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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 112

ICRAB – Chapter 112

Liu Weiwei leaned down and gave Xiao Bai a few heart massages. In an instant, its limbs twitched fiercely, and it even moved its mouth a bit. After coughing twice, it slowly opened its weakened eyes. It stretched out two front paws towards her with a pitiful look searching for a hug as if it was about to die. To tell the truth, even Liu Weiwei almost believed in Xiao Bai's acting skills.

Seeing that the little white rabbit was all right, He Junliang and the other soldiers also breathed a sigh of relief.

Liu Weiwei pulled Xiao Hei back and held Xiao Bai on her arms.

"Comrade Liu, we will deal with this seriously! Don't worry!" 

Making trouble in the military area was a major event and would definitely be dealt with seriously. Even general ranked soldiers would be severely punished. Because here was the army, orders were like an iron mountain, anyone who challenged the authority needed to pay a price. Not to mention trouble made by new students coming just to do military training?

The four girls felt scared at this time. Especially Zhao Linshuang, she grew up listening to the story of army from her dad, and it was clear that if they were judged to have made trouble, she might be punished terribly. She had also heard the soldier call this cooking soldier sister-in-law. If she had known it was a big sister-in-law, even if she was given a hundred courage, she would not dare to come over and find fault.

Soldiers were united and very protective of their own members. Even if there was something wrong with the internal personnel, it had to be dealt with internally. It was not something college freshmen like them who had not even entered the military could find faults in private.

"Comrade, listen to our explanation…" Zhao Linshuang's voice was anxious and shaking.

Chen Qili also changed her face, "We also took photos. The rabbit tried to attack us yesterday, and it also stole the soldiers' precious meals in the cafeteria together with the disabled dog. We have evidence! It is a thief! You must have been deceived by Liu Weiwei. She instructed her pets to do these shameless things."

Zhao Linshuang suddenly turned her head, wishing to punch Chen Qili and completely wake her up. She remembered now. She found that Chen Qili had been encouraging them to find fault with this cooking soldier since yesterday. Didn’t she know that casually naming a military wife in the army will cause great dissatisfaction with the soldiers? Regardless of whether the other party was guilty or not, in the end they couldn’t be the one judging.

If they were given failing grade in this military training, she would be directly expelled from the military academy! The most unlucky thing was meeting pig teammates, Zhao Linshuang really regretted her actions now.

Sure enough, when He Junliang heard Chen Qili's words, instead of disrespecting Liu Weiwei, he snorted coldly. His face instantly turned ugly. "This freshman, please pay attention to your words and deeds! This is not a place where you can go wild!"

The other soldiers around also looked at Chen Qili like she was an idiot.

This kind of grandiose contempt and condemnation made Zhao Linshuang's heart trembled. She felt that there must be something they didn't know.

When Chen Qili pulled out the pictures in her light brain and tried to let everyone see the scene of the rabbit and the disabled dog eating in the cafeteria, He Junliang had obviously lost all his patience."Take them away!"

"Who is their instructor? Contact him immediately!"

"What has he taught these people?!"

Chen Qili wanted to speak again, but even her wounded hand was twisted behind her back by the soldiers. The blood on her hands had stopped flowing, but being treated roughly made her sweat in pain. "You, I want to complain to the chief! I want to file a complaint with you to the military court!"

Chen Qili finally realized the situation was not in her favor. She was scared and barked frantically.

Zhao Linshuang was trembling all over. She turned her head and saw the calmness on the face of Liu Weiwei, while the soldier who was twisting her hands gave her a push without mercy.

The four people were quickly sent to a small black room.

After hearing the girls statements, the soldier in charge of the questioning sneered.

"Pets eating what their owner makes can be called stealing? I think you probably have a problem with your brain."


"The rabbit hurts people? Disabled… dog? Haha, you have a lot of imagination, aren’t you? Haven’t you also tasted the buns made by the chef yesterday?"


Chen Qili collapsed directly on the seat. No, impossible…

Zhao Linshuang thought again about the delicious taste of the meat buns, and her whole person was in a bad state instantly. Not only did the provoked the cooking soldier, a military wife loved by all, but also provoked the chef of the entire military cafeteria!

And according to the words of the interrogator that had weird innuendos and expressions, that disabled dog was actually more problematic than the rabbit? And, it was obvious that the soldiers all know that the pet had indeed injured them! They were completely finished!

In the afternoon, Liu Weiwei received news that Chen Qili and the others had been withdrawn from military training, and even the military academy had issued a notice of their withdrawals also.

When the Major sent the message, Xiao Bai was stretching her furry body and yawned repeatedly. She also cutely tried to lick the soft fur on her little round tail. Liu Weiwei patted its soft little body. This little thing was really sneaky. 

