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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 117

ICRAB – Chapter 117

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Liu Weiwei's happiness was watching everyone eat. Even if to practice for the snail dish, she couldn't raise her arms. She was almost in a state of coma and could only sleep when she was out of the system training room. The soldiers smiling faces were the greatest compliment to her.

This feeling might be applicable to all chefs.

Even Yang Likun, who had just taken the position, could not help but feel a little proud when sitting among the soldiers at this moment. Creating delicious food and creating happiness was the pride of every chef.

Everyone used practical actions to fully express their love and affirmation for the snail dish. Looking at the tables, they were full of empty plates, and piles of snail shells were up high. Everyone's hands were already so oily, but no one disliked anyone. They put their shiny fingers to their mouths to clean them.

This unrestrained and unrestrained look was exactly the same as the furry rabbit and the little Krypton Beast squatting next to Liu Weiwei. Originally, there were soldiers who ate fast that wanted to help the two cute-looking dumplings, one black and one white. They wanted to use toothpicks to pick the snail meat onto the plate for the dumplings to eat. After all, the three-petal lips of the little rabbit were born to nibble on grass, so they didn't look like they could suck out snail meat.

However, what shocked everyone was that these two little guys didn't need help at all.

The little furry rabbit tilted its furry head, stepped on the snail with a paw, bowed its head down, and then successfully sucked out the snail meat quickly and effortlessly. It was even faster than the soldier that was trying to help next to it.

Helping the Krypton Beast was even more unnecessary. As soon as it patted its front paws, a bang sound rang. With this, the hard snail shell was broken into slag, and the fresh and tender snail meat was directly strung on its sharp claws. It ate everything clean and even licked its claws with its tongue after. When it smashed its own plate of snail meat, it also helped the little furry rabbit smash its portion. And then the Krypton Beast began to lick its paws that was covered with sauce, from the first to the last, it licked everything cleanly.

The soldiers seeing this were dumbfounded, and immediately speeded up their eating movements. For fear that these little guys would be addicted to eating snails, and would then come to grab the food from their plate.

Liu Weiwei was also watching with amusement. She stroked Xiao Bai head and Xiao Hei's tail, and then put more than a dozen snails from her plate on their plates.

For these snails, she asked the Military Purchasing Department to contact several suppliers before she was even able to buy them three days ago. There were very few people who eat these in Interstellar era, so the vendors sold them at an extremely low price.

Eating snails during the Mid-Autumn Festival was an unwritten custom. Before and after this lively festival was the most fertile time of the year for snails. If people didn’t eat a plate of stir fried snails, the Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be complete. Only after everyone ate all the stir-fried snails, they had time to focus on the ugly-looking taro. Eating taro during Mid-Autumn Festival was also one of the traditions.

It was the first time all soldiers celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, so it was the first time for many people to eat this kind of stuff.

The taro was soft, glutinous, and fragrant after being cooked. When eaten with sugar, it was sweet, soft and filling.

Almost everyone felt lucky that they didn't drink nutrient solutions before coming to the party, otherwise they probably could only watch others eat now. Even the female nurse who usually had the smallest appetite wiped out a small plate of taro today, and she even let out an inelegant burp. After the more heavy-flavored stir-fried snails, the light bite of taro was even sweeter.

However, the taro duck soup was the one that become the last straw to overwhelm the camel.

Each person was only given a small bowl of duck soup. Golden yellow oil was floating in the soup, there was only a small piece of duck meat, a few slices of taro, and some dried bamboo shoots on the small bowl.

After a long time of stewing and boiling, the skin of the old duck had become extremely soft. The tender meat under the duck skin was completely free of duck smell. It was soft and pleasant, and because it was simmered together with taro, the meat also absorbed some of its fragrance and freshness.

Eating a bite of meat, chewing the taro, nibbling some dried bamboo shoots, and then gulping the hot soup, this taste was extremely refreshing. After drinking the soup in one breath, people could feel the umami taste lingering on the tip of their tongue for a long time, and even their breath now had a strong aroma.

The soldiers became crazy one by one. They were about to lose their minds in excitement, wishing that they could abandon their manners and be a beast so that they could lick their bowls!

Yang Likun never got out of the crowd again.

"Old Yang, it's delicious, it's so delicious!"

"Uuuuu, I didn't expect that I could eat such delicious things while I was alive."

"You really helped to make this with the chef? Great, Xiao Yang, I will definitely dream of this bowl of soup tonight."

"It's like the taste of a first love~ It's so good, I think I won't rinse my mouth or brush my teeth after this!"

Such enthusiastic discussions never stopped. No matter which department, how disciplined the team was, one or two of such howling praises could still be heard.

The Scientific Research Bureau and the medical department were initially trying to hold their dignity. Unlike the soldiers on the battlefield, they always felt they were more particular. But tonight, it's was like they were eating after being hungry for several days, as they were no longer sensible.

"Lieutenant Colonel Chen, I have decided, I will follow you in the future!" One of the newest guys in the white coat among the team of the Scientific Research Bureau suddenly uttered this sentence. He raised his head and mourned his first love that had disappeared so quickly. He then buried his head in his empty bowl, took a deep breath of the smell of the old duck soup, and then clenched his fist angrily.

