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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 120 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 120 Part 1

Standing on the periphery of the training ground, Zhang Qiudong was confused when he heard the screams inside. "Chicken fillet, for wolves?" He came to a conclusion with difficulty, but what was this?

When Zhang Qiudong's hair was about to fall off, he finally saw Marshal Li Er and Lieutenant Colonel Chen in charge of the Scientific Research Bureau approaching.

"Oh, you have sharp noses." Marshal Li Er snorted coldly. "There are no soldiers eating here."

Zhang Qiudong coughed. 

But fortunately, Lieutenant Colonel Chen was reasonable. He heard the marshal talk about the complaint as soon as he walked over, and they were dumbfounded when they looked at Zhang Qiudong. "Marshal, we also need the approval of Comrade Zhang's later. After all, if our project is successful, it needs the military's permission to be able to be promoted on a large scale. Comrade Zhang is already here today, so he can bring back the first batch of material evidence. If they are interested in the follow-up, they can come to investigate again, and the he will be the one to write a report on it himself."

Lieutenant Colonel Chen clearly understood the personality and style of his Marshal. Marshal Li Er hated most office and clerical jobs such as writing reports, writing applications, and holding conferences.

When Li Er heard this, he immediately changed his mind about driving people away. "All right, Xiao Zhang, if you go back and write the report for me, I will let you in."

Zhang Qiudong was bitterly cold. The Marshal of the first army regiment had the famous ‘innocent and unaffected’ look.

Zhang Qiudong could only succumb, and then he was patted on the shoulder by Marshal Lear, who laughed loudly, and treated him as intimate as his own person, "Okay, let's go in. You have to write the report carefully, and when you are finished let me see it first."

Zhang Qiudong: "…"

Zhang Qiudong and his two subordinates felt that they were not able to laugh at all. However, after entering the training ground, they suddenly felt that not to mention one report, even ten reports would be worth writing!

"Iceberg Wolf, Level 4!? Two!"

As soon as they entered, they saw large white wolves almost fighting with two soldiers. Their open mouths were full of sharp teeth, and they were about to bite the shoulders of the soldiers… but the spectators were only watching. They even cheered loudly.

But when Zhang Qiudong listened to what they were shouting carefully, his temples twitched fiercely.

"Little wolf, f*ck that fellow He Junliang!"

"Yes, bite his leg!"

"Yes, don't let him turn over~"

"Little wolf, use your paws, or sweep him down with your tail!"

Zhang Qiudong couldn't believe it. What a disunited army this place was to have such a comrade-in-arms.

"What if he get injured?" The Second Lieutenant beside Zhang Qiudong couldn't help but mumble.

Soon there was a fascinated babbling soldier, and he answered while smiling, "The medical team is on the side, what are you afraid of?"

"Yes, don’t worry, he won’t die! He was fighting with such a handsome and cool iceberg wolf. So even if he is a little bit injured, it will be worth it!"

"Look at him falling to the ground, see that the corners of his mouth are still smiling, where is the slightest pain? Don't you think he is very happy? Go, big wolf, bite him!"

Zhang Qiudong was sweating coldly. This was really crooked lower beam will not have straight upper beam. The Marshal was rude and stubborn, and so did the soldiers below.

"Lieutenant, what does it mean to fight with Beast?" Zhang Qiudong's subordinate grasped the point.

Zhang Qiudong was taken aback and almost pinched his neck. But when he turned his gaze to the center of the training ground, he saw an incredible scene!

After falling down with the larger iceberg wolf, the soldier who rolled on the ground suddenly stretched out his hand and spread his five fingers. Not knowing what he was holding, the iceberg wolf's expression that looked like it was about to slap his face with his paw went frozen. Ferocious expression that previously flashed across the iceberg wolf's handsome wolf face was replaced with a trace of dazedness.

Zhang Qiudong's eyesight was pretty good, so it was faintly visible that the thing held on the soldier's hand was faintly reflecting the golden light in the sun. The shape was a bit strange and looked irregular. 

However, as soon as this unknown object appeared, it had a great reversal effect on the fierce battle on the field. The iceberg wolf that was attacking fiercely, after it looked at what was in the soldier's hand, unexpectedly whimpered. It slowly lowered his arrogant head, just like having amnesia of what it was doing just before.

What surprised Zhang Qiudong even more was that it gently nudged the soldier's thigh that was almost broken by its own fangs. It grunted, turned over, and stretched its entire head towards the soldier's hand desperately. It stretched out its pink tongue and tried to lick the soldier’s fingers.

The soldier who was downwind just stretched out his other hand and patted the wolf’s big head. He grinned and immediately put the golden shining thing on his hand into the open mouth of the iceberg wolf. The wolf opened its mouth several times, its teeth clicked, and its saliva flowed down. In the end, it quickly wiped out everything in its mouth.

The soldier spread out his hand and let the wolf head that hung over it sniffed. He signaled that he had nothing left in his hand. The iceberg wolf was like a wayward child. It shamelessly lied on the ground and rolled from side to side. From time to time, it revealed its white and soft belly. Its two front legs were slightly bent on his chest, and its tongue was sticking out. It looked at the soldier while breathing hard.

Zhang Qiudong was dumbfounded. Was this a dog or a wolf? If he hadn't witnessed the intense scenes of them fighting just now, he would have thought it was a giant pug. Was what a wolf act like?

