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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 118 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 118 Part 1

The Day after the Mid-Autumn Festival party, Liu Weiwei received good news, the vegetarian ducks sold as snacks were very popular. During her maternity leave, with Zhen Nuli, she found a nutrient solution store that he had cooperated with, and she negotiated an experimental sale of vegetarian ducks.

Qin Mo’s pre-marital property was useless before, but now his property could support his wife’s work. He was very happy. He also asked an old subordinate of his teacher to help buy a small food manufacturing company with a license.

For the production process of the vegetarian duck, Zhen Nuli gave orders to the production robots, and anti-simulation plus anti-theft programs were also installed. If someone accessed the robot through illegal means and tried to read the production program, the robot would self-destruct the program. As for the secret sauce, he personally set the warehouse password in the factory to prevent theft.

Of course, no permanent trade secrets could be a secret forever.

According to Liu Weiwei's experience on ancient earth, there was nothing that would not be imitated for a lifetime. Only by seizing the early business opportunities, occupying the market first, and improving iterative technology could she gain a foothold in the invincible position. As long as her vegetarian ducks went viral, the same competing products would appear one day. So, she just had to be fast!

Zhen Nuli apprentice was quite impressive. The boss he introduced was previously one of his interior design clients. The company operated in the business of selling nutritional supplements and had a ready-made food sales license. Although the scale of the company was small, it moved quickly.

When Liu Weiwei saw the result in the internet, she was a little surprised at the various praises about the vegetarian ducks and the steadily rising sales volume. It was only a short week since the official sale time. But she saw the sales report that Zhen Nuli sent her, the daily order volume had now exceeded 10,000.

Moreover, all the vegetarian ducks that were sold in small supermarkets and online stores were sold out. At the same time, large-scale stores and food specialty stores in the upper-class area also began to place crazy orders at the vegetarian duck processing factories during the Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday. It's a big order of millions!

Everyone said that this was because of a food review on the Internet. Someone wrote an article about tasting vegetarian duck and it was extremely vivid and attractive. It aroused the curiosity of a large number of foodies. And then, some webcasters took advantage of this wave of craze, tried every means to purchase vegetarian ducks, and started various interesting live videos of tasting this new snack. In this way, the waves of Internet celebrities had driven waves, and vegetarian duck was a complete viral item.

Nowadays, for big online food lovers, if they hadn't eaten the vegetarian duck, they didn’t even have the face to come out to make a new show. Because everyone would say that they were unable to keep pace with times. Meanwhile, the upper-class rich people paid more attention to face, and liked to chase trends. From small friends to big business gatherings, if there was no viral vegetarian duck snacks for ladies to enjoy, it would be judge to be rude and outdated.

With this, the vegetarian duck was out of stock overnight.

Liu Weiwei originally thought that she had vision, but she didn't expect this vegetarian duck to become even more popular than bird's nest, and the overwhelming demand result a short supply. She looked at the Internet, and there were all kinds of hot headlines.

[I can't stop! Ten packs of vegetarian ducks hit the bottom instantly!]

[Want to see how my face changes? Please come in!]

[Vegetarian duck taught me to grow.]

[The Acting School – How to shed the tears of the soul!"]

[Vegetarian duck, my fated snack!]

[Out of stock overnight, the disadvantage lies in my slow hand.]

There were countless replies from various netizens on the Internet, and the top posts were reposted hotly.

Liu Weiwei read some carefully, and found that people were divided into two factions. One who believed in Internet celebrities and had eaten the vegetarian duck, and the other who felt that marketing was deceptive and refuse to eat. In the end, they fell into an endless cycle of disputes, completely torn up. But this does not affect the popularity of the vegetarian duck, but it made it rush to the highest point of trend.

[Master, now there are many scalper on the Internet. They have purchased a large amount of vegetarian ducks and stocked them. Now the resale price has been brushed to more than 30,000 credits. What measures are we going to take?]

[Unexpectedly, the worst-selling veggie ducks in our restaurant have become hard to find. Master, should we consider making chicken drumsticks plastic-packaged snacks?]

The messages that Zhen Nuli sent to Liu Weiwei made her could not help but take a deep breath. It's time to hire a professional manager to help her deal with these things. If the development was too fast, death might also be accelerated. "First, speed up the production of vegetarian ducks and sell them to customers in limited quantities. Next, we have to do follow-up research and development of new products. Tomorrow, I will have a small meeting with you and An Hao."

During her confinement period, Liu Weiwei didn't show up to the shop in person. So, the two apprentices were completely alone. "By the way, I want to meet the distribution company’s boss formally and get to know him."

[Okay, Master, I will make an appointment with the other party. Will we meet on Skynet, or the real world?]

"Just at Happy Restaurant, ask him to taste our restaurant’s food first."


Liu Weiwei finished reading the messages and couldn't help feeling that her self-confidence was overwhelmed. A single vegetarian duck dish could conquer all mankind. Chinese cuisine was extensive and profound, so her journey had just begun!

[Cafeteria expansion task is complete!]

[Task Reward: One chance to draw on the Happy Lottery; Advanced seasoning skill book; A random gift of 1 point for disciple’s talent.]

[Do you want to draw now?]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback for a moment, but she turned happy next. "Draw!" The happy lottery turned quickly in front of her. Finally she pressed stop, and the turntable got slower.

[Ten secret recipes have been sent to the host’s backpack, click to learn.]