"Lieutenant Colonel Chen, I’ll join the petition letter you had made when I go back tonight, protesting the unfair treatment to the army leaders, why can't us scientific researchers enter the cafeteria? It's too bad, too cruel, inhuman, too unruly, and too bullying!"

Lieutenant Colonel Chen's face stiffened. Just as he was about to speak, there was a bunch of echoes around the newcomer.

"It makes sense, I’ll also sign."

"Yes, we are not very demanding, what the other department can eat at the base should be available for us too!"

"Yes, that's right, we have to advance or retreat with the beasts we raised!"

"I think it's a good idea. We are responsible for the experimental beasts. Before they are available as ingredients, we are the one that got rid of the poison to ensure their safety."

Lieutenant Colonel Chen: …

Such voices also rang from the medical department, procurement office, administrative office, and so on. 

In a short span of time, Marshal Li Er personally received nearly 500 anonymous petitions. Even the Complaint Handling Office of the Interstellar Alliance Army quickly called him.

"Marshal Li Er, there were a lot of comrades that complained about bad food, bad food distributions, and sergeant abuse in the First Military Regiment. Marshal, although it is difficult, we have to do as per required and send people to conduct an on-site investigation. "

Marshal Li Er was about to blow his beard up, "F*ck! Who?! Who did it?!"

Complaint Office: "…"

On research bureau team’s table, the newcomer scientist sneezed loudly.

By this time, the Mid-Autumn Festival party had reached its climax.

Soldiers from other military districts all took photos and recorded some videos of their Mid-Autumn activities. They then uploaded them to the military district forum, vying for the title of the most popular military district. However, only the comrades from the First Military Regiment fell into silence for a long time.

"I won't send it! I can't send it! If other teams know that we have something delicious, what should we do if they apply for a transfer here?"

"If I rub this to their faces, it would probably result in that, very not okay! I can't even enter the cafeteria now, if there are more people on the team, I will not be able to enter the cafeteria even more!!!"

"No post is allowed! If someone did, they have to be transferred. How can we be better in other military districts? Will there be so many foods on other’s festival? Anyone that dares to post indiscriminately today, will be beaten by me!"

"Hahaha, eat stealthily, don't let the boys in other military regions know. Just resolutely let them think that we are the worst military region!"

"Yes, yes, yes, I'm not going to post,. If I did on the next Mid-Autumn Festival, I probably will only receive a bottle of nutrient solution, and couldn’t even eat a bite during the whole party."

"I agree. I tremble in the cold wind when I'm hungry, I couldn’t bear to just watch the show."

Marshal Li Er's pot was probably not clean. He didn't know what good things his cubs had done until the next day.

Before the end of the Mid-Autumn Festival party, every person in the First Military Regiment, whether at the party or on duty, received a small moon cake in addition to the meal that night.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, there was a legend of Chang'e flying to the moon. So, how could there be anything more appropriate than moon cakes?

Liu Weiwei and Yang Likun joined forces with more than a dozen robots. Starting from the first step of making the wrapping, they knead the dough, and then press and bake the moon cakes in many batches, which could be said to be very busy. They were busy for nearly a full week making the moon cakes.

When every soldier got the moon cake, they couldn't even believe it. The golden round moon cake on the surface, the outer circle had shallow and concave patterns, there were also blooming sweet-scented osmanthus pattern on the surface, and the antique traditional Chinese characters for Reunion. The whole skin looked oily and plump, very cute. And because of the pattern it had become high-end and very elegant.

The soldiers with thick arms and big feet eagerly bite down the moon cake. They instantly realized the unique taste of the thin, soft, and sweet filling. It was sweet but not greasy.

Those who were more particular were reluctant to eat. They took the moon cake in their hands back to observe carefully. 

Once they arrived back in the dormitory, the soldiers exchanged moon cakes from other people and circulating them around. 

Only then they found out that every cakes pattern and colors seemed to be a little different.

Some were sweet-scented osmanthus, some were like summer lotus, and some were laurel pattern. When everyone ate the cake, they realized that each other's tastes were different. Different words were written on the outer packing box of the moon cakes. Five nuts, lotus paste, red bean paste, jujube puree, ham, honeydew…

Five Nut

Lotus Paste

Red Bean



Everyone was astonished. They covered their moon cakes instantly, and coveted the one in other people's hands. What if they wanted to taste different flavor?

"Let’s divide and share, I have a knife here."

"Promise first that every cut need to be the same, otherwise I won't do it."

"Well, of course, we have four people in the dormitory, so each will get a quarter of each flavor."

The person who already had a bite anxiously took out the moon cake that had been soaked in his saliva, he was too embarrassed. 

Of course, the result was a gang fight, Many moon cake was cut open forcefully.

"Five nuts… Uh, you can go, I don't need you anymore, my red bean paste is more delicious."

"Little song, I remember you don't like egg. I will solve the cake for you if it tastes too much like egg yolk."

"Get out! I'll eat this egg yolk moon cake even if I die, you get out!"

"Let go of your hands! My lotus seed…"

Almost every bedroom was full of laughter or lively sounds of fighting.

The Mid-Autumn Festival of the First Military Regiment had come to a successful conclusion.

"I don't need mooncakes, I want to eat…"

The Big Bad Wolf’s paw pressed the round shoulder of the Little Lamb once again.

The night was dark, the wind was high, and the clouds were sparse. It was a good time to appreciate the moon and worship a beautiful woman…

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