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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 101

ICRAB – Chapter 101

When the door was fully opened, everyone saw the black krypton beast with open wings and gleaming metallic cold skin. Everyone's heart almost stopped beating. Just like a male beast protecting its cubs, it roared fiercely and spread its wings that had fierce scars. It did not reveal any gaps to the people in front of it in a defense position.

The Dax Beast shook its tail and body. It curled up and shivered in the corner. The difference in level made it unable to even pluck up the instinctive courage of a beast.

"This, this krypton beast… Don't attack, the krypton beast is a solitary creature, but it is very protective of its cubs and the females with cubs,…" Someone from the team of scientists yelled, but as soon as the yelling was finished, he was receiving a deathly gaze. The scientist's legs trembled, and he saw Major Qin Mo jumping out of the mecha, looking at him with murderous eyes.

"Yes, that’s mine, my cub!"

Scientists: …

When the Krypton Beast turned its head, it saw its fateful enemy. As if recalling the painful memory of being beaten back and forth by the mecha half a year ago at the beast wave, it howled sharply. But suddenly a slender hand stretched out and patted its wings weakly…

The Krypton Beast whimpered instantly and lowered its head, as if it was acting like a baby.

The scientists were all dumbfounded.

"Wait! Isn’t that Clerk Liu? What is in her hands?!"

"…Bone? Stewed bone?"

"Stewed bone that was served in the cafeteria yesterday?"

The Krypton Beast quickly lowered its head. Its paw gnawed on something, and it did not pay attention to the group of people outside. It was finally willing to give way.

The Dax Beast whined a few times jealously, but didn't dare to be presumptuous. It sat obediently like a kitty.

Qin Mo strode over regardless of anyone's obstruction. All his cold body was seeing was the blood on the hem of his child’s mother's skirt in front of him. He hugged Liu Weiwei vigorously, his piercing eyes were about to slaughter the city!

Fortunately, Bu Zhongxin quickly rushed in. He ordered the nurse to do the checkup, disinfection, and injected some nutrient solutions to appease the novice father who was on the verge of collapse.

"Premature delivery, normal vital signs."

"Fetal heart rate is also normal, don't worry."

"You are going to be a father soon."

From the hands of Qin Mo, the nurse got Liu Weiwei onto the medical stretcher.

The Krypton Beast gnawed the stewed bones and unconsciously squatted aside to watch. The scientists surrounded it with anesthesia. It tilted its head like it was thinking of something, snarled at the big rabbit next to it twice, and shrank into a mini-sized black beast. It jumped onto the rabbit’s shoulder and lied down. Following it was a bone about the same size as its body.

Level 7 Xiao Bai: …

Level Max black beast: ~~

The sound of gurgling and chewing made the scientists about to fell apart.

On the side…

"Safe?" Qin Mo looked at Bu Zhongxin coldly.

Bu Zhongxin glanced at the fierce eyes and swallowed his saliva, "Well, I'm going to deliver the baby right away."

Qin Mo glanced at the blood flowing down the stretcher and fell straight back with a bang.

Bu Zhongxin: !!!

The steaming bun was out. The first thing Liu Weiwei did when she woke up was to touch her belly, and then she broke into a cold sweat, until she saw a wrinkled, powdery, small bun in the incubator next to her. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Wake up? I was scared to death." Qian Dongmei, who came in with a towel, saw Liu Weiwei wake up, and a smile immediately appeared on her face.

"Teacher, my baby…"

"The doctor just came for a review in the morning. Although he is not full-term, he has inherited his father's physical strength. His body organs are very strong, and his unconscious grip strength is 1 kg, which is healthier than other full-term babies." Qian Dongmei looked at the baby. The little bun’s eyes were also very rare, "His eyes and skin are like you, soft and tender. While his nose, mouth, and eyebrows are like his dad."

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. Just the day before, she joked that another woman might come to the door with a baby. She didn't expect the bun to come out in a hurry. She glanced down at the little bun who was blowing bubbles and kicking his feet with his small hand fisted. She wanted to hug him. 

Liu Weiwei had also made up for the knowledge of interstellar pregnant women before. It was said that as long as premature babies were cared properly, they would basically not have any developmental problems. The little guy seemed to be eager to prove that he was well developed. He had opened his dark eyes, stared at her, and made a soft cry. Her heart was turned into a puddle of water.

"This accident, the old man has been investigating the Scientific Research Bureau. The three most suspected data officers have been arrested. Don't be afraid. Let the old man help you get justice for whatever happened to you." Qian Dongmei was frightened just by the thought of yesterday. The more she thought about it, the more she became angry. "I told the old man that after you leave the hospital, you will sit at home for confinement without going anywhere. When you are promoted at the end of the year, you will get two bodyguards. No one can bully you mother and son!"

Liu Weiwei blinked, "Did someone deliberately…?"

"The Krypton Beast, which has been in a coma, was injected with hyperactive hormones. It was released to devour the newly evolved Dax Beast so that it can completely repair the injury it has due to the war. Once the Krypton Beast returns to its peak state, the consequences will be disastrous. The culprit wants to destroy the entire Scientific Research Bureau and throw the entire military region into chaos!"

"Krypton Beast? That black beast? The beast king of that beast wave, tenth level beast?" Liu Weiwei was not completely unaware now. Because she wanted to give her baby prenatal education and future education, when she was idle, she read textbook starting from the primary school. Krypton Beast, she had read about it in books. It was currently the most powerful beast found by mankind. She blinked. She recognized that the big black one yesterday was the beast that was defeated by Qin Mo and Mu Ming in the forum video at that time.

