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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 119

ICRAB – Chapter 119

Meanwhile, Liu Weiwei gave the hot pot base material made by the system to Li Sanpang.

Li Sanpang briefly explained to the scientists and they understood it instantly, just like a teacher without a teacher. Even he got the point of preservatives, saying that he had to make a delicious, safe and healthy hot pot base that could supplement trace elements. He even tried to replace the principle of storing energy stone into storing hot pot base material.

"If we go out without energy stones, we will equip the soldiers with hot pot ingredients. Everyone in the army will get some. Whenever we are tired and hungry, we will take out a pot, the hot pot soup base, and go to fish or kill chickens." Li Sanpang looked forward to the future, if he hadn't been drooling all the time while he was talking, he would really look like a scientist.

Liu Weiwei didn't understand what they were saying. "Then I'll go first, you continue to study." She began to clean up the mess on the table. This research team was like a hungry wolf. They ate all Li Sanpang’s week worth of inventory and also wiped out all the vegetables she took out. This was not a meal, but a feast.

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei, who were next to the scientists, had been drooling at the table a long time ago, but they didn't even give them even a leaf. The look in the eyes of the two mini guys toward the group of scientists turned from anticipation to very unkind. Fortunately, Liu Weiwei still kept small snacks for them. Otherwise they would have to scratch their paws to vent their anger.

When Liu Weiwei put away all the empty plates, she just touched the edge of the soup pot, but was suddenly frightened by a violent yell.

"Leave the pot!"

"Do not move!"

"Leave it, we’ll drink it~"

"Is it possible to cook meat again if it is re-heated at night?"

The scientists quickly received a look of contempt from Xiao Bai and a death gaze of the Krypton Beast.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. "This soup is not healthy, so you can't drink it."

"It's okay, we’ll just study it."

"We are not afraid of dying!"

"It’s okay. For research and study, it is edible."

Liu Weiwei was speechless, and finally left the pot with the remaining soup base to the scientists. From when she cleaned the table until she left, no one noticed her again. Even Li Sanpang who once confessed to her, did not look at her anymore. His fiery eyes were completely dedicated to the remaining hot pot soup.

Probably Li Sanpang himself did not realize that he dedicated himself to freedom and money in for the last few years, but then would dedicate himself to food for the next few years. As for love, it was definitely not there yet.

Before leaving the room, Liu Weiwei finally glanced at Li Sanpang. Seeing him like this, she breathed a sigh of relief. If the other person assumed a look of disappointment and distress, or admired her very much, then she, a married girl, was also very embarrassed and distressed. Now that they were able to work and cooperated normally, they could do business in an official manner.

Liu Weiwei was still very busy today. She left the Scientific Research Bureau and went online. 

First, Liu Weiwei let An Hao and the others list their favorite food in the store as consideration for the direction of subsequent snacks, so that they would also feel involved. Then, she hurriedly took Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai to the training base.

The first batch of ten fighters who experimented with Beasts would have their first contact with their beasts today. This first contact was very important. Especially in the wild world of beasts’ ecosystem, who was the superior and who was inferior, it would be clear when they meet. Today, let alone these ten fighters, even the other big men who came to watch are very concerned.

Once there was any sign that the beast couldn’t be tamed, the beast would be beaten into the cold palace for a long time, and it would be impossible to be released from the cage within a short term. 

Liu Weiwei was very worried about these big guys, so she hurried over to see the situation of the beasts. They were the guys she feeds from time to time. With their small eyes and movements, she sometimes knew how the other person's emotions were at that time.

"I suggest contacting in batches first." Although Liu Weiwei was not a scientist that understood the habits of beast, she had recently read some materials originally prepared by the Major for their daughter, as well as elementary and junior high school science books. Now, she also knew the different types of beasts.

The beasts were all kept in cages before. Also, when they were fed by the guards, they might still be in peace. But once they were released, even if they no longer hostile because of the change in their nature, if there were too many strange humans on the scene, they might feel nervous and attacked.

"Okay, that's also what I planned." Zhang Chengmao, a scientist in charge of the beast project at the Scientific Research Bureau, agreed. The pair of Level 4 iceberg wolves was the strongest in attack power and the wildest among the beasts. They were far more dangerous than the orangutans of the same level.

Liu Weiwei stepped aside, and soon saw the two cages being transported over.

The waiting soldiers, He Junliang and Sun Hao looked over anxiously, anxiety and excitement written on their faces.

"This pair of iceberg wolves, according to our observations, had the status of alpha in their pack. So you two will probably face a fierce battle later. This is the natural struggle in the World of Beast for the position of the leader, so if the iceberg wolf launches an attack later, the rest of us will not assist unless your life is in danger. You need to subdue them as soon as possible!"

"The glacier wolf has great stamina. The longer the fight takes, the more disadvantageous it will be for you." Scientist Zhang Chengmao made a solemn reminder, making He Junliang and Sun Hao looked serious.

"Yes, Lieutenant Zhang!"

