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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 123

ICRAB – Chapter 123

Liang Kai'an was in half disbelieve at first, and might not even half. Someone suddenly ran out and said that she could save him. If it weren't for the extreme despair, he probably wouldn't care. However, how many people in this world could help when people were desperate? Not many. At the beginning, his father went in debt to learn cooking, and his parents divorced when he was very young. His dad suddenly vomited blood last week, and now he was under a critical illness observation notice. He usually respected his dad's disciple, but it had completely changed! If the shop's signboard was removed, his father's 30 years of hard work would be all in vain.

"He just threatened me not to close the shop, trying to buy the ownership of the shop at a low price, so that he could save more than ten years of building good name!" Liang Kai'an clenched his fists angrily. "Teacher, I'm willing to eat any kind of suffering, even if I have to stay awake for these next three days!"

Liu Weiwei gave a hum, and handed the Little Bun in her hands to the housekeeping robot next to her. She lifted up the sleeves of the chiffon skirt she was wearing today. She didn't mind the oil residues, and entered the back kitchen. "First show what you know to me."

Just this one sentence made Liang Kai'an’s face reddened.

Liu Weiwei pursed her mouth. Just now she heard the boy say that he refused to learn how to cook, so she guessed that the other party was a completely blank piece of paper. After confirming it now, she couldn’t say that she was disappointed. 

"First of all, I must tell you. I can't be in this shop’s kitchen as a chef for the three days." Liu Weiwei draped the chef's clothes from her space on her body.

As soon as Liu Weiwei said this, Liang Kai'an's face changed drastically. "Teacher, I can learn in three days… No, one day, I will start selling noodles today. Otherwise it would be impossible to gain half a month's turnover!"

Liu Weiwei glanced at Liang Kai'an, "Your father is a chef, you should know very well, how long has he studied and practiced?"

Liang Kai'an was stiff, "So, there is still no hope?"

Liu Weiwei walked into the back kitchen and observed the tools inside and the obviously failed dough on the chopping board. She shook her head. "I want to take back what I said before."

Liang Kai'an was desperate.

"Lanzhou Beef Pulled Noodle is not good. You won’t even be able to learn the essence in one day. In the end, if you just try to sell it, it will only smash your own shop’s name. I think this is definitely not what your father wants to see."


Liu Weiwei went around in the kitchen and found flour. She threw away the failed product on the chopping board, and poured a small bag of flour on it. "You open your light brain recording function. I will do it once now, and what you have to do is spend the next two days to memorize the main points of my action. Only on the third day, open the shop for sale!"

"Only selling for one day? Even if we sell from the morning, it will be too late, right? There are not many tables and chairs in the store, if…"

Xu Hui, who was listening in a daze, grabbed Liang Kai'an, "Okay, don't talk more. You are a man, don't think about so many ifs and assumptions, just roll up your sleeves and do it!"

Liu Weiwei nodded, "You have to learn my movements as much as you can. Even if the temperature these days are low, kneaded dough will not be able to store that long. Now there are robots, so you should disassemble my actions and set commands for the robot’s chip." Thanks to Qin Mo’s various research and enthusiasm for robot chips at home, she had also become a qualified buyer who knew many things on how to match chips. "Also, I'll send you another video. You can do it, you do the kneading and rubbing action, but leave it to the robot if you can't. Don't expect for the best, just barely passing is enough. However, you must master the essence of every action in this video. On the last day, try your best to display it!"

Liang Kai'an listened to the instruction, but he still felt reliable when he heard about the robot. Many noodle shops also use modern equipment and robots to process dough, eliminating the need for labor. For now, this might be the fastest method. He had thought about this before, but the specialized cooking robots and cooking chips were too expensive. Even if he sold this small noodle shop, he still couldn't afford them. If it was an ordinary robot, it was feasible to have a knowledgeable chef chip set up on it, but he had not found a chef who was willing to demonstrate the action. After all, every secret recipe was indeed secret that couldn’t be spread around.

"Teacher, I can modify the housekeeper robot at home!" Liang Kai'an’s fighting spirit broke out instantly.

Liu Weiwei finally got serious, "Well, let's start."

However, this was destined to be an extraordinary day for Liang Kai'an. When he saw Liu Weiwei's live performance, his eyes almost fell off. He had always felt that the kitchen was dirty and messy, so he rarely stepped in. 

But when Liang Kai'an was young, he also saw his dad's movements and gestures when he was making pulled noodles. To be honest, his dad, a big man, could hardly be compared with the show in front of him when pulling noodles!

Liu Weiwei’s hands in kneading dough were like those born not to do work. The skin was fair and delicate, but her movements were not gentle. Every time she knead the dough, she was full of strength. Her hands were like extensions of the dough, almost integrated with the flour in her hands. There was no blockage, and no roughness at all. Just the dull and boring kneading movements made her feel like she was doing a performance. The dough in her hands gradually formed and became smooth…

All the suspicions before, were all smashed into the ground by the dough and disappeared at this moment. Liang Kai'an felt that if his father had such a good-looking appearance when kneading dough in the early days, Liang Kai'an estimated that he would not treat the back kitchen as a messy place at all.

