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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 97

ICRAB – Chapter 97

[The third disciple's mission is complete!]

[Task reward: Advanced seasoning skills book; beauty points +10; Disciples can be assigned talent points +1.]

Liu Weiwei, who was offline, quickly received the task completion prompt. She was overjoyed instantly as she seemed to have found the right person. Her first disciple An Hao, who was still online, quickly sent a message to her. It turned out to be a picture of Zhen Nuli helping to wash dishes in the shop.

Liu Weiwei was stunned. Now on Skynet, all the dishes were washed by virtual robots, and even then the robots just needed to put the dishes in the dishwasher. But in the photo, she saw the talented designer washing dishes by hand in a very basic way.

[Master, I persuaded him to stop when he broke the third plate, but he didn't listen. He insisted he had to wash it, and he also refused to use the dishwasher. He said that every apprentice in restaurants a long time ago started from washing dishes. When the dishes are clean and well washed, only then they can be recognized by the chef, accepted as an apprentice, and start learning.]

Liu Weiwei couldn’t help but touch her forehead. Soon, she received another message from her first disciple expressing concern.

[Master, is what he said true? I don’t understand the rules, so I didn’t wash the dishes for you. Also, he won't let me help, so should I sweep the floor?]

Liu Weiwei really couldn't decide either to laugh or cry. She immediately replied, "Don't be funny, you continue to practice knife skills. By the way, send him my knife practice video to learn first."

[Okay, Master, it scares me to death!]

Liu Weiwei sweated. This talented designer had a rough road to study before.

"Clerk Liu."

Liu Weiwei was about to lie down on the sofa when she received a video call from the Marshal.

"In two months, we are going to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. I wonder if I can hold a banquet* at that time?" Marshal Li Er himself felt a little embarrassed when he said this. "I know that you need to recuperate now, and in two months, you may also have to take maternity leave. But every year on the Mid-Autumn Festival, many of our soldiers cannot go home. I think if possible, we can let all of the soldiers in each unit that need to stay behind eat your cooking." (TN: The Banquet word used here is 流水席/liú shuǐ xí, means banquet where guests arrive at various times and are served with food as they arrive.)

"Oh, by the way, if you are short of manpower or lack of apprentices, I can ask the Ministry of Culture to cooperate and send you a cafeteria recruitment notice so you can start training now. Can you train a group of people in two months? If yes, then when you take maternity leave, it won't be a hindrance. Of course, if it doesn't work, I will have someone look for an outside chef."

When Liu Weiwei heard it, she didn't feel burdened but was a little happy. Since she was a child, she had always liked holidays and festivals the most. This was the first major festival since she transmigrated here. The banquet would allow more than 20,000 sergeants stationed in the area to eat hot meals. Whether it was the dishes or personnel, it had to be deployed early. The task could be said to be very arduous, but she felt that there were still challenges and excitement. "Okay, Marshal, I will start preparing now to not disappoint the soldiers."

"Okay, then I will ask the Ministry of Culture to contact you. You can talk to them about any recruitment needs." Marshal Li Er rubbed his hands, because of Liu Weiwei's openness, he was even more affectionate to her. "If your disciple Comrade Yang Likun learns fast, I am thinking of holding 80-year-old veteran thank you party recently. I will invite those old guys to come back so the young soldiers and the old veterans can communicate with each other. At that time I may need Xiao Yang help to cook a meal." He was embarrassed to ask this to Liu Weiwei.

"Yes, I forgot to say. If the Mid-Autumn Festival's banquet can be done, I will give you an additional 1,000 contribution value, and then calculate the overtime pay for you according to the market price. Then for this veteran soldier's thank you party, add another two hundred contribution value. "

Liu Weiwei couldn't help laughing, "Okay, Marshal." Her contribution value had now reached almost three thousand, some from the Skynet Public Bureau, some from the Marshal, and some from the Scientific Research Bureau. According to the Major, according to this momentum, she might be able to get promoted several grades at the end of the year. By then her salary and benefits would be higher than his. When she thought about it, she felt full of accomplishment.

After squinting on the sofa for a while, Liu Weiwei woke up and found that the giant rabbit was lying decently on the single sofa next to her. Its huge butt seemed to be stuck in the sofa seat, and its two paws folded neatly. It knew how to enjoy and put its paws on the sofa’s armrests on both sides while snoring gruntly. 

Liu Weiwei was amused just by looking at it. When being a mini-bunny, Xiao Bai seemed to be very wronged. She tiptoed up and went to the kitchen to prepare a bit of food for the Major so that he could eat hot meals directly after he came back from training. But when she finished cooking a pot of sweet and sour short ribs, she felt a light fluffy poke on her back. As soon as she turned around, she saw the big rabbit held his small dinner plate and silently squatting behind her, waiting for feeding.

"Gluttonous rabbit!" Liu Weiwei couldn't help but poked her finger back. The thick and furry feeling made her stroke the smooth fur, she only stopped after rubbing all over. Xiao Bai had grown larger and its appetite stayed the same as before.

Eat when wake up, or even when sleeping, eat when unhappy, and eat when happy. Anyway, eat anytime as much as possible!

Liu Weiwei helped fill the special rabbit plate that looked like food tray. Xiao Bai hummed and twisted its butt, lowered its head affectionately, rubbed her palm, and then left the kitchen with satisfaction. It also knew that it was not allowed to eat in the kitchen, so it went to eat in the living room outside.

