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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 99

 ICRAB – Chapter 99

When Liu Weiwei received the complaint from An Hao, she couldn't help laughing. She was not making things difficult for Zhen Nuli, but with the upgrade of the recipe, a dish also needed to be started from killing the fish and washing the fish, until the cooking was completed. The entire process required every perfect detail to achieve a five-star evaluation. If a chef didn't understand the ingredients he cooked, or couldn't handle the original state of the most primitive ingredients, he could never become a qualified senior chef. Now that the system wanted them to be able to cook alone, the apprentices had to start from the most basic ingredient prep step.

Even An Hao was asked to start from the first step of cleaning the shrimp vine, so Zhen Nuli work of making Intestine Noodles naturally started from the cruel initial cleaning. Only in this way could they know whether each shrimp or meat they cook was fresh, whether the fat in the intestines was suitable, and so on.

Liu Weiwei added Zhen Nuli's Skynet account and received his first photo of the finished product that night. He even took a serious video of the entire cooking process. Just looking at the color and shape of the noodles, it was basically the same as the appearance of the five-star cuisine, only the taste needed to be checked. "The most important point when making Intestine Noodles is to get rid of the fishy smell with seasoning." She sent him instructions, "I will be online tomorrow to taste it." Zhen Nuli, as the name suggests, really worked hard. Not to mention, she felt that he would not lose to anyone at all because of his mobility and tenacity. As long as he was given time to play his designer aesthetics, he might be able to cook alone soon.

The three disciples had different personalities and different backgrounds, but each had their own merits. Liu Weiwei was quite proud of her vision. 

The next day, Liu Weiwei happily went on Skynet and first tasted the dishes made by her two apprentices.

"The tofu in Mapo tofu is broken. The tofu cannot be stirred with a spatula. There is not enough thickening, lack of numbness taste. The oil temperature is a bit too high. The skin of the tofu is a bit burnt while the beef inside is not cooked enough, so it is hard to chew." Liu Weiwei gave a truthful evaluation, "Continue to practice."

"Yes, Master." An Hao was a little dejected.

"What are you sad about? I practiced this dish at least 1,000 times before I can master it, you should also show the same spirit as when you are practicing knife skills!"

"Yes!" An Hao agreed.

But when Liu Weiwei was about to taste Zhen Nuli’s noodles, she found that his face was gloomy. Dark circles under his eyes were extremely heavy, and his beard had not been shaved clean. There was nothing in front of him. There was no trace of the Intestine Noodles.


If the fatty intestines were not cleaned or marinated properly, it would be difficult to get rid of its peculiar taste. Once this fatal error occurred, it would not even be eligible to be served on the table. Obviously Zhen Nuli encountered this problem. 

Liu Weiwei was about to demonstrate in person, but there was a sudden noise at the door of the store.

"Excuse me, who is the boss?"

"Can we do a simple interview about the Chinese and Western food competition that went viral on the food forum yesterday?"

"The little brother who won yesterday…"

The reporters who rushed in quickly saw An Hao behind the glass back kitchen, and also saw the other two people, so they quickly gathered around.

An Hao took a step back instantly, while Liu Weiwei was also a little confused. Fortunately, her other disciple was more experienced.

"Everyone, please don't hinder the work of our kitchen, and don't hinder the dining of the diners." Zhen Nuli protected Liu Weiwei directly, "Keep quiet. Your sudden rush into the restaurant like this has constituted an obstacle to the order of the restaurant."

But the reporters still hurriedly asked questions through the glass.

"Does the knife-cutting video that was once a smash hit on the Internet come from your restaurant too?"

"Everyone is discussing that Western food is far less deeply rooted than Chinese food, and it shouldn’t even be compared at all. Boss, can you talk about this?"

"In addition, I heard that yesterday you were compensated 6 million credits. May I ask the boss, is this true? This is equivalent to the annual turnover of other shop!"

"Boss, many netizens have discovered that there is no senior chef's license certification on the wall of this store. Who is the highest level chef in your store, and what level is it?"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. She didn't expect her shop to be on fire again. The question of whether Chinese food or Western food was more complicated. Like the saying that the benevolent always sees the benevolence and the wise sees wisdom, even if she supported Chinese food, she also couldn't belittle Western food as food had always been part of culture. "For these questions, reporters can make personal evaluations after tasting them in our store." Many reporters were obviously from various food media channels, and all they had a certain degree of appreciation in themselves. They also had allocated money to eat and drink. Anyway, the dishes in her shop are not expensive.

"What about the knife-cutting video? Is the transparent glass placed in this shop just so the diners to see your knife skills?"

"I heard that after the defeat of the Western food chef yesterday, the Western food giant Damos claimed that the knife-cutting on the Internet as fake and untrue. How are you going to respond?"

Liu Weiwei stood on the side with ease and kept smiling. But when An Hao stood up angrily when he heard the knife-cutting video being mocked, she stopped him. She drew a sharp kitchen knife from the knife holder with one hand, and pulled out a box of tofu.

