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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 95

TMMTMQ – Chapter 95

After the actors who were involved in the accident were sent to the ambulance, Qu Yi slumped on the ground.

Fortunately, the rescue was in time. One was out of danger now, while the other had broken arms and legs. They had been rescued, but they would be temporarily unable to continue filming.

In addition to paying for the medical expenses of these actors, Qu Yi also had to find substitute actors. At this moment, he regretted not listening to Gong Qingyao, but there was no regret medicine in this world.

The next day, when Gong Qingyao had breakfast, she found that the atmosphere of the crew was a little unusual. Although ‘Yi Yao’ was not a comedy, the atmosphere of the crew was always harmonious and not this low.

Qiu Yuan took breakfast and sat down in front of Gong Qingyao. Within five minutes, Gong Qingyao knew what had happened last night.

After Qiu Yuan finished speaking, she didn't forget to sigh, "Why didn’t the director believe our Sister Yao? Our Sister Yao is so powerful."

Before Gong Qingyao finished her meal, Director Gao sat down on Gong Qingyao’s table. Seeing that Director Gao seemed to have something important to say, Qiu Yuan consciously sat at another table.

Director Gao's expression was stern, and he sat down for a long while before saying, "Did you really foresaw the accident yesterday?" His voice was extremely hoarse. He probably stayed up all night, and he blamed himself extremely.

Gong Qingyao glanced at Director Gao, but she didn't say anything. She didn't see the need to say something about something that had passed.

"I always thought that you didn't really understand metaphysics, or that you only knew the surface." Director Gao began talking. "At the beginning, it was changing the opening ceremony time, but later you also changed the script, and yesterday you said that the evening filming should be cancelled."

Director Gao seemed a little upset when he talked, "I am very dissatisfied. I am obviously the assistant director and I am the one that has known Qu Yi for a long time. Why does he listen to you in everything?"

Gong Qingyao did not speak.

"Look, you always look like this." Director Gao smiled self-deprecatingly, "I didn't expect you to really foresaw the accident last night! I'm so stupid, so stupid..."

Gong Qingyao glanced at her phone. She saw the filming time was almost up, so she put down her chopsticks and got up to go to her changing room.

Director Gao who was still talking: ... You couldn't even listen carefully to what others said.

Compared with the low atmosphere of the crew, Qiu Yuan's mood of the day was very excited. Before returning to the room that night, Qiu Yuan specifically said, "Sister Yao, after you go back, you remember to go to Weibo." Seeing Qui Yuan a mysterious look, Gong Qingyao was really helpless.

After Gong Qingyao took a shower, at the urging of Lu Qianqian, she posted on Weibo. The story played on ‘Legend of Yunxian’ today was when the female lead Yunyou was besieged by fire and Fairy Lanyun went down to rescued her.

This scene decisively made Gong Qingyao attract a lot of fans. Gong Qingyao opened Weibo and found that she had a lot of comments. After browsing quickly, she found that there was one more thing on the hot search.

#Tang Jing NG#

[Shocking discovery: #Tang Jing NG# I want to say first that I am not a fan of any one. After watching today’s episode, I suddenly thought that a few months ago, someone said that Gong Qingyao played a big name, and a video appeared on the Internet to counter attack the accusation. After comparison, I found it was Tang Jing who was NG more than ten times. There are pictures as proof (Picture)(Picture)(Picture)]


With this person post, many people also discovered this fact. Soon this Weibo climbed the hot search, and some people also posted relevant pictures as proof. At the same time, related posts were also posted on the forum. 
[818 ‘Legend of Yunxian.’]

Among all the TV shows and movies currently shown, Legend of Yunxian had the most traffic, so whenever there were posts related to ‘Legend of Yunxian’, the number of clicks would definitely not be low.

[Original (host): As everyone knows, ‘Legend of Yunxian’ is running, and its promotion has not been interrupted. It can be said that it has its own traffic. After all, stars like Tang Jing and Ji Wen with their own traffic are present. Of course, recently due to Buyi advetisement, let Gong Qingyao's traffic was also not low, so I could say that this drama is currently the drama with the most traffic. No one should refute it.]

[1L: I don't know what the original poster will say, I'm a little curious.]

[2L: The people who eat melons are here. The front row collects and sells melon seeds and other snacks.]

[3L: Hurry up, poster.]


[19L (host): Don’t worry, let’s take it slowly. Let’s start with the first episode. I will post a few pictures. Take a look. (Picture)(Picture)]

[20L: I don't know what the host wants to express.]

[21L: Finished reading, then what?]

[22L: Damn, I seem to have found something.]


[35L (host): Yes, I believe some netizens have already seen that before ten o'clock in the evening, most of the netizens praised the appearance of Gong Qingyao, that is, Fairy Lanyun, but after this time period passed, many sunspots appeared. Of course, I also found a more interesting thing here.]

[36L: F*ck, I think I know.]

[37L: What's the matter?]

[38L: I feel like they are playing dumb puzzles upstairs.]


[48L (host): For these sunspots, I checked the IP at random, and I will show you the attached picture. If there is no picture people will accuse me as a liar (picture)]

[49L: I understand now, these IPs are just navy.]

