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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 129

TMMTMQ – Chapter 129

Gong Muqing originally wanted to cry, but when she saw Shen Sinian like this, she couldn't help but laugh, "Why are you crying like a child?"

Shen Sinian said, "I'm just so happy."

Gong Liangji only regarded Shen Sinian was happy to have children, and did not think of anything else.

Song Qiubai said, "This is the first time I have seen my brother-in-law like this." In the eyes of her and Gong Liangji, Shen Sinian seemed to be a flawless person, but the more so, the more disturbed she was. Song Qiubai was inexplicably relieved when she saw Shen Sinian who always looked too perfect crying loudly now.

Shen Sinian stood up and bowed to Gong Qingyao, then bowed to Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai, and said seriously, "Thank you brother and sister-in-law, thank you Qingyao."

"Okay, it is the New Year, don't cry." Song Qiubai said.

Shen Sinian was a little embarrassed, he was really happy.

Gong Liangji sighed at this moment.

"What's wrong with you?" Song Qiubai asked, "What a big sigh."

"I originally wanted to ask everyone to watch a movie together, but my secretary didn't grab the whole theater." Let alone the whole theater, there were only two for the first showing at midnight, so Gong Liangji wanted to take Song Qiubai to the movie.

Shen Sinian said, "It's a coincidence, I happened to grab some tickets for the same showing time. If my brother and sister-in-law don't dislike it, let’s go to the theater together later."

Gong Liangji was overjoyed, but didn't show it, "Well, then let’s go after watching the Spring Festival Gala."

This year's Spring Festival Gala originally invited Gong Qingyao to participate, but Gong Qingyao still had a lot to do. Although the formation was broken now, there were still a lot of remnants of Li Yinyang's forces, and it took a lot of effort to clean up. However, Shen Sinian's book helped a lot today, and it could quickly help her and others clear these remnants. After all, this book was a summary of the forces that Li Yinyang used in these years.

At 11:50, everyone went to the movie theater and saw a crowd of people queuing up. 

Gong Muqing was stunned for a moment, "This is a big Chinese New Year but everyone is still watching a movie?"

Originally, Gong Muqing thought that only their family would come to the movie to support Gong Qingyao, but she did not expect that so many fans would also support.

Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai were also taken aback. They thought everyone would be at home on the first day of the New Year, so why would they come out to watch the movie?

Shen Sinian explained, "Before I booked the tickets, I found that there were a lot of people." Since Shen Sinian monitored the traffic of the website, he knew that there were a lot of people who booked tickets, so he used a small program he made to grab the tickets. Of course, people clicking speed couldn't be compared with a machine.

"I think there are a lot of people waiting in line to exchange tickets," Gong Muqing said.

Shen Sinian took out the ticket, "It’s no problem. I have already exchanged it."

Gong Liangji silently gave a compliment to the careful Shen Sinian, "Let's go then."

Some people in the line outside saw Gong Qingyao, but they were a little uncertain. They didn't realize until Gong Qingyao had walked away, "That seems to be Master Qingyao just now?"

"Ahhhhh? Where? I didn't see it!"

While the outsiders were discussing her appearance, Gong Qingyao and others had already walked into the theater and found that they were almost full.

Gong Qingyao's temperament was originally extraordinary, so even in the dark, everyone could quickly find her. In addition, in the hall was different from outside, Gong Qingyao and others walk very slowly.

Immediately someone shouted, "It's Master Qingyao." Then he waved his hand excitedly.

Gong Qingyao said, "Hello."

The theater hall was even more excited, everyone was calling Gong Qingyao's name one after another.

Gong Qingyao said, "Let’s watch the movie first."

The staff member who was originally playing the movie picked up the walkie-talkie and planned to call the security guard over. It turned out that Gong Qingyao words made these fans sit back obediently. He had been a theater staff for so many years. It's not that he hadn't seen celebrities come to the cinema. It's just that after these celebrities were discovered, there would be riot on the scene, which had to be stopped by security. He had to say that the Master was indeed a master.

After everyone sat down, the movie started playing on time.

Gong Qingyao was also watching the finished movie for the first time. ‘Yi Yao’ was a 3D movie. After putting on the glasses, she felt like she was on the scene. Because of the sponsorship of Gong Liangji, the post-production was not bad.

The plot of the film was intertwined, and the metaphysical content had become easy to understand after Gong Qingyao's modification. The film was 120 minutes but the plot was very compact. At the end of the film, the moment Yi Yao died, many people in the cinema began to cry.

Even Gong Muqing began to shed tears. Shen Sinian was used to giving tissues to Gong Muqing when they were watching movies, so he took out the tissues naturally at this time.

After Gong Muqing, Shen Sinian handed some to Gong Liangji casually also. Although Gong Liangji was uncomfortable, he didn't cry, so he said with stubbornly, "No need."

Shen Sinian pointed to Song Qiubai. Gong Liangji was shocked, Song Qiubai was crying? Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai seldom went to the movies. The plot of today's movie was tightly linked, Gong Liangji was too focused and didn't notice Song Qiubai's movement next to him.

Gong Liangji quickly took the tissues and carefully wiped the tears off Song Qiubai's face. Song Qiubai was a little embarrassed, so she took the tissues and whispered, "Watch carefully."

Gong Liangji knew that Song Qiubai was embarrassed, so he quickly sat up straight.

