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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 107

ICRAB – Chapter 107

Grete hadn't heard the announcement yet, but the expression on his entire face was very ugly. Even the judges he brought with him praised the junior chef who knew no bounds. But the problem was that, just for the last dessert, the degree of difficulty was not on the same level, and the degree of nobility was also very different. However, this low-level chef relied on basic home cooking, which made the judges all tangled when scoring, and he also trembled with anger. They were not chefs on the same level, even if it was a draw, he felt like he still lost!

Great couldn't accept this result, it was simply unbearable.

"Try it."

An Hao, who was more proficient in business, had already made some dishes in the back while the judges were thinking the scores. 

Grete also thought that he had to at least try his competitor’s works and tried other dishes in the shop. His face changed from cloudy to sunny, and then it turned out to be colorful.

"This shop sells a lot of complicated things." The gourmet judge had taken the lead to finish the scoring, and he was studying the menu in the shop. Today’s set meal was pork intestine noodles, crystal pigskin jelly, and shrimps with eggs. Each was from different cuisines in Chinese food.

Other judges also gave scores to both sides, picked up the chopsticks and started tasting the shop’s set meal. All of them were full of interest.

Grete suddenly felt bad. The six judges he brought with him turned out to have a lot of interest in this small restaurant. This civilian restaurant didn't even have a rating star from the Chef Association. 

Grete stood in the back kitchen, slowly being enveloped by a sense of crisis. In order to show his generosity, he deliberately asked the other party to select five regular diners in the store to also judge. Originally he was confident, he felt that his six judges would definitely choose him, and at least one or two of the diners of Happy Restaurant would definitely be impressed by his advanced cooking skills and vote for him. In this way he could both win and gain a good reputation. But now it looked like he had just shot himself in the foot!

Not to mention the five regular diners of the restaurant, even if all the judges was only the one he brought himself, Grete was not confident that he would get an unanimous vote. But after eating the tofu soup and glutinous rice chicken, he completely put away his contempt. This kind of taste had already touched the standard of five-star restaurant’s cuisine. If he hadn't eaten it in this small restaurant, he would have thought it was the level of a chef in a high-end restaurant!

A junior chef's little boy, unexpectedly forced him, a senior chef, to such a point, Grete had never thought about it. How arrogant he was just now, so sure of getting the winning ticket, and how uneasy he was now.

With the gourmet Ragel judge as the main judge, soon every judge’s ratings were collected.

"According to the rules of the association, anonymous scoring can be adopted for online competitions, so I will report the final result directly." Ragel said and glanced at Grete sympathetically.

This look made Grete felt a little anxious.

"The winner is the junior chef of Happy Restaurant. He leads by one point."

Grete sat directly on the cooking table behind him, his face as gray as hell.

"You should be fortunate that Master was not here." From his personal space, Zhen Nuli took out precious textbook-like sample dishes. He even stingily picked up a small leaf and prepared a plate for Grete. "Taste it."

When Grete saw the thing from the space station, his gaze had already followed. It was a dish of boiled Chinese cabbage. It looked ordinary and unremarkable, with a clear soup. In addition to the clear soup that looked like a mirror, there were no other ingredients besides the cabbage.

Grete frowned, but at the moment he was too surprised and couldn't bring up any contempt. Chinese food comes from Chinese, and he had learned his lesson. Although he had not seen the shop owner, the art of chrysanthemum tofu was too extraordinary. The cabbage in clear soup in front of him might also be a sleeping beast. It looked harmless, but when eaten, it could roar and tear people to pieces.

Grete looked at the small piece of cabbage that Zhen Nuli handed over with entanglement. The corners of his mouth twitched. Did serving food on Skynet need to be so stingy? He couldn't help but glanced at Zhen Nuli. However, he still picked up the small piece of cabbage carefully with clean chopsticks.

This small piece of vegetable had a clear texture and clear color. The pure white, light yellow, and transparent color had no trace of impurities. It looked like it had been made with great cooking method for such a small vegetable leaf to not shrink or even get stained by the color of the seasoning while cooked.

Grete looked complicated. But after drinking some water to rinse his mouth, he solemnly bit the cabbage with his mouth. The small leaf on his hands should be the most tender heart of the cabbage. When the clear cabbage heart was placed on the tip of his tongue, the leaf melt, and dissolved into juice. The sweetness of the cabbage instantly rippled over his entire tongue, even to the root of his tongue, the fragrance wafting between his teeth wantonly. Umami flavor spread rapidly from the sweetness one after another. He was almost overwhelmed. He was caught off guard!

It was chicken soup!

Grete's expression was shocked, but he quickly closed his lips and even closed his eyes, focusing all his sensory experience on the tip of his tongue. In addition to the ultimate flavor that was forced out by the old hen's soup, there was also a mellow but not greasy ham taste, and even a unique aroma of throbbing dried spices that was refreshing. 

