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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 122 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 122 Part 1

Not long after Liu Weiwei received Xu Hui's message, the army's sister-in-law Tang Yingqian also quickly pressed the doorbell of her house. One of them was assisting in the commissary, and the other was a senior cooking soldier. On the weekend when their husbands had to perform tasks, they were very bored.

"I really envy you. Your pets and little milk baby are all cute and likable." As soon as Tang Yingqian came in, she sighed while looking at Xiao Bai at the door. She could hardly look away.

Women loved fluffy creatures and wanted to touch them a few times or even kiss them in their arms. Tang Yingqian restrained herself, but she still bent down and carefully touched the furry claws of the little rabbit.

"Can I hug it? Will it bite me?" Tang Yingqian touched Xiao Bai’s paw. The soft and tender touch obviously conquered her.

But Liu Weiwei still hesitated. Although Xiao Bai was very well behaved in front of her and Qin Mo, it was still a Level 7 beast. She had read a lot of books about professional beast research so she knew that even if it was a soft rabbit, once it reached a high-level like Level 7, it was undoubtedly a brutal king of the beast. Xiao Bai looked soft, but if it wanted to, it could grow to two or three meters high. That size might not be the largest, but it wouldn’t be a problem to punch a Level 3 or 4 beasts.

Whether Tang Yingqian could hold, it really depended on Xiao Bai's own mood.

"Well… it depends on the people." Liu Weiwei found the most compromised statement, "My Xiao Bai still has a little temper sometimes." She squatted down to prevent Xiao Bai from being violent in a moment of disagreement. 

But actually, Liu Weiwei thought too much. Xiao Bai might have been stimulated by Chen Qili. After the incident, she apparently picked up the skill and hobby of acting.

After listening to Liu Weiwei's words, Tang Yingqian let out a sigh and decided to withdraw her hand. She had to respect the pet owner’s opinion. But who thought, the little white rabbit under her feet was like a ball of wool. It rolled lazily on the ground, its miniature body stretched out long, its hairy limbs all spread out, and its soft front paws thumped before her feet. The little guy was talking with its body… ‘I work very hard, but my hands are short and I can’t touch you’.

Tang Yingqian didn’t have any child yet and her husband was transferred to perform a secret mission since last year. It could be said that she was very lonely most of the time. Now, she saw the little furry rabbit in front of her, the pair of oozy round eyes looking at her blindly, its soft paws were trying hard to touch her. The whole rabbit was exuding so much cuteness that she needed to touch it. The sensibility in her mind instantly evaporated.

"Ah, it's so cute." Tang Yingqian knelt down and hugged the soft rabbit. "No way, too soft and too cute, I really want one~~~ Weiwei, let’s go shopping today. You can help me pick a bunny as cute as yours!" The little rabbit in her arms looked like a snow-white hair ball from a distance. The short hair was fluffy and soft, and there was no trace of impurities. When it was picked up, it placed its paws on her shoulders very well, and even cleverly used its plum blossom three-petal lips to gently lean against her chin, whirring as if sniffing. 

It acted as if begging for a kiss, Tang Yingqian suddenly turned into a rabbit slave. She rubbed the little rabbit from its long lop ears to small head to round tail, all up and down, rubbing it so comfortably until its eyes began to close up.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. Here it went again. Xiao Bai was in love with acting. Whether it was body language or micro expressions, it was an acting skill with full marks. When they went shopping, where could they find a playful rabbit like her? It was estimated that this was the only one in the entire universe!

"What does it usually eat?" Tang Yingqian obviously also heard about the feeding of beasts. "Does it usually eat the food you cook for human? The same as those in the cafeteria? Weiwei, what does it like to eat? Let’s buy it if there is time today. Oh, I heard that there is still that kind of stuffed toy specially made for family pets, which can be hugged to sleep. Warm in winter and cool in summer, does it has it already? If not, I will buy it for her!"

Xiao Bai's closed eyes opened immediately. Her small eyes lit up. She immediately fluttered her furry paws on Tang Yingqian’s shoulders to show that she was satisfied with the offering.

Liu Weiwei could no longer stand silent. Even the Krypton Beast, who stayed on the ground and rested on a regular basis, glanced discriminatingly at the furry rabbit and snorted. He then closed his eyes and turned a blind eye impatiently.

"It has many snacks already, don't spend that money. It only has than small mouth, too many will be wasteful." Liu Weiwei couldn't bear to watch Tang Yingqian continue to fall, "Have you eaten breakfast yourself? It just so happened that I made too many omelets this morning, I and the Major haven't finished eating them."

Qin Mo had stopped going to the cafeteria for his meals a while ago. He gave up his quota, saying that he could give others one more chance. He nested at their home kitchen every day, either to make a dark meal by himself, to blaspheme the taste of a big family. Eating breakfast time with Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei had become a battlefield.

Liu Weiwei couldn't stand him, so she endured it for a week and then took over to make a rich breakfast at home every day before going to the cafeteria. "Let me give some for you. It won't be as nice if kept until tomorrow."

Tang Yingqian wanted to refuse. She was not qualified to enter the cafeteria so she had drunk some nutrient solutions before going out. But as soon as she opened her mouth, she felt a sinking in her arm. As soon as she lowered her head, she saw the little plum blossom mouth of the little rabbit squirming quickly. It slapped her arm with its little paw. Seeing that she did not respond, the little guy was still very anxious and cleverly using its paw to rub its furry belly vigorously. 

