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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 115

ICRAB – Chapter 115

After this confession episode, Liu Weiwei devoted herself to busy work again. Marshal Li Er talked to her many times about mass producing seasoning packets.

After discussing with Qin Mo, Liu Weiwei originally wanted to use her assets as investment. It was considered as cooperation with the military. Half of the profit would be for the military, and the other half to be donated in her name. The Major supported her idea very much. He grew up in the army, and money was nothing to him. As long as the quality of daily life and training of the soldiers could be improved, he was even willing to invest.

However, their proposal was rejected by Marshal Li Er.

There were many military factories cooperating with the military, which had monopolized military-related products manufacturing all the year round, and had gained a lot of benefits in recent years. With a wave of his hand, Marshal Li Er decided that the wool should come from the sheep. The seasoning packets production should be led by Liu Weiwei, and the Scientific Research Bureau would conduct further research. The two sides cooperated to develop technical principles, and the military factories that had contacts with the First Army Regiment would be responsible only for production.

The first batch of seasonings would be used in the First Army Regiment and would be quickly spread to other military regions at a cost. In the subsequent Interstellar Alliance marketing, these seasonings would be popularized in restaurants, hotels, and ordinary people's families. This work would also be left to the business people who were originally operating the factories. Compared with the Chef association, the price would be lower. With more advanced technology and the support from military, the Marshal believed that those businessmen could also see the huge business opportunities.

Of the final profit, 40% would be used as military resources and research funding for the Scientific Research Bureau, 10% would go to Liu Weiwei, and the rest would go to the merchant.

After hearing this plan, Liu Weiwei wanted to refuse. In her opinion, this money was very hot, it was best for her not to take even a cent. But Marshal Li Er did not approve, and strongly urged her to accept it. In the end, she could only take a step back and took a small portion.

Liu Weiwei mind was very clear, even if the method of refining the seasoning was proposed by her, but the further research and operation were all carried out by the Scientific Research Bureau. She only provided the recipe. And if it weren’t for the military’s support, she would find a company by herself or start a company. But with that, she would probably fail to succeed in making a profit as she would be frantically suppressed by the Chef Association that now monopolizes the industry. With only her personal strength, it would never be possible to make a penny.

Moreover, Liu Weiwei was not short of money now, so she thought it would be better to use such huge benefits to exchange for a stronger military support. In this way, even if Marshal Li Er retires in the future, the elders of other military districts would still take care of her. After all, her ultimate goal was not to become the richest person, but to conquer the taste buds of everyone in the sea of stars and became Chinese food master of the Interstellar Alliance!

Such a goal naturally requires a hard background, so the bigger the backing, the better.

"If you don't want this money, donate it to the Interstellar Alliance. Don't talk to me now, otherwise I will be very angry." Marshal Li Er insisted on the 10% part as his bottom line.

In the end, Liu Weiwei had to agree with Qin Mo's agreement also.

In the next week or so, the Scientific Research Bureau was constantly experimenting with the manufacturing and refining methods of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. In which state, the taste was better, the production was faster, the cost was the lowest, and the nutrition was most abundant.

The Scientific Research Bureau produced at least a hundred samples, all of which were sent to Liu Weiwei's home or to the cafeteria for her to use in cooking. Yang Likun was also very busy that he even wished to grow another set of hands.

At the collapse stage where even the little bun was about to make a fuss, Liu Weiwei was tricked into a natural hot spring pool in the suburbs by Qin Mo. In his defense, the relaxation of tight nerves was conducive to better participation in a fight.

The hot spring town in the suburbs was a natural sulfur hot spring.

"This used to be a volcano. After the crustal movement, there is still lava under the ground that has not cooled down. The hot gas is constantly erupting, and the water on the surface becomes the hot spring here." Qin Mo tried his best to explain.

Of course Liu Weiwei knew what a hot spring was, and the hot pool with bubbles and mists was also very tempting for her. In the past few days of continuous exhaustion, working in the Skynet restaurant, in the cafeterias, condiment research, and her own daily cooking training in the system which often lasted thousands of hours, she was just like a tight string due to fatigue. Now she had the chance to soak in a hot spring comfortably. To relax her body and mind, and by the way, she could also beautify her face and make her skin softer, smoother, and more delicate.


"There is only one pool here?" Liu Weiwei looked around, her brows and feet jumping desperately.

"This is natural." Qin Mo raised his head and looked up to the sky.

"I didn't bring a swimsuit." Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched.

"It’s fine." Qin Mo shamelessly deactivated all monitors and robot guards that the space had already prepared.

"Within a radius of ten kilometers, there will be no people, and satellite signals will also be blocked. If you still not rest assured, there are also closed extension tents, but it will be a pity if we use that because then we won’t be able to see the scenery."

Liu Weiwei: "…"

"You need me to help you step into the water?"

"I don’t!" Liu Weiwei blushed and her heart was thumping. She and the major had been sleeping together for a long time, but at any rate there had always been a third or fourth people, such as the bun in the stomach before, or Xiao Bai lying on the ground or on the bedside table. But today, she had lost all her support!