Liu Weiwei felt that she had raised a sensible and clever baby. The little baby in her belly hadn't been born yet, so Xiao Bai obviously get most of the pampering.

"Comrade Major, your eldest daughter, Xiao Bai, is very obedient today. How are you going to reward her?" Liu Weiwei sent a message to the Major without even thinking about it. After all, the two of them were not together because of love, so they need to cultivate affection after marriage. Before the child was born, this kind of interaction not only cultivated the relationship between the two of them, but also allowed the father-to-be to gradually develop the habit of taking care of and educating the child.

Liu Weiwei thought she was wise. Sure enough, it didn't take long to receive a reply from the Major, which was a screenshot of online shopping cart.

[Luxury wooden double-layer rabbit villa (warm in winter and cool in summer, rabbit bathroom, automatic water feeder, free ice room included). Shipping status: already in delivery.]

Liu Weiwei: …

"Comrade Major, the child needs your care, not piled up money. When you come back today, you are responsible for giving the eldest girl a loving hug, how about it?" It was also very important to cultivate the relationship between the Major and the Level 7 beast Xiao Bai. According to the current situation, she felt that one day Xiao Bai might be thrown away by the Major. However, when the Major came home, she knew what it meant to hit yourself in the foot.

"Clerk Liu, the father of your eldest girl, the father of your little girl or little son, has gone 129th day in a row without your care. How are you going to deal with it?"


Liu Weiwei was quickly embraced by the Major and rolled to the bedroom upstairs.


"That won't work! The baby is moving!"

"Well, lack of love, too much jealousy, the baby probably expressing deep sympathy to his father."


After half an hour, Liu Weiwei was limp and blushing. She decided to stop mentioning the trigger word loving hug. Fighting IQ with the Major, she lost!

"Comrade Liu, you owed your child's father several loving hugs, and I have recorded them all. Counting the interest and removing the fraction, it is currently one hundred times. After the child is born, I will let you repay it slowly."

With black lines on her face, Liu Weiwei instantly buried herself in the quilt. Good morning kisses and hugs every day had exposed the Major’s side of ‘human face and beast heart’. Her heartbeat was a bit fast every time, but even then, they never made it to the last step.

Finally, the next morning, the Major still with a painful and stiff expression, hugged the rabbit in front of Liu Weiwei. She wanted to speak hesitantly but stopped herself. But finally there was a task, so the Major went out soon. Meanwhile he ordered her to remember to bring the robot with her.

When Liu Weiwei responded, she secretly rubbed Xiao Bai, fed it a carrot that she had finished carving, and went to the cafeteria.

"Today's breakfast set consists of noodles in clear soup, double fried eggs, and smashed cucumbers." Liu Weiwei said while demonstrating the operation. The second disciple Yang Likun looked at her hand intently.

"Clear soup noodles means literally. It requires that the soup is clear in color and can be seen to the bottom. The noodles are cooked first in salted water, after they are done, they can be fished out, and put in a bowl. Add the clear soup and according to personal taste, you can add green onion or coriander. Soup noodles are easier to digest than rice, and like porridge, they are suitable for morning consumption. In order to balance the nutrition, it is necessary to supplement vegetable fiber and protein, so we add two more side dishes."

As Liu Weiwei said this, she cracked an egg on a high-temperature iron plate filled with oil, "The eggs can be fried on one side only or on both sides. A single side egg breaks when you poke the surface, the yellow yolk flow easily and is very soft. However, many people don’t like the raw taste, so in the cafeteria we cook double-sided egg. Fry both sides until the surface is slightly golden, the outer skin is crispy but not burnt, you can choose to add salt when frying, or add soy sauce later."

Yang Likun looked at Liu Weiwei and swallowed his saliva. 

The cracked egg fell on the iron plate, and sizzled instantly. The clear egg white was wrapped in a round and dangling light yellow. The transparent edge of the egg white instantly condensed on the iron plate and turned into a gratifying milky white. At the same time, a melodious egg scent spread out.

Before Yang Likun had time to regain his consciousness, Liu Weiwei picked up the spatula and completed a beautiful egg flip with a sharp move. Double fried eggs, like the dish was named. The simple egg, the egg white was like a lotus leaf with rippling lace, and the light yellow in the middle was somewhat like the center of the lotus.

Yang Likun couldn't help but admire his master.

"Five thousand double fried eggs, I will help you make them. You should be able to master the skill when you finish this meal, so you won't have much problem making it alone next time."

Liu Weiwei handed him a spatula and continued to explain the next dish.

"When making smashed cucumber, you don’t have to pay attention to the knife skill. After cutting the ends, pat them with the side of the knife. I don’t have enough strength, so you probably can do better than me. The smashed cucumbers are not beautiful in shape, but the production speed is fast. The ingredients are also easier to taste." Liu Weiwei took a cucumber to demonstrate, "This cold dish is not difficult. Add garlic, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, and optional chili. The focus is on the control of the seasoning ratio."

"You taste it?" Liu Weiwei adjusted the ingredients, threw the smashed cucumber in, mixed them together, and handed it to Yang Likun.

Yang Likun put his note down in a panic, almost crying. It's finally his tasting session!

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