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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 110

TMMTMQ – Chapter 110

Before entering Kang Yongning’s house, Gong Qingyao discovered something wrong. Her common sense said that this place should be a place with good Feng Shui, but now this Feng Shui had changed drastically, everywhere was exuding Yin Qi, and more importantly, in the surrounding area there were several ghosts floating around.

Seeing Gong Qingyao coming, these ghosts immediately floated over. Gong Qingyao slapped them apart, and then walked into Kang Yongning's house.

The door was unlocked, so Gong Qingyao walked in directly. The Yin Qi in Kang Yongning's house was heavier, and there was also a formation that absorbs Yin Qi. It was no wonder that the opponent didn’t lock the door. With this formation, not many people would dare to come in.

Kang Yongning's house had three level, and it was shrouded in a strange atmosphere. Gong Qingyao walked up to the second floor. There was a room not far away with lights on, and there were moans in the bedroom.

The ring on Gong Qingyao's right hand trembled suddenly. She stopped, stretched out her left hand and patted the ring lightly. With this comforting, the ring quieted down.

Gong Qingyao moved her foot again and walked towards the room. There was a big bed in the room. On it, a man and an enchanting woman were passionately performing scenes that were unsuitable for children. Gong Qingyao calmly walked into the bedroom.

The woman's expression was blurred, and her state of consciousness was clearly compromised. When Kang Yongning heard the movement behind him, he pulled away from the woman. He then turned to look at Gong Qingyao without a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Apparently, Kang Yongning seemed to already expect Gong Qingyao to come here. He calmly picked up the towel next to him and wrapped himself up.

When Gong Qingyao came, she knew the cause of Lu Qianqian's death, "Inhaling the essence of living human beings to extend your life, you have no shame in such a detrimental thing!"

Kang Yongning lit a cigarette, "Shame? What should I be ashamed of? Is there any use of such morality?" He spread his hands out, "Is there anything more important than money in this world? Nothing."

The man had no regrets. Gong Qingyao was too lazy to continue lobbying, and asked, "Who do you work for?"

Kang Yongning sneered, "Little girl, life is short, why not have fun while you have time?" He didn't think Gong Qingyao could beat the people behind him.

Lu Qianqian came out of the ring, and then used the artifact given by Gong Qingyao to reveal herself.

Kang Yongning was not surprised to see a ghost appearing next to Gong Qingyao, but when he saw the other person's appearance, he was stunned. The cigarette ashes fell on his hands but he didn't seem to feel any pain.

Lu Qianqian looked at Kang Yongning and asked word by word, "Why were you lying to me?"

"I…" Kang Yongning lowered his head and certain emotions in his eyes flashed away. When he raised his head again, his face returned to the indifferent expression, "Is true or false important?"

Lu Qianqian's expression seemed to endure to the extreme, "I trust you so much, have you ever been even half sincere to me?"

Gong Qingyao looked out the window. Since ancient times, betrayed love had always been the most hurtful.

Kang Yongning got up, the bath towel slipped from his body, revealing a strong and somewhat weird body, "What do you think?"

Lu Qianqian collapsed instantly, squatting down and crying while saying, "Why, why, you can just lie to me, but why kill me?"

Kang Yongning looked at Lu Qianqian in front of him, opened his mouth, then closing it, saying nothing.

Gong Qingyao stood silently, waiting for Lu Qianqian to cry enough before saying, "Let's go."

Lu Qianqian was probably tired of crying, so she went straight back into the ring. 

Gong Qingyao glanced at Kang Yongning, and then she left.

After Gong Qingyao left, Kang Yongning continued to lie back on the bed. From the outside, people couldn't see his inner thoughts at the moment.

Regarding Kang Yongning, Gong Qingyao had to temporarily put the matters aside because the dubbing work of ‘Yi Yao’ came. 

In the later period, due to the sponsorship of Gong family, the recording studio was very good. This was also Gong Qingyao’s first dubbing. No matter what the situation was, after listening to the explanation from the professional voice actors on the side, Gong Qingyao quickly grasped the essence and started.

After completing the first dubbing, Gong Qingyao found that the previous one was not very satisfying. She was so dedicated, so she re-dubbed. It was the next afternoon before she completed ‘Yi Yao’.

The busy days did not end there, because it was almost the 15th of the eight lunar months. It was the Mid-Autumn Festival and of course the last recording of the reality show. In the early morning of the 14th, Gong Qingyao and Qiu Yuan set off for N City. This time Mao Liqiang set the challenge location in the desert.

The previous reality shows, coupled with the publicity of Durian TV, now the show directed by Mao Liqiang was very prosperous. From the time it was broadcasted on Durian TV, the reality show was broadcasted every week. The fourth episode was broadcasted at ten o'clock in the evening on Thursday, the fifth episode was advanced to eight o'clock, and the seventh episode was directly changed to eight o'clock on Friday night, a prime time slot.

It was not until the afternoon that Gong Qingyao arrived at the hotel booked by Mao Liqiang.

The other five guests had already arrived. Because the show went viral, there were more sponsorships, and the production team led by Mao Liqiang became rich, so he rented the entire hotel. In fact, there were many hotel options on the edge of the desert this low season, so Mao Liqiang chose a good hotel for everyone to stay.

