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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 119

TMMTMQ – Chapter 119

While Gong Qingyao was sorting out the ins and outs of the whole incident, the Qin family was not having a good time.

Everyone in Qin family was still worried. They still didn't know when they could go back to Qin Family residence. Their focus now was how the ghosts on Qin Family residence appeared.

Because everyone couldn’t wrap their mind around the possible reason, they were in chaos and the discussion went nowhere. Qin Tianhe ran directly to the living room to take a breather.

The Qiao family somehow knew what happened in the Qin family last night. The next day, Qiao Chengcai brought Qiao Xinan to Light of Hope Community.

As soon as Qiao Chengcai came over, he saw Qin Tianhe in the living room and directly pulling Qin Tianhe to talk. Qiao Xinan asked where Qin Ze was and left.

Qiao Chengcai looked enthusiastic, "Brother, I know that Qin family is in trouble, so we come to support you."

When Qin Tianhe heard that Qiao family was willing to support, he was a little happy. After all, among the four major families in the capital, the Qiao family had always been in a neutral state. But then Qin Tianhe remembered those things last night, and suddenly shook his head. These things, even if Qiao family wanted to help, it might not be useful.

Nowadays, even Gong Qingyao had not been able to solve the Qin family's affairs, let alone Qiao family. Of course, in Qin Tianhe's eyes, Qiao family was not as capable as Gong Qingyao alone.

Hearing Qin Tianhe response, Qiao Chengcai shook his head and immediately asked, "Brother Qin, what do you mean?"

Qin Tianhe, "I don't want to hide it from you, my Qin family really needs the support of the Qiao family, but now this support…" Qin Tianhe sighed.

When Qiao Chengcai heard that Qin Tianhe needed support from the Qiao family, the smile in the corner of his eyes was even more obvious. "Qiao family will be the backing of the Qin family."

The conditions given by Qiao Chengcai were indeed very attractive. The Qiao family was on the same level as the Qin family, but wanted to be the backing of the Qin family in the future.

It's just that Qin Tianhe was surprised, what did Qiao Chengcai mean?

Qiao Chengcai didn't notice the surprise on Qin Tianhe's face at all, and said to himself, "To be honest, Xiao Ze was also the one we watched when we grew up. Although there are some problems, our Xinan likes him."

Qin Tianhe's face turned dark, what did he meant? Xiao Ze had some problems, but anyway Qiao Xinan liked him?

Qiao Chengcai didn’t pay attention to Qin Tianhe’s face at all, and continued to say, "Yes, that girl has been begging us. If your family has the backing of our family, will you still afraid of Jiang family?"

When Qin Tianhe heard this, he suddenly laughed, "Even if my son is not good in your eyes, he is good in our Qin family’s eyes." He figured it out, Qiao Chengcai wanted to use this incident to make Qin Family compromised, and let Qin Ze marry Qiao Xinan.

Qiao Chengcai's face changed, "What do you mean?"

Qin Tianrui walked in from the door, "My second brother meant that he was in charge of Xiao Ze's marriage. To make it clearer, we don't sell children in Qin family."

Qiao Chengcai got up, feeling very dissatisfied, "Big Brother Qin, why did you talk like that?"

Qin Tianrui came over and patted Qiao Chengcai, "Brother Qiao, don't blame me for speaking badly. The problems encountered by the Qin family today cannot be solved even if the four major families work together."

At this moment, Qiao Chengcai couldn’t hear these words. He finally pulled down his face and came to the Qin family to offer a partnership, but he was ridiculed by Qin family. So he immediately left, "I will go home."

Qiao Xinan was haunting Qin Ze, but Qin Ze had many things to do, so he ignored Qiao Xinan.

"I won't!" Qiao Xinan's voice came from upstairs.

Qiao Chengcai went straight upstairs and dragged Qiao Xinan down. Qiao Xinan hugged the stairs desperately as she was unwilling to go. Qiao Chengcai raised his hand and slapped Qiao Xinan, "If you don't leave now, then you should never go back to Qiao house."

Qiao Xinan raised her head and said stubbornly, "If I said I shouldn’t return, then won't return!"

Qiao Chengcai stretched out his finger to Qiao Xinan several times, but finally left angrily.

It's just that everyone in the Qin family was in a bad mood, so no one had the time to guide Qiao Chengcai out.

Qiao Chengcai, who suffered such negligence, became more and more angry. He drove the car directly to Jiang family’s house. He wanted to see how the Qin's family would respond once Qiao family joined forces with Jiang's family.

Qiao Chengcai drove to Jiang family’s road. He was very upset, but it was not that bad. In his rage, he stepped on the accelerator and hit a pillar on the side of the road. Only then Qiao Chengcai woke up. He was in a daze. What happened to him today was that he was rejected by Qin family so he wanted to go to Jiang family to form an alliance. But why did he step fiercely on the accelerator just now? When did he become such an irrational person?

Pedestrians came and went for several times on the side of the road, and finally someone stopped to call the police, then he went to check Qiao Chengcai. Fortunately, Qiao Chengcai was not injured. He got out of the car and asked for a cigarette from a passer-by. He seemed particularly anxious.

