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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 121

ICRAB – Chapter 121

Zhang Qiudong really didn't want to leave, but the moment he stepped out, a smell came out, almost stopping his legs. "What is this smell?"

On the last day, Zhang Qiudong and his two subordinates were taken into the office by the guide. They actually didn’t touch the side of the cafeteria at all. But this was pointless, because the food spread on the desk in front of him has already stunned Zhang Qiudong!

Only then Zhang Qiudong knew he had been pointlessly asking so many dog questions about nutrient solutions to the soldiers in the past few days, and why the soldiers enthusiastically sent a lot of their stocks away. The soldiers didn't mention the deep-seated reason why they had to complain about being deprived of military rations.

"This is a daily nutritious meal provided only to the top 25% outstanding soldiers." The guide smiled. "Our logistics personnel, including medical department, scientific research department and other office personnel, are not eligible to enjoy it at ordinary times. They can only taste it on special holidays."

Zhang Qiudong: "!" 

He couldn't respond in words, he could only say it was very fragrant! The smell of the food in front of him was not only an olfactory attack, but also a strong shock from the inside to the outside for a bewildered body that had just been awakened, or an exhausted body that had just finished morning exercises. No matter how confused his mind was, he would wake up, and his limbs would be full of vitality, no matter how soft they were before.

"Even if it is the Marshal, if he does not go to the training in person, he will not be able to step into the cafeteria that week, and everyone else will be the same. So, I'm sorry, because I asked the cafeteria to make additional meals for you today, charges will be applied. The set meal is five thousand per person. I can show you the video of the cafeteria, and then you can decide whether to buy or not."

Zhang Qiudong swallowed, and the video in front of him soon began to play.

The cafeteria was now full of people. At the cafeteria window, the soldiers took empty plates, self-serves their rice, and then the robot added the dishes. Everyone was obedient. The cafeteria was crowded, but there was only the sound of eating, chewing and swallowing. No one had the time to talk, for fear that the food on their plate would become cold, or even be snatched away by people around.

Zhang Qiudong even saw with his own eyes, a soldier on the side who had barely opened his eyes, after entering the cafeteria, instantly became energetic. The soldier quickly occupied a position on the window line, happily holding his food tray, and piling his food as high as a hill.

Zhang Qiudong felt hungry and panicked when touching his stomach.

The guide lowered his voice. "Would you like to eat?"

The corners of Zhang Qiudong’s mouth twitched, "Eat! Three servings." He looked at his subordinates on the left and right. Both of them were already drooling.

"Okay." The guide collected the money quickly and generously pushed three set meals in front of them.

Zhang Qiudong responded and immediately looked down at his dinner plate. He hesitated for a while before picking up the spoon. Yangzhou fried rice, scallion oil chicken, tiger skin chili. On the video, the dishes for today’s breakfast were written outside the cafeteria. He had also seen fried rice online. But when he used a large serving spoon with a long handle into the pile of soft and steaming golden rice grains, he was still a little surprised!

This was real egg fried rice? The whole grains of rice were covered with a golden halo, as if pieces of gold were piled up in the plate. There were also green beans scattered like green jade. Smooth, curled, and elastic looking pink shrimps lay on the rice together with some scallops, as if leisurely basking in the sun. Warm-colored diced meat spread on the rice was exuding a charming brilliance, as if saying ‘eat me, eat me’…

Zhang Qiudong swallowed fiercely, and after holding up for a long time, he put down his spoon and took a picture. This trip was worth it. This was valuable forensic information, and he would be able to explain it to his superiors when he went back. He could also show his wife and daughter this experience. After admiring and taking some evidence, he finally took the big spoon into his mouth. The rice grains like broken gold instantly burst in his mouth with warmth like sunlight. Hot, dazzling, continuous energy spread from his mouth to his throat, to his whole body!

Soft, elastic, rice… sweet, salty, green onion… Many ingredients were showing their own distinctive texture and taste. Yangzhou fried rice, Zhang Qiudong would remember this name always. When he retire later, he would be happy to use his pension to eat such a meal and many more…

Zhang Qiudong's spoon was full of delicious and warm fried rice, which made him instantly recall the unusual smell of Beast feed yesterday!

"Haha, it seems that you have already discovered it?" The guide was obviously very happy to see the three foreign troops change their faces. He was extremely proud. "It is our Marshal's initiative to hire a cafeteria chef to cook for excellent soldiers. And this excellent chef, the dishes she made are also very popular with the Beasts. The Beast snacks you ate yesterday are from the same chef."

Zhang Qiudong's face twitched.

"Is this chef from a high-end restaurant?" One of the Second lieutenant asked, but he quickly remember. "Is she that female cooking soldier yesterday?"

The guide smiled and nodded, "It's not the female, it's the lady."

"Ah, what a pity." The second lieutenant sighed immediately.

