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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 110

ICRAB – Chapter 110

A small group of people sat together on the rest area of the first-grade command department.

"Xiao Qi, are you sure this is that rabbit? That lop-eared rabbit is a pet rabbit that is not even a Level 1 beast, right?"

"Meimei, I’m just guessing. You think there was no wind at all at the time, the dog was clearly disabled, and the other monsters were being held. Is this a coincidence? If the skirt was blown off, it might be possible. But it is clear that our trousers have very clear fracture marks."

"That's true. Only a few of us were present at the time. It is impossible to be a male soldier from the Scientific Research Bureau. Your old classmate is a scumbag, but if it is really that rabbit, your classmate has a forbidden pet."

"Yes, if she raises a beast with aggressive wild nature, once it causes harm to other people, that beast will need to be executed, and the owner will also be fined or even sentenced."

"Then we must expose her, that beast dared to do this to us!"

Chen Qili's eyes flickered, looking at the very excited Han Mei and Zhao Linshuang beside her. She couldn't help but curled up the corners of her mouth, and silently touched the uneven scar on her face that was covered by bangs.

But after a while, Chen Qili heard roommate Zhao Linshuang's exclamation.

"This meat bun is awesome~" Zhao Linshuang was born in a middle sized family. Her father was a retired soldier. After changing jobs, he went to work in the military industry. With a background in the military, the company's supply channels were very stable. In recent years, the scale of development had become larger and larger. 

Because the family was rich, Zhao Linshuang had a lot of pocket money every month, and often went to restaurants to eat and drink with a group of second-generation military or second-generation rich children. After arriving at university, she was also very generous to her other three roommates. She invited them to restaurants several times a month.

With Zhao Linshuang’s praise, the absent-minded Chen Qili finally recovered and focused on the paper box in her hand.

Chen Qili had eaten meat buns. She couldn't afford to go to ordinary high-end restaurants, but she could still go to a shop selling meat buns and snacks when she was a child. An ordinary meat bun was sold for about 1,000 credits on third and fourth tier planets. After becoming roommates with Zhao Linshuang, she had eaten top-quality big meat buns when she was brought to the century-old dim sum shop. The shop made only 100 steamers a day, and the single price was as high as 5,000 credits.

Chen Qili was very surprised when she heard Zhao Linshuang's praise. Could the meat buns from the cafeteria of a military region be better than those in a century-old restaurant? She suspiciously took the bun out of the carton.

Because the heat preservation was very good, the meat bun was still very hot. Before Chen Qili even ate it, she was stunned by the appearance of the white, round and chubby meat bun. When she pressed her finger on the bun skin, she could feel that the skin was extremely soft, and a pit was made by just pressing it. But the thin skin was unexpectedly elastic, and the pit disappeared as soon as her hand moved away from it. Soon, it returned back into a white, fat bun that looked very beautiful and lovely.

The skin of the bun was so thin that the faintly pink meat inside was slightly visible, so Chen Qili was a little expectant of its taste before she bit down. She looked at Zhao Linshuang again. The upstart lady, who often patronized high-end restaurants, had eaten the large white bun until only the last bun skin was left, was sitting there licking her fingers pretentiously. Not even noticing the unladylike action at this moment.

Meanwhile Han Mei on the side was even more exaggerated. Her family background was ordinary so she didn't have much chance to eat this kind of meat buns. At this moment, she was devouring it. It was completely different from her previous claim during training that she was suffering heatstroke and that she was about to pass out.

Chen Qili felt that she was hungry when she saw her roommates like this. She immediately stuffed the bun to her mouth without hesitation and took a big bite. This big mouth instantly made her stiffened her back straight. The dough was so thin that she could bite into the meat filling inside in one bite. The rich and delicious gravy almost rolled into her mouth along with the thin skin, causing the tip of her tongue to be burned. But the moment her teeth touched the firm and pure meat, her soul could not help but tremble. She tried to seal all the delicacies in her mouth, and was not willing to let it even the slightest scent overflow.

Chen Qili gently sucked away the flowing gravy and carefully broke the meat bun in half. At this moment, she could clearly see the thin wrapping. Except for the white layer on the outside, the inside was full of gravy. It was soft and delicious. It was obvious that flour in itself had no taste, but the wrapping of this meat bun was also as delicious as the meat filling. Not greasy, it was warm and chewy. One bite after bite, every bite seemed to bring a sweeter and softer umami than the previous one.

When Chen Qili came back to her senses, there was only an empty paper box left in her hand. A big meat bun disappeared in a blink of an eye, and even she herself couldn't believe it. Obviously it should be cherished. Every bite should be slowed down and tasted well. However, in the current state of hunger, she was afraid that even the saints couldn't even keep their senses. Let alone forcing herself to chew slowly when she was this hungry.

This meat bun seemed to seduce all the gluttons on Chen Qili body. She obviously didn't care what nutrient flavors she eats normally. But today she was entangled, unable to take out one from the space and fill up her belly as quickly as possible. Because no matter what flavor or variety of the nutrient solution, it couldn't be compared with the fresh meat buns that were as delicious as they just came out of the steamer. She was even afraid of destroying the lingering fragrance in her mouth at this moment.

