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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 116

ICRAB – Chapter 116

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When Liu Weiwei woke up in the morning, her waist was sore and her limbs were soft. It was as if her body was crushed by a truck. However, she was so clear-headed that she could even feel that the Major who was in harmony with her mental power was at home downstairs. Before she got up, she ate the loving breakfast that the Major had fed her on the bed. The oatmeal was all mushy, it was terrible… but obviously full of heart. After the Major took care of her leftovers, he happily went to work. By the way, he sent the little bun and the robot nanny to his teacher's house for care.

Liu Weiwei lay down for a while longer than usual, even if she was alone now, she was still blushing when she thought of yesterday's events. She patted her face with cold water, and then teased Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei before she struggled to go to the cafeteria. As soon as she stepped into the cafeteria, the task reminder that hadn't appeared for a long time rang.

[After entering the second half of the year, a group of soldiers will usher in the peak of retirement. As a Master who wants to become the master of food, how can the soldiers leave the army filled with regrets, and still with ignorance to food?]

[New task released: Within 100 hours, rapidly expand the proportion of cafeteria catering services to 80%, current level is at 22%.]

[Task Reward: One chance to draw on the Happy Lottery; Advanced seasoning skill book; a random gift of 1 point for disciple talent.]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. There were more than 20,000 people in this military area. For a long time, the number of people served in the cafeteria had been only 5,000, which was roughly equivalent to 25% of the number of soldiers in the camp. Except for active soldiers, the base's other logistics teams, such as the rare cooking soldiers, medical soldiers, scientific and technical soldiers, and ordinary service personnel, had never entered the cafeteria. To reach 80% of the service ratio was equivalent 20,000 people dining.

Even if there were robots in the cafeteria and Yang Likun's help, it was still not easy.

[Because the host's mental power has been increased to the fifth rank, the fourth apprentice position has been opened!]

[To open another position, the host’s number of offline diners must exceed 30,000.]

Liu Weiwei touched her forehead. Thirty thousand, this number means she had to serve food outside in reality. With only the soldiers at the military base, it couldn’t be completed. However, the task of the cafeteria must be completed first.

Liu Weiwei immediately turned the calendar and fixed her eyes on the Mid-Autumn Festival three days later. Since she had to do it, she had to do a big one, and made up the banquet that the Marshal had requested!

Liu Weiwei lifted up her sleeves and made a strict and detailed plan on her light brain. She devoted herself to the preparation work with all her strength.

√ Confirm the number of people
√ Determine the dishes 
√ Confirm the type and quantity of ingredients required
√ Plan the cooking steps 
√ Confirm Marshal's assistance 
√ Confirm the configuration and task arrangement of the kitchen staff 
√ Prepare ingredients in advance 
√ Confirm the arrangement of dining venue 

The Mid-Autumn Festival was getting closer and closer. 

This was a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, with a long history of thousands of years. For soldiers who were living on military bases or on duty, although they couldn’t be reunited with their families, they could also face the full moon in the dark and remember their families on the night of this day. They could also hold a lively Mid-Autumn Festival party, with singing and dancing, where they could watch the performance video of Chang'e Flying to the Moon together.

Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, all the station bases in Eastern Army Group would hold almost all kinds of activities. Even at the military region forum, military regions would compete against each other for the most creative, interesting and advanced commemorative activities at their bases. 

For three consecutive Mid-Autumn Festivals, the First Army Regiment spent the festival with emergency missions of resisting beast wave or providing relief after disasters.

So this year, three months ahead of schedule, the First Army Regiment began to plan their Mid-Autumn Festival activities intensively. They wanted to win the first place in the military district forum and held a massive event, so that their soldiers would not forget the Mid-Autumn Festival party they hadn’t been able to do for many years.

Whether it’s the scientists from the Scientific Research Bureau that rarely appear, the military doctors wearing white coats in the clinic, or even the staff in the logistics department, all put aside their work on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival to came to the largest open-air training site in the military area.

Almost all soldiers arrived, while soldiers on duty at important positions in various stations could hear the lively laughter from the venue. The access gates of military bases were all closed, so even if they had to be on duty, they were much more relaxed than usual. They could even see the big screen projected on the training site where the party was held when they look up.

"Doctor Bu, we really do not need to drink nutrient solutions to fill our stomachs today?" A little nurse blinked round her eyes and looked at the huge projection in the sky.

Bu Zhongxin pushed up his gold-framed glasses, "Of course, there are cafeteria benefits today. Whoever drinks nutrient solution will definitely regret it, so don't blame me for not reminding you."

The little nurse clasped her hands together, "Really? Cafeteria food? It's great! After passing by the cafeteria a few times, I never dared to go there anymore. The smell was so fragrant that I feel I couldn't eat anything else, so I went back to my bedroom. The result was obvious, it feels uncomfortable to drink nutrients, and I feel hungry no matter what."

Another middle-aged doctor next to the nurse also nodded, "Yes, I almost sent an anonymous letter to the Marshal’s mailbox to complain. Even if I am asked to pay for the food, I would be willing, but the robot would not let in. This is not fair? Do they despise our medical department?"

Bu Zhongxin was also dumbfounded when he heard this. "Calm down. You might not know, but the cafeteria has only one chef and one kitchen helper until now. The rest is either robots or soldiers that temporarily help between their training and rest time. In this army, half of the people who are here have never eaten it either, not only you." He said this, but he also touched his nose with a guilty conscience. Because two nights ago, he used the excuse of doing a home check-up for the little bun and received a meal by the way. Of course, he would not say this stupidly, otherwise he would be beaten by a group of military doctors. There was too much monk and not enough porridge, no way.

