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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 100

ICRAB – Chapter 100

Liu Weiwei's knife cutting video went viral again, this time it was all over the universe. At Happy Restaurant, the people queuing detoured two roads, and she finally had to set a limit of 100 queues per day, until the excitement went down. Everyone desperately wanted to see the live version of the chrysanthemum tofu making in the shop, but no one ever saw it again.

Liu Weiwei, the person involved, was kneeling on the bed with difficulty at this moment. She was 8 months pregnant, but the doctor told her that the fetal position was incorrect during the check last week. Although the baby could be delivered by caesarean section, and the medical skills were much more advanced now, she still wanted to try all-out methods to turn the fetal position before delivery. That’s why now she was correcting the fetal position according to the doctor's instructions.

With both arms bent, Liu Weiwei struggled to support her legs on the bed, and her neck was struggling against the quilt all the way to her chest. Doing this for a while every day, she already felt a little bit of breathlessness, but she still had to three times a day. And each time the Major had to watch the time and meticulously guide her do it for ten minutes.

"There are still seven minutes." Every time Liu Weiwei heard such reminder, she wanted to let the time went faster. 

"Why don't you just give up? Let Bu Zhongxin do a laparotomy." Qin Mo was actually very entangled, especially looking at his child's mother's pale face and sweat falling like beads. He was a little reluctant. But thinking about it, it's been three or four days, if she gave up now, then the previous suffering would be in vain. Tangled, he could only divert her attention in a different way.

"Let Xiao Bai roll a few times on the ground to entertain you?"

"When you are done later, I will give you small wontons to eat?"

"If your legs are sore, I'll rub it for you."

"When the baby is born, I will ask for leave. Should our family of three go on vacation and travel around the universe?"

The gifts the Qin Mo bought for his daughter and the gifts for his child’s mother were almost too much they were piling up in the room, but it still didn’t prevent him from bringing a flower today and a small silk scarf tomorrow to make Liu Weiwei happy.

Liu Weiwei was also amused by him. She now felt more and more that the decision to marry him was correct. "How many minutes left?"

"Three minutes, this time is enough for me to tell the baby a story about Little Red Riding Hood."

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth curled up, "Comrade Major, I have a very serious question. In case it is not me that you met that day, there may be a woman who come to you with a child in the future, what should I do if it is your baby?" 

Qin Mo was helping Liu Weiwei massage her waist, he was frowning when he heard this, "What nonsense are you thinking about?"

"This is a reasonable guess. You don't have enough evidence to prove that we were together at that time, did you?"

"Who said that? Who has been talking nonsense in front of you?" Qin Mo obviously couldn't accept this speculation.

Liu Weiwei pouted.

"It's you, it must be you." Qin Mo pressed Liu Weiwei’s aching back emphatically. "Others have nothing to do with me. If they find me, I will also let her find you."


"If she wants me to compensate, my body, mind and money has all been given to you. So I can only let you pay her aftercare."


Liu Weiwei instantly covered her cheek that got hot.

"Don't move, put your hands flat."

"…So, when the child is born, let's check the DNA. When the baby grow up, we have to explain it to the child, right? Instead of someone else telling the baby, will be better that we are the one to tell."

Qin Mo frowned. "Then should we schedule amniotic fluid test next week?"

"That won't work. What if I accidentally see the baby’s gender? What should I do if we found that the baby has weak physical or mental potential?" What Liu Weiwei fears most was that the child would be like her, a weak chicken.

Qin Mo was amused, so he could only let her be, "Don't think too much, focus on what you are doing first."

Liu Weiwei laughed too.

When Liu Weiwei finished her nap in the afternoon, she took Yang Likun and Xiao Bai to the Scientific Research Bureau. She went to see the Dax Beast. She heard that it evolved suddenly yesterday, and didn't like the food Yang Likun sent.

When evolved, the taste of beast was also likely to change.

Liu Weiwei asked Yang Likun to send some of the meals she had brought to the other beasts. She herself went into the observation room of the Dax Beast as usual and prepared stewed bone for it.

Stewed Bone was a Northeastern dish. The meat attached to the bones was stewed for a long time. The meat was not dry but sweet and fragrant instead. The bone marrow inside could also be sucked out. The tendons attached to the joint ends were also very chewy and pleasant to bite. Whether it was a human being or a beast, grabbing a big bone and chewing it was always an interesting delicacy.

Dax Beast, who was born to eat meat, could hardly refuse the temptation of chewing bones, moreover accompanied by the rich smell of meat and sauce of the dish. It ate so much that it wagged its tail like a dog. The entire face of the beast was plopped entirely to the plate of bones. Smeared with sauce, it didn't look fierce at all.

Liu Weiwei clapped her hands with satisfaction, but when she was about to leave to cook for Xiao Bai, the door in front of her was suddenly slammed shut. She glanced at the Dax Beast happily chewing bones behind her in shock, and then at the enclosed wall on all sides. When she opened her light brain, there was no signal. Xiao Bai next to her made a vigilant sound.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but grabbed Xiao Bai’s back to calm it down a bit.

