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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 124 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 124 Part 2

Zhao Linshuang very sincerely sent fair evaluations and compliments. "This is the most creative noodle I have ever tasted this year… It is novel, interesting and vivid, and the noodles are the smoothest, the most elastic, and of course the longest. Because I only bought one portion, out of the mentality of not wasting it and respecting the original taste of the food, I did not take out all of it and accurately measure the length of this noodle. Although it is a pity, interested audiences can go there by themselves to buy and try for yourself."

"Moreover, when eating noodles and chewing continuously, as the cheeks feel very tired, drink a sip of the light but delicious soup, or eat a bite of the yellow soft and waxy poached egg. It feels wow and resurrected~ What's even more touching is that the noodles in this bowl are soft like tofu. The deliciousness is simply the biggest surprise on the whole bowl! If the total score is five stars, the noodles are four and a half stars, the soup base is three and a half stars, the ingredients are four stars, so the overall evaluation is four stars!"

"In Shuangshuang's heart, this bowl of noodles is an outstanding dish that can enter a four-star restaurant, but it cost only 10,000 credits~ You must try it!" Zhao Linshuang waved goodbye to everyone, cut off the live screen, and took the remaining half of the noodles directly to the next room. "Dad, have you eaten yet? Well, let me give you a taste of my new discoveries today~"

Zhao Minggen looked up from the desk and saw a small piece of noodles left in the soup bowl.


His father's heart was broken. Zhao Minggen was now worth ten million, but in the end he still took the almost done bowl of noodle from his daughter. Even if it was leftover cold juice, he habitually took his daughter's last bite. The only piece of noodles left in the bowl was small, and the soup was not enough. There was even a half vegetarian chicken that had been bitten lying on the bottom of the bowl.

Zhao Minggen couldn't help but touched his daughter's head, "What can you do if you marry in the future? Will you also let your husband eat leftovers and cold soup?"

"Dad! I saved this for you to eat. It's really delicious." Zhao Linshuang thumped her feet. "I had to queue a long line to buy it today. If you won't eat it, I will save it to eat tomorrow morning."

"Eat, of course eat. My good daughter gave it to me, can I still not eat it?" Zhao Minggen couldn't decide to laugh or cry. If it hadn't been for his daughter, he would really look down on this bowl. According to his current worth, he could go and eat casually on any five-star restaurants, eat meat, fish, spicy food, everything he wanted to eat. He really wouldn’t put a bowl of noodles in his eyes, let alone eat leftover. 

But Zhao Minggen indulged his daughter and still picked up the chopsticks. Regardless of the taste, he was ready to pretend that it was extremely delicious to cooperate with his daughter. Anyway, she still thought of her father, and didn't give the noodles to other stinky guys outside.

Thinking about this, Zhao Minggen swallowed the noodles into his mouth, swallowed the rest of the vegetarian chicken, slurped and drank all the soup in one gulp. He had been prepared to raise a thumb to cooperate with his daughter, but his eyes widened. The mixed stuff put in his mouth unexpectedly collided and entangled on the tip of his tongue wonderfully. The chewy noodles and sponge-like vegetarian chicken were combined. While the soup inside the vegetarian chicken sprayed like a water gun. These two unrelated ingredients had a wonderful chemical reaction in his mouth, mixing in unexpected harmony, like the interlacing of high and low levels… The delicious soup was another wonderful stop.

"Where did you but the noodles? Is it an old noodle shop?" Zhao Minggen searched every time-honored brands in his memory, trying to find a family with equal taste.

"Haha, Dad, you absolutely can't think of it." Zhao Linshuang immediately turned over the video she had taken today and showed it to her father.

"One piece of noodle, there was only one piece of noodle in this bowl?" Zhao Minggen saw the promotion at a glance. Because he had eaten the remaining half string, and now knowing the highlight of the dish, he was more surprised than the diners who saw the sign directly.

Zhao Minggen didn't wait for his daughter to answer, but soon stared out. "Is this little brother making noodles?" 

Zhao Minggen was almost 60 years old, and he retired from the army at the age of 55. He accumulated his fortune in the past five years. The most annoying thing was when some people say he was a nouveau riche that had no knowledge. So since he became rich, he often took his family to various restaurants in order to quickly integrate into the upper class. He boasted that he still had some vision and insight, but this was the first time he had seen someone making noodles. While dancing and spinning, the young man twisted his waist like a doll, the noodles in his hand were like ribbons, flying like dragons and phoenix…

Zhao Minggen felt it was an eye-opener. 

"You called a takeaway? This thing couldn't be on this planet, right?" Zhao Minggen suddenly became interested. He had been on Planet Linton for nearly forty years since he joined the army at eighteen. Basically, he knew all about this planet. Previously he had no money to visit the old streets and time-honored brands, but later he came to spend several times when he became rich until he could recite their menus. But he had never seen such a fresh noodle gimmick.

"Hehe, it's indeed here, it's called Liang Family Noodle Shop." Zhao Lin smiled, "Dad, are you surprised? Are you free tomorrow? I'll take you to eat again on the spot~"

"Liang? Is the boss a middle-aged man with severe hair loss?" Zhao Minggen raised his eyebrows.

"Dad, do you know the boss? You didn't even bring me to eat in such a fun shop!"

Zhao Minggen frowned, facing his complaining daughter. He didn't know where to start. He had to go to the military area every year. First, he had to personally supervise the delivery so that he could rest assured; second, he exchanged feelings with his old chiefs and comrades-in-arms. He had eaten in Liang Family Noodle Shop. Not only that, but because the boss and him were the same age, and their children were also the same age, they also talked about education together.

