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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 122 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 122 Part 2

Tang Yingqian was looking at hairpin headdress all the way, the one with lace. "Hey, this one will be cute for Xiao Bai. It must be so cute when wore on its head."

Liu Weiwei turned her head and looked at her flamboyant little white rabbit that could not be compared to dressed-up cats on ancient earth. She silently felt that there was a bit of joy on the rabbit's face. 

This Level 7 beast king… Liu Weiwei couldn't help sighing in her heart, but the dog leash she was holding suddenly tightened! The Krypton Beast, who had been sniffing calmly by her feet, stopped abruptly, growled vigilantly, and tightened its muscles!

Liu Weiwei had to take a step back. Before she had time to ask, a large square wooden table was thrown out from the storefront in front of her, and hit the ground fiercely. The four legs of the table and the tabletop were all torn apart and flied around. Several pieces of wood rushed directly to the women and child!

The Krypton Beast roared, and his hair fur was standing. He rushed over, bit two bouncing pieces of wood, and slapped the other with his paw.

Tang Yingqian, who was holding the little rabbit while still admiring the small flowers on its head, was also dumbfounded by the broken wood rushing toward her. But suddenly something flickered in her eyes. She felt that a cloud of white mist suddenly magnified in front of her, and the sharp broken wood hit the white mist, and finally fell straight to the ground.

Tang Yingqian lowered her head and found that the wood fell on her feet, only one or two centimeters away. Not knowing if it was her illusion, when she looked up again and nervously checked the rabbit paper for injuries, she saw that the little flower on the little guy's head was also a bit crooked. Before the mist, it was straight.

"Throwing tables on a main road, this shop is too much, right? Is there any merit or devotion, how if it hit passers-by?" Xu Hui stood the farthest and was not implicated, but she was obviously taken aback. She immediately looked back nervously at Liu Weiwei and the little bun in her arms. She was slightly relieved when she found that both were not injured. "Is the child scared?"

At this moment, the sound of fighting in the store was also heard.

"I won't sell this store. Even if you kill me, I won't sell it!"

Xu Hui's personality was more outspoken. It was her suggestion to go out today. Let Liu Weiwei take the little bun who was still breastfeeding out before the bun even half a year old, if something happened, she might not be able to forgive herself for the rest of her life. "You wait, I'll go in to find them. It's totally unreasonable!" This planet was an army base. She didn’t believe that there were still people who dare to commit crimes in the street.

Xu Hui rushed to the store.

As soon as Liu Weiwei saw this, she immediately gave the Krypton Beast a look. She asked him to follow closely, so that Xu Hui would not suffer.

Tang Yingqian frowned, "There seems to be a quarrel inside. Sister Xu is too impulsive. I will also go in and take a look." She had 5 Stars in mental power, although she had no attack power, she was not a weak scum, at least she had the ability to protect herself. The little white rabbit she was holding in her arms opened and closed its. It looked indifferent, so she just brought it in together.

Liu Weiwei was holding the sleeping little bun. For the safety of her baby, she was ordered wait at the store's door, waiting for Lu Qingheng and the others to arrive.

"What is this store? You threw the table out and almost hurt us! This is a public area, how can you do this? It will cause harm to others, you know?" Xu Hui's voice came from inside.

And soon, another thick bass sounded with a bit of teasing. "The table? Oh, the shop owner threw it away. You should ask him for compensation, I support you very much, Sister~"

Liu Weiwei stood at the door, she frowned when she heard this.

"Tan Yongchang! Don't spit people! Get out of here immediately! It's business hours now!"

When Xu Hui approached, she saw a boy behind the counter who was all pressed on the table. His head covered with blood. As soon as the words fell, he was banged on his head again and hit the cabinet in front of him.

"You are kidding! I've been to the hospital, and I know your old man is going to die in a few days. This store is going to close down soon, why would you still open for business?" The joking voice was fierce, "Want to drive me away? No way! You can't even make a bowl of clear noodle soup!"

When Liu Weiwei looked up, she saw that the shop where they had stopped was hung with a golden sign – Liang Family Noodle Shop. It turned out to be a restaurant, but she didn't smell any food scent at all. She was wondering when she heard Xu Hui and Tang Yingqian exclaiming.

"Stop, no beating!"

"Aren't you afraid of being arrested like this?"

Soon, there was another muffled sound, and the bloody boy was pressed on the table again.

"Huh! Nosy! Liang Kai'an, I'll just wait for your store to close down and all the signs are removed, by then you will kneel and beg me to buy this small broken store!" The vicious voice became more frantic. When the voice fell, a man with obvious burn marks on his face walked out fiercely.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help frowning and hugged the bun in her arms tightly.

"What!" The man glared at Liu Weiwei severely, and spit on her feet.

Liu Weiwei was so angry that she was shaking.

But as soon as the man was about to leave proudly, the mini Krypton Beast lying in the room roared fiercely and slammed the fierce man to the ground with one paw! Instantly, dust was flying.

The Krypton Beast had committed crimes as early as the first Beast Wave. He was not a good beast, he would do bad things and hit humans a long time ago, so he was very experienced. He still had a sense of measure when he slapped the man. He wouldn't kill the man, but slapping a few bones off of him should be good. 

Xiao Hei stepped on the man, looked at the spit on the ground with a disgusting face. He was full of anger. This man almost spit on his person!

