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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 108

ICRAB – Chapter 108

When Liu Weiwei was out of confinement, she rolled up her sleeves and started work again. Before she resumed work in the cafeteria, Marshal Li Er sent her a secret letter. This secret letter informed the result of an investigation for the incident at the Scientific Research Bureau where she almost became the rations of the Krypton Beast.

The analyst, who committed suicide after the incident, after investigation, had studied on the Langma Planet for eight years. And more than 50 years ago, an underground evil organization appeared in Langma Military Academy. They conducted a lot of anti-human research and caused the death of 36 students. When they were discovered, all members of this organization were sentenced to death. But on this analyst’s belongings, as well as the belongings of another analyst under investigation, were found black unicorn logo badges of the suspected organization.

Obviously, the evil organization at the time was not abolished completely. At present, this underground black unicorn organization had been included on the first level terrorist list, and the members were subject to arrest on the whole Interstellar Alliance. 

To ensure Liu Weiwei’s safety, Marshal Li Er assigned her two police officers on the first day she resumed work. Lieutenant Colonel Chen from the Scientific Research Bureau even went to the cafeteria to apologize to her.

After reading the report, Liu Weiwei knew that she was just unlucky. The other party actually wanted to wake up the Krypton Beast, cause an army riot, and ultimately kill the soldiers of the base, but she was locked in that room by coincidence. 

Speaking of which, Liu Weiwei received a blessing in disguise. Although the little bun was born prematurely, when he was upset now, she already couldn’t handle him. He's very strong. And the terrible Krypton Beast in the legend was now like a puppy she raised. It voluntarily tied itself to an iron chain, implanted a chip, and even sometimes helped her kill chickens and plucked their hairs. It was much more diligent and sensible than Xiao Bai.

When the analyst who had not committed suicide heard the news, he seemed to vomit blood on the spot in prison. The conspiracies and tricks that were planned with such a great effort, already cost human lives, but still failed so thoroughly. Not only did they not able to kill anyone in the barracks, but gave them a Level 10 Beast weapon instead. If he didn't vomit blood, who would?

Now the entire military camp knew that no one could provoke Liu Weiwei.

The Scientific Research Bureau once thought about taking the Krypton Beast away for research, but beasts above level 6 have a great sense of resistance, and it was totally unwilling to cooperate.

When Liu Weiwei was in confinement, Qin Mo took the beast to the Scientific Research Bureau once. But she heard that even in its miniature state, it angrily smashed the glass cover holding the Level 6 Dax Beast with one paw punch, causing chaos on the scene. In the end, the Major took out the stewed bones she made. Soon, the Krypton Beast glanced at the scientists calmly and disdainfully, licked his bones, wagged his tail, flung his wings, and left.

From then on, the mini Krypton Beast became a spectacle in the camp. It ate food from the army, which was considered a public asset, but it could only be tamed by Liu Weiwei. Even if it was something cooked by Yang Likun in the cafeteria, it would spit at him and expressed dissatisfaction with complete contempt.

But of course, as a beast of high intelligence, it also understood the rules of nature.

If you eat other people's food, your mouth should be soft. If you take someone else's, you have to be soft.

The Krypton Beast never attacked any human at the base. Moreover, the Scientific Research Bureau kept receiving new varieties of beast, and even high-end beast. As long as it swayed around, there would be no beasts that would dare to be disobedient. The force of the service made Lieutenant Colonel Chen look at it with fiery eyes.

Therefore, the first thing Liu Weiwei did when she resumed work today was to go to the Scientific Research Bureau to appease her old friends, and greeted the new darlings. She took Xiao Heo, followed by the recently depressed Xiao Bai, walking arrogantly and dearly.

When Liu Weiwei was recuperating, Yang Likun was struggling to support the appetite of five thousand soldiers in the cafeteria. She heard that he was working overtime in the early morning, and his whole person lost a lot of weight. He had had no energy to pay attention to the beasts in the research bureau. Except for the kangaroo Da Hui and the little cutie red panda that would go to the cafeteria by themselves, the other beasts pitifully didn't eat.

Liu Weiwei endured for two months and thought about them for two months. As soon as she appeared at the door of the Scientific Research Bureau, she saw that all the docile beasts with Level 3 and below were all locked in cages. When they saw her, they all whimpered and rushed to the edge of their cages. In those watery eyes, almost all written with surprise, expectation, fear and caution, as if they were afraid that she would disappear again in the next second, or turn around and left in front of them.

Liu Weiwei's heart hurt immediately. Obviously these big guys didn’t know what’s going on. They only knew that the food that used to be served every day suddenly disappeared, and the people who were willing to feed them also disappeared. They were just like domestic cats and dogs that were abandoned by the roadside, very sad.

"Big Black, your hair has lost so much shine. Come on, this is a carrot stick."

"Little Green, what's wrong with your wings? You look thin, so hurry up and eat some sweet potato buns."

"Big Yellow, your skin is wrinkled, you are so pitiful, open your mouth… it’s a delicious fluffy egg pancakes."

When Liu Weiwei walked through each cage, she had to stop and feed. Talked for a moment to the big guys in the cage, and smooth their furs when they were eating happily and shaking their heads.

"Little Gold, you smell! Come on, this is your favorite beef jerky, go take a shower after eating."