Liu Weiwei was stunned. She didn’t get the 100-point beauty value again this time. But there were ten sparkling secret recipes lying in her backpack. The recipes for making hot pot seasoning, bean paste, Lao Ganma (chili sauce brand), the beef and mushroom chili sauce… Everything exuded a treasure-like light.

It's finally here, hot pot seasoning!

Liu Weiwei even saw the recipes for making instant noodles and spicy noodles among these ten secret recipes. This was just like she was just ready to doze off, and a pillow was delivered.

[Side task released: Enter the snack world]

[When foreigners laugh at the lack of desserts in Chinese food, please use spicy strips, beef jerky, rice crackers, cracker peanuts, and other small snacks to smash their faces!]

Rice Cracker

Spicy Strips

Beef Jerky

Cracker Peanut

[Let them know that great foodies never lack snacks after meals~]

[Side task: Develop and produce three kinds of snacks, sell them, and get a total of 100 million in sales.]

[Task reward: 10 points of beauty (can be used to permanently remove stretch marks); randomly open ten recipes from each of the eight major cuisines.]

Holding the little bun, Liu Weiwei immediately sent a new message to Lieutenant Colonel Chen of the Scientific Research Bureau. She wanted to promote the research and development of hot pot seasonings, and also made instant noodles as army's field rations.

Then Liu Weiwei resourced three of the largest headhunting centers on Skynet, and hired high-paying food factory managers and food sales general managers. These staffs were urgent necessities to develop and promote new products.

When Liu Weiwei entered the Scientific Research Bureau the next morning, the very efficient Lieutenant Colonel Chen had already prepared everything. "Clerk Liu, let me introduce this. This is our newly hired scientist Li. He will lead all condiment research in the future and will directly communicate with you."

Liu Weiwei looked at the familiar smiley face in front of him, and for a moment she shook her head, "Li San…" Pang?

Li Sanpang had lost a lot of weight, but he still smiles until only a small slit was visibly in his eyes. He looked harmless to humans and animals. "Clerk Liu, we meet for the first time, please take care of me."

Liu Weiwei was shocked.

"I can try it first? Can you let me try the hot pot base?" Li Sanpang’s smile became more pronounced. "If I haven't eaten it, I'm afraid the research will be very unsuccessful." Behind him, everyone in the condiment research and development team laughed and agreed.

Li Sanpang waited for Lieutenant Colonel Chen to leave before he winked his eyes, "Long time no see, boss."

Liu Weiwei: "…Aren't you selling stones?"

"Energy Stone," Li Sanpang corrected, "Based on 13 years of research on the geological structure, the habits of monsters, and the stability and variability of energy elements."

Liu Weiwei's face went dark. This Li Sanpang was a scientist? She never noticed that he had a high IQ.

"Hey, I have always wanted to be a free fat man, unrestrained and not tied. But…" Li Sanpang looked at Liu Weiwei, then sighed and shook his head. But when he heard that the army cafeteria had a set meal, he ran faster than a monkey.

When Li Sanpang returned home, he had a big fight with his old man, because the old man had done a crime of food in the military area. After eating the Mid-Autumn Festival meal, he resolutely applied for transfer from the beast research team to work in the seasoning production team. "Don't worry, I will fully cooperate with you if you need to study anything." He patted his chest and promised, "There is only one request, we need to try everything first!"

Liu Weiwei: …

Liu Weiwei reluctantly exchanged hot pot base material from the system, and temporarily found a room to start a hot pot.

The research team currently consisted of ten people.

Liu Weiwei found a big pot. With the soup base material, everything was simple. Just wash the food people wanted and threw it in. After she boiled the soup, she waved to the research team. "Dig in."

A strange fragrance spread across the entire laboratory instantly. Even though the Mid-Autumn Festival party was only the day before, and everyone still remembered the delicious cafeteria set meal they had just eaten, but at this moment, their noses, tears, and drools flowed out with the stimulus of the fragrance.

The Sichuan-flavored hot pot sauce Liu Weiwei redeemed was not a joke. People who couldn't eat spicy food would definitely be feeling too spicy and even doubt their lives. 

The whole noodle soup was flame-like red, as if it was about to burn everything on its way. After boiling, the soup was bubbling and looked like gushing magma that could completely destroy people in a single wave!

"Try it. This is what hot pot seasoning looks like after it is boiled with water. Now, you can put all kinds of ingredients, and whatever you want to eat in it." Liu Weiwei was still very professional and responsible. She prepared sesame oil dip for everyone. "If you can't eat spicy food, please be very careful."

"I can put anything? Just throw it in?" Scientists who didn't know how to cook thought it was amazing and couldn't help rubbing their hands.

Li Sanpang squeezed his chin, and he quickly began to look around his personal space. Without even Liu Weiwei's guide, he took out a bunch of things. Chicken, fish, pork, beef, shrimp… basically all kinds of meat. "I joined this project team, so naturally I have to prepare basic ingredients. Otherwise, how would I know if the seasoning is successful?" 

Obviously, Li Sanpang had been planning for a long time. He decided to experiment and eat anytime, anywhere. 

Liu Weiwei saw that Li Sanpang was about to throw a large piece of chicken breast in the soup, she stopped him with a headache. She took a knife and sliced the meat before letting him throw them in.

Liu Weiwei sliced everything on the table, and took some vegetables from her space. She sliced some winter melon, radish, cabbage, greens, soft tofu… and even took the hot pot essentials that she had prepared. Duck blood, duck intestines, tripe…

In an instant, everyone in the entire laboratory swallowed desperately.


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