The Krypton Beast next to Liu Weiwei also turned over nonchalantly. With an innocent face, showing her its belly, and watching her while spitting out its tongue, it silently moved two special dinner plates with its paws.

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. The army had their own punishment mechanism, so she would not intercede with regulation. The girls has a personality that liked to do everything they want, if they really entered the army, and worked together on an important or even deathly missions, she didn't know how they would harm others and themselves. Especially as a command student, if they entered the strategic planning department after graduation, it might even affect the lives of many people.

"You two are the best~" Liu Weiwei poked Xiao Bai's butt, and feed the Krypton Beast with a chicken.

It was not until the little bun in the crib yelled, that Xiao Bai lazily stretched out her limbs and reluctantly went to the little bun’s side to be a rabbit-shaped doll. Xiao Bai put away the sharp claws on her paws, and the little bun held them tightly as soon as he reached out. He also unyieldingly pulled one to his mouth to chew. The fat white bun and the soft little rabbit hugged and slept.

Liu Weiwei was watching, and her old mother's heart instantly melted. She couldn't bear the cuteness of both these babies, so she frantically took pictures of the little guys. In the end, even the Krypton Beast turned into a loyal dog lying next to the crib.

[The Baby's Day.jpg has been successfully sent to Qin Mo.]

After showing the picture to the Major, Liu Weiwei, who was in a good mood, finally received a reminder of the completion of the milestone task. After nearly half a year, the three apprentices finally obtained the unique system approval during her maternity leave.

[Task Reward: Four seasonings – how to make oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. Enable the redemption function of alcoholic beverages. Intermediate skills book for noodles!]

Liu Weiwei breathed a sigh of relief.

That night, Qin Mo went to the home of his teacher, Marshal Li Er.

The cafeteria only provides 5,000 dishes every day. Although the Marshal didn't say anything, he tightened his belt in other places.

The two men were discussing until the early hours of the morning, and the Major brought the news back in the morning to Liu Weiwei.

The main points: funding, research. The Marshal fully supported both!

At the same time, other people couldn't laugh at all.

Zhao Linshuang, who was rushed home, was in great pain. She was hiding at home. Her usual pride was beaten to pieces.

"Shuangshuang, you disappointed father too much. Before going to the military training, I warned you that the army is not like at home, how can you be so impulsive? You dare to provoke a cooking soldier in the army? Even if others don’t know, but I have told you, cooking soldiers are the most respected people in the army, why are you so reckless and rude!"

"It's fortunate that you are just dropped out of school now, otherwise you will be given an administrative penalty. If that happens, the stain will follow you for the rest of your life, and you will be cast aside no matter where you go!"

Zhao Minggen was furious, but looking at his daughter's pale face, he couldn't bear to blame her too much. "Forget it, just drop out of school, dad can still afford you. It's just that you have learned a lesson this time, so you have to correct your recklessness and squeamish problems."

Zhao Linshuang collapsed. She choked and covered her face in her hands. "I was wrong Dad. I thought that what Chen Qili said was the truth… that her classmate cheated and that she actually failed to pass the exam but accepted due to shady things. I… I couldn't hold back and wanted to expose her."

"You think the big guys in the army are all idiots, and you are the smartest? You should remember this time always and use your brain more in the future." Zhao Minggen also hated iron for not being steel. "You are not always right!"

Zhao Linshuang sobbed and nodded, "It's all my fault… Normally Meimei and Cheng Lu are both useless people. If it weren't for me, the two of them wouldn't follow this. Now they must be sad and regret it so much."

Zhao Minggen sighed, "You are an adult, so you have to bear the consequences if you made a mistake." But the tears of his daughter that were constantly rolling down still touched his old father’s heart.

"Well, dad recently took up a new business. If you are not busy, you can come to the company to help dad. Don’t get entangles with your two friends again, just come to the company and start from the bottom employees. Because there is no university degree, with just a high school diploma, you can only endure hardship and do more physical work." Zhao Minggen touched his daughter's head, "You shouldn't be afraid of what you will lose, you should be afraid that your heart will not be good. If you have a harmful heart, you will go down more and more…"


"It's also my bad. I'm too busy and didn't take care of you. Later, dad will watch you." Zhao Minggen patted his daughter with satisfaction, and then took out a big plastic box from his space. After opening the lid, inside was full of flat plastic packages, "Come on. Look at this."

"What is this?" Zhao Linshuang was finally distracted and wiped her tears. The package was sealed and contained a brown object that looked like chicken. "Vegetarian duck? Is this food?" She stared in surprise. Her eyes were red and swollen because of crying for three days. She rubbed her eyes and tried to read the words on the package again.

Ready to eat right out of the bag.

"This is the new business dad recently received. This is delicious. Shuangshuang, don't you always like to write food reviews after you go to restaurants? You write a few paragraphs to dad. If you write well, dad will use it during promotion."

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