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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 120 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 120 Part 2

Taming the beasts to then put them on the battlefield. 

In the past five hundred years, there were many scientists who went on to invest in this research. However, at most, they could only affect Level 1 and 2 beasts. There was no way for them to reach the Level 3 and above. Those with strong mental power, such as Mu Ming, who was known by the entire military region, indeed had tamed Level 5 beasts at a young age. But this was a realm of mental power that was too high to even imagine, so it was impossible to popularize it.

But this issue had actually already go beyond the current research in the First Army Regiment!

If it succeeded in the end, then the next time the beast wave came, they might no longer need soldiers to fight to their death. They might be able to shake hands and made peace with the wild beasts in the beast wave, perhaps they could simply avoid the big war? Or, they could also tame the high-level beasts and recruited an entire team of beast to fight the beast wave?

Zhang Qiudong was shocked. He was obviously shocked by his own imagination. In the past, more than one person had imagined the direction of this subject, but they all failed. But if it could be implemented, even if these beasts ate better than soldiers, it was nothing! Because this was a big milestone in research progress!

The arrogant, huge, and ferocious Level 4 iceberg wolf could even surrender. Then wouldn’t the army conquering an entire beast wave become closer? Because, beast tide wave mainly used Level 3 to 4 beasts as the main force, Level 6 and above were very rare in the first place, so they could already be the leader. 

If World of Beast could be tamed, lives of countless citizens and soldiers could then be saved. They could even reduce the number of injured and severely ill people every year, if for these they just needed to let the beasts eat a little better, why not? This military expenditure was worth it!

Zhang Qiudong almost completely decided that he would stand on Marshal Li Er's side. "Okay, let's do some coordination."

Lieutenant Colonel Chen looked at the iceberg wolves that were circling under the feet of the soldiers on the field with a smile. If it was just a wolf that lied down and acted like a baby, it would obviously be useless to the army. A better show was yet to come! As soon as he thought of this, someone next to him pressed the device that was prepared.

On the training ground, silver light suddenly appeared in the surrounding area, and a metallic luster that could hardly be seen by the naked eye attacked the center! The sound of breaking through the air suddenly whistled in everyone's ears.

In the middle of the field, He Junliang and Sun Hao stood back to back. The two wolves at their feet also stopped rubbing their heads and paws. They suddenly raised their heads vigilantly. The two wolves’ ears were parallel to each other, and there was a low howl in their throats.

When the soldiers drew their guns, the wolves’ fur had been erected fully, and their hind limbs were kicking on the ground like an arrow. They actually rushed into the air first, and one pounced and flicked their tails. The metal frisbee was instantly beaten to the ground. He Junliang and Sun Hao bullets were also fired.

There were only six shots on the gun, but in the end, a total of thirty frisbees were put down. The iceberg wolves took on most of the attacks for the soldiers and protected their safety, instead of choosing to escape by themselves.

"Amazing!" Zhang Qiudong could no longer use other words to describe his shock at this time. "This is simply a pioneering move. If the iceberg wolves can fight other attacking beasts…"

Lieutenant Colonel Chen shook his hand, "Today is only their first day of training. We are not in a hurry."

He Junliang and Sun Hao on the court were completely agitated at this moment. They glanced at each other. Their eyes were full of sparkling fire. Looking at the iceberg wolves that were crawling on the ground again, tenderness that they hadn't noticed flashed in their eyes. Almost without thinking, they all took out all the remaining chicken fillets from their spaces.

The two iceberg wolves were majestic, cold, and aloof. They moved extremely fast, their attack power and resistance were all above average. They even had intelligence not weaker than that of human children. But as soon as they saw the snacks, they completely abandoned their dignity. They flicked their tails, quickly stood up, both of their front paws pounced on the soldiers, and they stood up high.

With their heads tilted and their mouths open, the wolves gnawed off the chicken fillet in the soldier's hand and ate happily. When they finished eating, they licked their fur, and quickly lay quietly under their feet again, occasionally looking around vigilantly. The clever and handsome appearance made the tenth battalion mobile team onlookers jealous to death.

"I probably have pink eye disease. I seem to have fallen for these little ones."

"If I also have a pet wolf like this, I will save my three meals a day and leave them for him."

"Try hard, comrades!"

"I want to set a small goal. I must enter the top 10% this year, and then apply for a beast pet from the organization!"

Everyone was envious. Even Zhang Qiudong couldn't help but be envious too. If he was ten years younger, he would also want such a mighty beast familiar with its own mind that was also capable of fighting. This thing, just imagining it could make people laugh.

"Well, the iceberg wolves are temporarily done. The gorillas are next."

Following the voice of the organizer, Liu Weiwei opened her space again. She took out a thermostat, and handed it to the three soldiers who were very eager. "All three of them like vegetarian food, but will occasionally eat meat to change the mood. I prepared banana pie and durian pastry, which are their daily staple food. These mango puddings are desserts after meals. They are usually eaten once a week as a reward after special training. For meat, even if their digestive systems are strong, they could only eat it at most once a week." She seemed to be talking about the weather, very relaxed and natural, but Zhang Qiudong looked at Liu Weiwei differently.

Banana pie, durian pastry, mango pudding…

Banana Pie

Durian Pastry

Mango Pudding

Zhang Qiudong only received army allowance, so he had no extra money and he couldn’t go out to a restaurant like a rich man. However, after seeing the iceberg wolf's chicken snacks, he also wanted to taste the gorilla feed, how it tasted… how to eat it!

