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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 102

ICRAB – Chapter 102

Ten days later, Liu Weiwei was discharged from the hospital with the little bun. Although he was premature, the little bun did not have any health problems after inspection. Going home with her, in addition to the Major who needed to recuperate his broken rib, there was also a little black dog tied to an iron chain… er Level 10 beast.

Liu Weiwei was holding a soft little bun, a dog on the left, a big rabbit on the right, and a Major. Xiao Bai came the second day she woke up. Doctor Bu patted her head and said that he had collected the rabbit paper robot in the space and had forgotten to give it to her. In this way, her prestige almost spread throughout the barracks. Whenever a soldier passed by her, they greeted sister-in-law and said congratulations. They all looked at her with amazement and envy.

"Krypton Beast voluntarily surrenders, and also willing to put on a dog leash, amazing~"

"What do you know? If you get the chance to eat the stewed bones made by sister-in-law, you might also be willing to put on a dog leash!"

"That's probably true~"

When Liu Weiwei heard this, she almost laughed.

"You all don't need training anymore!?" Qin Mo looked upset, "What are you doing here?!"

The soldiers ran away immediately.

Qin Mo's face was dark, but as long as his eyes met the child… or the child… mother, they became a lot softer. "You don’t have to go to the cafeteria for these two months. You were initially in poor health, and you gave birth prematurely, so you will be off for two months." He said this almost dozens of times already. He probably said it three times a day in the hospital.

Liu Weiwei felt her ear becoming cocoons, "Okay."

With that said, Qin Mo turned his head away and stretched out his hand to the little bun with a cold face, "I'll hold the brat, don't tire yourself." Only by turning his face cold could he try to suppress the depression and sadness on his face. Not a girl, not a soft, pink girl, not a little girl who could sing to him in a little skirt… It turned out to be a stinky boy!

When Qin Mo thought of this, he felt a pain in his chest, more painful than his broken rib. Then he looked at the black dog on the ground, he was very upset. He felt that this dog thing scared his daughter away. But even if it hurt, he didn’t dare to show it in front of Liu Weiwei. As long as he thought of her pale face and blood-filled skirt, he thought that his son was still his child. What’s the big deal, he would find a pleasing daughter-in-law later!

"Sour son and spicy girl," Qian Dongmei didn't even know Qin Mo’s thoughts, "I told you a long time ago that Weiwei must be carrying a boy."

Liu Weiwei also nodded. She had a hunch when she was pregnant, especially every time she heard the Major calling the baby a girl. She felt awkward. She always felt that the baby was a boy. Of course she also liked daughters, if the baby was a daughter, she could dress her up like a doll. But to be honest, she also liked handsome boys very much.

"Just take good care on the confinement. You are still young. There will be as many daughters as you want in the future." Qian Dongmei persuaded.

Hearing this, Qin Mo’s eyes lit up a bit. He felt the hot wrinkled little bun in his hand looked a bit cuter now. "Well, Teacher Qian is right."

Qin Mo did not hesitate to set the little bun’s goal for the next two hundred years, to take care of his younger sister. However, he felt lingering fear in his heart. He felt that it might be better to adopt a girl.

When they returned home, Qin Mo, who had two broken ribs, still twisted his eyebrows to personally help to make milk powder and diluted nutrient solutions to feed the little bun.

Liu Weiwei was supposed to breastfeed, but she found that it was easier for the baby to absorb nutrients if he drank the solutions directly. The Major's feeding posture was also very standard. After feeding a full bottle, he also knew to put the soft little bun on his shoulder, gently patted the baby's back, and waited for the little thing to burp. He was waiting for it like waiting to ambush a big enemy, when it was done he let out a sigh of relief.

Liu Weiwei wanted to help, but was rejected by the Major. She was forced to sit on the sofa and watched the new daddy frown. He then proceeded to change the little bun’s stinky diaper. These jobs could actually be given to housekeeping robots, but obviously daddy didn't want to.

"I will still need to perform some tasks afterwards." Qin Mo was holding the diaper awkwardly, "I hope the brat has a conscience. When I went out and come back, I hope he knows the one changing him now."

Qin Mo had avoided leaving the barracks when Liu Weiwei was pregnant. Now it was natural for him to go back to work actively.

Liu Weiwei also knew that this was inevitable. She looked at the little bun who was happily spitting milk bubbles and dancing with his hands. She carefully wiped his tender mouth with a bib. "Go with peace of mind, I will take good care of myself and the children~"

Qin Mo looked complicatedly at the mother holding the child, and then at the little black beast wagging its tail at her feet. His temples twitched. He thought of the weak girl, two beast younger brothers were better than one. Maybe one day they could even beat him so that his son would not recognize him. The strongest purpose of the whole camp was to look after the girl who was the weakest. 

"When I go out, I will bring Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai with me." Liu Weiwei smiled. Now almost the entire Scientific Research Bureau and the soldiers who showed up that day knew her physique was loved by the beasts. The more high-level the beasts, the more intelligent they were, the more easily they couldn't stand the temptation of food. They often surrendered willingly to her, or they were willing to let her be their shit shovel officer. Now, no one dared to provoke her casually. (TN: Xiao Hei literally means Little Black.)

"I'm going to stew chicken soup, and you have to eat healthy to heal your injuries. You are just like children, fighting with pets!" Liu Weiwei felt funny when she thought of it. In Interstellar era, there was no rule in confinement to lie still and not to move. Instead, it promoted normal life as usual, except for those who were particularly frail and sick. So, there was nothing wrong with her cooking a dish.

