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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 93

 TMMTMQ – Chapter 93

Like this little girl, more and more people in the crew were slowly changing their opinions on Gong Qingyao.

During the filming process, wherever there was a part with Gong Qingyao, the progress was particularly fast.

The current filming progress was ten days ahead of schedule, which made Qu Yi very happy. Fast progress meant less cost. Qu Yi looked at the scarce funds left and decided to maximize the schedule to be able to finish even faster. This particularly increased Gong Qingyao’s daily filming volume.

Returning to her room after the filming, Gong Qingyao lied on her bed after taking a shower thinking that acting was really a huge effort. Meanwhile Lu Qianqian took Gong Qingyao's mobile phone and began to swipe Weibo.

"Master, Mao Liqiang is calling." Lu Qianqian was swiping Weibo when a call came in suddenly, she almost automatically swipe the screen and connect the call.

Gong Qingyao took the phone, "Director Mao."

"Qingyao, I would like to ask if you are free recently?" Mao Liqiang asked straightforwardly. He knew Gong Qingyao was also busy. As the time was tight, as soon as the call was connected, he just said the most important thing.

There was still one last filming of the wild survival reality show, but Gong Qingyao was not available in this near future, "I will not be available until September."

Mao Liqiang immediately opened the calendar on his phone and started to look through September, then he asked, "September 27, which is the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, are you free?"

That date should be free, Gong Qingyao pinched and counted, the day was also a good day, "Good day, free."

Mao Liqiang didn't expect that a day he chose at random would be a good day, so he was immediately happy, "Is it okay for the final filming to be scheduled on that day?"

"Sure." Gong Qingyao said.

After hanging up the phone, Mao Liqiang contacted the other five guests. As soon as the other guests heard that Gong Qingyao would come, they all said that they would also come. Now, thanks to the broadcast in Durian TV, the wild survival reality show of could be watched by more people. Coupled with the increasing ratings, the Durian TV had also change the broadcast time to prime time at 8 o'clock on Friday night. Now it could be said that this show by Mao Liqiang could be included as the current top three reality show in the country.

Not long after Gong Qingyao lied down, she heard Lu Qianqian's scream again, "Ahhhhh, master, do you remember Potato and Sweet Potato?"

When Gong Qingyao tried to recall, she remembered that it was one of the winner on Weibo fortune telling lottery, "Remember, what?"

"Didn’t you give her a talisman at the time? She used this talisman for the college entrance examination, and now she has received her score. Although she is not the champion, she was on the top three in her school!" Lu Qianqian said in surprise. The scores for the college entrance examination were announced two days ago. Until today, there were still related topics on Weibo.

Compared with Lu Qianqian’s surprise, Potato and Sweet Potato was particularly excited. Her parents thought that she would only be able to be admitted into a second-tier university. They didn’t expect Potato and Sweet Potatoto be admitted to a first-tier university. Moreover, she was also top three in the whole school. This was a completely dark horse, and this made Potato and Sweet Potato’s parents happy.

The talisman paper that helped study was naturally excellent, so Gong Qingyao closed her eyes and began to sleep.

Lu Qianqian on the side was not so calm, "How come there are such talisman papers in the world! If I had known this, I would have asked for two when I was in school, maybe I then can go to T University."

Gong Qingyao closed her eyes and said, "The talisman paper for luck in studying doesn’t guarantee success in test. If you don't work hard, even the best good study talisman paper will be no good."

Lu Qianqian: ... Do you need to slap this person’s face like this? Ah no, this ghost’s face.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter, but Gong Qingyao still needed to wear long robe for her role. Compared with other actors in the crew, they were much better. They all wore short-sleeved shirts. But because everyone still standing under the sun to film, everyone was sweating profusely, but, Gong Qingyao alone seemed to be very refreshed.

After the scene was filmed, Qiu Yuan held a portable fan and blasted at Gong Qingyao before being pulled away by Gong Qingyao. "Sister Yao, aren't you hot?" Qiu Yuan said while handing the water bottle to Gong Qingyao.

"No." Gong Qingyao took the water and drank.

"Take a five-minute break, and then we will continue the next scene." Qu Yi shouted.

There was a wailing on the set. But then everyone saw that Gong Qingyao stood on the side calmly, as if she was ready to film again, so everyone closed their mouths. Gong Qingyao had the most scenes, and there were many plays under the sun, also, she wore the thickest clothes among all. If the charming little girl said nothing, what else could the other dare to complain on?

Yi Yao had been down the mountain for several months. During these months, Yi Yao had been checking the local metaphysical situation everywhere, but during the period of these visits, Yi Yao spent all her money, and the hotel where she stayed saw that Yi Yao had no money left so they drove Yi Yao out directly, already forgot about how Yi Yao had helped the hotel avoid disaster half a month ago.

If there was no money, there would be no place to stay and no food to eat. In terms of food was still better, as there were many wild vegetables around where Yi Yao could pad her stomach. As for money, Yi Yao could only learn from those fortune tellers waiting under the overpass. People came to tell fortunes to earn some money, but Yi Yao looked young so no one came to her.

After spending a few days under the overpass, one person finally came to Yi Yao’s booth and asked Yi Yao to help tell fortune. This scene will be the one filmed next.

