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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 127

TMMTMQ – Chapter 127

The voice was a little loud and the people standing right outside the door became excited and even exclaimed. Someone in the crowd shouted, "Master, master!" The others shouted together, "Master, master!" After a while, the voices of the crowd became uniform.

When passing cars heard this scene, they stopped one after another and also shouted "Master."

Tang Ruihe raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet first.

The shouts of the crowd gradually subsided, and Tang Ruihe said, "Do you have anything to do with Master Gong?"

Someone in the crowd said, "We are here to thank the Master!"

"Thank you Master for saving us!"

When Gong Qingyao was in the hospital, everyone was busy with post-disaster reconstruction. Now that things were almost done, everyone teamed up to go to the hospital, only to find that Gong Qingyao had been discharged.

Some people had heard that Gong Qingyao was in the Metaphysics Society’s Building. So everyone took the initiative to come together just to personally thank Gong Qingyao.

Lu Qianqian stood by, embracing her arms, "I thought these people had no conscience, but they still exist."

Kang Yongning on the side finally dared to run out, "When the master went to the hospital, aren't those doctors and nurses also very careful and cautious?"

Everyone knew that Gong Qingyao was saving them until she became like that, so after Gong Qingyao was sent to the hospital, the whole hospital was in sensation. All the doctors were dispatched for group consultations. Even the top doctors from other hospitals came over. It was super spectacular. 

After a long time, Gong Qingyao’s condition continued to improve, and everyone relaxed a little. Afterwards, when Gong Qingyao woke up, everyone in the hospital thanked Gong Qingyao, but they didn’t feel so excited at first, plus on post-disaster, there were more patients in the hospital, so everyone was too busy and nothing unusual happened. But the people here were different. In the process of reconstruction, they felt that life was more and more precious, so after they finished being busy, they went to thank Gong Qingyao for everything.

Gong Qingyao said, "There is nothing to thank, this is what we should do."

This one sentence made everyone excited. The masses felt that Gong Qingyao used her own life to save everyone, but at this time, she said there was nothing to thank, she was really a saint!

On the side, Liao Yehong and others were even more excited and tears filled their eyes. What they heard, Gong Qingyao said that this was what the society should do. Gong Qingyao already regarded the society as a whole even when what they did and what they paid could be said to be insignificant.

Gong Qingyao went on to say, "It's not my power alone that broke the formation. The whole society has contributed. It's late, go back."

Gong Qingyao had spoken, so everyone was obedient. They gave their gifts one after another, and when Gong Qingyao refused to accept them, they put them directly at the entrance of the society, and then turned around to run.

After a while, seeing the piled up gifts on the ground, Gong Qingyao looked at Liao Yehong, and he immediately said, "We will help the Master collect these gifts!"

The Society actually arranged an office for Gong Qingyao in their Building, but she had never used it. Liao Yehong planned to put these gifts in that office.

Gong Qingyao nodded, "Sorry to trouble you."

In the early morning of the next day, all the media resumed their normal work, and everyone did not shy away. All experts discussed the disaster openly.

Metaphysical people were also invited to be guests on shows. After Liao Yehong asked Gong Qingyao for instructions, he agreed to the people from the society to be guests. The metaphysics that used to be unpopular became popular for a while, and the country also had a moment of metaphysical craze.

Under such an atmosphere, the end of the year came. Probably because it was the first New Year celebration after disaster, everyone cherished the upcoming Spring Festival very much.

In the past, the city and the countryside were different, and the capital didn’t have a New Year atmosphere at all. This year, everything was different. Every household was shopping for New Year’s goods. Every place was decorated with joy, and red lanterns were hung on the street. There were happy smiles on everyone’s face.

The Spring Festival Gala had entered the final rehearsal stage, but there was another happy thing on the first day of the New Year, the movie "Yi Yao" starring Gong Qingyao was released.

In fact, this movie was scheduled to be released long ago, but because of the disaster, it was postponed indefinitely. After the country returned normal, Qu Yi decided to release the movie as part of the New Year celebration. This was also the first movie in history to be released at the same time at in the country and abroad.

In fact, Qu Yi was still a little worried, he was afraid that everyone would not go to see it. So when online movie tickets were available for purchase, Qu Yi turned on his phone and planned to buy a few tickets at a nearby theater and take his family to watch it.