"What!" The lightning fast attack made the man stunned. He lied down on the ground and let out a painful cry. "Attacking! You are doing illegal… assault… Ah!"

Xiao Hei bounced and landed back on the man’s spine, successfully making him shut up instantly.

The man's wailing made more and more passersby stop to look, and Lu Qingheng finally arrived with the other two soldiers. He directly showed his credentials to the law enforcement robots, and also called up his remote monitoring. "This person attacked the shopkeeper and threw objects outside the shop which endanger passers-by. He also threatened our comrade but then was overpowered by our off duty military dog. Now this person will be handed over to your law enforcement brigade."

"Military… Dog…" Tan Yongchang, who was still lying on his back on the ground, almost vomited a mouthful of blood. Did a normal military dog have such a strong offensive power? It stepped on him with one paw but it felt like a jack, pressing him down until he couldn't even get up. This was not a dog at all, it was a devil!

Xiao Hei snorted. When Liu Weiwei made a gesture, he crawled down with disdain. He deliberately walked off the opponent's spine slowly. With each step, people could hear the popping sound in the man’s bones.

The man on the ground fainted directly.

The law enforcement robot quickly sent the man to the hospital. In addition, after watching Lu Qingheng’s surveillance video, he also expressed his gratitude, "Thank you to the military dog for courageously assisting us in law enforcement. The workload is lightened a lot. Thank you for your assistance!"

After the troublemaker was taken away and the law enforcement robot also left, Lu Qingheng wiped out his cold sweat and peeked at the Krypton Beast on the ground. The beast still had a ‘I am calm and harmless, all actions are following the command’ face. He swallowed and silently retreated five hundred meters back.

The shopkeeper with blood on his face also stood up at this time, "Thank you for helping me. I will compensate you for the table just now…"

"No. We know you can't throw it out with your thin arms." Xu Hui sighed.

Tang Yingqian took out some bandages and alcohol cotton from her space, and handed it to the shopkeeper, "You don't need to thank us. Who caused that man to hit the barrel of the gun and dare to spit at the Krypton… er… Xiao Hei?"


Liu Weiwei held the Little Bun and walked into the shop. Every table was wiped clean, and even the chopstick holders were spotless. However, there was no smoke or fire in the noodle shop. Although it was not a peak meal time, there were still some customers in other shops around, but this shop had no one. Even if there was a conflict, the smell that made people feel hungry, the most important fireworks in the catering industry, was not there.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but look at the boy again. The boy was fair-skinned with a slender face and temperament. After wiping the blood on his face, his pair of phoenix eyes turned out to be very clear. He had a desirable melon seed shaped face, and could be considered a little fresh meat. (TN: internet buzz word in China used to describe handsome young men.)

"Are you the owner of this noodle shop? Didn't the back cook prepare the broth for the diners?" Liu Weiwei couldn't help asking. It was not because the boy being handsome and fit her eyes, but because the shop was vacant. It was too pitiful. Just now, she seemed hear that it was about to be out of business. As a chef, she felt it was a pity.

"My dad is the boss and he was recently hospitalized with a serious illness." Liang Kai'an lowered his head. "The other chef in the store… you just saw him."

"What? He's the second chef in the store? That type of rascal is a chef!?"

"I remember that there is a rule for operating a restaurant. If you don't pay royalty to the Chef Association for the recipe every month, your license will soon be revoked?" Liu Weiwei frowned. "The three days the man just said was about this, right?"

Liang Kai'an smiled bitterly, "Yes, he poured all the soup in the kitchen. I was not interested in cooking before, and I have never studied it. Now, this shop that has been here for more than 20 years may disappear next month." The helpless despair in him made the two military sisters felt a little sympathetic.

"Weiwei, do you have a way?"

"Do you know any chef that can help?"

They knew that Liu Weiwei could not stay outside the base for a long time, but they still felt that the store was a bit pitiful.

Liang Kai'an didn't hold any hope at all. He just wanted to work hard until the last day. But he saw the two dressed up young women eagerly looking toward someone. A young and elegant woman holding a little milk baby. Before long, he heard the most unlikely miracle in the world.

"There is a way. Young man, would you like to worship me as a teacher?"

Liang Kai'an, who had given up, looked at the young woman in disbelief. He thought that he had heard it wrong. The woman was holding the child. Her hands looked soft and smooth, completely different from the hand of his old father who had been busy in the kitchen. They were full of wrinkles, yellow spots, and burns after being near fire all year round. It's almost like in a fairy tale. Cinderella met a fairy and got a pumpkin carriage leading to the palace. It's so mysterious and bizarre! But the woman expression was too determined and too confident. "This shop has had no sales for half a month…"

"There are still three days. It is not too late. I saw beef noodles on your menu, so I will teach you Lanzhou Beef Pulled Noodles?"

"… Pulled Noodles?" Liang Kai'an was completely stunned.

But Xu Hui and Tang Yingqian were so excited, they agreed with Liu Weiwei.

"Quickly promise!"

"Apprentice, quickly accept apprentice!"

"This is the chef of our cafeteria!"

Cafeteria? Liang Kai'an gritted his teeth. "I'm your apprentice! Teacher, please teach me! Save this store! All the profits in the shop will be given to you."

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