This time it was still the original crew, probably because it was the last recording, so everyone seemed to cherish it.

The meal was originally scheduled at six o’clock. At half past five, everyone basically already sat in the restaurant. Gong Qingyao briefly freshened up before going to the restaurant. It was five to six o’clock, and she didn’t expect that everyone already arrived. She took out her phone and checked again, wondering if she was late.

In fact, everyone here knew and they came early to wait for Gong Qingyao to arrive. So, when Gong Qingyao entered the restaurant, everyone stood up and Mao Liqiang said strongly, "Qingyao, come and sit down."

Gong Qingyao's position was next to the main seat. After sitting down, Mao Liqiang called the waiter to start serving the food.

Everyone chatted while eating, "Time flies so fast, I didn't expect this to be the last recording." You Xingyu was a little bit reluctant to say that at first he refused to participate in this reality show.

"Yes, Director Mao, why did you only set up six issues?" Guo Yuankai asked. He already forgot that the early recordings were simply torture, especially the Qianping Village episode, which had really scared him to death.

Mao Liqiang replied straightforwardly, "Isn't this because there is no money?"

Everyone laughed, but if no money, how could this team continue to record?

It wasn't until eight o'clock that the meal was over. If it weren't for the recording of the show tomorrow morning, everyone would like to stay for a while more. This meal was enjoyed by everyone, and there seemed to be no serious thoughts.

At 5:50 in the morning on the next day, the live broadcast hall was crowded with viewers. Mao Liqiang who heard the news was very happy. As the funds were sufficient, Mao Liqiang gave the production team better equipment. However, the six guests still had to find food to fill their stomachs.

Although the conditions were good, this was still a reality show for survival challenges in the wild, so the guests had to search for the ingredients themselves.

At 5:55, all the guests arrived in the van, and everyone's faces were filled with happy expressions. It seemed that everyone liked to participate in the reality show this time. No one was complaining that they had to wake up so early.

At six o'clock, the live broadcast officially began. Mao Liqiang said to the main camera, "Various viewers. Good morning!" As soon as his voice fell, a lot of comments and gifts appeared in the live broadcast room.

Since the sixth episode had been broadcasted, the popularity of these guests was somewhat different compared to the beginning. Among the six people, the most traffic was now Gong Qingyao. Almost 70% of the viewers in the live broadcast rooms were fans of Gong Qingyao. Next came Lu Yongyi and You Xingyu, followed by Yu Chuxue, Zhong Xinyi and Guo Yuankai.

"Everyone must be very curious about where we are going for the challenge this time?" Mao Liqiang pointed to the desert outside the car window, and the camera followed Mao Liqiang's hand. "Everyone now has seen it. It is a desert."

The comments came up all at once.

[666666666 Desert!]

[My enthusiasm is on fire!]

[No, is there anything to eat in the desert?]

[My Sister Yao is so calm, there will be no problem.]

[Lol I love my family Xingyu, but there will be no problem with Sister Yao there.]

"Everyone should have seen it, yes, that's right, this challenge will be carried out in Kerr Desert of our country." Mao Liqiang raised his hand and glanced at his watch. "Now, we are probably still far from the destination. There is still an hour before we arrived."

Zhong Xinyi raised her hand and asked, "Can you provide tents this time?" The temperature in the desert at night was a bit low. If they slept in the wild directly, it would definitely be too cold.

Mao Liqiang was silent.

Guo Yuankai sighed, "Forget it, seeing Director Mao look like this, I know there will be nothing."

Yu Chuxue smiled, "What are you afraid of? We still have Sister Yao." Since the last video incident, Yu Chuxue's mentality had been much better. Of course, Yu Chuxue was also grateful to Gong Qingyao. The thongs between them were much lighter than before.

Everyone laughed when they heard this name. Guo Yuankai, You Xingyu and others said in unison, "Yes, there is Sister Yao."

The barrage had once again increased.

[Our Sister Yao Lol.]

[Sister Yao has become a leader.]

[My Xingyu looks like a little fan.]

[Hahaha, Yongyi, who is so calm, even called Sister Yao. I saw a good joke.]

[Look at my Sister Yao's expression, so calm.]

"Since there is still a period of time before we arrived at the destination, viewers can now ask questions." Mao Liqiang said. Many viewers had been looking forward to this, but this Q & A only happened once during the previous recording process.

After hearing Mao Liqiang, viewers immediately exploded, and the comments in the live broadcast immediately reached a high level.

Mao Liqiang glanced at the comment area of the live broadcast interface on his mobile phone, and then said, "Everyone’s comments are too fast to choose, so let’s ask questions in the question area with the highest number of likes first."

"Now I will give you ten minutes. After ten minutes, I will take six questions with the highest number of likes. I will read them out and ask them to our guests." Mao Liqiang said, the number of questions was increasing, and the number of likes was also increasing, but the top six questions had hardly changed.

Gong Qingyao looked out the window, and the more they walked into the desert, there were less people in sight, and the green vegetation also became less and less. The desert in front of her was stretched out so far it seemed to reach the horizon.


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