Zhao Minggen was also impressed. Like his daughter, the other party's son was also a spoiled child who was unwilling to inherit the family business. Fortunately, his daughter was now sensible. So was this young man the son of the boss who was spoiled?

Zhao Minggen looked at the boy with a particularly slender waist in the video with complicated eyes, and he broke into cold sweat. "Tomorrow Dad will go to work first, and then go to the noodle shop with you to take a look. By the way, I made an appointment to meet the creator of Vegetarian Duck tonight, if you still want to join don't go out tonight."

Zhao Linshuang squeezed her hands together instantly, and her expression was more serious than ever, "What clothes should I wear tonight? Dad, should I wear more formal or more modest? A shirt or a skirt suit? Would it be rude if I wear sneakers?"

Zhao Minggen couldn't decide to laugh or cry, "Last time I asked you to see my business partner, didn't you go there in jeans? Why are there so many questions today?"

Zhao Linshuang blushed immediately, "No! I just ask casually!" With that, she quickly escaped from the room.

Zhao Minggen: "…"

Zhao Linshuang went back to her room and lied down on the hotel bed rolling around. She hugged the pillow and kneaded it hard. But within a few seconds, she quickly sat up again, covering her pink face with both hands. "Can a genius who makes a delicious meal like vegetarian duck be a rich second generation with power? A talented soul, dexterous hands… ahhhh, just imagining the other person's appearance makes me nervous… Dad doesn't understand at all!"

"I will wear a pink dress with open shoulders and a pair of pearl shoes~~~"

On the other side, Liang Kai'an kept hearing the information from the robot reporting the amount of money received. His despaired heart was instantly swept into the air! If it wasn’t business time still, he would have liked to fly to the hospital immediately and inform his father.

"Teacher, the turnover has exceeded one million, exceeding the performance of best month this year!"

Liang Kai'an did the impossible. A thank you, something that couldn't be more ordinary, he couldn't even say it. Because thank you only was not enough to express his gratitude, selling his whole life to his teacher as a reward wouldn’t be enough to express his gratitude. When his father was seriously ill and unconscious, it was really great that he could hold onto the shop that his father had desperately opened. The miracle he couldn't even think of finally happened!

Liang Kai'an's eyes were a little hot. When he was connected to the call, his voice was a little trembling.

"Then, please continue to cheer." Liu Weiwei's voice came over, making Liang Kai'an completely blinded with tears.

"From tomorrow, officially close the store and start learning. During one week, you will study six days and open for one day until your father is discharged from the hospital."


Amid the applause he received when making noodles, there were also many cameras and many ridicules. Why did a boy like him dance like women like that? Why was he so unscrupulous just to sell noodles? For the sake of money, the dignity of men could also be discarded?

But Liang Kaian's eyes were firm, just like what his teacher had told him from the beginning. He was not a chef, he was still far from being a true chef. He just wanted to make money, wanted to sell noodles to keep the shop alive, why? He was incapable. Even if there were a hundred masters helping him, even if someone prepared broth for him, even if he got a secret recipe that others didn't have, he was not yet qualified to survive in the restaurant industry. Before he was strong enough, he could only use another way to live!

But imitation and gimmicks would not last forever. This was just a beginning, a beginning that would allow Liang Kaian to live, take a breath, and then stand up again. Later, he would work hard to use all the time he had to become a real chef! When his father woke up, he would become his greatest pride.

Liang Kai'an gritted his teeth, sweat on his face was not wiped off. He pretended that he didn't hear any mockery. He smiled while tossing the dough into noodles. He pulled accurately, and tossed it into the pot to cook.

Liu Weiwei, who was holding the Little Bun, ended Liang Kaian's call and heard the system prompt.

[Resurrection mission completed!]

[You have the integrity and kindness of a chef, showing compassion for the weak and caring for the diners. Such a character will not enhance your cooking skills, but it will make you go further.]

[Congratulations, your first offline restaurant has been recognized by the Gourmet Association.]

[Task reward: Any talent of the disciple +3 points; each of the eight recipes counts 10]

Liu Weiwei immediately clicked on the system and saw the newly added page. Planet Linton was a small shining star in the vast galaxy. After she clicked on the planet, she found that there were at least a hundred bright spots on it, of which only one bright spot had a red flag, which was Liang Family Noodle Shop.

[At present, you have successfully dropped one red flag on Planet Linton, and your monthly income accounted for 1.1%.]

Liu Weiwei, who had obsessive-compulsive disorder, looked at this lonely red flag and felt really uncomfortable, but she was holding the Little Bun, so she tried to stay calm. How many shops and red flags she had was not the point. She just wanted to devote herself to the study of cooking, so that more people could eat cheap food as soon as possible. If there was no happiness in eating, how could she conquer the universe?

Liu Weiwei quit the system, hummed a little tune, and held the Little Bun's drawing board toy. She designed a 30-day pastry learning plan for Liang Kai'an. After sending the plan to him, she directly refused the other party's transfer to her.

When Qin Mo was about to go out to the training ground, Liu Weiwei stopped him shyly for the first time. "Bring the pancakes I made in the morning. If you are hungry during training in the afternoon, they can help fill your stomach." She was wearing a lemon yellow floral dress recommended by Xu Hui. It was beautiful, very temperamental.

Liu Weiwei lowered her head anxiously. Qin Mo didn’t give praise or comment at all this morning, just like no new clothes were found. She handed the insulation box over, stood in front of him for a while, and brushed up her long hair.

"Okay." Qin Mo sent a farewell kiss before going out as usual.

"Uh, nothing more?"

"Mmm, I’ll go back today to accompany you to dinner?"

"You… don't you think I have changed?"

"Oh… you… have you cut your hair again?"


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