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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 124 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 124 Part 1

Zhao Linshuang was carrying a small bag across her body, holding a professional recording stick, and walking on the small road near the military base. She came to this planet on a business trip with her father. Her father came to the military area to discuss follow-up military-industrial cooperation. She heard that these days he would also take time to meet with the creator of the viral Vegetarian Duck.

Zhao Linshuang originally didn't want to follow along, but Zhao Minggen was afraid that his daughter would be depressed at home. He was worried that her brain would not work well, and would be instigated by her bad friends. So he simply brought her along to teach and by the way relieved his worry.

Zhao Linshuang was not happy at first, but when Zhao Minggen said that he would also bring her to meet with the creator of vegetarian duck, she nodded immediately.

As a foodie, and a foodie critic, Zhao Linshuang was looking forward to this meeting. The vegetarian duck review that she wrote were accepted by the propaganda department of her father's company, and were reposted more than 100,000 times on the Internet within the same day. She was also rewarded a lot for this.

But Zhao Linshuang thought for three full days and decided not to rely on her father. She introduced Han Mei, her dormitory friend, to her father's company to work, but she herself did not go. She had to rely on herself! She wanted to prove that she was not a useless girl who had done something wrong and could only rely on her father to smooth everything out. She didn’t want to be judge that she could only rely on her father to survive. Just like what her father said, doing wrong was not terrible. The terrible thing was to keep going down and being unable to bear the consequences of the mistake. 

Zhao Linshuang couldn't sleep for several nights, and finally decided to use her food commentator status to break out from scratch, so that her father would never worry about her again! Holding the recording stick, she would stop when she saw a small restaurant on the street and sniffed the fragrance with her sensitive nose.

"Hello everyone, today I am on a day trip on Planet Linton~"

"It's going to be meal time soon, so I want to find an interesting and delicious restaurant to try it out. But my nose hasn’t found something that appeals to me. Although I am hungry, I can only move on~" 

Zhao Linshuang looked at the camera and greeted with her cute head tilted. A few days ago, she tried to do a live broadcast for the first time in a small restaurant famous on the Internet. After standing in line for nearly four hours, she finally ate the Chopped Pepper Fish Head in that store and did a live broadcast with the permission of the waiter. Unexpectedly, she was rewarded for her first live broadcast. This first reward for a new account was even enough to pay for all her meals for the day. She was a little shy at first, wearing glasses and other disguise, but after a week, she obviously accumulated a lot of experience and was able to face the camera bravely.

Zhao Linshuang concentrated on the side of the road as she walked. She rarely looked at the barrage on the screen. Such a cool behavior, in the eyes of a group of melon-eating audiences, had been deemed to be a serious and persistent act to search for food. Everyone was happy to comment and buy gifts.

Until Zhao Linshuang suddenly stopped at the street corner with many people. She seldom opened her mouth wide and stared in surprise, so when she did this, it aroused the curiosity of the audience.

[What happened, anchor?]

[What shop did you see, turn the camera around quickly~]

[The surprised look of the beauty is also very beautiful, I will give you a fish ball~]

Zhao Linshuang didn't notice the riot in the barrage. She almost burst out laughing when she looked at a little brother who was twisting his waist in front of her. But soon, her expression became more and more serious.

Zhao Linshuang had eaten many noodles dishes and had written many food reviews about noodle shops. Spaghetti with meat sauce, ramen, pulled noodles, buckwheat noodles… In her memory, she had written at least 30 to 40 reviews. However, she had never seen a noodle that was so long and so solid!

Zhao Linshuang turned her camera to the body of the little brother in front of her, and took a deep breath. She swallowed unsightly. "Did you see the small noodle shop in front?"

"Um… the soup base of the noodles should be pork bone broth, with fresh shallots added, and it exudes a charming and tangy aroma~ It makes me hungry. But the little brother at the door is a bit scary."

At this moment, Liang Kai’an at the door of the noodle shop became more and more enthusiastic. He was still shy and couldn't let go at the beginning, but now that the shop was full of popularity, his movements had become extremely comfortable! Just like suddenly finding a secret, his dancing posture became more and more enchanting, every time he threw the noodles into the pot, it was a cool show that followed the beat!

The viewers of the live broadcast were already laughing behind the screen. Many of them didn't even hear what Zhao Linshuang said. The screen was full of all kinds of hahaha.

[Shuangshuang, let’s eat in this restaurant. You line up!]

[Ten thousand, we will give you a crowd-funding donation, just eat this little brother’s noodles! I personally contribute five hundred~]

[lololol! If I disappeared suddenly later, you remember to call the emergency number for me, hahahaha...]

[Funding five thousand, just eat and confirm, really only have one noodle in a bowl?]

Zhao Linshuang had already found the end of the line, without everyone asking her. Listening to the magical music, her depressed mood not long ago dissipate a little, and she couldn't help shaking her head and stepping on the beat with the soles of her feet.

The queue was very long. Although the first few batches of guests were done eating, there was still a steady stream of people in line.

Liang Kai'an was extremely excited at the moment, and his dance was even harder.

"The shop is full, so guests in a hurry can pack and take it away." As soon as this remark came out, more than half of the people responded.

