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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 114 Part 1

 ICRAB – Chapter 114 Part 1

After nearly half a year, Li Sanpang finally logged on to Skynet again. Only then did he know, when he lost contact with everything, that the chicken leg girl had grown from a small stall to a large stall, and even she now had opened a restaurant with a crown rating. He was happy.

Li Sanpang stood at the entrance of the restaurant, looking at the words on the license plate outside, his heart thumped and jumped nervously. Tightening his hold on the precious spar in his hand, he took a deep breath before entering. As soon as he entered, he was attracted by the elegant and high-end store layout, the mall bridges and flowing water, antique wooden structure, and small corridors. Every guest looked so relaxed as if they had returned to the slow pace of life in the past, enjoying the baptism of food and sunlight. Outside the lobby, there was an ancient incense burner for the kitchen god, the robots were constantly flowing, and there was a long line at the door.

"Sir, please take the queue number first." The robot maintaining order in the lobby appeared soon.

Li Sanpang was taken aback, but he was also familiar with this practice. Using his light brain, he scanned the barcode on the queue number picking machine. After the beep, he saw the light brain’s display. 

[No. A219, there are still 118 guests waiting for their order in front of you.]

Li Sanpang stared.

"Sir, the queue time is about 90 minutes. I suggest you go shopping around. There is a commercial street in front, coffee shops, or physiotherapy rooms next door." The robot was very skilled and very friendly.

Li Sanpang swallowed. After just standing at the door for a while, the familiar but unfamiliar strong fragrance of various dishes raged on his nose. His stomach and his whole body trembled.

"There are so many people, and the business is so good…" Li Sanpang did not expect that within the past six months, the chicken leg girl had changed. Her shop now was even more popular than an Internet celebrity owned shop.

"Yes, Sir. Because we serve different set menus every day, many people want to eat each dishes, so they come every day."

Li Sanpang was willing to wait, but the chicken leg girl was limited to the morning. Thinking about this, he became a little anxious. He craned his neck and looked at the kitchen behind the transparent glass not far away, and suddenly saw a busy man in a chef's uniform. After a closer look, the chicken leg girl was standing between the two young men. Although they both wear masks, the smiles and admiration in the eyes of the two men were clearly seen…

This look shook Li Sanpang's now limited fats. He immediately rushed in regardless of the robot, "I'm not going to eat. I'm looking for your boss, I'm her friend!"

Li Sanpang's figure was unexpectedly agile and successfully attracted Liu Weiwei's attention from behind the glass.

Li Sanpang knelt on one knee, stretched the spar in his hand forward, and closed his eyes nervously. "Drumstick girl, I like you!"

"You are… the smell from my childhood dreams~"

"This energy stone is for you, please associate with me!"

After he finished confession, he sniffed and sucked his drool, his stomach rang like thunder, making him blush instantly, "What you made is so delicious~"


After Li Sanpang finished speaking, the entire storefront, which was initially full of laughter, became strangely silent. Even the diners stopped their chopsticks and looked at him with weird expressions.

Li Sanpang waited for a long time with his eyes closed, but did not hear a response. His personality has always been rough, and he would do whatever he thinks of, which might make the little girl embarrassed.

Scratching his head, Li Sanpang smiled happily, "It's okay. If you feel embarrassed, we can start with being friends. I can come to the restaurant to eat every day. Anyway, I'll be fine. Okay?" His heart was pounding. He didn't feel anything weird until coercion enveloped him. There was a familiar, horrible feeling of goose bumps crawling up in his spine. The feeling was almost identical with the feeling he received from the old man in his family.

Li Sanpang opened his eyes subconsciously, but he didn't see the slim figure he expected. Instead, he saw the black bow tie on the neck of the restaurant service boy. His healthy wheat colored skin and his explosive arm muscle lines were right in front.

Li Sanpang gaze moved upward… and it stopped on the opponent's tight jaw, the white mask, and then moved up again to the sharp and cold faint gaze that looked like a cold sharp knife. The black pupils were even more cruel and cold that he couldn't even look directly at them. The opponent's whole person was like a beast, as if with an overwhelming momentum, he wanted to show his fangs, bite his neck, and chew his bones…

"Qin, Qin, Qin…!" Li Sanpang could recognize the upright man in front of him by even if her was turned into ashes. This childhood friend was always an insurmountable role model for his parents. It was simply a bitter memory on his growth path.

"Ouch!" Before Li Sanpang said the last word of his friend’s name, his hand holding the Awakening Stone was clamped by the opponent's hard and powerful robot like arm.

"Who do you like? Say it again." The air-conditioning on the upright man dressed in waiter's clothes was almost erupting.

Li Sanpang glared hard and broke free of the man’s restraint, "It's up to me who I like! I tell you, you shouldn’t use force to suppress me like the old man! By the way, why are you here?"

Qin Mo put his hands around his chest, curled his eyebrows, and looked at the originally fat man who had lost a lot of weight in front of him, "Because my wife is here."