Qu Yi chose the middle row of seats so that it was convenient to listen to the comments of other audiences. Qu Yi clicked on buy and the system prompts an error. Qu Yi go back to home page and then came went to chose seats again, but he was surprised to find that the midnight tickets had been sold out.

Qu Yi was a little surprised. After refreshing the page several times in a row, he found that he was not dazzled. Unexpectedly, there were people watching at midnight. He simply clicked to the next showing time, thinking about sleeping for a moment and went out to watch, but found that this one was also sold out. He was shocked. There were still people watching the movie at three o'clock in the morning? He clicked the tickets at nine o'clock in the morning on New Year's Day, and there they were also sold out…

Meanwhile, Gong Liangji had arranged for his secretary to buy tickets, and the secretary himself also wanted to buy some tickets. Before buying, the secretary wanted to help Gong Liangji and buy them together. As a result, when he was trying to buy the tickets, he needed to refresh the page several times, and in the end he only managed to buy tickets for three o'clock in the afternoon on the first day of the New Year, and it was only two tickets.

The secretary only managed to grab ten tickets in a scattered way, and they were not even in the same showing time. The secretary touched the sweat on his forehead, when did movie tickets become so hard to buy?

The one who buy the tickets were the people. Everyone thought that Gong Qingyao was everyone's lifesaver, how could they not support her after a movie was released? But what they didn't expect was the tickets to be so difficult to grab. However, the harder it was to grab, the more people wanted to see it.

Soon it was the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, and all the family members gathered together, planning to have a lively New Year's Eve dinner. What makes people happy was that Gong Muqing and Shen Sinian also rushed back from abroad.

Gong Liangji looked at Gong Muqing happily, "You still remember to come back, sit down." Although Gong Muqing and Shen Sinian were abroad during this period, they also suffered disasters.

Gong Muqing stood beside Shen Sinian, "We let everyone wait a long time."

"Sit down quickly." Song Qiubai said.

Shen Sinian immediately pulled a chair for Gong Muqing, and after Gong Muqing was sitted, he took a seat on her side.

After many years of marriage, it was very good that Shen Sinian always treated Gong Muqing like this, so Gong Liangji nodded slightly.

Shen Sinian's complexion was a little haggard. This was the first time Gong Qingyao saw him. She glanced at him lightly and then withdrew her gaze.

Shen Sinian felt that he had been seen through with this look. He said, "So this is Qingyao. This is our first meeting. I heard Mu Qing said that you like metaphysics, so this is for you."

Gong Muqing added, "The last time eldest brother and sister-in-law gave Qingyao a banquet, Sinian didn’t have time to come back to attend, and he blamed himself a lot. This book was found after searching for a long time, and it’s still kept secret, so don't hate it."

Song Qiubai took the topic, "Sinian, why do you have to be abroad? After the year is over, come back." The Gong family had raised this topic many times, but every time Shen Sinian would refuse, so when Song Qiubai finished speaking, Gong Muqing said immediately, "Sister-in-law, don't say that, Sinian… "

Shen Sinian said, "If eldest brother and sister-in-law don't mind, I will."

Gong Muqing was stunned, Gong Liangji was also stunned…

Shen Sinian said, "Mu Qing has been tired over the years, and I am also sorry for eldest brother and sister-in-law."

"What are you talking about?" Gong Liangji said, "A family being together is the best. If you are willing, I will have someone take you to go through the formalities tomorrow."

Song Qiubai groaned, "What nonsense? How can people go to work if when they are celebrating the New Year?"

Gong Liangji immediately corrected his words, "Qiubai is right, I was confused. Then, after the Lantern Festival, I will report."

Seeing that Shen Sinian was willing to come back, Gong Muqing was surprised while at the same time very happy.

Shen Sinian looked at Gong Muqing with a gentle expression, "I didn't discuss it with you in advance."

"No, just come back." Gong Muqing said. She was very happy, really.

The atmosphere returned as usual. Everyone happily finished the meal. Gong Liangji took Shen Sinian to discuss things in the study, Song Qiubai took Gong Muqing to talk about some housework, and Gong Qingyao sat quietly aside.