But still, Liang Kai'an's following actions couldn't keep up with the speed of everyone's order.

Zhao Linshuang looked at the team and thought about the live broadcast that was already on today. She could only pack it back to the hotel and taste it. However, when she arrived at the hotel, she regretted a little. "I forgot. If it was let sit a long time, noodle dishes often become very unpalatable. If this piece of noodles is not delicious today, half of it is my own fault, so I will queue up again for everyone tomorrow."

It's not the first time Zhao Linshuang had eaten noodles. But seeing such a weird dance today made her suddenly forget. But it was too late for her to regret now. When she opened her personal space and took out the noodle lunch box, she was full of guilt. "Sorry, I made you become unpalatable. But even if you are all clumped together, I will eat you clean!"

Zhao Linshuang mumbled again and again. And the audience in her live broadcast room thought she was extremely cute. However, when she opened the lunch box, she was surprised to find that the soup and noodles were separated into two different layers. Not only that, but a particular scent seemed to be absent. The noodles didn't smell like a dish that had been sitting for nearly half an hour at all.

Zhao Linshuang used her chopsticks to stir the noodles. She could clearly see that the noodles passed smoothly through the wooden chopsticks, very smoothly…

"Wow! It's been so long, but the noodles didn’t clump together! Is it because the soup is separated? Then I will add the soup now."

"Um, the bone soup base is very fragrant, and it still maintains a high temperature. It feels a little hot to the touch."

As soon as the fragrant soup was poured in, some of it spilled outside because of Zhao Linshuang clumsiness, causing her to yell out in a pity. But soon the condiments floating in the noodle soup, golden plump poached eggs, and a brownish-brown soft tofu-like object made her took a deep breath. "Okay, let’s eat!" 

Zhao Linshuang felt that she was probably the most willful anchor, but the food was already in front of her now, and it was the first time she tried the dish, she couldn’t help it!

But Zhao Linshuang never forget the topic of today's promotion. One noodle! The whole bowl of noodles had only one noodle!

Zhao Linshuang clamped the noodle and pulled up all the way until her arms were not long enough. She stepped on a stool, continued to stretch her hands, and forcefully extended the noodle in her chopsticks to the highest point she could reach.

"No break. I am 1.6 meters tall, and this table is estimated to be about 90 centimeters in height. It is now out of reach of my arm, but the end of the noodles has not yet appeared." Zhao Linshuang had been mentally prepared for a long time, but she was still taken aback at the moment. Just before the soup was poured, she saw that the noodles in the bowl were clear, connected end to end, indeed only one string circling more than a dozen times in the bowl.

Zhao Linshuang saw the little brother dancing while throwing noodles with her own eyes. The noodles were swaying, obviously after being thrown and stretched again, they became thinner. She estimated that this one was two to three meters long!

Zhao Linshuang was amazed. She even heard the sound of rewards pouring in from the live broadcast room. But at this moment, she couldn't respond either. As far as gimmicks and dazzling skills, this bowl of noodles could at least rank among the top three in the universe, and there were absolutely very few opponents. But the most important thing about a food was the taste. If it couldn’t let the diners feel touched, it was meaningless even if it was cool.

Zhao Linshuang carefully rolled back the stretched noodles into the bowl, and moved them gently in the milky white soup. Circles of rippling waves rippled away, and the fragrant heat entered her nose.

Zhao Linshuang finally rolled the first part of the noodles with her chopsticks, and put it in her mouth gracefully. When women ate noodles, they usually paid special attention to the posture, often biting off the noodles in the middle, and seldom made slurping sound.

However, this rule was broken by Zhao Linshuang today! 

With a squeaking sound, Zhao Linshuang swiftly sucked up the white noodle into her mouth. But the noodle was too long. Not to mention her small cherry mouth, even the mouth of a strong man wouldn’t even be able to slurp the whole bowl of noodles in one breath!

Zhao Linshuang’s cheeks bulged instantly, like a little hamster with several melon seeds stuffed in her mouth. Her melon seed shaped face turned into a round bun-shaped face, chewing hard, she was too busy to care. For a long time, she couldn't even pronounce a word or a syllable, and there was also no room for her tongue to stretch out.

"Gulp~" But Zhao Linshuang finally swallowed half of the noodle in her mouth, a look of happiness and intoxication appeared on her face. Her apricot eyes were half narrowed comfortably, but then she chew and chew again. The whole room was filled with her slurping sounds…

Zhao Linshuang sucked the noodles into her mouth until the bowl of noodle reached the end. There was only a small section of soup left in the bowl, wafting up and down. She slid and drank a big mouthful of soup, put down the bowl and chopsticks down, before holding both her hands. She held her face and sighs contentedly.

"So full~ I can't eat anymore~ The amount of noodles is definitely twice my usual portion."

"At first, I thought that little brother only has exaggerated movements, but after trying, I realized that the noodles had been kneaded, proofed, and then kneaded again for a long time before finally, the little brother took the last step, pulling the noodles! At the same time, the tenacity of the noodles has become stronger, because the elasticity is greater, it can be pulled more slender, which can be said to be a very important step."

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