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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 103

ICRAB – Chapter 103

When Liu Weiwei was raising a baby in confinement, the Major strictly prohibited her from going online. As soon as she went online, she would definitely work in the shop, so he directly stated that it was not possible. Cooking meals for a family of three at home was widely different from cooking meals for so many people on the Internet; and even at home, all little bun’s meals were handled by the Major.

If Liu Weiwei had stewed chicken soup, as long as no guests came to visit, the Major would save her a few more bowls and pour himself nutrient solutions instead. If she hadn't insisted on cooking by herself, he would have ordered takeout or went to the cafeteria to pack their three meals a day.

After Liu Weiwei was banned from the Internet, the customers of Happy Restaurant gradually realized that their once happy life was gone forever. It was because of the lack of manpower. Also the dishes that An Hao and Zhen Nuli were able to cook were very few. The thirty or forty menus that were once available for selection had all disappeared, and now only three dishes and one soup are provided for each meal. Together with staple foods such as fried rice, they were called a set meal.

What made the customer even more desperate was that not only the selection of dishes had drastically reduced, but even each dish had become a limited supply, and the shop refused order to go. The regular customers all wailed, until they heard the good news that the boss had given birth, only then they became a little more forgiving.

"Xiao An, you should learn quickly! How many dishes have you learned? Let me tell you, I have nutrient solutions for refreshing body and reducing sleep. If you want, I will give you 20% off the wholesale price~ Don't sleep, give your all and study hard!"

"That's right! Even if the boss is not here, don't close the shop."

"Boss Zhen, aren't you a junior chef? Don't lose the things you have learned! You can cook all the dishes you know!"

An Hao felt the pressure through the glass.

Zhen Nuli who was a few years older than An Hao, was very familiar with this. He also took the opportunity to beckon outside the glass, "Don’t worry, there will be a quiz today! Guess which dish I made, the top three Guests can get a small warehouse model designed exclusively by me~"

An Hao’s face went dark. He had seen the small warehouse model. To be honest, it was pretty cool. The warehouse door could be opened with a password. People could also turn on the lights in the warehouse by voice control, and put some shameful little secrets inside. For example, love letters, private money, and the like.

"Stop it~ It's almost the same for you to give me a Latte!"

"Small model? You can just make me a model of Happy Restaurant, which is almost the same."

"Don't talk nonsense in front, it's better to study cooking more if you have time. When the boss went to give birth to a baby, this restaurant changed from more than forty dishes to only three dishes, is it fair?"

Everyone was booing. Enjoying the food, teasing the little brothers in the shop, chatting while eating the dish accompanied by a bottle of nutrient solution, the customers cherished the eating process more because of the limited amount. But soon, the calm was broken by the sound of a robot siren.

"Sir, you didn't have a queue number, please re-seat according to the number."

Everyone's eyes fell to the door involuntarily. They squinted at the commotion, while the good guys even took out their mobile phones eagerly. They were ready to record. It was not a single person who came in, but five strangers wearing white senior chef uniforms and chef hats. Their faces were very aggressive and unkind, especially the one who took the lead. He looked around fifty years old, with a hooked nose, brown hair, and a tall stature. Completely different from the oriental faces here.

"Excuse me, who is the owner of the shop? I, Grete, will challenge him to be certified by the Chef Association!"

As soon as this sonorous sound landed, the entire lobby of the Happy Restaurant became noisy.

"Grete? This name is a bit familiar." An Hao frowned and put down the kitchen knife in his hand.

"Little brother, don't you know him? You beat the girl, and now her old man is coming!"

"Huh?" An Hao was taken aback.

Zhen Nuli pat An Hao’s shoulder with a strange expression, "You really don't know anything about the association? You see his chef hat is nearly 30 cm high, and the scarf on his chest is black. This is the signs of a senior chef who commands at least one five-star restaurant’s kitchen. Isn’t he the master of the girl you beat not long ago?"

As if confirming Zhen Nuli’s word, Grete spoke up in the lobby. "You defeated my little junior sister. It is natural to win or lose in a competition, but to force her to withdraw from our teacher, in a dignified Chinese restaurant, to bully a girl in this way, it is too much! Today I invited the chefs of the association to challenge the jury. Five resident senior chefs and a gourmet are here. I, Grete, have personally come to compete with the boss!"

"If I win, I will ask the boss to drive away the rubbish who competed with my junior sister! Just a Chinese cooking chef on the Internet, dare you compare with me?"

Zhen Nuli’s guess was completely correct. An Hao couldn't help but cast an admiring look at him, and stood up without fear. But when he moved, he didn't expect to be held down by Zhen Nuli. 

"Senior Brother, you have been out to the limelight before, and I didn't have my turn yet. You have to leave this opportunity to this junior brother this time." Zhen Nuli spoke, and then blinked at An Hao with long, melancholic eyes.

