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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 111

TMMTMQ – Chapter 111

Ten minutes came soon, "Time is up." Mao Liqiang clicked on the screenshot, "Okay, then the six questions with the highest number of likes now will be the questions we ask. Let's take a look at the sixth most liked question first. This question is for You Xingyu." Mao Liqiang said.

You Xingyu said, "What's the question?"

"The question is, has Xingyu considered taking a fantasy drama?" Mao Liqiang said strongly.

"Yes." You Xingyu immediately replied, "I really like the feeling of being an immortal, but there is currently no crew invitation. If there is, I really want to try it."

"Thank you Xingyu. OK, let's look at the fifth question." Mao Liqiang looked at Lu Yongyi, "This question is for Lu Yongyi."

Lu Yongyi nodded slightly.

"The fan asked, what kind of role you want to play the most?" said Mao Liqiang.

Lu Yongyi answered without hesitation, "A knight." He wanted to be a man like Gong Qingyao, but he couldn't do it in real life, so he wanted to achieve it through acting.

"Okay, thank you Yongyi. The next question is for our Chuxue." Mao Liqiang said.

Yu Chuxue froze for a moment. According to the current flow, if the latter questions didn’t have her, she would be the one in the front.

Mao Liqiang glanced at the question, his face was a little bad, but he still read it out, "This viewer asked ‘I heard that you entered the reality show because of the unspoken rules?’" The previous questions were all fans, and but for Yu Chuxue it became a viewer. Everyone knew that fans would not ask such questions.

Yu Chuxue was stunned. No wonder she was in the front. It turned out to be because of everyone's gossip. She had a bitter heart. "The can participate in this reality show is indeed because of someone's help. But now everyone can see themselves," Yu Chuxue smiled bitterly. Adding a helpless look, "I didn't stand up to the help. The hottest one in our show is Sister Yao instead."

This answer implicitly explained that she was indeed able to enter the reality show for some reasons. In fact, everyone had already known why Yu Chuxue entered the reality show. Denying this time would only increase the disgust of viewers, but Yu Chuxue's answer was very clever. She was self-deprecating that she was not popular, so on the contrary, it brought up the goodwill of the viewers.

[Although I feel very pitiful, but I still want to laugh what to do? lolololol]

[I smiled unkindly.]

[Sister Yao looked dumbfounded: You blame me?]

[Hahaha, Yu Chuxue is so cute, I am a fan.]

Mao Liqiang breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, at this point in the recording of the show, everyone had more or less deep feelings. At this time, seeing Yu Chuxue being asked something like that, Mao Liqiang was also unhappy. Fortunately, Yu Chuxue was smart enough. "Thank you Chuxue, this kind of question, please don't ask again next time, you are salting people's wounds."

Mao Liqiang's remarks instantly guided viewers.

[Yes, I think Director Mao is right. This kind of question is a bit too much.]

[Although I did not raise the question, I clicked thumbs-up, and suddenly felt that something was not good. I am very sorry.]

[Thank you for your understanding. It is really not easy for Chuxue to get to this point. Thank you Director Mao, and also thank you everyone.]

"Okay, let's look at the third question." Mao Liqiang looked at Gong Qingyao, "Sister Yao."

As soon as this name came out, everyone laughed again. Now even Mao Liqiang called Gong Qingyao Sister Yao. In fact, according to his age, compared to Gong Qingyao who was still less than twenty, such a name was just a respectable title.

"Fans want to know if you have a lot of facial expressions?" Most of the time, Gong Qingyao looked unsmiling.

Gong Qingyao looked serious, "My expression is in my heart."

"Puff." They didn't know who laughed first in the car, but everyone laughed afterwards.

Gong Qingyao even learned to tease! It really made people feel a little surprised.

A large swath of hahahaha was also swiped on the live broadcast’s comment section. No one expected Gong Qingyao's answer to be so cute.

After everyone laughed, Mao Li said strongly, "The next-to-last question is still about Sister Yao."

Gong Qingyao still looked expressionless, and the viewers couldn't help but brush up another wave of comments.

"At the time of the Golden Vision Awards, the two reporters who questioned Sister Yao received divinations and it finally proven true. Do you really know this?" At this point, Mao Liqiang added another extra. "I also watched the live broadcast of the Golden Vision Awards. I also heard the questions from the two reporters who interviewed Sister Yao. Sister Yao said that one of their husbands had cheated and the other mother was seriously ill." Mao Liqiang said, "The next day, the news was verified to be true."

In fact, this incident was quite annoying. It’s just that Gong Qingyao was busy at that time and didn’t even notice the news on the Internet. In addition, Lu Qianqian had not been able to relax since the last time she met Kang Yongning. For these gossips, she also gave no thought at all.

It could be said that, except Gong Qingyao, everyone in the car knew, and everyone looked at Gong Qingyao with some curiosity.

Gong Qingyao still replied indifferently, "I never tell lies." The implication was that she knew these things were indeed true, and she was very certain.