Zhang Qiudong's originally iron-like and selfless face twitched fiercely. He even blushed a little. How could his wish be realized? By saying ‘Please give me some… gorilla food… err… feed? Sorry, I just wanted to try it too. I haven't eaten something like this before’?

Sh*t! Zhang Qiudong finally understood the feelings of the complaining soldiers. He could understand how bad it must have been! When he looked at the training ground with complicated eyes, the three giant gorillas had just been released from the cage, they looked fierce and he gasped.

Level 4 black back silver gorilla!

This was not an ordinary gorilla, but a pioneer of the beast wave, the little leader of the low-level beast team!

Human beings evolved from gorillas tens of thousands of years ago. After years of research and speculation about the IQ of beasts, it was said that beast gorillas were most likely to have IQ equivalent to the third grade of elementary school children. They could understand basic human gestures and learned simple orders.

These special gorillas had three silver lines on their forehead, which were easy to identify. Generally speaking, in any breeding base, there would not be more than one black-backed silver special gorilla in the same area, because they would most likely fight to death until one was crowned the king. 

But now that three silver gorillas were released at the same time, Zhang Qiudong's thinking was completely refreshed. He could clearly feel the gorillas’ irritability, but this was not aimed at the same kind around them, but because the atmosphere of too many strange humans at the scene made them nervous and irritable. This kind of irritability reached its extreme when they beat their chests, bent over, and beat the ground!

The three young soldiers in front of the gorillas couldn't help but looked solemn. They even put their hands on the guns behind their waistbands.

However, just as Zhang Qiudong held his breath thinking he was about to watch a big battle, the three soldiers suddenly started to throw three pie-like objects into the air, before these objects fell to the ground like a parabola, the gorillas moved!

The three black-backed silver gorillas actually made dexterous and cool jumping movements. They all had different postures, but with their long arms stretched out, they caught the object in the air with a scream, and stuffed it in their big mouths without hesitation!

In the air, the unique fragrance of bananas floated like a light dance, permeating the nose of every onlookers…

The gorillas cried out, holding the banana pie carefully in their two big palms, and didn't bother to look at the soldiers around.

When the three soldiers took a tentative step forward and carefully stretched their hands forward, one of the mighty giant gorilla bowed its head and snorted. It touched the soldier with its slender fingers affectionately.

Zhang Qiudong couldn’t say any comments anymore. "Lieutenant Colonel Chen, can you give me a brief introduction to your latest investigation and research progress today?" His hands were shaking. This was definitely a pioneering work, a pioneering work!


Zhang Qiudong now wanted to see the results of the research right away and immediately went back to write a report. If such a pioneering work could be popularized throughout the army, it might become the biggest breakthrough within the last thousand years! Even if it was not part of his duties, but since he happened to come to see it this time, he had the obligation to report this to his superiors, so that the organization would pay attention to the first army regiment’s pioneering research that had absolute significance!

"Marshal Li Er, I will submit the report to the superior tomorrow at the latest." Zhang Qiudong was very excited. Over the years, countless people had died as a result of the beast wave. Ordinary people, soldiers… many people! The amount of military resources invested in defense and combat preparations every year was almost an astronomical figure that ordinary people couldn’t imagine!

"I will ask for funding from my superiors to assist the First Army Regiment to continue this great research." Zhang Qiudong was very clear that the future could be changed. Even if it had nothing to do with him, as a witness to the prototype, he was so excited that he couldn’t wait to devote himself to this great cause. And this idea of him had not diminished over time, but had instead grown stronger.

After watching the following groups of beasts, Zhang Qiudong found that the First Army Regiment had already conquered the stage with remarkable results, not just to tame a single beast. Marshal Li Er graciously invited him, the author of the report, to taste the beast feed in person.

"Don't worry, Comrade Zhang. Come, eat this banana pie, so that the report can be written more vividly and touchingly."

Zhang Qiudong: …

It was indeed a very vivid and touching taste. The banana pie was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The skin on the outside looked golden from deep-frying and very crispy. He could hear a crisp clicking sound as soon as he bit on it, hitting his soul directly. And after biting the skin, the soft and warm filling flowing out from inside, sliding into his mouth like quicksand…

The soft sweetness hidden in the crispy skin reminded Zhang Qiudong of the banana-flavored nutrient solution that his mother bought him during his childhood. The banana flavored nutrient was too sweet and only delicious for young children, but at this moment it had become a charming taste suitable for all ages.

This kind of sweetness was not greasy, and it seemed that no matter how much people eat, it wouldn't make them feel bored. Every time they chewed, it brought a soothing and refreshing goodness. People wouldn’t be able to help but slowly raise the corners of their mouths and narrow their eyes.

The gorilla must be happy. They had to be living happily if they could eat this kind of feed every day. Zhang Qiudong bit off the last piece of his banana pie, and easily came to this conclusion. The beast were not tamed by force, nor fascinated by medicine, but subdued by such wonderful food.

Zhang Qiudong's eyes were a little red, and he refused the durian pastry that Marshal Li Er handed him. "Leave it to the gorillas to eat. Let them be good… and obedient."

Zhang Qiudong suffered from insomnia that night. His dream was full of the sweet smell of bananas. He even became a gorilla and he ate a full box of banana pie. He was finally awakened by the feeling of fullness. When he woke up to write a report, he was kindly brought to an office by a guide that was finally assigned by the First Army Regiment.

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