It… wanted to eat… Tang Yingqian understood in no time. "Then I will eat a little bit. Thank you Weiwei~" She blushed a little. She was not the kind of person who was used to receive things. But she couldn't resist the little rabbit request at all. The pleading expression was too cute. The little paw pressed against her arm, so hot and soft, was impossible to resist!

"Okay, then you sit down first."

Tang Yingqian clearly saw the entire rabbit face stretched out as if smiling. It looked as if it could understand human speech.

When Liu Weiwei took out the omelets from the kitchen, Tang Yingqian was already holding the little rabbit and sitting upright at the table. The soft and yellow omelet was made with the simplest egg only. For health, Liu Weiwei only used very small amount oil for frying and a little salt for seasoning. For Tang Yingqian, she specially coated the omelet with sweet sauce. The sweet egg scent was very suitable for breakfast. It woke up the appetite for a whole day in the morning.

Tang Yingqian looked at the omelet on the plate, and was a little bit reluctant to eat it. The aroma made her expect the taste of it in the mouth.

"Woo~" One of the little white rabbit's paws had been placed on the dining table, and the other was placed affectionately on Tang Yingqian's right hand that picked up the omelet. Soon it started its invincible show operation. 

Sure enough, Tang Yingqian didn’t disappoint. She carefully cut a small piece of omelet, which then first put into the mouth of the small rabbit.

"Squeak squeak~"Xiao Bai’s small mouth immediately started to work. Her small round eyes revealed bright happiness.

Tang Yingqian saw that it was so cute. She took a small bite herself, and her expression instantly became as intoxicated as the rabbit. Before she could say politely that it was delicious, she was shocked by the sweet taste in her mouth that make her feel comfortable. From the tip of the tongue to the teeth, it was gentle and soft, soothing out all her fatigue.


The sound of the little rabbit made Tang Yingqian regain her senses. She immediately tore another piece and put it to the little mouth again.

Liu Weiwei looked at the operation in front of her, but didn't expose it. Obviously, Xiao Bai had eaten a large omelet in the morning, and her stomach was bulging, but she would still continue to eat and drink. Xiao Bai was becoming more and more coquettish.

Tang Yingqian only ate a small portion of the omelet, and secretly fed Xiao Bai the rest. In the end, Xu Hui came to the door and took Tang Yingqian, who was still immersed in the rabbit, and Liu Weiwei who was watching.

"Although we are military wives and have been in the military for a long time, we must not be out of touch with society. We have to go out at least once a month, buy some seasonal clothes and buy some skin care products and cosmetics. Even if we still have to keep ourselves behind closed doors, we should still be beautifully dressed." Xu Hui was an experienced military wife and already had two children. Seeing Liu Weiwei in confinement and busy with the cafeteria before, she didn't ask her out much. But now that the little bun was already babbling, and there were some signs of him trying to raising his head, Xu Hui was going to take Liu Weiwei out.

"You can't make yourself become a dull looking young woman. If Major Qin goes out to perform a deathly mission, you should show him a beautiful girl when he comes back, not an uninteresting dull woman, right?" 

Obviously, Xu Hui would go out of the barracks every month to ventilate. Tang Yingqian often went with her already, so now Liu Weiwei was also brought along. Of course, the little bun would also be brought out.

"Take him out to bask in the sun, to look at the flowers and plants, different people, and buildings. The earliest education of children starts with sight and hearing."

When she was about to go out with the Little Bun, Liu Weiwei was very cautious. Baby bottles, diapers, backpacks, housekeeping robot, as well the robot nanny were all brought along. She told Qin Mo about going out, and because he was worried about their safety, he told her to bring Xiao Bai also. As a result, when Xiao Bai was about to go out, the Mini Krypton Beast also stood up.

The Krypton Beast was allowed to go out, but leaving the military area was big event. He was a full-level beast, even if its strength temporarily drops to Level 8, his dark history as the leader of previous Beast Wave couldn’t be denied.

Scientists from the Scientific Research Bureau immediately processed the leaving request. The application report that was originally just for a military wife going shopping turned into an application for a high level beast leaving the barracks. It finally reached the height where a Marshal approval was needed. It was supported by 13 Beast scientists in the effort for more in-depth life investigation and research about the Krypton Beast. Finally, three soldiers were sent to follow before the application was approved. As a result, the shopping team consisted of three women, two puppies, a little bun, two robots, and three soldiers left the military area in a mighty but low-key manner.

Liu Weiwei was also familiar with the soldiers following her. They belonged to the Special Forces. Lu Qingheng took the lead, accompanied by two elite soldiers below him. They were very clever, and had great vision. They stayed five hundred meters away, watching their safety remotely. But even so, it put a lot of pressure on the military wives.

"I originally wanted to buy some underwear…" Tang Yingqian hugged Xiao Bai all the way, expressing a pity, "Peach has a new style and I want to try it myself. But now I can only buy it online."

Xu Hui also shook her head, "Online shopping is risky, but fortunately, you can return the goods, you just have to lose some courier fees. I will buy it together with you so the fee can be shared. Weiwei, do you want to join also?"

Liu Weiwei nodded and accepted the store link given to her.

"Let's go to the dessert shop and sit for a while. It's time for the little bun to drink some milk." Xu Hui pointed not far away.

Liu Weiwei was carrying the little bun. Seeing his face blushing red due to heat, she felt a little distressed, "Well, let’s go sit for a while." She carried the little bun herself on her back. She didn't let the robot do it. At home, the Little Bun was always snatched away by the Major, and she had less chance to hold him. Now that she came out, she was not willing to let go at all. 


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