"It's delicious, do we get only one a day?"

"Oh my God, with such a bun every day, I suddenly felt that two weeks of military training was a bit too short."

"Yes, what should I do if I can't eat it again when I go back?"

"As expected of the military region, the cafeteria chef is so amazing!"

Chen Qili didn't say a word, her mouth tightly reminiscent the taste of the meat bun, but she deeply agreed with her comrades from the bottom of her heart.

Zhao Linshuang, who was next to Chen Qili, looked curiously and boldly at instructor Tao Xing who had solved the buns with only three mouthfuls. "Instructor, if we go to the military area to garrison after graduation, can we eat something like this every day?" She had never heard her father say that the food in the military area was so delicious. Although she studied in the command department, his father always hoped that after graduation, she could go directly to the company and inherit the family business.

But after Zhao Linshuang had eaten this kind of meat buns, she obviously felt that the treatment of the army was much better than that of her family’s company. "This bun is even more delicious than Guangfulin's signature meat buns. Is it available for free in this military area?"

As soon as Zhao Linshuang's question came up, everyone in their class looked at Tao Xing with brilliant eyes. Most of those who study in military academy would go to the military establishment after graduation. Everyone could fill in any troops voluntarily. Some high-standard establishments, for example the special forces, needed to be assessed starting from recruitment, but most of the others were directly selected and assigned during the freshmen class. Therefore, everyone present was very concerned about this issue.

If the food in the military area was so good, then they decide that they had to study hard for the next four years. They should strive to get good grades in professional courses, so they could be admitted to the army after graduation.

But when Tao Xing heard this question, he couldn't help but laughed, "Other corps, I don't know. But in the cafeteria of our Eastern Army Group base, only advanced soldiers can enjoy the benefits of three meals a day."

"Ah, there are conditions?" Everyone sighed involuntarily.

Zhao Linshuang's eyes widened, "Wait, three meals a day? Not just a bun? Can I ask what the menus for three meals a day are? Instructors, if only advanced soldiers can enjoy the benefits, then you, have you eaten it?"

Tao Xing straightened his chest straight up. His face full of pride, "Of course I have. My training score ranks on the top 19%. I have not only eaten, but also went to the cafeteria to help the chef."

"Wow, so awesome?"

"The instructor is too capable, right?"

Tao Xing was embarrassed and touched his forehead. "It's nothing. In addition to training, our troops will also have some petty tasks. In the research bureau you visit in the morning, we will also organize soldiers on duty to clean regularly. The cafeteria is the same."

"What are the dishes? Is it one dish per person?"

Tao Xing couldn't laugh or cry, "Even if I told you, you can't eat it now. You will just be uncomfortable when you heard it." This was the truth. His class went to the cafeteria to help. Except for people that were up to the standard, no one else was qualified to go to the cafeteria to eat. But as long as they had seen the delicious and rich dishes once, smelled the fatal temptation aroma, and tasted the unstoppable taste, it was like suffering from lovesickness. The more they couldn’t eat it, the more they missed it, and people gradually lost weight. "Don't ask, you still don't know."

When Zhao Linshuang heard this answer, she gave her roommates a look. They couldn’t walk around at will in the military area, but they had seen the map. There were no important secret buildings around the cafeteria and it only took about ten minutes to walk from their dormitory. Even if they couldn’t eat, it should be okay to take a long look during free time, right?

The four girls communicated secretly and reached a consensus in no time. After two consecutive hours of basic training in the afternoon, another hour of physical fitness test and target shooting took place. When finally disbanded and went back to the dormitory to sort out personal affairs, Zhao Linshuang’s group followed the map to the outside of the cafeteria.

The training time for freshmen was much shorter than that of formal soldiers. When they arrived at the door, it was not yet dinner time where the cafeteria began to serve. But just standing on the opposite side of the room, they could smell the fragrance that came out continuously.

Zhao Linshuang, who was accustomed to high-end restaurant’s cooking, couldn’t help but swallowed, let alone her other three roommates.

"Let's take a peek through the window."

"Well, let's see what is so fragrant and let's go."

"Meimei, hurry and follow up~"

The four people crept on their feet, and quickly squatted out of the cafeteria window, looking inside. The robots in charge of loading the dishes were busy inside, but the chef couldn't be seen. Every table was already full of dishes.

Pieces of golden and attractive palm-thick tonkatsu, red and yellow tomato scrambled eggs, clear loofah soup, and slices of pancakes decorated with green onions were stacked like a high hill.

Zhao Linshuang took a deep breath. Her face was a little intoxicated. Those were obviously ordinary food that could be eaten in other restaurants, but in this cafeteria, they looked so tempting and very delicious. But when she was about to poke her head in, she heard an exclamation in her ear.

"Look, a rabbit, and a dog… stealing the food!" Chen Qili stretched out her finger and yelled.

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