Everyone in the car knew Gong Qingyao's abilities. Hearing this, no one raised an objection.

Mao Liqiang smiled and said, "Okay, let's look at the first most-liked question, it's still for Sister Yao." How could the question that got liked the most not for the person with the most traffic?

"Sister Yao, fans want to know, what is your ideal person?"

After the words fell, everyone present once again looked at Gong Qingyao.

This question was not due to curiosity of the viewers, but even everyone present was also curious. Such a fairy, a fairy who didn’t eat the messiness of the world, would she have an ideal person? What kind of person would she like? What kind of person could match her?

Gong Qingyao thought for a while, and said honestly, "I don't know."

Without waiting for the viewers to ask more, Mao Liqiang asked again, "For example, does Sister Yao have any requirements on the appearance?"

"In my eyes, there is no good-looking appearance, only good face." Gong Qingyao said lightly. No matter how beautiful a person looks, she would not like it if he was bad. If a person looks ugly but was a good person, Gong Qingyao would be willing to associate with him.

The viewers commented once again.

[On the self-cultivation of a metaphysical master.]

[Does this mean that I can still get in Sister Yao's eyes?]

[Yes, I’ll start doing good deeds from today, so Sister Yao can see my face.]

[Sh*t, I hope Director Mao will continue to ask some questions.]

Mao Liqiang continued with the question, "Does the character need to be gentle or cold, or other?"

"There is no difference." Gong Qingyao said, "Everyone had different personalities, as long as they had a good heart it is enough."

This requirement might seem simple, but in some aspects it was not. For example, many people find it difficult to stick to goodness all the time. Even the best people would occasionally make some small mistakes.

In fact, Mao Liqiang still wanted to ask, but the van had reached the destination, so he had to say, "Well, this question session ends here for the moment. We have reached our destination. Please get off the car. Of course, remember to hand in everything."

After getting out of the car, You Xingyu sighed in front of the desert, "All we have in front of us is sand and sand."

Guo Yuankai said, "Probably the production team is determined to let us feed on sand."

Zhong Xinyi shouted, "Who would have thought that this issue would be a challenge in the desert!"

Yu Chuxue was also a little sad, with the wind and yellow sand blowing all day, her skin would be dry and rough. After going back, she had to madly applied some face mask. But she then looked at Gong Qingyao and asked a question that she had always wanted to know. "Sister Yao, why has your skin always so good?"

Upon hearing this question, Zhong Xinyi also hurriedly stood up, "Yes, yes, I really wanted to know this." At the beginning of the challenge, she and Yu Chuxue also put cosmetics and skin care products on before everyone woke up. Gong Qingyao never had to do this, but her skin had always been the best. Later, after a long time, the two of them gave up. First, it was troublesome to hide skin care products. Second, after a tiring day, it was difficult to get up early the next day. In this period, the two of them also let go directly and just went with natural bare face.

Gong Qingyao thought for a while, "I don't know either."

The viewers, especially female ones, suddenly exploded.


[It shows that my Sister Yao is naturally beautiful.]

[Don't you think this answer is very awkward?]

[Although I am very heartbroken, I choose to believe in Sister Yao.]

Zhong Xinyi thought for a while, and changed the question, "Sister Yao, what cosmetics do you usually use?"

Upon hearing this question, the viewers swiped the screen immediately.

[I see, this is ads!]

[The routine! It's all routine!]

[Guess, which advertisement is it?]

[I am looking forward to Sister Yao's answer, even if it is an advertisement, I have to buy it!]

Mao Liqiang, who was sitting in front of the live broadcast, looked helpless. He swore that he never thought of placing ads.

Gong Qingyao replied, "I don't use skin care products. If I need makeup, they will be provided by the crew or the organizer."

Yu Chuxue suddenly thought that at the previous press conference, Gong Qingyao did not wear makeup, "This is true."

Zhong Xinyi asked again, "Did you like to apply face mask?"

Gong Qingyao said, "No."

"Do you use facial cleanser to wash your face?" Zhong Xinyi asked again.

"No, just clean water." Gong Qingyao replied.

The viewers never expected such a situation.

[What about the advertisement?]

[My wallet is ready, but nothing?]

[Ahhhh, I would rather have an advertisement here, I am even more envious and full of hatred when I hear this answer.]

"So jealous," Yu Chuxue said, with a sad expression on her face.

"It's not just you, it's estimated that all women in the world are jealous." Zhong Xinyi said, "Look, she doesn't need skin care products, no face masks, but the skin is so good."

You Xingyu on the side said, "Yes, even as a man I'm also jealous, okay."

Everyone laughed, and You Xingyu pointed to Guo Yuankai and Lu Yongyi, "You, and you, aren't you also jealous?"

Guo Yuankai nodded, "Xingyu makes sense."

Lu Yongyi nodded invisibly, his appearance was indeed very important in the entertainment industry.


The author has something to say:

Qin Ze: When will I be the ideal person for Sister Yao?

Fans: You are dreaming!

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    Gods! Give me a female lead halo or at least the good skin!!!!

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