Qin Mo's face turned dark, but the roots of his ears were suspiciously red.

On the second day their hospitalization, one of the arrested analyst committed suicide. The other two had been transferred to the military court and were under strict investigation. Although the cause of the whole incident was still unclear, it was obviously a man-made disaster, not because of the beasts.

The Krypton Beast was wrongly vented by Qin Mo. Of course, he was also overturned by its tail several times. Both did not suffer losts!

"Weiwei…" Qin Mo slid into the kitchen pitifully while holding the little bun. 

The low voice, accompanied by the smell of water on his body and the scent of milk that had just been fed to the baby, gently rubbed Liu Weiwei’s ears. Causing her to almost broke the chicken's wings in her hand.

"This kid is mine. That night, you must be with me, no one else." Qin Mo said this while he was staring at the baby who was tightly wrapped in blue clothes. "When I saw him I knew it. He looks the same as when I was a kid."

Liu Weiwei pursed her lower lip.

"And, I seem to remember…" Qin Mo’s faint gaze fell directly on Liu Weiwei’s delicate and slender neck. The gaze then moved down a little bit, trying to see her snow-white skin. "You are my woman, the only one."

Qin Mo’s ears were a little red, and he shook the little bun who was closing his eyes trying to fall asleep. "You should take responsibility to us two."

Liu Weiwei's face was red and her ears were red. She was cleaning cold old hen, but she felt as if her body was being washed by hot water. Her whole person felt hot from the inside out. "Got it! Get out!"

"Oye! You agreed!"


Liu Weiwei had looked at the little bun’s examination report and found he had the same blood type as the Major. Their genetic identification was also a 99% match. She did have the proofs, although she couldn't remember that night at all.

Liu Weiwei was so hot that her actions were messed up. She fiercely cut the chicken butt and the chicken head, as if she was venting her embarrassment. She cut the old hen from the middle with a knife, and threw away all the internal organs swiftly. In the end, the whole old hen was chopped into pieces and then thrown into the pot. The old hen, who was sent by Lu Qingheng and the others a few days ago, was miserably dismembered.

In the evening, Marshal Li Er and Teacher Qian Dongmei personally came to visit Liu Weiwei and the little bun, they also ate the delicious stewed chicken soup.

The Marshal came to express an apology to Liu Weiwei on behalf of high-level military department and gave her a lot of skin care products. In addition, he promised to severely punish the soldiers who made mistakes. Secondly, as a teacher, he wanted to take a look at the little baby who was already moving his legs as if dancing, and the hard-working young mother. He also wanted to observe by the way, the legendary Krypton Beast that was even more obedient than a dog. However, both the dog and the baby were quickly thrown behind his head after the chicken soup was served.

"This is called a stewed chicken soup? You reported earlier that you wanted to apply batch production for this dish?" Marshal Li Er saw the soup pot was brought to the table. It had golden-colored chicken soup with some oil floating. He immediately rubbed his hands. His entire face was extremely excited.

"Well, yes, this is stewed chicken soup. The soup you see in the pot is all formed by steam condensation. There was no added water in this pot." Liu Weiwei served a bowl for Marshal Li Er and Teacher Qian while explaining.

Qin Mo held the little bun who was trying to get out with a dark face. He caught the little bun with both hands, filled some soup for the child with one hand, and by the way, drove the drooling black dog and furry rabbit to a corner.

"No water?" Marshal Li Er scooped up a spoonful of fragrant and clear chicken soup. He felt a lot of saliva being secreted in his mouth.

"Well, the pot with chicken is placed on another pot filled with water. The steam entered the pot to form the final chicken soup. This way, the chicken's umami taste can be preserved the most, and even without complicated seasonings, it is delicious."

Marshal Li Er took a big sip of the soup as he listened to Liu Weiwei. With the sip, his tongue was immediately surrounded by the original chicken scent. He felt the pores all over his body being stretched open.

The soup could hardly be described in words. On the soup, there were brightly colored chicken oil floating in circles, but the soup was mostly as clear and translucent as a mirror otherwise!

In the soup, in addition to the chicken bits, there were also some white floating objects, which looked quite cute.

Marshal Li Er clamped one of the white thing and was immediately shocked by the unexpectedly crisp taste of the soup soaked inside.

"This is bamboo mushroom." Liu Weiwei also handed a bowl of soup to Qin Mo. "Its fragrance is very rich and delicious. It is suitable to be added to soup."

"Not bad." Marshal Li Er nodded, feeling more guilty for Liu Weiwei. "It's already hard for you to be so frightened. You have suffered, but you still think about the military. This year I have submitted an application for your promotion. The results should be excellent. In addition, I have also applied for a special apology subsidy for you. The amount will not be much, but it is the good heart of the army." As he said this, he glanced at the corner. He pushed out his own plate to the mini-krypton beast that was sticking out its tongue from time to time. "I will also allocate a special fund for you to raise the beast. One million per month, do you think it is enough?"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. She glanced at Qin Mo, and he nodded at her.

"In addition, we also need mental damage compensation." Qin Mo said mercilessly.

"You!" Li Er wanted to shout more, but there was still soft, tender, and completely insatiable chicken in his mouth, so he chewed them first. His expression was a little confused, "Clerk Liu… I will pay for the milk powder of your little baby."

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