Although they had to go to this point sooner or later, but choosing the location to be in the hot spring pool, this major was to beastly! Liu Weiwei simply suspected that he had a peek at the dominating CEO romance novels she had downloaded. She really felt that she had been taken into the ditch at this moment.

Now there was no one in a radius of ten kilometers… It’s really, too much… so, even if she yelled until she broke her throat, no one would come to rescue?  ̄へ ̄

Qin Mo’s paw calmly and directly pressed on Liu Weiwei’s shoulder. Without hesitation, he twisted the first button on her shirt dress…

Liu Weiwei closed her eyes tightly until his whole person entered the warm water. She was completely red like a tomato. In the hot spring water, if it weren't for the water that was smoking, she would be shivering already. Her heart beat fast, her hands and feet became soft, and she could only leaned limply on the big hand behind his back, which was going up and down. She swallowed with difficulty, but her hand was stuffed with a fiery, hot — stone.


"The awakening stone that Fatty gave you is better absorbed when your body and mind are relaxed. The sulfur hot spring can also stimulate the stone’s deep elements and resonate with the human body."


Liu Weiwei blushed again and opened her eyes. Damn, this car, went not where she expected it to go! It turned out that it was just for her to absorb the stone’s energy. What she was thinking, was simply embarrassing.

"If you hold it, you will be able to absorb it in a while. With this stone, the mental power of ordinary people can raise at least one level. You were originally a Level 3, if you have good luck, you can even break through Level 5."

Qin Mo's words were very serious, but his voice was also a little awkward.

Liu Weiwei nodded and held the stone carefully. Although she was shy at first, she opened her eyes and found that the hot spring water was milky white, completely covering the curve below her neck, which was very safe. She breathed a sigh of relief, the heat on her face subsided a lot. However, she didn't know, when her eyes were half-closed, she looked like a lamb grazing lazily on the grass. Her calm and relaxed expression, coupled with rosy pink cheeks after soaking for a while, contrasted sharply with the color of her pure black hair. How delicious and sultry was her small face, how delicate and smooth her skin was…

Liu Weiwei relaxed too quickly. This trust and cuteness made the only man on the scene very satisfied, and his heart was even more moved.

When Liu Weiwei wanted to change place and sat on a certain rock under the hot spring, she was taken down by the man in the pool! The man rubbed her with his big hand all over. She was wet, her red lips became more beautiful, and the man printed his own mark without any hesitation!

"Let this be a mark."

"You are mine."

Qin Mo's pride was as strong as his combat ability. Li Sanpang was right after all, he had reached an unreasonable state.

Liu Weiwei was like a silly Little Lamb. She thought she could eat a bite of fresh green grass by leaning against the Big Bad Wolf's arms. She thought that the blue sky could be her cover and the earth could be her bed, that the lamb her and the Big Bad Wolf could chat together in pure friendship.  But obviously, the Big Bad Wolf was going to eat her, and even her bones wouldn’t be left behind.

The Big Bad Wolf felt that the relaxed Little Lamb had the most delicious meat. It was not struggling but instead went on a silly daze. It was kind of cute and pleasant. The more he looked at her, the more he wanted to laugh.

Eat while laughing in a hot spring…

The Big Bad Wolf was very satisfied, everything was perfect. It was worth it to work overtime this past week just to squeeze out this a small half-day holiday.

The Little Lamb Liu Weiwei’s mental power was gradually growing under the help of the awakening stone. As the cooking soldier of the Big Bad Wolf Qin Mo, their level of mental power synchronization had reached nearly 80% after more than half a year. Even without any auxiliary equipment, they could feel each other's… pleasure.

Of course the Little Lamb was delicious.

After eating, the Big Bad Wolf wiped his mouth clean. He still felt the aftertaste, and it summed his good meal. He ate starting with the lamb leg, and then he ate the two front hooves little by little. In the end, only the soft and tender body of the most beautiful and gentle lamb was left, and it was cleaned in one breath!


"Next time, let's go to the iceberg. There is snow outside, hot water inside. Ice and fire combined, and then turn over to eat…" The Big Bad Wolf wanted to turn the head of his flower, but the Little Lamb slammed his back with her hoof and pouted. In the end, the Big Bad Wolf had to wash the tired Little Lamb and carry her home. He also had to massage her four little hooves and waist.

But fortunately, the Big Bad Wolf was not fined to sleep in the study that night. Maybe because of the superb massage technique, the Little Lamb fell asleep directly on the pillow as she was too tired. The Big Bad Wolf let out a sigh of relief, hugged her small waist, feeling satisfied, and fell asleep comfortably.

The next morning, the Big Bad Wolf got up early and prepared a catastrophic breakfast – muggy oatmeal. He smiled and tried to feed his Little Lamb.

As a result, at breakfast, even the little white rabbit that often ate grass escaped. 

Meanwhile, the mini Krypton Beast waiting in the kitchen early in the morning rolled its eyes and swept down its whip-like tail. It smashed the Big Bad Wolf’s Collector's Edition Mecha Model as a protest…

Big Bad Wolf: !!!

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