Liu Weiwei looked at the poor little ones, and she felt so distressed. The mini Krypton Beast squatted next to her, so she was a bit worried that the guys in the cage would not be able to eat well because of fear. But she was thinking too much. There was a special language of communication between beasts.

The Krypton Beast had eaten Liu Weiwei's nutritious and delicious meal in the past two months of confinement. So when it saw the little steamed buns, his paws would allow these little brothers and sisters to enjoy the food in front of it.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bai pretended not to care. She didn't know how many hay cookie bars she had eaten, so the carrot stick was somewhat tempting. But even so, she would not compete with these hungry skinny little guys for a bite of food.

The two high-level beasts on the top of the pyramid looked at a circle of younger brothers and sisters eating happily very generously and quietly. From time to time, the beasts would look up at Liu Weiwei in admiration and affection, then licked their mouths, and continued to gnaw the food on the ground…

After Liu Weiwei finished feeding these well-behaved low-level beasts, she walked to the small secluded house behind the Scientific Research Bureau. There was where all Level 4 to Level 5 beasts that had a certain aggressiveness and cruel personality were kept. They were usually kept separately from low-level beasts.

Different types of beasts were also held in different compartments to prevent them from fighting.

But when Liu Weiwei was about to open the door, she heard a small chuckle behind her.

"How come there are puppies in this beast base?"

"Haha, what kind of rabbit is this?"

"Are you a breeder? Hey, is this dog disabled?"

The laughter of young men and women came over.

The mini Krypton Beast at Liu Weiwei's feet had broken wings folded on his back, they looked a bit deformed. Hearing these ridicules, it opened its mouth and revealed its fangs, with a fierce look in its eyes. But Liu Weiwei quickly patted its head, so it obediently closed its mouth full of fangs.

Liu Weiwei turned her head and saw an unexpected person.

"Chen Qili?" Liu Weiwei called out her name in surprise, still a little uncertain.

The tall girl with short hair on the opposite side instinctively flinched back when she saw Liu Weiwei. Her eyes found the little furry bunny, and she was shocked to the point that she couldn't move her feet for a moment.

"Xiao Qi, why don't you leave? Do you know each other?" The girl behind Chen Qili gave her a push.

As soon as Chen Qili's expression changed, she immediately adjusted it. She finally raised a smirking arc, "Long time no see." It's been only half a year, but it felt like it had been a long time.

Only then did Liu Weiwei remember. The Major mentioned just yesterday that the freshman of the military academy was coming for military training, and he had to give speech. Because of this he could not go home at noon, so he reminded her to take their son to eat and take nap on time.

There were about a dozen men and women in this group, and Xiao Cao, a data analyst in the research bureau, was next to them.

"Clerk Liu, I'm going to take the freshmen around for a tour today. I can't go upstairs with you."

Liu Weiwei greeted him, "Dax…"

"It changed room, X6."

Liu Weiwei had no military status, so Xiao Cao just nodded and did not salute. The two knew each other very well. When Liu Weiwei was recuperating at home, Xiao Cao gave a lot of gifts on behalf of the Scientific Research Bureau, so his tone was naturally more casual.

However, this scene fell in the eyes of Chen Qili. It was undoubtedly an incompetent cook who walked through the back door, who she despised and disrespected. "This is my high school classmate. At that time, although she only had level 3 physical skills and failed in mental power, she was very popular with the Beasts. In the end, she was admitted as a cook." Chen Qili deliberately empathized on the two words very popular.

Several military academics around Chen Qili understood instantly. And their look toward Liu Weiwei's couldn't help being a little subtle. Soon there was even a light snort of disdain.

"Cooking soldier? I have heard of this logistics department. I thought that at least a qualified student was needed, but even a failed student can? Beasts… Doesn't it mean this rabbit and disabled puppy?"

"There are also shady scenes in the military area? I have a classmate who has a fifth-level mental strength but still failed to apply for the cooking soldier position."

"Huh? So the other cooks are with the soldiers. Is she the only one feeding the dogs?"

Laughing sound echoed in the hall.

The data analyst Xiao Cao's face changed. Was this something this group of students could laugh at casually? Disabled… dog?! That was a full-level Krypton Beast!!!

Sure enough, before Xiao Cao could stop them, a few girls screamed. 

A gust of wind suddenly blew, making everyone unable to open their eyes. The wave of aura that was enough to make them frightened, shuddered toward them. But when they opened their eyes again, there was still only Liu Weiwei's figure in front.

However, as soon as they took two steps, the girls who uttered bad words exclaimed. After just a few clicks, the pants of their military camouflage uniforms all slipped to the ground…

They were so embarrassed. They almost cried on the spot!

Xiao Cao: !!!


[Small Theater One]

Lieutenant Colonel Chen: Xiao Cao, give you a task. You must pay attention to the Krypton Beasts around Clerk Liu. Report any incident where it attacks and regains its wildness.

Xiao Cao: Attack? Taking off trousers… does that count?

Lieutenant Colonel Chen: !!!

[Small Theater Two]

Xiao Bai: Brother, let me tell you a secret.

Krypton Beast: Say!

Xiao Bai: Last night, I saw our poop shovel officer being overwhelmed by the unscrupulous Major. He said that he would punish her, and then peeled off her trousers~

The Krypton Beast fell into contemplation: … The means of punishment by human beings are getting more and more varied. Well, it's worth learning!

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