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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 118 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 118 Part 2

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Hot pot could be said to be the original form of Mala Tang and Chuan Chuan.

Men and women of all ages, those who ate spicy food and didn’t eat, could hardly resist the temptation of hot pot.

From the most popular spicy hot pot at the beginning, to the mandarin duck hot pot at the back, clear soup, mushroom soup, bone soup, and even tomato-flavored soup went popular everywhere. Even in Japan, there were derivatives like sukiyaki, and there were also coconut hot pot variations in Southeast Asia.

Hot pot was not a high-end cuisine, which should be carefully prepared by the chef, but a kind of chic, incisive, and extreme comfort food where the diners just need to put everything they wanted to eat in. If people liked to eat tender, cook for less time; if liked chewy, let it tumble in the hot soup for a few more minutes.

Li Sanpang was holding a piece of lamb roulade, without loosening the chopsticks from the beginning to the end. He watched the meat gradually transition from raw red, to pink, to milky white, and to fully-cooked. He watched the extremely thin, fatty, and even mutton rolled in the iron pan. The inside was floating with the red soup, and he could even put it in the boiling hot zone with bubbles to accelerate its rolling. He watched it curl up from the corners to the center of the pot, he couldn’t can't help but drool…

Waiting, the most anxious thing ever, became even more unbearable in front of a hot pot. Li Sanpang finally took two pairs of chopsticks and started working from side to side. Lamb meat rolls on the left, and sliced beef with snowflakes on the right. His eyes moved with the chopsticks unsteadily, counting down in his heart.

After Li Sanpang had waited patiently until the lamb rolls he wanted become all white and cooked, the restlessness in his heart surged all over. At this time, regardless of work or troubles, he completely forgot everything. His eyes were full of the freshly cooked lamb. The meat was tender and tenacious. After a bite, the spiciness was also full of scent of sesame oil, which made the meat fresh and refreshing, while also spicy, tender, and delicious…

Li Sanpang’s whole mouth seemed to have been gently touched, which made him unable to give any resistance. When his whole body was relaxed and refreshed, the stimulating spicy taste appeared on his tongue, as if it was showered on his head. The spiciness irritated his acupuncture points. 

These tastes were by not easy to describe!

Li Sanpang, the scientist who provided the most meat dishes, probably had forgotten his name. "This mutton is delicious, I will buy another ten catties later, no, I have to buy another twenty catties. I will find that store, and give him a good comment!" This was not the end of the praise. 

The team continued to eat, until everyone’s plate gradually bottoms out. A few pairs of chopsticks were in the red soup of the hot pot to fight for the last piece of meat. And when the meat was in the mouth, the other went to go to the pot again to try to pick something new…

No one could stop.

In addition to lamb rolls, beef was also a popular choice.

Beef was easy to lose moisture, but the usually hard-to-bite meat had become very smooth in the hot pot. As long as people paid attention to cooking time and picked the beef when it was just cooked, the smoothness and softness of the beef when chewed would not lose to the cooking skills of an old chef in a five-star restaurant. 

Of course, this was also an experience that only old diners had. Each hotpot restaurant had different meat quality, and the thickness of the meat slices was different, so the time required to cook in the pot was naturally different. Liu Weiwei watched by the side, reminding the scientists from time to time, and only then did these guys get the high-quality beef taste that was smooth and tender.

At this moment, the men of the entire scientific research team almost shed tears.

"This is food."

"My God, how long have I been abused before? I have only drunk nutrient solutions."

"I swear that we must do this project well, and promote this seasoning throughout the military region even the entire universe!"

"I am willing to spend all my wages on buying such delicious food. It is not food, it should be called a product of God…"

"Beef is better than mutton. Is it my illusion? Captain Li, please give me the purchase link of the beef. I decided to dedicate myself to the hot pot seasoning research, and try everything by myself!"

Liu Weiwei covered her mouth and smiled, "Taste the tripe and duck intestines again. If you are not afraid of eating them, you can use chopsticks to cook it in the pot for the best taste."

"Clerk Liu, we are not even afraid of death. Diarrhea? It was nothing!"

"Okay, I started to count, 1, 2… Wait a minute, how many counts? Oh! Should I continue? Should I stop now?"

"Wait, I'm a little nervous."

"Seven dips, interesting. When I make the hot pot seasonings, I will do an experiment. Why not eight dips, nor six dips?

Liu Weiwei sweated, "It can be picked up, comrades." Scientists’ brain circuits were really beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

"Wait a minute, this is called tripe? What part is this?" A scientist took a bite and was stunned by the crisp taste, "I’m 40 years old this year, and I’m doing research on beasts. Why do I feel like it’s all in vain? Tripe is so delicious, but I do not know!"

"It's so crispy, so fragrant, so spicy, so enjoyable!" The scientist on the side ignored him.

"This duck intestine is also good. It shrinks quickly at high temperatures but fortunately picked up before it completely loses its moisture. The taste at this time is indeed the best." The scientist wearing glasses tapped his mouth, "Although by cooking in such a short time will not kill all the parasites, but it does not matter, we can cultivate sterile ducks and poultry!"

"Perfect~~" Li Sanpang’s mouth was full of duck intestines, but he was still trying to speak, "Precious love and expensive freedom, for this hot pot, I can throw both!"

"Haha, good words, good words!"