Zhang Qiudong had a headache. This was not the point. The point was, beasts actually eating the same food as soldiers, which was impossible in other regiment, but this one…

"Beast and soldiers, humans and beasts, are all equal. The Marshal said that whoever performs better in the future will have the most food. Regardless of other military camps, this is the rule for us." The guide concluded his speech. "Come on, don't say anything more. Try the scallion chicken."

The Lieutenants Zhang Qiudong brought with him were already eating the chicken leg, and their mouths were full of scallion oil. The chicken was tender and delicate. The chicken meat was tender and soft. The meat was cut into small pieces and piled on the plate. On top, fresh and mellow green onions overflowed to the side. The part being served might be different for each person, but there was at least a quarter of a chicken per person. 

Zhang Qiudong finished half of the meat fiercely. Every bit of meat on the chicken bones was cleaned up. Even the last bit of scallion oil was poured into the fried rice, and then was eaten together. It was very fragrant and smooth. What nutrient solutions, what military rations, everything was inferior to this plate of chicken!

Zhang Qiudong had been doing logistics for many years. At this moment, he felt agitated and couldn't help himself. Being able to provide such a delicious meal to soldiers who were fighting on the front line and who were in danger at any time was a welfare that every army should have. The cafeteria of the First Army Regiment, this was really another great undertaking! Such pioneering progress should be funded!

Zhang Qiudong instantly felt that he could add a lot more words to his report. He wiped his mouth, and even though he was full, he moved his fiery eyes to the last dish. The tiger-skin green pepper. The tender green pepper, the skin was charred and twisted. The slightly burnt texture indeed looked a bit like the pattern on a tiger. The strong sour and vinegar taste first penetrated into his mouth, and his stomach that had been filled previously started to work again. Taking a deep breath, the cells all over his body were recovering and started to jump in anticipation…

The taste of the green pepper was hot, sour, and slightly sweet. Under the charred skin was hidden a sweet and juicy ingredient. It was crispy but not tough. It retained a hint of crispness and tenderness. In the end, Zhang Qiudong and his subordinates walked out of the office with drunken expressions. They were almost ashamed.

Zhang Qiudong wrote his report for the whole night but after eating, he started writing all over again… In the end, everything was deleted, because he accidentally wrote a food review.

After changing tens of thousands of words back and forth, Zhang Qiudong, who was so heartbroken, finally finished the complaint investigations. It was also the end of his three days business trip. However, leaving was far more difficult than coming.

"Lieutenant Zhang, if we apply for a transfer, can we request to be transferred to the First Army Regiment?"

"I don't want to leave, I want to stay. I envy that comrade the guide. He could always eat the delicious food."

"No matter where I am, I will always support the organization, but I just hope it is next to the cafeteria of the First Army Regiment!"

Zhang Qiudong rolled his eyes. They thought he don't want to stay? Don’t want to eat good food? don't want to fight beside the cafeteria? But he had to be useful! "Go back and polish the report for me! Five thousand words per person, write profoundly before mentioning anything else."

Marshal Li Er narrowed his eyes as he listened to the report of his subordinates. "Zhang Quidong said he would ask for funding for us? That's right. Eh, do you think our internal cafeteria can also open up special paid areas for external military troops that come to visit? For our own people it will be free, but no matter how good the other troops are, they still have to pay. What do you think of this idea? Isn’t it good? Hahaha!"

Liu Weiwei quickly heard from Qin Mo that the comrades who came to inspect were very interested in the cafeteria and the Beast project. The complaint was also successfully resolved. She slapped the Little Bun’s bare buttocks and expressed her gratification. Her effort to get up in the dark every day was not in vain. She decided to work harder! 

"What do you want to eat tonight?" Liu Weiwei fed some milk to the Little Bun, squeezed his small face, and set a proud old mother face.

As soon as Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei heard the word eat, they jumped out from the corner, bit their exclusive food plate in their mouths, and quickly threw them down. Xiao Bai pulled out a piece of paper from under her buttocks, and squatted obediently in front of Liu Weiwei.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but laugh. She doesn't understand Beast language, so she made a mini menu when she was bored. The name of the dish was also accompanied by a colored photo.

Xiao Bai was very smart, she would tap this and that with her paw almost every day, even the Krypton Beast had learned it within a few days. When they were ordering dishes, they didn’t hesitate at all.

"Okay, sirloin curry, stir-fried carrots and greens." Liu Weiwei smiled and was about to cook, but Qin Mo stopped her directly at the door. He stopped her with a husky voice full of jealousy.

"Clerk Liu, I'm hungry too."

Liu Weiwei: …

"You owe me two hundred loving hugs. You have only repaid twice so far, and you have also generated interest a dozen times."

Liu Weiwei blushed and wanted to cry. After finishing Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai's meal, she was picked up by the debt collector Major and rolled directly onto the bed.

The next morning, Liu Weiwei unexpectedly received a new message.

[Weiwei, let’s go shopping this weekend~ This sister-in-law will take you out to buy new clothes!]

Xu Hui, the wife of the first battalion commander, sent out an invitation enthusiastically.

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