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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 109

ICRAB – Chapter 109

"Xiao Hei, you can't be like this." As soon as Liu Weiwei entered the Scientific Research Bureau building, she poked the Krypton Beast in the head.

[Krypton Beast: Level 10. As currently its wings are injured, strength is degraded to Level 8. Natural character is protective.]

[Diner level: Desperate.]

[Favorite food: Live by swallowing metals in the wild. Alternative recipes: meat, bones, nuts, etc.]

[To restore to Level 9, 5393 loving dishes are required.]

If Liu Weiwei hadn't seen the system prompt, she would not dare to touch the full-level beast in dog skin. The level of the diners still amazed her every time she saw it. Desperate, it was at the same level as the Major, where even if the food was unpalatable, they would say that it was delicious. It could be said that they would not give up.

While Xiao Bai had to eat five-star-level cuisine to advance, this Krypton Beast had no requirements for the quality of the cooking, which was undoubtedly desperate. It's just that Liu Weiwei didn't understand why this Krypton Beast was in desperate level. Maybe it could only be attributed due to the usual meal of metal, so now it was grateful to be able to eat a bite of meat.

It was also because of this rating that Liu Weiwei was extremely courageous. Only taking care of the little bun at home for two months was still very boring. The little bun ate and slept all day long. He only had very little time to interact and play with her. So, her only pleasure was to lure Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei.

When the Krypton Beast became a mini-type, its body also changed from its previous metal-like hard skin, into having many short hairs. Although it was not fluffy and soft, it felt very slippery. Plus, its whole body was black, so it looked like Labrador puppies. Its injured wings turned into two ugly meat balls on its back, which seemed to be stunted. However, Liu Weiwei knew that maybe after eating the number of dishes just like the system instructed, the wings could grow out again.

Liu Weiwei patted the Krypton Beast’s head, but it had no thought of resisting it. It seemed to be extremely enjoying the action, it even narrowed its eyes. At this moment, the pair of fierce golden vertical pupils was half-opened and half-closed, and its hind legs were comfortably closed. After being patted several times, its tail wagged.

"Next time you come out, you must be obedient and keep your paws away. If others don't attack us, we can't attack them, understand?" Liu Weiwei poked, obsessed with the softness of her babies. "It's very rude to pull down a girl's pants…" She had seen the Krypton Beast lying on its back several times, sleeping with Xiaobai, so she could see its male characteristics clearly, "You are a male, this is called playing a hooligan, you know?"

Liu Weiwei was not a saint, she had grudges and must revenge, but it was too rude to take off trousers in public. She was embarrassed to tell others that this was done by her pet. She didn't know how the Krypton Beast, who had been wild for so long, knew how to attack this way. She was puzzled.

Liu Weiwei went upstairs and went to the observation room of the Dax Beast, she knew it was going to give Xiao Hei some face, so she stopped talking about it. She made a big plate of sweet and sour short ribs for the Dax Beast today. It hadn’t seen her for a long time. So, as soon as she entered the room, the little guy was just like seeing its lost relatives. It was obviously a four-legged crawling beast, but it stood upright with excited hind legs, got up, leaned on the glass wall, sticking out his tongue, watching her, and yelled. Its scarlet eyes even burst into tears.

The corners of Liu Weiwei’s mouth twitched. The tears of Beasts were different from those of human beings, but even if she knew it, she felt a little moved at the moment. After feeding for so long, they all remembered her, and the big guys were obviously very conscientious.

The data analyst on duty today quickly passed the dinner plate into the glass wall. Usually, Liu Weiwei saw the Dax Beast went crazy with eating as soon as the meal was delivered, but today it did not immediately bury its head to eat, but licked the glass in front with its tongue.

Liu Weiwei sighed, reached out to the glass, and made a motion of touching the beast’s head. The Dax Beast lowered its head decisively, rubbed against her palms across the glass, and then squatted back on the ground, enjoying its meal today with great joy. Every time its sharp tongue spit out, it could dexterously roll up a small red-colored rib from the plate. 

There was not much meat on the short ribs, every pieces was mostly bones. The hard bones were surrounded by a circle of transparent and tough fascia, and then the lean meat without fat attached to that. The caramel color dyed the crunchy bones from the outside to the inside.

After eating the meat, people should turn the remaining bones around in the sweet and sour sauce, and put it in the mouth to suck vigorously. But doing like the Dax beast also worked, just chew everything including the bones and it could also have the sweet and sour taste from the short ribs.

It didn’t take long for a large plate of sweet and sour short ribs to enter the belly of the Dax Beast. It was feeling nostalgic, was very reluctant, and started licking the plate, licking its paws, and even using its tongue very cleverly to lick its wet jaw.