The soup base, which looked so plain and clear, was made with extraordinary cumbersome and superior method. It was fragrant and elegant, but the color of the soup was maintained as clear and simple. It was just a piece of extremely ordinary cabbage heart, but it could also produce ups and downs flavor of umami on the tip of the tongue. The chopsticks in Grete's hand snapped to the ground.

"Senior chef, don’t forget to come to our store to do the chores." Zhen Nuli turned around and called out his little senior brother, "Tomorrow's fat intestines will finally be washed by someone other than me."

An Hao: …

Great: !!!

By the time Liu Weiwei knew about the game, it was already a week later. She hugged her favorite bubble-spitting baby, dangling around boredly at home, and received a message from her third disciple. She watched the whole game dumbfoundedly. She didn't expect that when she was away, the new apprentice had improved so much, and he also found a senior chef to be a small helper in the shop.

[Master, don’t worry, I will guard your recipe with little senior brother. I will never let the small helper learn it secretly!]

Zhen Nuli was rather worry-conscious. After all, as a designer, he was very concerned about copyright protection.

After a while, An Hao also sent Liu Weiwei a message.

[Master, don't be angry, junior brother washed fat intestines for nearly a month, and the day before the competition, he washed them all day to be sold as set meals. This Grete happened to hit his already tight nerves. If you don't have any other orders, it is estimated that this Grete will be washing fat intestines every day in the store.]

Liu Weiwei was speechless. However, a normal restaurant did need special washing and cutting staff to assist the chef. This Grete was also unlucky, he just happened to make trouble in her place.

Liu Weiwei lowered her head, touched her slick face, looked at her son’s lotus-like fingers around her hair, and he stared at her vividly with sullen eyes. This look made her forget about all worries instantly. "Keep on working hard, Master is proud of you. Later today, I will watch your practice video again and give you some advises." She replied to the two apprentices and held the little bun for half an hour. But the little guy was still wide awake, without any sleepiness.

Liu Weiwei had no choice but to go downstairs and let the little bun swim a few laps in his small swimming pool. Little bun had a good physique. Bu Zhongxin also recommended massages and swimming to cultivate a balanced physique plus to exercise since childhood.

After they were discharged from the hospital, Qin Mo went to the nearest baby store to buy the small swimming pool. It was placed in the fenced children's play area on the first floor. It was only about half a meter high, and made of transparent reinforced plastic. Every time Liu Weiwei put little bun in, he looked like a chubby little frog. His limbs were paddling around, and his full belly would turn over from time to time as if trying to do backstroke.

Liu Weiwei didn’t know if it was the same with other children. Every time the little bun swam, she had to hold the little bun’s head carefully. She also made the housekeeping robot and the big white robot went standby on the side together. With three pairs of eyes staring together, only then she dared to let the little bun swim a few laps. Without professional guidance, she still panicked.

At this time, Liu Weiwei felt that the Major who had the foresight to install parenting chips in the robots was especially great. But she didn't expect that she thought about him for a while, and then she heard the voice of Comrade Major from the study.

Liu Weiwei blinked, held the little bun, and raised her ears.


"Are you challenging my patience?"

Liu Weiwei heard an angry voice, and she immediately about to move. Not caring about the saying curiosity kills the cat. She tiptoed over, and the door opened a thin slit. Peeping in, she could only see a whole row of electronic projectors against the wall… and a… rabbit hanging upside down.

Liu Weiwei: "!"

Her eyes widened in an instant, and she was about to knock on the door to enter when the Major's voice floated out again.

"Playing dead?"

"Aren't you very capable?"

"You have directed the kangaroo and red panda to steal food and soup from the cafeteria several times."

"Power off the robot and sneak out, huh?"

"What else have you done?"

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth wide. She looked down at the ignorant little bun in her arms who was trying to eat his own feet, feeling her heart beating wildly. A feeling of being caught after doing bad things came up spontaneously.

Xiao Bai… was discovered… since when? Did she instruct Da Hui and Little Cutie to steal something to eat?

Liu Weiwei feels that her IQ was not as good as a rabbit!

"From today, the task of coaxing Qin Bei to sleep in his cradle is given to you. If I'm disappointed, instead of the luxury villa, the time out house will be waiting for you instead, understand?"

Liu Weiwei: …

Ten minutes later, while the little bun Qin Bei was swimming happily, a furry rabbit also volunteered to jump into the baby pool.

"Let the robot look at our son, and Xiao Bai will also swim with him. You can take a nap with confidence." Qin Mo came over and took Liu Weiwei's hand. "Her every rabbit's dur has been disinfected so it is safe."

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth were extremely stiff.


[Small Theater]

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