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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 113

ICRAB – Chapter 113

"Dad, is this already on sale?" Zhao Linshuang blinked.

Zhao Minggen smiled and nodded, "I will enter the market tomorrow and try to sell on the second-tier planet first."

Zhao Linshuang hummed and wiped away her tears, "Dad, I will help you, and I won't let you down again in the future."

Zhao Minggen touched his daughter’s head. He saw that his daughter was no longer depressed and no longer as childish as before. Her eyes became clear after crying, and she even had burning willpower. He felt a little relieved.

After she left the room, Zhao Linshuang glanced at the back of the plastic packaging and saw a little story behind the food. Vegetarian duck, this inconspicuous little thing was actually a temple vegetarian dish made with tofu. The color and texture and the entire appearance of the tofu skin were all imitating roast duck.

Zhao Linshuang was stunned for a while before tearing open the sealed packaging bag. The vegetarian duck exposed inside was visible to the naked eye having a thin tofu coat. At least five or six layers were piled up. The appearance was golden in color, oily, and smelled fragrant. She lowered her head silently, tossed her sadness aside, lowered her head and took a small bite. It was salty and sweet!

The thin tofu layers were crispy and not greasy. It was wrapping soft enoki mushrooms and small pieces of bamboo shoots. The more Zhao Linshuang chewed, the more fragrant it was. Although the whole seasoning was not much, it was delicious. In a blink of an eye, the little vegetarian duck was eaten up by her.

In the aftertaste, the aroma of beans in between her lips and teeth, and the faint scent left behind, in Zhao Linshuang's view, was far more than the monotonous taste of duck meat. Just the taste of these several layers made her had the urge to unpack everything and eat them all. She immediately sat down at her desk, turned on her light brain and went to Skynet forum.

Zhao Linshuang liked going to restaurants and eating food even more, but before her father retired from the army and not yet did business, her teenage years were spent only drinking nutrient solutions. Because of this, when she first entered a restaurant, she was so excited that she couldn’t help herself to write an article on the Internet with more than 10,000 words.

For three consecutive years in high school, Zhao Linshuang wrote nearly 300 food reviews of different cuisines. Her originally inconspicuous passerby account had gradually become a small and well-known Internet celebrity big V.

Zhao Linshuang pursed her mouth, feeling again the light and delicious aftertaste of the vegetarian duck, and then prepares to start writing. But her typing stopped suddenly. She ran out of her room in her slippers and knocked into the large study next door. "Dad, I want to apologize to the instructor of our class in the military training. He is very kind to us. Although there are more girls in our class, he didn’t embarrass us, but we cause him trouble instead. I don't know if it hurt him, can you help me ask? And… was the rabbit hurt, and how is it, could you also check?" Zhao Linshuang's fingers were tangled together.

"Can I mail some of the delicious vegetarian ducks to the instructor and Clerk Liu? And the five-star restaurant voucher you gave me before, I want to give it to them as an apology. I know they might not forgive me, but can I treat the rabbit with the money I will be paid for writing food reviews for the vegetarian duck this time?" Zhao Linshuang's eyes were a little disturbed.

Zhao Minggen laughed. Even though everyone might not forgive his daughter, he still felt relieved to see his daughter's repentance and growth. If dropping out of school had allowed her to grow up, then he also thought it was a good thing.

"Yes." Zhao Minggen readily agreed, "If you wrote a good review of the vegetarian duck and it is accepted by the company's publicity department, you will be paid according to the market price. How you will use the money, you can decide yourself. If you want to give it to that rabbit, Dad will throw away this old face and help you ask an old friend of the army for contact information. As for mailing vegetarian ducks, Dad won't pay for it. You have to reimburse Dad at the retail price."

"Yeah!" Zhao Linshuang nodded, "No problem, then we are settled, I will write now."

That night, a big V gourmet review wrote [The First Experience of Vegetarian Duck——Do you know what this snack is?] that had been reposted tens of thousands of times.

In addition to the beautiful text, there were also high-definition pictures and dynamic small videos. The unit price of a vegetarian duck was as high as 5,000 credits, which was quite popular in the snack industry.

On a barren planet thousands of miles away.

When Li Sanpang finally got into the interstellar private spaceship that had been away for many days, he was relieved and breathed a long sigh.

"Master, do you need me to arrange aromatherapy baths and deep massages?" The robot stewardess of the private spacecraft quickly came to serve.

Li Sanpang frowned in disgust, sniffed the smell on his body, "Well, take out the limited edition pine wood fragrance for me, and bring my gem nutrient."

