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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 111

ICRAB – Chapter 111

Everyone was fascinated by the food, but as soon as Chen Qili pointed it out, the other three quickly saw the little furry rabbit and the disabled dog jumped onto the table from behind the pillar in the corner and almost buried their heads on the plates. The rabbit and dog were eating very fast, as if their mouths were motorized and they were competing with each other. There were six big plates on every table, but the dishes on the plate were disappearing at a rapid rate.

The girls were completely dumbfounded, and they didn't know who yelled suddenly.

"Take a picture, take it!"

Only then did they remember the big loss of eating in the morning, and in annoyance, they hurriedly pressed their light brains’ cameras at the two ‘thieves’ from the window.

"Someone is coming, hurry up!" Chen Qili pulled Zhao Linshuang. The four finally rushed out of the window before the soldiers entered the cafeteria area. However, they didn't know that the oriole was catching cicadas watching the praying mantis. There were hidden cameras anywhere in the military area to monitor the entry and exit of people. When they fled back to the dormitory in a panic, they sat on the bed panting.

The youngest Cheng Lu blinked, "No, why did we run away? We did nothing wrong. It is not us who steal the food!"

Han Mei was also stunned, "Yes, what should we do now? Should we tell the instructor about the rabbit's evil deeds?"

"Xiao Qi is right. That rabbit is not simple. If it is an ordinary low-level beast, it won’t have an IQ at all. But this one can even avoid so many robots in the cafeteria to steal food, and also bring that disabled dog along." Even if the robots in the cafeteria didn’t have an attack function, they were usually equipped with infrared scanning to identify the identity of the person entering the cafeteria. This beast could even escape their surveillance, which was very problematic.

Chen Qili stretched out her hand and sorted her bangs. Looked to Zhao Linshuang as the head, "Shuangshuang, what do you think? Your father came from the military area and should know the rules of the army best. Who should we report this kind of matter to so that they can deal with it?"

Zhao Linshuang pursed her lips and frowned. "If it was just something like stealing food, we just gave to tell the instructor. After all, the instructor is our superior. However, your cooking soldier classmate may have other shady things. According to your statement, her grades are absolutely impossible to be hired, and she has also kept beast pets that may be prohibited. This is a very serious problem. Our instructor’s rank is too low and may not be able to solve it."

Han Mei swallowed, "Then what should we do?"

The corner of Chen Qili's mouth rose slightly, "In two days, I heard that a Major-level group leader will come to inspect our training results."

"Well, then we have to collect some other evidence. After all, there are no traces of what happened in the morning."

"When we have free activities tomorrow, let's go to the last place and take a look."


Liu Weiwei went to the research bureau and the cafeteria every day as usual. The only difference might be that she finished writing the application report and handed it in. Marshal Li Er specially appointed the Scientific Research Bureau to cooperate with her to conduct research on the taming possibility of the beasts. He also agreed to let her select ten docile beasts for the first batch trial of soldiers training together.

Because of Lu Qingheng's precedent, the first batch of soldiers selected was his special mobile tenth battalion. The soldiers who had been carefully selected were all those with good training scores, outstanding contributions, and gentle plus easy-going personalities. But even if they were prudent, after receiving the gossip, they looked at Liu Weiwei with very longing eyes every day.

When Liu Weiwei wandered around the military area every day, she usually met them by chance.

"Sister-in-law, I want a mighty beast, no matter what level~"

"Can my sister-in-law know? What kind of beasts that are the coolest?"

"It doesn't matter if the defense is low, I will protect it, as long as it can kill the enemy with me and sleep with me every day. I am willing to give it the bed too!"

The soldiers had seen Major Mu Ming's cute little red panda, and had also seen Lieutenant Lu's silly big gray kangaroo. They had long been envious. They didn't say anything, but who didn't want to have a beast to accompany them on the battlefield. Just imagining the picture, they felt extremely majestic.

Although Liu Weiwei could not remember everyone’s names, she still remembered their personal needs. She carefully analyzed the personalities and combat characteristics of each of the first batch of soldiers, and delineated the type of beasts with a system marking loyalty of 100, and a docile personality that would not actively attack.

Liu Weiwei finally selected ten suitable partners for each of them. A pair of Level 3 fierce fox sisters, a pair of Level 4 glacier wolf brothers, three Level 4 orangutans, and three cow beasts brought from Liyang High School base. After Xiao Cao and other researchers selected the beasts, they quickly put into the busy work of re-physical examination, chip implantation examination, and data recording.

Liu Weiwei took Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai to feed the other beloved cuties. After a round of feeding, she clapped her hands and left. Unexpectedly, someone stopped her on the path to the cafeteria.

"Clerk Liu, I wonder if you have time now to talk to us about your Beast Rabbit?"

The four girls quickly surrounded Liu Weiwei. She couldn't help frowning. She quickly recognized these people. They were Chen Qili and the girls whose trousers were stripped by Xiao Hei yesterday.

