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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 98

ICRAB – Chapter 98

The scent of cucumber, set off by the sour vinegar, became even more refreshing. Yang Likun had never thought that one day he would be able to make such a delicious thing.

"You need to work hard. You can cook for those comrades who are also working hard together." Liu Weiwei cheered for Yang Likun. But as soon as she turned around, she couldn't help showing a puzzled expression. She took another look at the mission from the system. She opened a shop and accepted three apprentices, those tasked were done, but the milestone task had not yet been completed. She pondered over it, only to find that there was a text description in the task that the apprentice should be alone. This task really took her too long. "How can they be alone?"

[Talk to the apprentices and confirm their direction of cooking. Each person has to learn at least ten dishes and achieved at least four-star cooking appraisal.]

[When the host can't show up in the shop and cafeteria, the apprentices can serve their respective dishes. Cafeteria requirements: three meals for five thousand people. Happy Restaurant requirements: three meals for five hundred people, the satisfaction rate should be maintained at more than 90%.]

Liu Weiwei touched her forehead. At present, An Hao’s cooking skills might be able to crush Zhang Xiaomo, who had only studied cooking for three months but had a very wrong attitude, but the score for the food he had made could only reach 60 in her heart. This score was much worse than the dishes she was serving in the shop.

Each apprentice had to learn ten dishes, all of which should achieve a four-star rating, which was 80 points. Liu Weiwei suddenly felt a big headache coming. Most of the usual dishes were made by her and uploaded to Skynet, only a small part of semi-finished products was reprocessed and multiplied in Skynet. It could be said that the amount sold now was at least 1,000 servings, of which less than 10% were actually cooked on site.

The task required An Hao and the others to support themselves and cooked their own dishes. Liu Weiwei felt melancholy instantly, it was extremely difficult.

Liu Weiwei immediately checked the recipes she had. An Hao had learned well, and his knife skills could now handle ordinary dishes without any problems, he just needed to improve his seasoning skills more. But currently he could work hard on Huaiyang cuisine, which was light in seasoning but paid more attention to soup and knife skills. He was not afraid of hardships and was always hard working. If he were given ten recipes, he might become too excited and practiced hard without going to bed. The newly recruited apprentice should have some basic knowledge and didn't need her to him teach from scratch.

When Liu Weiwei went online again, she talked to the two for the first time. First she was very optimistic about An hao.

"Master, you are right! I don't know enough about seasoning, just like you said." An Hao touched his head embarrassedly.

Although Liu Weiwei already had an answer in her heart, she still gave An Hao a choice. "In order for you to have a clear understanding of each cuisine, I will first teach you a few representative classic dishes. If you are greedy, you can learn and practice three dishes each time. After you have mastered and comprehend the essence, then you can think about the direction of your first attack." She was still very enlightened. Potential, ability and willingness to learn should be combined.

"Right," Liu Weiwei's eyes lit up, "Did you have any special insights in the kitchen yesterday?" Yesterday she got a point of talent and gave it to An Hao, who was the first to enter the apprentice road. She could stack up to 5.5 points, which seemed to have no upper limit.

"Ah, Master, you reminded me by asking! I felt my wrist was particularly flexible when I was holding the knife yesterday, and I seemed to have suddenly grasped the rhythm of cutting vegetables more comfortably. By the way, I made the mutton pilaf again before closing the shop yesterday. The rice tasted much better, and I felt a little bit improvement on the seasoning!"

Liu Weiwei was very pleased, "Work hard. I will rest more in the future, so the shop will rely on you for support."

An Hao straightened his chest instantly, "Don't worry, Master, I will be working hard!"

Liu Weiwei immediately sent An Hao the first set of recipes. They were Sichuan cuisine’s Mapo Tofu, Huaiyang cuisine’s Dried Tofu Soup, and Shandong cuisine’s Oil Braised Shrimp. The first two was old dishes, while the last was a new dish that had never been served in the restaurant. Even if the apprentices were allowed to do the work, the shop had to always keep up with the old and bring forth the new, so not to disappoint the diners.

"Okay, you can watch the video I recorded and follow along to practice. But, do not miss the daily training of knife skills." Liu Weiwei felt relieved to pass the recipes to An Hao and she quickly transferred her attention to the newcomer in the shop. Zhen Nuli hid far away when they were talking, but the skin of the potatoes he was cutting in the corner was scratched to pieces, a blatant eavesdropping pattern.

"… Nuli." Liu Weiwei was still a bit hesitant in calling this name. "You are the same as Xiao An, I will also teach you three dishes." Since she already accepted three disciples, she would not favor one or the other.

Today, Zhen Nuli was wearing a butterfly-style jumper chef's uniform. He almost thumped on his knees, "I'm also learning three recipes?" His expression was both painful and happy.

"You said that you learned five dishes before, what are they?" Liu Weiwei nodded, "I asked Xiao An to pass the message that I hope you can cook them for me today."

Zhen Nuli nodded immediately, "Okay, Master! I'll make them first." He moved very fast, but his ping-pong ball like movements were still very graceful. He might be truly artistic, so the color matching and presentation of the final dishes were very delicate.

"Master, please try my Golden Egg Fried Rice, Poinsettia Braised Pork, Shrimp Egg Custard, Jade Green Vegetables, and Golden Ruby Soup."

Liu Weiwei leaned over and took a look. The names were all pretty, especially the soup at the end, but... wasn’t this just a tomato egg drop soup?! "Have you been deceived?"