"Yes Master."

Li Sanpang stretched out his hand and touched his fat face. He then squeezed his stomach, not surprisingly, he found that the previous sensuality had disappeared. He had lost all his weight. He spent half a year working on unmanned stars, so there was no good food, no takeaway, and he was pitifully thinned into a bolt of lightning. But when there was less flesh on his face, his originally inconspicuous facial features immediately became handsome.

Li Sanpang entered his shower room, stepped into a bathtub made of 24K gold, and took out from his space a sparkling spar that he had spent so long before finally finding, "Huh, the awakening stone, this Fat Lord found it? Fat Lord, I am a fighter in the quarrying world~" He wiped a handful of calm and healed pine wood fragrance on his body, squinted his dark eyes, which had become bright and big, soaked in the bath and hummed a little song. He opened his light brain’s address book, and found the chicken leg chef’s avatar. He clicked in happily and sent a message.

"Drumstick girl, I found a good thing."

"Your mental power is not strong enough, but as long as you use this awakening stone, you can break through to the next level. From now on, you will never be restricted to only one hour of surfing the Internet."

"You don't need to thank me, as long as you continue to make me good food~"

Li Sanpang was typing, and suspicious blushes appeared on his cheeks, which had lost a lot of weight now. The delicious delicacies fell into his dreams every day, Mapo Tofu, Liangpi, Chubby Curry Rice… all made his heart throbbed. The cooking girl who hooked him so deeply, if he lost her, where could he go to find a second one? If he could catch her and marry her as his wife, wouldn't he be able to eat such a delicious meal every day?

He, Li Sanpang wanted to pursue the chicken leg girl! It took half a year before he finally found such a token of love suitable for confession. It was very valuable and very useful to her. It would definitely make her feel his intentions.

Li Sanpang really admired himself too much. Sacrificing half a year's worth of food, wandering on various deserted planets, everything was worth it. He now wished to go back to eat the food she personally made right away.

Li Sanpang was soaking in the bath comfortably. While waiting for news, he browsed the food forum posts. Soon, a familiar food review ID came into view. 

"Huh? Vegetarian duck, what kind of snack is this? Is it newly released in the past six months?" Li Sanpang quickly entered the post curiously. Soon, the dynamic picture at the top of the post made him stunned. In the picture, he could turn a blind eye to the elegant hand tearing open the transparent packaging. It was slender, white, and tender hands, but he was completely unmoved. However, when he saw the grease that was almost flowing out of the wrapping paper, he was torn apart. His saliva was a going wanton.

Li Sanpang hadn't eaten normal food for half a year, and he hadn't seen even a little oil in half a year. He relied on nutrient solutions to survive. God knew how severe the nerve damage and temptation he got to see this transparent, golden-yellow oily liquid. He hated it, but still dived into the picture.

[Do you know what this snack is?]

On this subject, Li Sanpang felt the writer arrogance. Even if it was an ID he was familiar with, he couldn't forgive this arrogant tone. He had eaten a lot of snacks, even if there were not yet thousands of them, there were at least a hundred kinds of them. 

When Li Sanpang was living on pocket money, he bought some sugar at most. But later, when her started spar mining business and had his own savings, her could say that he had eaten all the snacks that had been on the rankings. He would buy and tasted the snacks mentioned in major food reviews. But this snack, this thing called vegetarian duck, he knew from the picture that it was different from all the coquettish snacks he had eaten before.

Across the screen, Li Sanpang seemed to be able to smell the grease from the dish. And as the packaging bag was pulled down little by little, the true face of a plain duck with golden folds inside and stacked sheets of oily skins as thin as paper were revealed. He almost stood up directly from the bathtub. "What kind of snack is this?!"

Li Sanpang’s breathing was mixed with excitement. If he could only choose one thing in this world, it must be food! All kinds of delicious, beautiful, and never-eaten food…

"Where is this, this, this?" Li Sanpang almost directly pulled to the bottom of the post and left a comment immediately. He didn't want to read the review, no no!

This food review was right, this vegetarian duck had completely subverted the concept of snacks! How could Li Sanpang watch spoilers in advance for such an interesting snack? Of course he wanted to taste it personally and experienced the spiritual impact brought by the surprise in his tongue~

"Rice! Hurry up, search for vegetarian ducks for me, search across the Internet and buy them! Place an order right away. I will arrive at home in 68 hours, and I will eat vegetarian ducks right away!"

"Okay, Master."

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