"This is the military district, what are you doing?" Liu Weiwei really felt that these girls were too courageous.

"What your pet did to us yesterday, you know yourself. We already have evidence that your pet is a threat to humans. It violated the discipline. We want to expose you!"

"Don't tell her more, just do it!"

Chen Qili remained silent, and even moved a beat slower than others. But the four girls were all admitted to military academies, so as soon as they rushed over, they resolutely crushed Xiao Bai beside Liu Weiwei to the ground!

Liu Weiwei looked stunned. The four of them rushed over. She thought that Xiao Bai was going to deal with them herself, but she didn't expect these people to be able to hold Mini Xiao Bai down, pressing all its furry paws on the ground.

Xiao Bai didn't move at all, and it turned into an unfolded carpet of rabbit fur. Both its ears hung pitifully on the edge of its head, and it made two cooing noises, without even resisting at all.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. She didn’t know what this little guy was thinking of doing. According to its strength of a Level 7 beast, how could it be so easily subdued, and it also made a pitiful little expression of hopelessness. Even its long snow-white fur was darkened by the ground, and its little rabbit's legs that were held down all twitched miserably.


"Aren't you very good yesterday? So you did something like that to us?"

"Use your beastly power!"

The girls increased their strength one after another. However, just as their voices were raised, they suddenly felt something moving in front of them. A group of black shadows rose from the ground like a whirlwind, and rushed towards them. They didn't even have time to react, and their brains hadn't thought yet. They held the palms and arms of the rabbit, when just like the splendid withered flowers in autumn, bright blood spurted out and splashed to the ground!

The opponent's speed was so fast that the pain came after the vision. Their arms were first numb and then hurt like hell.

Zhao Linshuang screamed and hugged her injured arm in disbelief!


"Beast killed someone!"

"We are going to be killed!"

For the first time, they felt the feeling of cold despair due to no ability to resist that came from the bottom of their hearts.

The screaming soon attracted the soldiers on patrol.

Meanwhile, Chen Qili, who was at the end and also holding her bloody arm, showed a triumphant smile. She knew it would be like this. Liu Weiwei's pet was by no means a Level 1 beast, otherwise it would be impossible for it to harm her without her knowing at school before. Today, the four of them held it down to death, and were hurt by it, which showed how ferocious and terrifying the beast was originally. 

Chen Qili never thought that they could suppress the rabbit, because she just wanted it to resist! As long as its fangs were exposed in the military area, this rabbit would definitely be severely punished, and even Liu Weiwei, the pretentious sl*t, would definitely show her true shape!

Liu Weiwei was not what the teacher said. She had no talent, she just insidiously relied on the rabbit in wolf skin to cheat in the training camp. When the low-level beasts meet a high-level one, they would naturally surrender and gave away the food they usually stored.

Liu Weiwei should be disqualified from admission! She should repay her ruined appearance! "Put this rabbit to death!" Chen Qili cried frantically, "It was just about to kill us!" She was confident, and her eyes burned with twisted flames of jealousy.

However, the fire was quickly extinguished, and the situation that followed was surprisingly similar.

"What happened to the rabbit?" The soldiers on patrol just came to take a look, and were shocked.

There was a miniature lop-eared rabbit lying motionless on the ground. Its snow-white fur was covered with blood. Not to mention hurting the four girls. It seemed that it didn’t even have the strength to open its eyes. Its two limp rabbit legs also looked convulsed in pain.

"Newbies, you dare to make trouble in the military area!"

"Li Qi, report to their superior immediately and detain all these four girls!"

"Let the vet come here right away and treat the rabbit!"

Chen Qili, who heard these words, raised her head suddenly and almost broke her neck. "That's our blood, this rabbit hurt us…"

The soldier who took the lead, unfortunately, happened to be one of the first soldiers in the Beast Taming War, He Junliang. He looked at Chen Qili with an expression of looking at a neurotic patient. "The rabbit hurt you?" He carefully glanced at the dying rabbit and the mini Krypton Beast on the ground. It still had its chains and but it had scarlet remnants on its paws. 

He Junliang chuckled in his heart, "Shut up!" These girls were against a Krypton Beast and made it angry, were they seeking death? Even they walked a far route just to avoid this beast!

"Sister-in-law, don't be afraid." He Junliang comforted Liu Weiwei, who was obviously shocked. "It's okay. The little rabbit is probably so scared that his heart is broken. The veterinarian will come to give him an emergency injection, and it will be fine. Uh, sister-in-law, can you take this krypton… err… Xiao Hei away first?"


[Small Theater]

Xiao Bai: The Oscar winner in the World of Beast is me, squeak~

Krypton Beast: Are you females always so troublesome? This man can just directly kill them all clean!

Xiao Bai: Don't, don't, it's rare for me to have someone to cooperate with my performance~~~ I'm in a bad mood recently, let me play for a while!

Krypton Beast: …

Wise Xiao Bai: If you can solve it with acting skills, you never have to use force.

Very annoyed Krypton Beast: I really don’t understand the female world!

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