"Don't make trouble. I will take care of myself!" An Hao wanted to stop Zhen Nuli, but he had already flung up his chef's robe chicly. After his own improvement, his chef uniform actually had wind blowing effect just like in martial arts film.

"Chef Grete, my master is a mother that had just gave birth to a baby. You deliberately waited until her legs were swollen, her arms were weak, and her energy was depleted to challenge her. Is it?"

Grete couldn't help being taken aback when he heard this. He had no idea that the other party was pregnant! He usually worked in the back kitchen and was very busy as the head chef. It was not until last week when he saw the chrysanthemum tofu video circulating on the Internet that he realized his junior sister Zhang Xiaomo's resignation was due to a competition. Also on the Internet, the entire western food system was obscured. Everyone judged that Western food was not as good as Chinese food. As a Western food chef, and dignified senior, he had to come and win a round.

In the entire cutting process of chrysanthemum tofu on the Internet, only the chef’s hands were exposed. Even on the follow-up interview with the reporter, the shop owner didn’t show her face. Grete never thought that the other party was a pregnant woman. The reduced physical strength during pregnancy would definitely affect the performance of a chef. Being a chef required physical strength, mental strength and endurance.

Grete was horrified. He didn't expect that a pregnant woman could cut tofu to such a high level. Then, if she was in her prime condition, how excellent her knife union would be? He was shocked. He was thinking about this, but everyone saw it as a dull mentality that made him had nothing to say.

"F*ck! This kind of person can be considered a senior chef? He is so despicable and insidious. It is embarrassing for a man to talk about challenges when the opponent is in late stages of pregnancy where even moving the body is probably inconvenient. What a malicious attack!"

"It's true that when the lower beam is crooked, the upper beam will not be straight. I always think that little girl has a problem with her personal character, and this brother is exactly the same!"

"My God! This guy is insidious. He didn't come last week, but today. I heard that the boss went to give birth prematurely, so there are only two apprentices left in the shop. He came here now on purpose, right?"

"F*ck, this means they are just afraid of losing to the boss, right? You are two months too early. Wait until the boss has taken care of her body, then you can come back!"

Grete was about to get angry, "As the boss has just had a baby not long ago and is not in the store, then I will not disturb you, goodbye!" He would not be stupid to argue with these unreasonable diners. But unexpectedly, when he was about to step out of the shop, he was stopped by the robot again.

"Chef Grete," Zhen Nuli touched his improved chef's hat handsomely, "Master is not here, so today, I, a disciple who has just learned for a month, will accept your challenge!" After he finished speaking, the audience was shocked. Everyone knew that he was just a junior chef, so to challenge a senior chef was to find his own death. Above the junior level, there was the intermediate level, and then the senior level.

Grete's face turned crooked, "I won't compete with a junior."

"Are you afraid?" Zhen Nuli smiled, "Don't be afraid. I'm just an apprentice, so our stakes can be lowered. If you win, I will give you one month's free coffee, plus work for you for a month. If I win, you will stay with us to work instead. It happens that we are short of manpower recently and we need a helper."

Grett crooked his face angrily, and straightened his back. "You are provoking me. Do you know the consequences of a junior chef provoking a senior chef?"

"Oh, deprivation of association's certification as a chef~ Anyway, I only learned five dishes before. Chef Grete, don't you dare?"

Grete grinned with anger, "Okay! Today I will teach you how to behave for your master! You can set the rules at will!"

Zhen Nuli: "It's better to set it like your little sister. Soup, main course and dessert, the topic is chicken."

An Hao almost threw the knife at Zhen Nuli next to him, "Don't mess up, are you sure?"

"Tsk, I won’t exactly lose anything even if I lost. Even the master was not certified by the association, so it is okay for me to be expelled from the association." Zhen Nuli’s eyes were unusually bright, "And what if I win? We can add a western menu, and probably learn a few tricks?"

An Hao instantly looked at his sick colleague with admiration. Indeed, if he was sane, he would not abandon the promising development as designer and start from being a dishwasher. This was not the brain of ordinary people, no doubt.

"Good!" Grete responded angrily. Chicken was not only a common ingredient in Chinese food, but also one of the common meat dishes in Western cuisine. This inferior apprentice, with such an unbiased subject, was simply trampling on his high-level glory! "Today I will let you see the pinnacle chicken in western food!"


[Small Theater]

After sending away the family of three, one beast, and one robot, Doctor Bu finally had the time to sit down and drank a cup of tea. However, after opening up his space…

Doctor Bu: Sh*t, how come my tea leaves are all wet?! Wait, what about my limited edition nutrient solutions? Also, the vermicelli soup that just arrived from the five-star restaurant… F*ck, who stole my food?!

Big white robot: Although it is unpalatable, at least I am full, hiccups~ The human doctor is good, and the toilet prepared for me is also fragrant~


Translator Note: Xiao Bai was put in Doctor Bu space when he was sending the Major and Liu Weiwei to the hospital. I recon Xiao Bai went rampage inside, hehe~

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