Level 10?

"It seems to have eaten my stewed bones and snatched the Dax Beast's dinner…" Liu Weiwei's expression was very strange. She didn't know how terrifying the Krypton Beast was. At first, she was taken aback by its huge body and the brutal light in its eyes. When Xiao Bai blocked it by standing in front of her, she took the opportunity to throw the stewed bone at it.

Soon, the huge Krypton Beast lowered its head and licked Liu Weiwei’s fingers, causing Xiao Bai to let out an angry cry of dissatisfaction.

Qian Dongmei's face was dumbfounded when she listened to Liu Weiwei’s story, but she was also extremely worried. "The Krypton Beast didn't attack you? Then why did you give birth prematurely?"

Liu Weiwei blushed. She suspected that the baby was scared by herself. "It didn't attack me." But it probably couldn't hold her scare. Previously at school, she fainted when facing a Level 3 gorilla. Suddenly facing a ferocious and tall beast that looked like a Tyrannosaurus rex, even if it didn't attack her, she was still taken aback. When the Krypton Beast chewed on the stewed bone, she felt a pain in her stomach.

"That's God bless!" Qian Dongmei felt cold and sweaty.

Liu Weiwei looked at the ward, and then at the very restless little bun, feeling a bit lost in her heart. The Major was not here. He used to tell stories to the baby all day and taught prenatal care. When he found that it was a boy, not a girl, even his shadows were gone.

Liu Weiwei looked at the noticeable little blue clothes on the baby's body, as well as the little blue bracelet. She instantly felt that the little bun had fallen out of favor as soon as he was born.

"Teacher, have you seen Xiao Bai?" Liu Weiwei pursed her mouth, a little unhappy. It was better to raise a rabbit. It knew to protect her at a critical time and never leave her.

Qin Dongmei coughed softly when she heard the question. She was about to speak when the door of the room opened.

"Sister-in-law, how is it? Is there anything uncomfortable?" Bu Zhongxin came in with the inspection report.

Liu Weiwei shook her head disappointedly.

"Uh, do you want to go to see Major Qin next door?" Bu Zhongxin pushed down his glasses awkwardly.


"Yesterday when you passed out in pain, the Major also fainted. When we got to the clinic, he woke up, changed into sterile medical clothes, and ran into the delivery room. I asked him to cut the umbilical cord, and he… fainted again."


Liu Weiwei didn't expect such an ending at all. "I'm awake, he's not awake yet?"

Bu Zhongxin touched his nose, "He woke up, took a look at you, and then ran out. Ten minutes ago, he had a fight with the Krypton Beast in the Scientific Research Bureau and was sent in again… Oh, but it's not life-threatening."

Liu Weiwei breathed a sigh of relief. She gave birth by cesarean section and should be able get out of bed when she stopped discharging blood. In the Interstellar high-tech era, to finish the process she just needed to drink a special medicine. She immediately followed Doctor Bu and Teacher Qian with a sorrowful expression to the ward next door.

As a result, as soon as the door was opened, Liu Weiwei’s eyes widened, and she couldn't believe that the person in front of her was the Major. In the single ward, the bed was completely tilted to one side, and the stool’s legs were broken. One person, one beast, with bandages all over their bodies, some still oozing blood, was actually fighting with their hands and claws. Their heels and tails were completely scrambled together…

Was this still a hospital?

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded. Had it not been for the Major who had a drip needle in his hand, she would have thought that she had arrived to the battlefield instead. What made her even more speechless was that as soon as the door was opened, the man and beast that were tangled together looked at her at the same time.

"Weiwei!" Qin Mo was about to stand up, but his feet were directly wrapped around by the Krypton Beast’s tail.

"Owooo!" Krypton Beast also whined at Liu Weiwei, trying to spread its wings and fly towards her, but it was caught in the neck by the Major.

With a bang, one person and one beast rolled on the ground again to fight…

"Two broken ribs that were just connected, broken again." Bu Zhongxin sweated.

"What about the Krypton Beast…" Qian Dongmei's face almost changed color.

A soldier in the room who was ignored by everyone finally stood up, "Report! The Krypton Beast has voluntarily put on the domestication chip of the Scientific Research Bureau. According to Major Mu Ming's interpretation of the brain waves of the beast, it is willing to surrender, but only to resolutely follow Major Qin Mo. The Major agrees… but…" He didn't go on, but everyone understood.

But the two guys just wanted to beat each other!

At the critical moment, the little bun in the next room cried, as if he was wronged to be left out in the cold.

As soon as this crying was heard, the fighting man and beast separated automatically.

The Krypton Beast rolled on the ground. Its body became smaller and smaller until it became the size of a teacup dog. With its small hoofs, it rolled cutely to Liu Weiwei’s feet. It stretched out its tongue and licked her ankle.

Qin Mo finally wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He walked over in a hospital gown, "Does the wound hurt? Are you very tired? Are you scared? Do you want to eat the seafood porridge from the cafeteria? The smelly boy next door must have pooped himself again. I'll do it, don't go there, lest you get smelly." 

As Qin Mo said this, he straightened the overturned bed, and kicked the little Krypton Beast on Liu Weiwei’s trousers by the way, "You lie down, and I will come back after changing the diaper."

Liu Weiwei: …

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