Liu Weiwei also felt very nervous because of the atmosphere on the scene. She herself thought that the two iceberg wolves were quite obedient. They didn't look much different from a Siberian husky. During normal feeding, their tails wagged vigorously. But she didn’t know whether He Junliang and Sun Hao would be liked by the big dogs.

"Come here, I have their favorite food here, as well as some daily snacks. This is the original chicken fillet, as long as you feed this to them, they will be obedient and will get down. And this is the roasted whole lamb I specially prepared yesterday. It should help you at the critical moment." Liu Weiwei gave them a huge temperature keeping box from her space, and she retreated behind.

The cages were quickly opened in the eyes of everyone.

The two creeping iceberg wolves slowly came out of the opened mullions. They looked like they were not adapted to the light. They were covered with beautiful, thick, and short fur. The fur was so white and there was no trace of impurities. It was shining like snowflakes in the sun. With strong limbs supporting the ground, a handsome wolf face lifted up. Step by step it stepped out of the long-fettered cage gracefully and vigorously.

The wolves looked around alertly, shaking their heads, and howled up to the sky when they raised their heads. This howl instantly radiated to the entire training ground. The entire military area even heard their howls in unison for hundreds of kilometers.

"What’s that sound?" Zhang Qiudong just bid farewell to the fifth soldier he interviewed. He suddenly looked up in astonishment, "This is beast wolf. This sound means it is at least Level 4!" Two of his subordinates also looked at the training ground where the voice came from with a puzzled face.

"Lieutenant, are we going to take a look?"

"Of course." Zhang Qiudong didn't hesitate. "Although we came only to investigate the normal welfare distributions of this military region, if the soldiers' usual training is highly dangerous, it is also the scope of our inspection work."

The second lieutenant on Zhang Quidong’s left side nodded, "At present, it seems that there is no problem where ordinary soldiers is being deprived of nutrient solutions. We have asked so many questions, and everyone said that their nutrient solutions rations are more than enough."

"That's right." The subordinate on the right glanced at the three nutrient solutions in his hand that had just been donated. "Everyone is very enthusiastic. The platoon leader I met just now even tried to send one month worth of nutrient solutions ration as a lump sum to us."

Zhang Qiudong frowned, "Too enthusiastic. It is not normal. Let’s first went to the training ground to check, and then went directly to interview the complainant. Now it seems that he quickly withdrew the complaint and we also receive over-enthusiastic help. This might be that we stunned the snake, the real situation was suppressed by violence." He walked fast and had worked in the complaint handling center for many years. Now he felt that the First Army Regiment and the soldiers interviewed were full of weirdness.

The training ground was very close to their location. It took only two minutes for them to see the crowd gathered in the area. The howls of the iceberg wolf became louder and louder. Even Zhang Qiudong and the two subordinates could hear it. This was the howl of beast wolf when it was extremely angry and when its authority got provoked.

"Hurry up! Get ready to record for evidence!" Zhang Qiudong wanted to arrive to the scene instantly. But soon the steps under his feet slipped, and his whole person staggered. His two subordinates, not to mention getting ready for recording, even the nutrient solutions they were holding in their hands were forgotten!

"What smell, it smells good!"

"What are they doing? Did they not train against monsters, but eating roasted wolf meat?!"

"Hey, the wolves don't howl anymore… They must have been killed. Did they eat wolf meat directly on the training ground?"

"Wait, is wolf meat so fragrant?"

The expressions of the two subordinates changed again and again as if they were skeptical of life. They were also people who had been on the battlefield before, and they had fought with wolves when the beast wave happened. When they were young, everyone had done crazy and stupid things. Some of them roasted the dead beast wolf directly and ate it. The smell was very fishy… completely uneatable!

"What are you waiting for? Go!" Zhang Qiudong's eyelids twitched. The soldiers in this military area even had to eat dead beasts. How hungry were they? But after this thought flashed, he shook his head suddenly.

It's so fragrant. This fragrance that instantly diffused from at least a hundred meters away was too unusual. This scent made people chaotic and protests began in their belly. Zhang Qiudong's immediately thought of something. He felt that the Mid-Autumn Festival complaints should be based on this fragrance.

Zhang Qiudong and his subordinates quickly rushed to the periphery of the training ground. That's right, periphery. They wanted to go further, but they were directly blocked outside.

"Sorry, you are not on the admission list today so you cannot enter."

On the periphery of the training ground that was open to all normally, a row soldiers was stationed.

Zhang Qiudong raised his eyebrows and was about to take out his investigation notice and work permit, but soon all kinds of exclamations came out.

"F*ck! That chicken fillet looks delicious, and I want to eat it too. Will the iceberg wolf share a bit with?"

"Sh*t, I'm not as good as a beast, this is just their snack? Hate! Envy! Jealousy!"

"Wait, won’t He Junliang going to grab food with his beast pet in the future? Hahaha!"

"I swear that I will be the top 25% that will go to the cafeteria this week, whoever stops me, I’ll kill!"

Zhang Qiudong: …

The First Army Regiment was really fascinating.

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