Li Sanpang opened his mouth wide, "Your? What?" He had been on an uninhabited planet for the past six months, and most of the time he couldn't receive signals, otherwise he would still be able to get food delivery. When he finally left the planet, he only read the food blog. He didn’t see the news that the famous Major Qin Mo suddenly got married six months ago. He really didn't know!

However, Li Sanpang's eyes quickly drifted to the only woman behind the glass wall, and then looked at the waiter's costume that shouldn’t have been worn by Qin Mo normally. He thumped back three steps and his hands shook, "You, are you married? Who is the marriage partner?"

"Don't you know?" Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, and he hooked his fingers to the side. 

The intelligent serving robot that happened to be passing by, stopped. 

[Respected guest, our proprietress is married and already gave birth to a child, not single. Our shop rejects all harassment, confession, courtship, and stalking toward the proprietress. If you don't listen to the advice, you may be kicked out of the store, or your life may be at risk.]

[Thank you for your cooperation.]

Li Sanpang:…

He couldn't believe in the short time that he hadn’t had signal something like this happened. What the hell was married and have children? How could it be so fast?!

"F*cking shameless! No wonder Qin Ruyi chased me every day, was it just to create opportunities for you?!" Li Sanpang immediately understood, "You forbidding your sister to go online were to steal the boss!"

"What's wrong?" Liu Weiwei ran out of the kitchen in embarrassment. Li Sanpang had lost too much weight, so she didn't recognize him for a while.

"Give him a copy of today's set meal, please." Qin Mo turned around and immediately put his arms around Liu Weiwei’s waist, declaring that his sovereignty was unshakable.

There were no more vacancies in the shop, but Li Sanpang's confession being in a complete defeat within less than a minute, and also under the witness of all the diners, instantly became the object of everyone's incomparable sympathy. Even the people who were waiting in line expressed great pity.

"Let this little brother eat first, so pitiful."

"My God, I just witnessed the worst confession this year~ Big brother, I’ll let you be ahead of me."

"Love ended before it even started. So miserable! I almost cried! Brother, I’ll let you have a seat and eat first."

Li Sanpang was still in a daze. The robot collected the opinions of the other diners and took him to the seat that had just been vacated. The previous diner was leaving to pay the bill. It was clear that half of his bowl of rice was not yet finished, but he directly asked the robot to pack it.

"Little brother," The previous diner patted Li Sanpang on the shoulder, and directly pressed him to his seat, "Don't cry, there is nothing that can't be solved by good food. If there is, just eat a few more bowls of rice."

Li Sanpang was dumbfounded. The people at the same table with him were also three big old men. They looked like they wanted to have a drink with him.

"You have the courage, Brother! I also wanted to confess to the boss, but we are one step too late. It's okay, today I will treat you to eat, don't be sad."

"Yes, let me tell you that the boss is still accepting apprentices. If we come every day, the boss may accept you because of our beautiful apprentice. Let's play fair together."

"Yes, the food the boss made is so delicious, so she is our dream lover. But, as you can see, her husband… is super fierce!"

Li Sanpang couldn't decide to laugh or cry. And soon Major Qin Mo served the dishes himself.

Li Sanpang immediately snorted from his nose, "I haven't ordered any food yet!"

Qin Mo squinted, "I invite you to eat with this." He put the plate on the table and left.

The plate had a strong stimulating spicy fragrance that immediately sealed Li Sanpang's reluctance.

"This dish is called ‘corpse-less death’, also called ‘to die without a burial site’. You can enjoy it slowly." Qin Mo's cold voice came from the distance.

Li Sanpang almost folded the chopsticks in his hand angrily. But as soon as he lowered his head, he quickly put the chopsticks into his mouth and made a sigh of relief. He saw that the big snow-white plate in front of him was covered with a tender and fat fish head that was split in half with a knife. Thin and dense flaming red pepper flakes covered it, and the heat from the clear and reddish soup in the bottom floated out.

Corpse-less death… WTF!

This was Chopped Pepper Fish Head!

Li Sanpang gritted his teeth and couldn't stop his drool from flowing crazily. Even after drinking some watermelon-flavored nutrient solutions just before going online, it seemed to disappear without a trace, and his stomach felt madly hungry again.

Li Sanpang was very careful. He used his chopsticks to poke a little bit of the bright red pepper on top, and picked up a piece of tender meat from the face of the poor fish who had to die without a burial site. The crystal fish meat trembled and shook on the tip of his chopsticks, it brought with it a charming aroma and luster.

Li Sanpang took a deep breath and stuffed the fish meat into his mouth. His arms tightened instantly. The soft, fresh and elastic, salty and spicy fish flew on the tip of his tongue, sending him into the clouds at once!

Soft, delicious, spicy…

All his hatred and anger disappeared!

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  1. It’s ok - if your good friend is married to the chef, you just need to drop by for dinner more often! Your grandparents already do this 😂


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