[50L: Who hates Gong Qingyao so much for them to hire navy to do this?]

[51L: It's not easy, Gong Qingyao's limelight has overshadowed the female lead.]

[52L: I warn you upstairs, this has nothing to do with my family Ah Jing.]

[53L: The statement on the 51st floor seems to be the truth, right? What is the excitement on the 52nd floor?]

[54L: A person as disgusting as Gong Qingyao deserves to be hacked.]

[55L: Agree upstairs.]

[56L: +1]


[108L (host): Hey, I didn't expect someone to jump so soon. Then I can't help but say more. These navy soldiers are hired by Tang Jing fans. The long picture (picture) is attached.]

In the picture, all the chat records of Tang Jing's fan hiring navy were exposed, and the IPs of both parties were published also. The most important thing was that this fan was the head of Tang Jing's fan club.

[109L: Damn it, fans are now their idols’ servant.]

[110L: This fan I know. She is the leader of Tang Jing's fans club, maybe these behaviors were instructed by Tang Jing herself.]

[111L: I feel that the entertainment industry is terrifying.]

[112L: It can be said to be a real hammer, now it's up to the fans to get rid of it.]


[167L (host): I just met Tang Jing's fans, so I couldn't help but explode the evidence first, but why Tang Jing's fans would do this? I guess (this is just a personal guess) probably because of the first episode when Yunyou met Fairy Lanyun for the first time. Gong Qingyao’s aura directly killed Tang Jing in seconds, but I can’t say too much.]

[168L: How do I feel that the poster's guess is very reasonable?]

[169L: So the fans of Tang Jing's feel that their idol's appearance is crushed, so they started to hack Gong Qingyao. They talked about acting, and also say that Gong Qingyao was arrogant.]


[234L (Host): Actually, it’s just a matter of small troubles. The key was that a few months ago, two videos about ‘Legend of Yunxian’ were exposed on the Internet. Through a special method, the host got the video. I took some screenshot. Feel free to take a look at them. I also attached the video link (link)]

[235L: F*ck, how many times has Tang Jing been NG?]

[236L: So in the end there was no way other way. So the director changed into filming the back of the two?]

[237L: I feel that Gong Qingyao's back is pretty good-looking, and there is nothing wrong with shooting like this.]


[289L (Host): In addition, there are two video comparisons. There are on Weibo, so I won’t say more. In short, everytime Tang Jing played against Gong Qingyao, she always non-stop NG. With such an acting skill, she who was not as good as Gong Qingyao's began to invite navy to hack Gong Qingyao’s reputation. Thid was another thing that cannot be imagined, let alone understood.]

[290L: I didn't like Tang Jing at first, but I now turn black. What's the other one?]

[291L: I hate such a scheming person. Isn't it okay to just act well?]

[292L: I warn you that this is an invasion of privacy. Stay away from my idol. Can't you pay attention to the work?]

[293L: Yeah, what is Gong Qingyao works? My family is more experienced you know?]

[293L: And the original poster, what good will this do for you?]

[294L: Okay, stop arguing, everyone. It's all fan behavior. My family Tang Jing is very good and will never do such a thing.]

[295L: That's right, this fan has been expelled from us.]

[296L: Please support my Tang Jing's work, thank you.]


[498L (Host): When the crew was still filming, the topic #Gong Qingyao playing big name# was also a hot search topic bought by Tang Jing. Tang Jing's fans were irritating me, so I just dumped the evidence (picture)]

[499L: F*ck?]

[500L: The most poisonous woman's heart, now I understand it.]

[501L: Didn't they talk about fan behavior just now? Let's see how they explain it.]

Some Tang Jing's fans were still explaining, but some of them saw the evidence and didn't respond directly.

[617L (host): Thanks to the netizens for breaking the news. The remarks made by the actress Ren Nian were also instructed by Tang Jing, but after the incident, Ren Nian had lost several plays.]

[618L: Although I think Ren Nian is so pitiful, but she deserved it.]

[619L: Suddenly I feel distressed about Gong Qingyao, how can she keep filming under such a situation?]

[620L: To be honest, I think my family Qingyao probably didn't care.]

[621L: A fan of Gong Qingyao finally appeared upstairs.]

[622L: No, I am also Qingyao fan, and I have been watching.]


Someone seemed to be contributing to this scene, and it quickly reversed. Even Qiu Yuan didn’t expect this. Qiu Yuan originally asked someone to use the proxy IP and sent Gong Qingyao and Tang Jing behind the scenes where Tang Jing made many NGs. Things were going smoothly, everyone knew it after a while, and this issue also climbed the hot search.

Qin Ze was sitting next to his computer, and there was indeed his invovement in it, but there seemed to be other powers in the midst of his involvement for this matter to go better.

In any case, things were good now.

"Boss, there have been two old people waiting downstairs recently."

For this period of time, Qin Ze had been busy investigating Ning Yong's affairs, so he really monitored the other things. Now that he heard this, he immediately raised his guard and said "Adjust the surveillance."

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