With difficulty, Zhang Qiudong moved his gaze to the other iceberg wolf. However, he soon discovered that the situation over there was even more jaw-dropping.

The wolf was smaller and looked like a female wolf. At this moment, it had completely given up any desire to fight. Head lowered and still with a seemingly fluffy but very strong tail, it completely surrendered to the soldier. And the soldier in front of it touched its head, and rewardingly took out the same golden thing and stuffed it into the wolf's mouth. The soldier’s fingers were actually bitten by the female wolf.

Zhang Qiudong was about to let out an exclamation, but then he saw that the female wolf was actually biting the soldier's finger affectionately. Not only did it not intend to hurt him, but its whole wolf body was leaning on the soldier with a flattering expression.

Zhang Qiudong was in shock. "Marshal, this is…" He had already thought about the possible answer in his heart. In connection with the discussion he heard from the soldiers nearby, he had guessed a possibility, but he was still taken aback.

Marshal Li Er patted Zhang Qiudong on the shoulder, "Xiao Zhang, write the report well."

Lieutenant Colonel Chen next to the Marshal also nodded with great satisfaction, "Observe for three more days. If everything is stable, you can also consider conducting actual combat experiments!"

Zhang Qiudong and his two subordinates looked at each other. It was not doing desperate one on one training for soldiers, or besieging and eating wolf meat, but taming the beasts as pets to be used as weapon?!

"The fragrance in the air," Zhang Qiudong sniffed, "could it be that the two soldiers were holding a new type of food researched by the Scientific Research Bureau?" He finally realized it, but unfortunately it was still a step in the wrong direction.

"No," Lieutenant Colonel Chen shook his head, "This is the research result of a cooking soldier Clerk Liu." He glanced at the Marshal and found no signal to keep it secret, so he told the truth frankly. "The food made by Clerk Liu has been researched for half a year, and we have come to a conclusion that we can gradually domesticate the beasts. What the soldiers hold in their hands is the iceberg wolf’s favorite snack, chicken fillet."

Zhang Qiudong and his two subordinates directly swallowed their saliva and thought of a more terrifying question. The Mid-Autumn Festival complaint, was it because the beasts eat better than the soldiers? The scent they had just smelled turned out to be Beast feed!

The smell of food that made even people feel hungry… but not for people to eat…

Zhang Qiudong felt that his three views were broken. Not to mention the investigation report that had to be written, he didn't even know how to deal with the complaint. Was it possible for him to stand on the side of the complaining soldiers which in other words supporting them to grab food with a group of beasts? So the Army wouldn’t drink nutrient solutions but beast feed in the future?

Zhang Qiudong looked up at the sky, and couldn't help feeling that there was a thick mist of mystery floating above the first army regiment, which concealed many, many important secrets!

Marshal Li Er glanced at Zhang Qiudong triumphantly, and waved a short distance away, "Clerk Liu, do you have any extra Iceberg Wolf snacks? Give our Comrade Zhang a piece so that he can go back and write a report to our headquarters truthfully."

Zhang Qiudong was taken aback. He also received enmity and jealous eyes from the soldiers within a five-meter-diameter radius around him.

The girl who came by was also very eye-catching. She was wearing a military uniform with a loose white coat over it. She had shoulder-length shiny black hair and her facial features were also somewhat beautiful.

What surprised Zhang Qiudong and the others was that as she walked over, the surrounding soldiers quickly gave up some way. Also, one rabbit and one dog, one black and one white, followed her arrogantly. Their small appearance trying to stand tall was amusing.

"Marshal, there are more." Liu Weiwei smiled and took out a small box from her space, and handed it over.

Zhang Qiudong lowered his head, and then he could see the golden willow-like thing, chicken fillet. As the name suggests, it was chicken. But did ordinary chicken always have such a fragrance?

Zhang Qiudong smelled the scent of temptation at close range, and took a piece of chicken fillet that were still hot. His reason was resisting, but every cell in his body was extremely honest. His stomach and intestines started to move faster, and the saliva in his mouth was increasing. His hand holding the golden, soft, and glutinous chicken fillet was uncontrollable. It was as if his brain was controlled by the smell, he didn't know how he put the chicken to the lips, opened his mouth, and chewed…

At that moment, Zhang Qiudong rationality was pulled away and completely disturbed!

The most boring, cheapest, and lowest-class broiler chicken, was spreading its dazzling wings, screaming crisply, whistling past the scorching sun… Under the wings full of vitality and beauty, there was the essence of fleshy texture, as if it was soft like clouds in the sky, but it was full of admirable power. It stroked the tip of Zhang Qiudong’s tongue, teeth, and upper jaw. The deliciousness of the chicken burst out in his mouth flexibly and ragingly. Tender, crispy, delicious and tingling, like all the heat of the most central meat burst in his mouth like a missile!

"Comrade Zhang, do you know how to write the report now?" Lieutenant Colonel Chen smiled.

It took Zhang Qiudong a full minute to finish tasting the chicken in his mouth. The report… was completely forgotten! 

What situation was deemed worthy for a soldier to complaint? For not being able to eat? No. For being deprived of food? No. I had to be because soldier didn’t even eat as well as a beast! 

The truth about the complaint of the First Army Regiment turned out to be like this.

Zhang Qiudong thought he was experienced and well-informed, but after he understood the facts, he felt very sweaty. He finally understood why Marshal Li Er was reluctant to give him face. It was already good that he didn't drive him away. 

This was simply looking for trouble!

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