After waiting for ten minutes, the police came. There had been frequent traffic accidents in the capital these days, and it was hard to deal with. Now another one happened again, and the police were also very devastated.

Someone passing by the road yelled, "Hurry up, it's going to rain."

These passing pedestrians were not interested in Qiao Chengcai's car accident at all. They just kept complaining, "I don't know when it will be sunny again."

Qiao Chengcai suddenly felt a little strange. If such a disaster happened in the past, someone would probably take photos of him and post them on the Internet. But why was it different now?

The police took out an instrument and asked Qiao Chengzai to breathe into it. The police looked down and found that the alcohol level was not too high. After a brief record, he rushed to the next accident site.

Qiao Chengcai called his subordinates to deal with follow-up issues, and went back to Qiao family's house first.

The rain that came was heavy, and soon the entire road of the capital was filled with water. The school had to let students go home to rest. Not long after, companies began to stop operating, and the government departments also had holidays.

Everyone watched the water in the capital rose higher and higher. The water on the roadside was already as high as a person, so children could not go out at all.

Gong Liangji stood inside the house, watching the heavy rain outside, and said with the same melancholy, "When the rain will stop?" It had been half a month, and there was no sign of stopping.

Most of Gong Group companies were on holiday. Almost everyone worked from home, but the rain was too heavy, and the capital often had power outages. In fact, compared to other places in the capital, Gong family courtyard was much better, at least in the courtyard, there was no water sitting.

Thinking of this, Gong Liangji glanced at his daughter's room. This was probably because of Gong Qingyao.

"I don't know." Song Qiubai took a look outside. It was raining and the weather outside had been dull, which made people feel a little uncomfortable. She looked in Gong Liangji's direction, "Where is Qingyao?"

"Still in her room." Gong Liangji said.

A few days ago, after Gong Qingyao came back from outside, she kept shutting herself in her room and said that she would not come out for the time being, so that they should not worry. At first, Gong Liangji thought it would only be a few hours, but Gong Qingyao never came out.

Gong Liangji originally planned to knock on the door to ask questions, but if a person inadvertently passed by Gong Qingyao's bedroom, Feifei brutally pushed them aside.

At first everyone thought that Feifei was just hostile to that person, but everyone deliberately passed by Gong Qingyao's bedroom, only to realize that whenever anyone approached, Feifei would come over and drove them away.

After a long time, the servants wouldn’t come near anymore, and Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai also just paid more attention to the movement there.

"It's not good, sir." The servants hurried over. During this time, all parts of the capital were filled with water.

Originally, Gong Liangji gave them all holidays, but the place where they lived was completely submerged by water, so the servants asked if they could bring their families over to live.

Gong family courtyard had a special place for the servants to live in. Most of these servants had been serving Gong family for decades, so Gong Liangji agreed.

Now almost all the servants had brought their families over, so during this period of time, Gong family courtyard had been very lively, but the servants also worked harder to do things. People could see true feelings in times of adversity, this hard time naturally made everyone feel the kindness of Gong Liangji.

"What's the matter?" Gong Liangji asked. During this period of time, he couldn't go outside. Floods were reported on TV and the Internet all day long. He had been reading books in the study, which somewhat calmed his uncomfortable heart.

"A lot of people came at the door, saying that they want to take refuge in our courtyard, and they asked us to open the door." The servant said.

Someone came and knocked on the door early this morning, and when the servant saw that it was a stranger, they didn't pay attention. But, there were more and more people knocking on the door.

Gong Liangji put down his book, "What do you mean?" Could his courtyard take refuge?

"Master, go and see it." The servant was anxious. Although the Gong family's defense measures were very good, and the door was strong, but it couldn't bear so many people continuous pushes.

Gong Liangji walked to the door and found that no less than a hundred people were picking up stones and axes to chop the courtyard door.

Gong Liangji's face changed, and the servant said, "Quiet, my master is here!"

The crowd calmed down, and someone asked, "Are you the master of Gong family?"

Gong Liangji said, "Yes, what are you doing?"

Someone saw that the person in charge of Gong family came out and immediately shouted, "Hurry up and open the door for us!"

"Yes, open the door!"

The people outside seemed determined to let Gong family open the door, but Gong Liangji said, "Everyone, be quiet."

These people outside the door really calmed down for a while.

Gong Liangji said, "I can provide you with a place to stay, but it is not here." He was willing to move these people to Gong family’s hotel. Now the situation in the capital was really not optimistic, but he couldn’t help everyone.

Some people seemed to hesitate, but most of them didn't seem to agree, "No, we have to live in Gong family courtyard."

"Yes, we want to live here."

"Open the door quickly."

"Yes! Open the door for us quickly."

"The national disaster is at the forefront, so why don't you help?"

"We have given you money at ordinary times. At the critical moment, you should also save us!"

"Yes, just a few days. It won't cost your family a few dollars."

"Yes, compared to your annual income, people like us can't afford food and housing!"

What kind of myth was this, how could Gong family's money be given by them? Although Gong Liangji was willing to help the people, it didn’t mean that these refugees could be allowed to live in his own home.

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