"Is there anyone?" Liu Weiwei called tentatively, but found that there was no response. "Xiao Bai, is the equipment malfunctioning? I'm going to press the help button." As soon as her voice fell, the wall behind her was suddenly opened and an earth-shattering roar suddenly came out!

The fur on Xiao Bai's entire body was erected, and her snorting became even thicker. At the same time, she became a rabbit twice as tall!

The Dax Beast, who was gnawing at the bones in the transparent box, also suddenly turned his head and looked toward the wall fiercely.

Liu Weiwei swallowed, and immediately hugged her belly. She slowly hid behind Xiao Bai's back.

"Lieutenant Colonel Chen, there is an abnormality in Room 13! The signal is cut off and the door cannot be opened."

"The tightly closed iron cage on the east side was attacked and opened forcibly!"

"First level alert! First level alert!"

The well-organized Scientific Research Bureau immediately sounded the alarm.

While Lieutenant Colonel Chen, who was holding his hands behind his back and squinting at the Dax Beast report heard the alarm, he couldn't help but feel his scalp became numb. "Is Clerk Liu still inside?!" The analyst’s report almost fell to the ground together with his entire body as his legs went limp.


"Immediately try to connect to Clerk Liu's light brain, contact Major Qin Mo, Marshal Li Er, and the medical team!!!"

Yang Likun just finished feeding a circle of furry beasts. He was coming back to look for Liu Weiwei so that they could go back to the cafeteria together. When he heard the alert, he was so scared that all the plates in his hand fell. The tall leopard following him was still rubbing his palm. But he was so scared that he was not in the mood to pay attention to it at all, "Lieutenant Colonel Chen, what does first level alert mean? Didn't you say that it is safe to assist you in your work?"

Yang Likun almost put his fist on the forehead of Lieutenant Colonel Chen. He didn’t really care about the level, but his and his master’s safety! "Where is Room 13?"

When everyone was still in confused state, they heard a loud bang!

When everyone turned their heads, they saw a demon like man standing in the backlight. The man kicked off the door of the Scientific Research Bureau.

The people in the Scientific Research Bureau were all weak hearted, and Lieutenant Colonel Chen's hands trembled even more. He was upset, anxious, and annoyed, but even more, guilty. "Major Qin…"

"Where is she locked up?" Qin Mo's expression was extremely cold, and he walked like flying. With his cold face at the moment, if not for his lips that were shaking, and his voice that was a little shaky, other people would not be able to see his strangeness.

"What rank is the beast inside?" Qin Mo's aura was extremely heavy, and his eyes were about to penetrate the person in front of him.

"Level 6… just evolved to the top a few days ago…"

Qin Mo breathed a sigh of relief, but his expression was still as tight as iron, "How long will it take to repair the door's intelligent control system?"

"One hour… half an hour at the fastest." Lieutenant Colonel Chen was feeling extremely guilty. Even if it was half an hour, Mrs. Liu's small body couldn't even fill the teeth of the beast…

"Is it the beast she usually feeds?"

"Yes, but high-level beasts are usually fed by airdrops."

Qin Mo gritted his teeth and his entire face almost twitched. He hit the door in front of him with a bang, "The 13th Mecha Equipment Team of the First Regiment, report to the Scientific Research Bureau immediately!" The soldier following him immediately stood at attention and obeyed his orders.

After a while, Marshal Li Er, who was also furious and anxious, personally went to the Scientific Research Bureau. "What's the matter? Are there Trojan horses invading? Chen Jianbo, are you kidding me? This is the Scientific Research Bureau, a Military Scientific Research Bureau! Is your guard just paperwork? What are you doing normally? Do you play house? This is definitely your insider doing something! You just see, if we catch him, I'm going to kill him!!!"

The words made Chen Jianbo cold and sweaty, and the scientific research team next to him was urgently conquering the Trojan.

When Marshal Li Er turned his head and saw the armored mecha units entering the Scientific Research Bureau together, his heart almost stopped beating. "Qin Mo! You give me a timeout!" Privately mobilizing the team into an attack state without a superior’s order would become a stain on an officer's record. If it caused death of innocent people or caused irreversible losses to the army, even a Major rank would be subjected to military punishment.

"Marshal, it is my duty to protect important assets in the military." Qin Mo's cold voice came, and in a blink of an eye, the mecha drove in front of the crowd and slammed at the gate.

Marshal Li Er stared. Important assets in the military? Was talking about his wife and children?!

Marshal Li Er’s always spiritual face froze. It was his permission and even his encouragement to get Clerk Liu to help in the Scientific Research Bureau.

"Lieutenant Colonel, Marshal, the Kryptonium Beast seems to be awake! It escaped… the control room… It… it's moving fast toward this room!"

Lieutenant Colonel Chen was about to faint.

Marshal Li Er also shook his body, "Listen to my order, attack!"

When the bulletproof wall was punched with a hole by the mecha, amidst the roaring sound, there was a faint cry of pain from inside.

Qin Mo’s whole body shook in fear!

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