Obviously it was a fierce beast, but Liu Weiwei couldn't help feeling that this guy was a little cute. Taking a look at the taming degree displayed by the system, Dax Beast was currently at 45%. If she hadn't rested during this period, it would have been at more than 60%. But to be on the safe side, she decided to wait for it to be completely tamed, and then discuss with Lieutenant Colonel Chen to see if he could give it a test and implant a chip, so it wouldn't need to be locked in a cage anymore.

Whether Beast could cooperate with humans in large quantities, fend off enemies together and even participate in other social construction issues, Liu Weiwei thought it was time to talk to the marshal. Whether it was Xiao Bai or Xiao Hei, it was obvious that they would no longer attack humans. Even high-level Beast, after eating and drinking enough to get a smooth and silky fur, would in result like such peaceful life. She wanted to let more people know that there were also good and bad in the world of beasts, not all of them could be generalized as dangerous.

Liu Weiwei looked at the beasts, and really wanted to open a magic pet paradise. Even if they were locked in a cage, she would like to create some fun for them, such as playing with children and letting artists create sketches. Let more and more people know that beasts were not so terrible.

Thinking about this, Liu Weiwei returned to the dormitory after packing her things. She then concentrated on coaxing her son while writing an application report by the way. When she was writing the report, Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei's heads got together, and she didn't know what they were talking about.

And after the little bun who was put in the cradle woke up, Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei occasionally kicked and clawed at him. As they were pushing the cradle, the little bun's eyes light up, and then he began waving his fat arms.

This moment was simply… quiet and good.

By noon, a total of 3,429 first-year freshmen were assigned to the First Military Regiment for military training. They rested on the spot. When they drank the nutrient solution, each of them got a hot, steaming meat bun.

[Dear students, in order to welcome your arrival and to motivate you to better engage in training. The staffs in the cafeteria of the First Military Regiment have been working tirelessly to prepare special meals for you.]

[Each of you can enjoy the meat buns produced in the cafeteria today to supplement nutrition and quickly recover your strength.]

[Now for all of you, free meal time for one hour in the training ground. Without permission, you are not allowed to leave at will!]

As soon as the announcement was over, a 20-meter-high barrier above the entire training field slowly closed. The sun was shining brightly, enough to make everyone dehydrated, but now it was blown away by the shadow of the barrier and the temporarily turned on simulated blower.

Everyone immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and the men and women wished they could lie on the ground that was slowly becoming cold.

"I finally came back alive!"

"I'm too tired and can't drink the nutrient…"

"Every bone is hurting, and I can't get up anymore."

"I want to go back to the bedroom, I really want to sleep. I don't know if we can go back after the meal?"

"You are thinking too much. We definitely can't leave. After eating, we will probably continue training!"

Almost everyone was complaining in pain, and everyone was discouraged. Under the sun, they were drilled and trained for two hours. They practiced boring standing, resting, and even they were asked to stand still for an hour, which was even more exhausting than letting them run for an hour. In addition to physical torture, it was more spiritual torture. However, the so-called military training was to vigorously practice hard work, prohibition and obedience.

"Sit up! Did I let you lie on your stomach?"

"You like to eat on your stomach so much? Then in the afternoon, I will let you all do push-ups on your stomach!"

"Be vigilant at all times. Once you hear the order, you should immediately return to the peak state of challenge. Look at you now, will you be able to get up after the whistle is blown?"

"Meat buns, if you don't eat them, you should hand them in, and they will be confiscated!"

The instructors of each class quickly scolded the freshmen sharply. The freshmen did not dare to confront the instructors at all, so they had no choice but to get up and sit down properly. But there were also instructors who were particularly friendly, such as squad leader Tao Xing.

"Hurry up and eat the meat buns. This is something that many of our soldiers actually want to eat but can't, so you are very blessed today. You have to eat it while it is hot. The taste will be reduced when it is cold." Tao Xing had tanned face. He was very prestigious to the freshmen when in training, but a bit shy when resting.

The instructors also got the meat buns distributed. Just for the daily military training benefits, many soldiers almost fought in front of their superiors for this instructor's quota. In the end, it was decided by drawing lots.

Tao Xing's gentle character was very popular with the freshmen. When the class he led heard him say this, they all sat up obediently, took the cardboard box they had set aside, and opened them. Nobody would think that an unbelievable smell of pork rushed out of the box quickly, and spread uncontrollably to the entire small class, to the entire training field…

More than 3,000 people meant more than 3,000 hot meat buns, this spreading smell of pork, almost swallowed everyone's sense of smell.

"So fragrant! The buns in the military cafeteria are even more fragrant than all the buns I had eaten before!"

"It's hot and the skin is so thin. I can see the color of the meat filling inside."

The listless freshmen were suddenly excited, and their appetites suddenly opened up.

"Ah, there is still broth dripping out of it… hot, um… good times!"

"I thought the army's meat buns will be as unpalatable as in Skynet. But it’s this delicious?"

"Oh, I'm finished. I finished it so quickly! Who can't eat? I'll help you."

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