Gong Muqing said, "Now Qingyao is the great benefactor of our country."

Song Qiubai said, "Qingyao did it all by herself, and we didn't do anything as her parents."

Gong Muqing understood Song Qiubai's words and held Song Qiubai's hand, "Sister-in-law, it's all over."

"Yeah." Song Qiubai sighed and it was all over. It's good for them to find Qingyao. "Don't talk about it. Recently, new styles have been added on clothing."

"Is it a white cotton robe?" Gong Muqing asked. Probably because metaphysics had become popular, ancient style clothes had also become popular. Buyi clothes were almost sold out as soon as they were on the shelf. Other similar style clothes would also sold out.

The white cotton robe of Buyi was their main item this year. It looked very good, so of course it was not easy to buy.

"Yes." Song Qiubai said, "I finally got one."

Gong Muqing smiled, "Aren't our Qingyao's spokesperson for Buyi?" But she couldn't get it either. Although Buyi was also on the shelves abroad, this style was not available, only in China.

Needless to say, Gong Qingyao piece was given for free, but the others, Song Qiubai said, "Buyi explained that because too many people have ordered, they don’t have enough inventories." This one was bought with great effort.

Gong Muqing and Song Qiubai had the same figure. Hearing this, she immediately said, "Sister-in-law, take me to see." Who didn't like good-looking clothes?

"Does Qingyao want to go together?" Song Qiubai asked.

Gong Qingyao looked up and said, "No, this book from uncle is very good."

Gong Muqing was happy when she heard this. After all, the book was given by Shen Sinian. "Then Qingyao can read slowly. Sister-in-law and I will come down later."


Gong Muqing and Song Qiubai went upstairs to try on clothes happily.

Gong Qingyao slowly turned over the entire book, and as soon as she closed the cover, she saw Shen Sinian walking downstairs.

Shen Sinian saw Gong Qingyao sitting downstairs with a sincere expression, "I'm sorry."

Gong Qingyao didn't speak, she glanced at the book in front of her, "Do you know the consequences of doing this?"

"Yinyang is gone. I did too much evil before, so now I don't know how to make up." Shen Sinian said.

"Treat my aunt well and fulfilled my aunt's wish." Gong Qingyao said.

It just so happened that Gong Muqing and Song Qiubai came down. Hearing the second half of Gong Qingyao's words, Gong Muqing asked curiously, "What are you talking about? I just heard about my wish, what is my wish?"

The entire palace family knew that Gong Muqing's wish was to have a child. So as soon as these words came out, Song Qiubai became a little nervous. Shen Sinian's expression on the side was also a little pale. He wanted to fulfill Gong Muqing's wish, but…

Gong Qingyao said, "Child."

There was silence, and after a while, Gong Muqing said first, "I haven't…"

Gong Qingyao stood up, "Aunt's children palace is full and rosy, indicating that there will be a first child next month."

There would be a first child? These words were like a shock of thunder hitting everyone's hearts.

Gong Muqing swayed and Song Qiubai behind her supported her. What did Gong Qingyao's remarks mean? There would be the first one? Then, will there be more children in the future?

Gong Muqing shook her head, let alone having many children, as long as there was one child in her life she would be very happy.

Gong Liangji also came out of the study, and when he heard Gong Qingyao's words, he laughed, "Qingyao must be right. I will just wait drink the full moon wine."

A gleam of light flashed in Shen Sinian's eyes, but then it dimmed again. He knew clearly what he had done. There could be no children between him and Gong Muqing.

Gong Qingyao took out yellow paper and cinnabar and then began to draw a talisman. Gong Liangji, Song Qiubai, and others saw Gong Qingyao talisman drawing for the first time, and they were a little surprised seeing faint yellow light on the talisman.

Shen Sinian on the side was not surprised to see the talisman, but he was very excited when he thought of the use of talisman paper. Was it really what he thought?

Gong Muqing's expression was dull, talisman could shine?

Gong Qingyao handed the talisman paper to Shen Sinian, "I thank my uncle for giving me the book."

Gong Muqing was a little excited, could a piece of talisman paper fulfill her wish?

Shen Sinian couldn't help himself and finally burst into tears.


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