over time almost forgot it was me that has send the baby away. I really think of myself as a good son-in-law of Gong family.

Until Gong Qingyao was found…

At that time, I remembered that I was Jiang family's illegitimate child. The Jiang family also knew that I did not kill the baby girl. They were very angry and asked me to start the second action. It's just that this time I don't want to be bad again. I secretly collected the bad things done by Jiang family, and by chance I found a book. 

That book turned out to be a way to destroy the world...


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  1. Hypocrite. The jiang family is very cruel and ruthless. Then what are you who separates a family for a chance to be acknowledged by those people. Then had the nerve to believe you are still a good brother in law to the people who's child you stole?

  2. It is also selfish of Qingyao not to tell the rest of the family this information. Can you imagine what it would feel like loving some one who torn you family apart. Treating some one like family who took your kid from you. Trying to say it's in the past, every one s happy now, Isn't going to cut it. The parents have a right know and choose if they would forgive.


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