"Damos? I never heard of it."

"Response?" Liu Weiwei took out the whole piece of tofu, "Then I will give him a dish and ask him to taste it." When her voice fell, she immediately dropped four cut and immediately cut off the four corners of the tofu that were not smooth. A perfectly square tofu fell on the center of the cutting board. She then quickly shook her wrist, cutting the tofu straight with the knife without stopping. People couldn't even see how her hand moved with the knife, but hundreds of knives were dropped on the tofu instantly.

On closer inspection, the tofu still remained unbroken.

After Liu Weiwei turned the tofu over and continued to make hundreds of straight cuts, all reporters were stunned. Fortunately, the camera lens was on all the time and didn't miss this amazing scene. Everyone was in a daze, she stopped the knife, gently lifted the tofu from the chopping board, put it in a basin filled with water. Suddenly the tofu bloomed like a hundred petals chrysanthemum… 

"This, this is!?" The reporters were dumbfounded.

Even An Hao, who knew his Master’s strength best, was stunned. He thought that his potato shreds had been practiced to the extreme, but how could he have thought that his Master could cut tofu thinner than his potato shreds, and there was no break at all? It was still a whole piece of tofu! He was still too far behind.

"This tofu is like a chrysanthemum…?"

"God cutting skills! Chrysanthemum tofu!"

"Wow! How many threads are there? There are too many to count!"

The reporters almost forgot the interview, and the diners who were still eating all threw away their chopsticks and gathered around to look at the tofu.

Liu Weiwei smiled faintly, "Two hundred and fifty cuts vertically and horizontally, this tofu flower will be presented to chef Damos." As she said this, she picked up the tofu flower blooming in the water from the basin and put it into a white bowl of bone china next to it. She also scooped a spoonful of golden chicken bone broth in the shop plus a little wolfberry and put it into the center of the chrysanthemum tofu. With this the tofu was now embellished with a gorgeous flower center.

"This is simply a work of art!"

"Oh my god, it's amazing, I can't believe my own eyes!"

The reporters exclaimed again and again, and many of them even thought about news headlines.

[Chinese Food Chef shot five hundred big knife cuts to defeat Western Food Chef!]

[What is two hundred fifty plus two hundred fifty? The Chinese chef tells you!]

[Chrysanthemum? Or Tofu? Stupidly cannot tell apart!]

[Come to Happy Restaurant to see flowers, you deserve it.]

Everyone worked hard to write and record the inspirational headlines that flashed by.

The diners in the restaurant were also drooling.

"Boss, can you sell this?"

"How much is this tofu?"

"New product?"

Liu Weiwei smiled, "Not for sale for now." She turned her head and glanced at the two disciples, "You have to work hard. When you finish your studies, then will we sell this Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup."

"Wow…" Zhen tried to take a breath. He almost glued his eyes to the dish, "God, this soup gave me supreme inspiration~ If I saw it three years ago, the eaves design of my Odal Palace could be even better. The clear color of the soup base and the snow-white softness of the tofu correspond to the noble character of the chrysanthemum~ perfect! If applied it to my design, this is simply match made in heaven!"

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. Hua Hudie who didn't want to be a chef was probably not a good designer. All his inspiration and amazing design came out from food.


Liu Weiwei’s swollen calves were hugged on the left and right, one on each side.

"Teach me please!"

"No, teach me!"

"Continue to cut potatoes until you can cut them faster than I can, and then you can change to tofu." Liu Weiwei got rid of the leg pendants while letting the robot deliver the bowl of tofu soup in her hand. "Reporters, please taste, whether Chinese food is overestimated or not." She made an invitation.

The chrysanthemum tofu in the bowl was a whole piece. After the chrysanthemum was opened, a very large flower bloomed in the soup. Every reporter could receive a small portion of tofu and soup.

Although they were very reluctant to spoil the beauty in front of them, after taking close-up photos, everyone still rushed to divide the flowers. Even if someone tried to prevent this, for fear of falling behind other reporters and could only eat leftovers in the end, they could only stay silent. But after they drank the soup, they knew that even the leftovers would be so delicious that they couldn't wait to swallow the handle of the spoon into their mouths.

The savoury and sweetness of the broth slipped into their throats. Before they could taste it, they found that their mouths were empty. Only by tapping their mouths could they feel the delicious soup that once made their cells tremble. The soft tofu was as thin as a dragon's beard. With a light squeeze of the tongue, the strand of tofu melted while the fragrance lingered in the residual temperature left behind.

"Boss, I want to get the queue number, I want to order~"

"Wait Robot, I came first, so I should in the front row when I took the number!"

"Robot, I want to pack some!"

The reporters were all crazy.

An Hao and Zhen Nuli looked at each other. They instantly decided that they would become Liu Weiwei's leg pendants for the rest of their lives and hugged her thighs tightly!

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