"Everyone, ready."

"67th scene first take, action!"

There were a total of four fortune tellers under the overpass. Everyone saw Yi Yao came every day, but there was no harvest all day. Today, the oldest fortune teller couldn’t help saying, "Little girl, this job is not suitable for everyone. You are still young, why not find another way?"

"I live for metaphysics, so I will never abandon metaphysics in this life." Yi Yao said seriously.

The remaining three fortune tellers shook their heads.

At this moment, a person came over, looked at the five fortune tellers under the overpass, and in a blink of an eye he saw Yi Yao. A hint of playfulness flashed in his eyes and he walked over.

Originally the other fortune-teller was going to say something, but when he saw that Yi Yao finally received business for the first time in the past few days, he didn't say anything and only watched silently.

"Beauty, you give me a calculation, you will get a reward if you are right." This man looked like a rogue type.

The old fortune-teller knew that the other party was not here for the fortune-telling, so he said, "Young man, I think your fate is unusual, come here, and I'll calculate it for you."

The young man suddenly showed dismissive eyes, "Who makes you talk too much? Beautiful, come and count for me." He said as he tried to touch Yi Yao.

Yi Yao avoided the man and said, "You will have a blood and light disaster today."

As soon as these words came out, everyone went silent. The other fortune-tellers shook their heads. How could a fortune be counted like this? This was equal to asking for a beating.

The smile on the young man’s face didn’t change at all, apparently he didn’t take this seriously. These fortune tellers had always liked to bluff people like this, "Anything else?"

"Also, your best brother has betrayed you." Yi Yao said.

The young man’s smile paused, "The little girl knows how to say it." Of course he would not believe that his brother betrayed him, as the two had a fateful relationship.

Yi Yao continued, "Besides, your love relationship will be broken."

The smile on the young man's face was gone now. Anyone who heard that they were so unlucky would not be in a good mood. First, it was the disaster of blood and light, then the friendship betrayal, and then broken love.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" The young man roared.

Yi Yao didn't continue to talk about fortune-telling, but she just said, "Whether they are true or not, wouldn’t it be clear at night?"

Probably because the look in Yi Yao's eyes was too serious, the young man couldn't tell speak for a while, so he smashed Yi Yao's stall and left.

After he left, the old fortune teller came over and said, "Why did you do that?" The fortune teller thought that it was that the man only smashed the stall. If it was life threatening, the gain wouldn’t worth the loss.

Yi Yao said, "What I said is true."

"Old Zhang, just don’t mind her. How can fortune teller do such calculations?" One of the other fortune-tellers shouted.

The old man known as Old Zhang shook his head, but said nothing in the end.

Old Li on the side pulled the shouting Old Wu, and said, "Little girl, if you want to make money with fortune-telling, you need to stay ambiguous. For example, that young man, you can first say that he is rich, so he will feel happy when he hears it, and he will definitely stay. And then you can say that he has lived smoothly, but he has also experienced some twists and turns."

This kind of ambiguity applied to almost everyone, so after hearing these words, most people would think that the fortune teller was accurate.

The other called Old Ren continued, "At that time, you can say that his future is very good, but there will be a catastrophe in the near future. Needless to say, if the guests want to eliminate the calamity, they will need your help."

The three originally wanted to see the gratitude on Yi Yao's face, but they saw her got upset instead, "That is lying!"

"Fortune telling is a lie." Old Wu said disapprovingly.

Yi Yao said, "How can metaphysics be considered a lie? That is the precious knowledge left by our ancestors..."

Yi Yao talked for a long time, and the three of them plus Old Zhang listened a little attentively. After a while, they heard Yi Yao say, "So, how can you say that metaphysics is the same with lying to people?"

Old Zhang was lost in thought, and the three others also looked at each other.

"Pass!" Qu Yi shouted.

As the filming progressed, Gong Qingyao brought new surprises every time she filmed. This line was completely different from the script, but Qu Yi felt that Gong Qingyao’s explanation was the real essence of metaphysics.

In fact, Old Zhang, Old Li and other actors were all old people in the entertainment industry. When playing supporting roles this time, they also knew that the protagonist was a young girl, but they didn’t expect this young actress to be so explosive. The other party was very serious in filming. She wouldn’t whine or throw tantrum, even if the filming was dragged or delayed by others, there was no complaint. It was no wonder that her career could be so high in a short time. The four elder actors highly praised Gong Qingyao.

That night, ‘Legend of Yunxian’ was released. Tang Jing and Ji Wen, who each brought their own traffic received support from many fans. In addition, Gong Qingyao’s traffic was also not low now, so once the play was launched, the ratings directly surpassed other TV series in the same time slot.

Qiu Yuan sat obediently in front of her laptop early in the morning and prepared to watch the premier. When the other actors in the crew heard that Gong Qingyao's new drama was going to be released, they all actively helped to repost the promotion Weibo, but Gong Qingyao, the party directly involved was much calmer.

Fans urged Gong Qingyao to repost the promotion Weibo several times, but Gong Qingyao didn't post anything. Fans had to go to Qiu Yuan's Weibo and ask Qiu Yuan to send benefits.


The author has something to say:

Gong Qingyao: To be honest, it was a ghost who answered your call just now.

Mao Liqiang: ???

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