After Yi Yao died, the movie came to an end. Looking at the world made better by Yi Yao's sacrifice, everyone had mixed feelings for a while.

Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai were a little bit afraid. If Gong Qingyao died in last previous disaster, they didn't dare to think about what would happen to them.

The ending was good. The world finally believed that metaphysics was feasible, but Yi Yao would never come back. The ending song rang slowly, it was a guzheng song with ancient style, and the lights in the cinema were also lit up.

"Let's go." Gong Qingyao said.

Gong Muqing was still a little dazed from the movie and did not react. Hearing Gong Qingyao calling, she stood up reluctantly. She had never been exposed to metaphysics, and she did not expect that metaphysics movies could be so good-looking.

Shen Sinian whispered to Gong Muqing's ear and said, "I bought more ticket, and we can watch it again tomorrow."

Gong Muqing was immediately happy.

Song Qiubai also got up, "This movie is really good."

Gong Liangji also whispered, "Didn't the secretary still have more tickets? Let's see it again tomorrow."

The action of a few people getting up caused other audiences in the cinema to react, some with also had tears on their faces. They saw Gong Qingyao and some people said their own feelings, "Master Qingyao, it's good that you are still alive."

Gong Liangji was a little speechless, to be alive was really good, but there was some sadness in this.

"Everyone should go back, it's late." Although Gong Qingyao's voice was cold, it made everyone calm down from the sadness of Yi Yao's death.

Someone asked in a low voice, "Master Qingyao, I am your fan, can I take a picture with you?"

The voice was very small, but Gong Qingyao heard it, and she walked directly to the person, "Sure."

The fan was immediately excited. She didn't expect Gong Qingyao to be very easygoing, and her friend immediately took a picture of the two of them.

The other fans also asked for pictures one by one, so Gong Qingyao said, "Go outside." The next movie would be played in fifteen minutes, and the theater cleaners had already come in.

So, a group of people followed Gong Qingyao to the entrance of the cinema, Gong Liangji and others returned to the car to wait.

The fans were very orderly. One stood next to Gong Qingyao, finished the photo, immediately stepped aside, and the next one went in. It took less than fifteen minutes to finish the photos.

Everyone was very considerate of Gong Qingyao. After taking the photos, they sent Gong Qingyao directly to her car before they also went back.

Early in the morning on the first day of New Year, the entire Internet exploded.

#Yi Yao#, #Encountering Gong Qing Yao#, #Watching Yi Yao with Gong Qingyao# and other topics related to Yi Yao were all in the top ten searches.

[#Yi Yao# Below is a long Weibo. 

I watched a movie early on the first day of the New Year in order to support Master Qingyao. I did not expect the surprise to be so big. Before the movie started, guess who I met?! I actually saw Master Qingyao herself! I was so excited that I was afraid I couldn’t focus on the movie, but I found out that I thought too much. Yi Yao was really good-looking. There was no filler in the whole film. 

Here is a little bit of spoiler. Yi Yao died and it was so send (send a blade to the screenwriter!) After watching, everyone was in a daze. But then Gong Qingyao got up and walked first. I was very sad, but after seeing the goddess, I instantly became happy. Watching her leave, I asked in a low voice if I could take a picture with her. And did you know? The goddess walked up to me to take a picture together. My god, I was flying with excitement at the time, ah, ah, the goddess is super nice! She also looks good in the movie! Finally, a photo (picture) is attached.]

[I'm jealous.]

[Excuse me, something smell sour, is it me?]

[I was sitting in the row in front of Master Qingyao and I heard their family say that they are going to watch the second time today. Not to mention, I also plan to grab a few more tickets during this Spring Festival, and maybe I will encounter the goddess again #Yi Yao#.]

[Speaking of grabbing tickets, are you all successful? My first ticket is scheduled on the third day (crying like a storm.jpg).]

[Those second time watchers make us feel like we are fools for not being able to get the tickets.]

[No one comes to talk about the knowledge related to metaphysics?]

[Hiks, I didn't get the tickets on the first day of the New Year and I missed the meeting with the goddess.]

[I should have known. Even if I couldn't buy a ticket, I should just go to sit in the cinema and wait for the goddess.]

Due to the good reputation and high attendance rate, major theaters originally gave some face to the movie to support Gong Qingyao, but after the good results, they added more showing times. Yi Yao’s film was released for half a month before it broke 9 billion box offices and became the highest grossing movie in the history of the country.

At the same time, the list of finalists for the Film Festival was announced. Usually, the Film Festival was held in February every year, but because of the disaster, it was abruptly postponed to March. However, the advantage of this was that ‘Yi Yao’ was able to be shortlisted, and it was shortlisted in the most awards. Best Director Award, Best Soundtrack Award and Best Actress Award.

Gong Qingyao was breaking all the formations in the book Shen Sinian had given her when she heard the news. She finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Compared with Gong Qingyao's reaction, Gong Liangji and Song Qiubai were very excited. When Bu Yi heard that Gong Qingyao was willing to continue wearing Buyi’s clothes, she began to design Gong Qingyao's gown for the award ceremony.

The other jewelers also wanted Gong Qingyao to wear their products, but they were all declined. She was not accustomed to wearing revealing and complicated clothes on her body.

Before the award ceremony began, a post about Gong Qingyao became popular again. The post was titled [818 Everyone’s goddess, Master Qingyao.]

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