Xu Hui and Tang Yingqian on the side also saw Liu Weiwei in the back kitchen for the first time. They were dumbfounded for a while.

"It's no wonder that Ice Cube Major Qin fell so quickly."

"He also needs to be really fast, otherwise it's probably going to be snatched by others."

The two military wives were very emotional. They cancelled going to the dessert shop and watched with relish here instead. Originally, there were many noodle chefs on ancient earth who would perform cool pulled noodle actions on the spot for diners to watch. This was a cooking process with appreciating significance and fun. If the noodles could be pulled to the extreme, as thin as a dragon's whiskers, and not broke anywhere, the effort involved would not lose to the skill of using knife. This was the accumulation of generation after generation of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

Liu Weiwei's performance, she herself thought was not the best. Even if she practiced for tens of thousands of hours in the system, her muscle strength and endurance were still limited in the end. But fortunately, now that human genes had improved, she could support it for around three or four hours. But if she had to do it continuously for a whole day, she wouldn’t be able to lift her arms at night. "Watch closely. You need to knead the noodles here, then pull, keep repeating…"

Liang Kai'an’s eyes were straightened, and he couldn't help but admire his teacher. The young woman who was holding a baby just now turned into a noodle chef with a higher skill than his dad! Maybe his dad would also want to worship her as a teacher if he was on the scene.

Liang Kai'an couldn't help but come up with this idea.

When Liu Weiwei stopped and waited for the dough to proof, she decisively found the video for Liang Kai'an on the Internet.

As a result, Liang Kai'an saw the video and his goose bumps came out.

"This this…" This was also possible?!

Xu Hui glanced at the young man and smiled while covering her mouth. "Work hard."

Three days later.

On normal days, all kinds of aircraft were constantly flying between different orbits above and below the road. Today, however, in the middle of an inconspicuous path, something almost caused a traffic jam.

"F*ck, what's that?"

"Isn't that a noodle shop? Sh*t, what is the kid at the door doing? Dance?"

"I've never seen such a showy dance!"

"Wait a minute, isn't this shop selling noodles? What is this?"

"I have checked. It's written at the entrance of the store. One noodle exclusive. Only one noodle in a bowl?"

"Really? I was almost blinded by the little brother's dance, and I didn't even see the words at the door!"

[Liang Family Noodle Shop. Sell one noodle today. A bowl full of one noodle. If you are not full, or if you find a second noodle in the bowl, it will be free.]

More and more people saw the signs while standing at the door.

People nowadays had never lacked excitement. Whether it’s online or in news reports, weird things on every planet were refreshing the people’s lower limit every day. So there were few things that could make them feel refreshed again. But this shop obviously did it!

What did a piece of noodle mean? If they didn't understand the title, they could still understand the dance of the little brother. They saw the little brother, wearing a chef's uniform, holding thick and long dough in his hands. He kept twisting his waist and dancing his hands here to there. The noodles in his hands were like fairy ribbons, which he spun round and round. The circle, like ripples and clouds, had never been broken. This noodle should be two to three meters long, even longer!

[I Spin, I jump, I close my eyes… Snowfall, The Sun, won’t stop me…]

A melodious melody song with ancient oriental colors accompanied this little handsome brother. On every step he took, there was a re-beating drumbeat. And every time he tossed the noodles in his hand, it fell on the smooth rhythm and the unique flavor of the singing.

"Hey, ‘Dancer’, I found it, the lyrics are two thousand years old!"

"Awesome, little brother! Old antique music, he can also perform such a show~"

"My God, this melody is too magical, with the little brother's dance steps and the twisting of his waist, I can loop the song for 100 years!"

"Is this noodle edible? The noodle in his hands is weird…"

"This is really eye-opening for me!"

The congested traffic soon caused more and more people to stop and take a look at this small shop on the side of the road. Many people thought that since they were no longer able to move forward, it was better to come down and taste the noodle. The idea of trying new things found in the small shop.

"Oh, it's cheap! Only ten thousand one bowl."

"Next door, I think a bowl of beef noodles costs 50,000 yuan. This little brother has put a conscience price."

"Hahaha, just with 10,000 yuan. Besides eating noodles, I can also watch live performances. It's worth it!"

"Yes, even if it doesn't taste good, just consider paying for the dance. Nowadays, if we watch a drama or something on a reality show, don't you have to pay almost five thousand a ticket?"

Some people think this way, and some people came because of the promotion.

"Hey, brother, I want a bowl of noodles! I'm serious, I won't pay if there is a second noodle."

"I have a big appetite. It's no problem even if I eat three bottles of nutrient solution. You bet with me, you will definitely lose! Today's free meal, I will eat it!"

Regardless of black or white, those who could catch mice were good cats. As long as the guests come in, it didn't matter whether they were attracted by the food, the dance, or the promotion. As soon as the popularity came, more and more people were willing to join the fun.

The little-known noodle shop that had stopped for half a month, now had diners lined up at the door.

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