"These five dishes… you spent 10 million to learn?"

Zhen Nuli stared blankly, "Yes. I was learning formally in the Chef Association, and I have verified it. In this egg fried rice, there is no broken rice, it is a secret recipe so the tuition fee is one million. It is not ordinary egg fried rice. In addition, the braised pork’s sauce is hot, it is also a secret recipe, so it costs three million,…"

"Stop!" Liu Weiwei clutched her little heart and couldn't listen anymore. Even An Hao, who was next to her, stopped his vegetable-chopping action. He was a little frightened by the sky-high price.

"I don't charge tuition fees here, and you don't need to pay anything to me in the future." Liu Weiwei stopped Zhen Nuli in time.

"No tuition?" Zhen Nuli opened his mouth wide.

An Hao patted Zhen Nuli’s shoulder sympathetically, "Don't worry, Master is a good person, I also haven't paid a penny."

Zhen Nuli felt that his entire ten-year savings was eaten by a dog, "No money? No money for Hot Pepper Soup? No money for husband and wife lung slices, no money for Mapo Tofu? That Chef Association…!!!"

Liu Weiwei waved her hand, "I am not affiliated with the Association. Our entire shop is not affiliated with the Association. If you regret it, you can quit."

"No, no, not a part of the Chef Association?" Zhen Nuli looked like he was hearing a fantasy. He had eaten all the dishes in the shop yesterday, and the taste of each dish was above the five dishes he had learned!

But these foods were not part of the Chef Association?

"I understand! Master, you are a genius without a teacher! Just like me, a genius who can make drawings when he sees a building! Master, please teach me!" Zhen Nuli’s eyes were bright, "Anyway, my life has been sold to you."

Liu Weiwei was speechless, "What would I want your life for? I just saw that your knife skills are average, and your mastery of seasoning is at most a beginner. I also have some experience about the dishes you have bought, so mastering it should not be difficult. Besides that, I will teach you three more complicated dishes directly."

Zhen Nuli nodded again and again.

"Our restaurant’s dishes will include all Chinese cuisines in the future, as people cannot become fat just by eating one bite. You will start with three cuisines like Xiao An. Sichuan cuisine’s classic snack Intestine Noodles, and Hangzhou cuisine’s West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, and the classic Candied Sweet Potatoes of Shandong cuisine. After you finish your studies, I will look at your respective interests and levels, and then make a set of study plans."

"Okay, Master!" Zhen Nuli said in a loud voice.

After Liu Weiwei went offline, Zhen Nuli clicked on the video in the corner of the back kitchen, but the first dish almost made him puke. He had heard the name of Intestine Noodles, but he didn't think there was anything special about this dish. But when he opened the video, at one point he saw the entire screen was full of crooked intestines, and he turned his head due to nausea.

"What's the matter?" An Hao next to him was confused, "Did you eat too much?"

"No!" Zhen Nuli covered his mouth in pain.

An Hao sighed, "There is lemonade next to you, drink it yourself. I tell you, if you really want to learn cooking with Master in our shop, you can't be lazy. Use your strength."

Zhen Nuli nodded slowly, for fear that he would spit everything in his stomach. He swallowed desperately. He immediately took a slice of lemon and stuffed it directly into his mouth. Was this the first trial the Master gave him? Was she testing his willpower to learn how to cook? He would not admit defeat! With the sour smell bursting on the tip of his tongue, he was finally able to see the disgusting screen once again.

That… was pork intestine.

Zhen Nuli saw the hands in the screen took the intestines and started cleaning them from the outer wall. One by one from top to bottom, the hands rubbed the intestine to clean the grease and dirt. Soon the whole intestine was turned inside out, even the inner wall was cleaned with a massage in a circular manner…

"Huek!" With the lemon slice in his mouth, Zhen Nuli took the trash can next to him, bent over and vomited directly.

An Hao was dumbfounded at the side.

However, this was just the beginning.

In the afternoon, An Hao had already pondered the cooking steps of the new dishes from the video, and when he was about to start learning the operation, he heard choking with pain sound, accompanied by a few retching in the small room behind the kitchen from time to time. 

He was too focused with the knife skill practice so he didn't know when his junior entered the small room. But after pushing the door in, it took only a second before An Hao slammed the door in front of him tightly.

The smell was so bad! It's too smelly!

There was a smell of shit in the small room. An Hao had just opened a small crack in the door, and felt the smell rushing towards him, so he immediately closed the door again in fright. Even so, he still felt that the unbearable smell was permeating from the back kitchen now.

"What are you doing?" An Hao didn't even call the name of his junior brother, "This is the kitchen!" 

An Hao now stayed online for at least ten hours a day. In addition to opening the shop, he used the rest of the time to practice cooking. Liu Weiwei was absent most of the time, so the shop relied on his efforts alone, only the robots in the shop were his only companions.

Over time, An Hao also developed a disease called Internet addiction. He liked to surf the Internet more and more, and he liked staying in the back kitchen of Happy Restaurant more and more. Now someone was making his lounging area — the back kitchen stinky, it's like doing bad things on his bed, and it just made him feel intolerable. 

But An Hao couldn't go on halfway through, because the door of the small room was opened and Zhen Nuli walked out. He was wearing thick plastic gloves, at least three masks, and three scarves wrapped around his face. He was holding a long, wrinkled, white intestine…

An Hao: "!!!"

"Little senior brother, please teach me how to wash this pig intestine. I don't think I can get…"


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