Next to the medical department, sat the scientific research team with the same white coat over a black military uniform.

The leader was Lieutenant Colonel Chen, with four rows of scientific researchers sitting behind him. Listening to the muttering of the medical department, their expressions became more and more weird. They had not only smelled the food in the cafeteria, but even seen the chef cooking with their own eyes. They had seen the attractive color and beautiful appearance of the delicious food up close… Just thinking about it, they felt their drools ran down…

However, every day, they could only watch the beasts eat happily. They could only watch eagerly and drool. They had been imagining what the food tasted like at least hundreds of times, but they had never had a chance to taste it.

Who would be so shameless to snatch food from the beasts? Who had such great fighting power to grab food from the beasts headed by the Level 6 Dax Beast? There were also spies among them, who caused the chef to give birth prematurely. But fortunately, the other party didn't care, so they started to use their spare time to various toys for the baby from 0-12 years old, and they were ready to surprise the chef. This was also the biggest reason why they all came today.

Scientists who were willing to participate in the party mostly want to apologize, and second, they heard that there was food from the cafeteria today and everyone would have a share, so they ran faster than rabbits.

Among these scientists sat an acquaintance that Liu Weiwei unexpectedly knew. He kept watching the video in silence without speaking. When the robot in the cafeteria finally came to the open venue, the meat on his face couldn't help but tremble. He also held both his hands together in excitement.

Today, everyone had a Mid-Autumn Festival set meal from the cafeteria. More than a dozen robots shuttled endlessly and were very busy. In addition, there were also ten other soldiers that helped to deliver the set meal insulation box together.

It didn't take long for everyone to have a copy, and by then they didn't even bother to take a look at the show on the screen!

"What is this?"

"It’s round? It's a bit familiar. I seem to have seen it somewhere."

"Hi… They are so hard, my teeth!"

"This is a snail!"

"Idiot! This is not for you to bite and eat."

All kinds of yelling and humming rang one after another. Everyone no longer knew what was on the screen.

Liu Weiwei asked Yang Likun to demonstrate in person for everyone on how to eat. After all, he was a soldier, so he was very familiar with these comrades. He was very kind when he came to guide the soldiers.

"Everyone got the Mid-autumn set meal. This is the taro. It looks round and wishes you all a happy family. The outer skin of the taro will have to be peeled off before eating."

"Pinch this snail directly in your hand, put it in your mouth and suck out the snail meat with your mouth to enjoy. Of course, if anyone has insufficient vital capacity like a soft egg, we also provide toothpicks, which you can poke in to pick out the meat."

Yang Likun held a trumpet and was kicked off after saying a few words.

"You are a b*stard!"

"Xiao Yang, you dare to go to the cafeteria."

"Come here and guide this grandpa to suck the snail meat!"

Liu Weiwei was watching and couldn't help laughing. She also quickly found her place. She went to sit down next to Qin Mo, and took the little bun who was still spitting bubbles from his hand. The poor little bun could eat nothing but milk.

Qin Mo looked disgusted when he saw his son head resting on his wife's chest, his chest felt a little tight. Liu Weiwei couldn't bear his imposing expression of jealousy, so she held the bun with one hand, took a small snail soaked in soup with her other hand, and stuffed it to the Major’s mouth.

Qin Mo's deep gaze finally moved to Liu Weiwei’s pink face. He sucked the delicious snail meat mixed with thick gravy and red sauce into his mouth with a squeak. He touched his wife’s fingers, his gaze grew hotter and hotter.

Liu Weiwei shook her hand and couldn't help but remember the scene of herself being eaten clean by the other party. She hugged the little bun and her face was very red. Fortunately, the night was dark, so the blush on her face could not be seen clearly by others.

As for the close interaction between the two of them, everyone originally wanted to make fun of it, but before they even thought of some teasing words, before they opened their mouths to make a sound, everyone was conquered by a mouthful of snails.

At present, the thoughts of talking, discussing, and watching the excitement were all gone.

Every soldiers had all seen this humble snail in the field when marching or in video album. Experienced veterans all knew that snails contained a lot of sand and had a strong smell of soil. The meat was hard and very unpalatable. If they were hungry in the wild, first action was to try to eat four-legged beast’s meat, second was to eat fish in the water, and the next was to fill up their stomach with these small things.

However, as soon as the snails from the cafeteria entered they mouth, they found that it was completely different. Not only did it have no fishy smell and no sand, it instead salty but spicy, spicy but sweet, and had a tangy aroma. The snail meat was tender and smooth but very strong.

The snail meat was very small, but when they put the whole snail in their mouth and suck all the sauce on the shell, the rich taste immediately awakened their taste buds that had been sleeping for a long time, making them groan.

After smearing the snail with sauce, according to Yang Likun's words, they put it to their mouth and sucked hard. The sauces and gravy on the snails sprayed and rolled down into their throat. The delicious snails entered their mouth smoothly and without obstruction. With a light bite, the meat was rich, fresh, and juicy, not tough nor rotten tasting, delicious!

Everyone was just like being ordered, unable to stop, one after another sucking the snail meat off. After going through a large plate of snail meat, they didn't feel tired or bored at all, on the contrary, they were deeply unsatisfied.

"It turns out, this roadside thing that no one wants is so delicious! I saw a bunch of them last time, I would have brought them all back if I knew it."

"Don't panic, next time we go out to perform a mission, we just need to keep an eye on it. Collect more and give them to the cafeteria."

"Yes, that's a good idea!"


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