"Captain Li has a high level of consciousness."

Liu Weiwei’s mouth twitched, fully approving the scientists’ evaluations of this product. She also threw the vegetables beside her into the pot. Putting meat and then vegetables, this was an unwritten rule of hot pot, and it was also a valuable experience gained by foodies generation after generation. After so much high-temperature boiled meats, the water had become a broth. At this time, after various kinds of delicious lamb, beef, shrimp, and fish, vegetables would become the best condiment.


"This reminds me of the pot of vegetables that I ate in a small restaurant when I got my first salary before, it shocked my soul!"

"The cabbage is so tender that it melts in my mouth, I can't help but want to eat more!"

"I can't believe that we have to study such delicious things. This will be the greatest job."

"I’ll start working overtime today!"

"The hot pot is here, so I am~"

The scientists almost wrote a book and made a military order. If Liu Weiwei hadn't watched them eating hot pot with her own eyes, she would have thought that they were drunk. Everyone’s faces were red as if they had just taken a sauna. Their foreheads, nose tips, and necklines were full of sweat. 

After eating clean, every scientist rolled up their sleeves and prepared to even stop sleeping until they succeeded in recreating this seasoning!

"I made some chrysanthemum tea for you to drink." Liu Weiwei was afraid that these scientist would have stomachache tomorrow, and would be miserable in the toilet.

"Wow, after the hot pot, drinking a cup of this refreshing tea makes me comfortable."

"This tea is not bad too. It is fragrant, and the most important thing is that it relieves some of the spiciness!"

"Correct, I was just thinking of taking some nutrient solution to sooth my hurt tongue, but the hot pot tastes so good that I can't stop it!"

"Quickly stop making trouble! Clerk Liu, is there an online shopping link for this tea? Send me one."

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. These scientists were really funny.

At the same moment, in Marshal Li Er’s office, the investigation team had arrived following the Mid-Autumn Festival complaints.

Marshal Li Er face was dark and he looked at the three people in front of him almost angrily. "At any area where your authority level is insufficient, you can't enter. Don't think I will take you to visit just anywhere you want. The rest of the place, you just wander around and do whatever you want."

With a big wave of his hand, Marshal Li Er issued an order to dismiss the guest, looking as if he was very busy.

The three investigators were also very embarrassed. Their ranks were not low. The leader of the team was a First Lieutenant, called Zhang Qiudong, and the rest were Second Lieutenants, who were responsible for the life coordination and personal assistance of soldiers in various military regions.

"Okay, Marshal! Don't worry, we will investigate the problem fairly."

Marshal Li Er snorted.

Zhang Qiudong also knew that it was very embarrassing for the Marshal to receive an investigation, so it was normal for him to be unwelcoming. The investigation team was relatively free most of the time, but there were at least a dozen major complaints each year, so they had to go to various military regions to investigate on the spot. At this time, they could only shamelessly, no matter how big a barrack was, if there was principled error, they would still order a rectification.

Zhang Qiudong left the Marshal’s office and immediately ordered his two subordinates, "Before we come to a conclusion, we must observe and listen more, only then we can write a report. We cannot listen to a person’s side on the report, nor should we shield senior officers because of pressure. We have to be objective. It is our principle to fight for the interests of the soldiers with justice." When he said this, he planned to conduct a random and secret investigation before meeting the person who reported the complaint. For example, as soon as he got out of the office building, a high-ranking soldier was stopped at random.

"Comrade, we are here for a temporary exchange. I would like to ask where we can receive our daily nutritional supplements. Is there any upper limit or requirement for receiving?" Zhang Qiudong had rich experience. This question was very common, but he firmly believed that his calmness and ability to organize language would completely let the little soldier in front of him relax his vigilance.

Zhang Qiudong's two subordinated also looked at him with some admiration.

However, Zhang Qiudong soon encountered unexpected difficulties. When the little soldier in front of him heard the three words ‘temporary exchange’, he looked at Zhang Qiudong with a very suspicious look.

Let alone relax his vigilance, looking at the bars on Zhang Qiudong's shoulders, he immediately increased his vigilance. The little soldier saluted and stood at attention. "Hello chief! You can talk to the dormitory leader in the dormitory and let the dormitory leader receive the nutrient on your behalf."

Zhang Qiudong frowned, "Okay, thank you." The little soldier quickly passed them, while the two lieutenant's assistants glanced at each other.

Zhang Qiudong waved his hand, "Go to the training ground and ask where there are many people." However, just after they walked away, the previous soldier came back out from the corner. His expression changed, and he quickly opened up the chat group of his class.

[There are foreign troops that came to exchange!]

[They enquired about receiving nutrients, suspected to be trying to go to the cafeteria, high-risk alert!]

[Target three people, one First Lieutenant, and two Second Lieutenants. The Lieutenant is 180-183cm tall, with a flat head and Planet Laike accent.]

Replies appeared in the group soon.

[Sh*t! Stop them!]

[Spread to the other group! Don't let them near the cafeteria!]

[Who is on duty in the cafeteria today? Hurry up and block the smell, don't let them smell it!]

[Boycott foreign troops! Move!]

Since the Mid-Autumn Festival, the soldiers of the First Army Regiment had been going up and down to prevent any outsiders from transferring into their group and grabbing their dining places in the cafeteria.

Outsiders were not allowed to enter the cafeteria!

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